Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories!

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Ryan Shaw

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After 4 months of Model Y ownership, here are my top 15 Model Y accessories!
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#1: 2 Bucket Wash Kit:
#2: Green Works Pressure Washer:
Foam Cannon:
#3: Tezlab:
#4: Speed Wipe by Chemical Guys:
Soft Microfiber Towels:
Inner Clean Interior Cleaner:
After Wash Waterspot Remover:
VRP Wheel and Vinyl Protector:
#5: All Weather Floor Mats by 3D Maxpider:
#6: Elon Accessories Screen Protector: -
Abstract Ocean Screen Protector:
#7: Teslacam 500GB SSD:
Teslacam USB:
Samsung 500GB SSD:
#8: Jeda Dock/Hub:
#9: Quick Bandit Front License Plate Mount:
#10: Interior Console Wrap Bundle:
Front Console Wrap Only:
#11: J1772 Charger Lock:
#12: Tesla NEMA Adapters:
#13: Power Inverter for 12V:
#14: Steering Wheel Tray:
#15: Model Y Tow Hitch:
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Tesla Model Y Accessory #1 could come from any brand, but it’s a solid 2 bucket car washing setup. I went with the 2 bucket wash setup from Chemical Guys since they have a bunch of locations in Los Angeles.
Model Y Accessory #2 is a Green Works Pressure Washer. This is basically the cheapest pressure washer you can buy, at $100. It’s 1600 PSI, has great reviews, and has served me very well washing my car many times.
Model Y Accessory #3, which also happens to be the sponsor of this video: Tezlab.
Tezlab is a free app made by Tesla owners to help you understand more about your car’s performance and efficiency, and learn how to get the most out of your car.
So if you want to understand more about your Tesla, check out to learn more.
Model Y Accessory #4 Chemical Guys Speed Wipe does a great job getting rid of water spots on the Model Y. It has a nice scent too which is a bonus, and this spray has been great anytime I’m on a road trip and need to clean up bird droppings or anything else.
Just make sure that you use some nice, soft microfiber towels to clean anything on the car. Otherwise you’ll leave scratches.
I also use the chemical guys After Wash to clean up water spots, Inner Clean spray for the interior, VRP for the wheels and Vinyl dash, and more.
Model Y Accessory #5.
3D Maxpider All Weather Floor Mats. These mats are one of the main reasons I’ve waited to make this video.
3D Maxpider mats are premium, and more expensive for a reason. There’s no cheap plastic, they stay put and don’t slide because they use kind of a velcro texture on the bottom, they’re much softer when your feet are on them, and lighter in general.
Model Y Accessory #6 is one of those accessories to get, install and forget about: a screen protector. I personally use the Elon Accessories screen protector, and love it so far. It reduces glare on the screen by a ton, reduces finger prints, and protects the screen if anything bad were to happen to it, just like a cell phone screen protector.
Model Y Accessory #7 is another absolute essential purchase: an SSD drive for Sentry Mode and Dash cam footage. I personally use the 500GB SSD Teslacam from PureTesla, but this Samsung 500GB SSD will do a great job as well.
Model Y Accessory #8: The Jeda dock for Model Y. Now, this accessory has been out for a while for the Model 3, and is the perfect accessory to add extra USB ports, and hide away your sentry drive.
Model Y Accessory #9 is something that will be essential in certain states and useless in others. Currently in California, you are required to have a front license plate by law.
In comes the Quick Bandit from 1975 creations. The Quick Bandit is a super simple bracket that attaches to the vent under the bumper on your Model Y, and holds your license plate right in place without touching your car’s paint.
Model Y Accessory #10 is another essential product that you could get from many retailers, a Front console wrap.
Model Y Accessory #11 is something you’ll need if you plan to charge at any city charger that uses the J1772 plug, a J1772 Lock.
Model Y Accessory #12: Tesla NEMA Connectors
Model Y Accessory #13: Power Inverter for Faster Laptop charging and powering full 120V devices.
Model Y Accessory #14 is a fun one, and one that I never thought I’d actually enjoy, or recommend, the Elon Accessories steering wheel tray.
Model Y Accessory #15 is the Ecohitch from Teslarati. It’ll save you about $700 from the Tesla one.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
#1: 2 Bucket Wash Kit: #2: Green Works Pressure Washer: Foam Cannon: #3: Tezlab: #4: Speed Wipe by Chemical Guys: Soft Microfiber Towels: Inner Clean Interior Cleaner: After Wash Waterspot Remover: VRP Wheel and Vinyl Protector: #5: All Weather Floor Mats by 3D Maxpider: #6: Elon Accessories Screen Protector: - Abstract Ocean Screen Protector: #7: Teslacam 500GB SSD: Teslacam USB: Samsung 500GB SSD: #8: Jeda Dock/Hub: #9: Quick Bandit Front License Plate Mount: #10: Interior Console Wrap Bundle: Front Console Wrap Only: #11: J1772 Charger Lock: #12: Tesla NEMA Adapters: #13: Power Inverter for 12V: #14: Steering Wheel Tray: #15: Model Y Tow Hitch:
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch Kun oldin
Thank you
Y4 3 kun oldin
You’re complaining about the tags on your floor-mats? Are you serious?
Hushang A
Hushang A 3 kun oldin
I recommend this J1772 Lock, much better quality and same price as the one in the video
Hushang A
Hushang A 3 kun oldin
@Ryan Shaw the one I posted uses plastic that can handle higher temperatures (will be less likely to melt or deform in the heat of the car, or possible heat from being charged) they look the same because it’s the same design haha
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 kun oldin
What makes it better quality? I’m open to it, but it looks the same haha
MAXN 5 kun oldin
Are those bongos in the background? Could you record on my project?
Alec Hoffman
Alec Hoffman 5 kun oldin
dig your UZpost channel, Keep it up! Thought I'd share a new Tesla Model 3 accessory I purchased on amazon. Last week I was browsing Amazon and found the EVNV Tesla seat cover (B08FGKVLXB.) They are pretty simple but they fit the seat really well and offer good protection. I go surfing or take my dog to the beach most mornings and its nice to have something to catch the sand and moisture. Cheers!
D Walthall
D Walthall 14 kun oldin
Very informative list and video - thanks! Please consider adding :Get the Tesla Tire Repair Kit! THE MODEL Y DOES NOT COME WITH A SPARE TIRE! I read the manual and reviewed numerous videos such as yours before taking delivery of my Tesla. It was by looking for and finding no mention of a spare tire that I deduced a spare is not included with the car, unlike every other car I've owned since 1969! This may or may not be obvious to buyers new to Tesla, but I'm thinking many will not realize there is NO SPARE TIRE.
Vladimir Kovalev
Vladimir Kovalev 14 kun oldin
First off, thank you for your video, Ryan. Great additions! And it is an amazing car, I took delivery of mine a week ago. BTW, I've used your link for supercharger miles. so you should find my name there. Here is my supercharger 1k miles referral code, just in case for those who need it, when I was ordering mine, I could not find it fast enough I am new to Tesla Y, but not new to EV I had a few. Including BMW i3 REX Now I am swapping Chevy Bolt 2017 for Tesla Y. Great car, but am genuinely upset because it doesn't have 4 major features (for me) even a cheaper Bolt has. Nissan Leaf has it too. They were not a deal-breaker but I am disappointed. 1. NO Bird's Eye View / Surround View 2. NO WiFi hotspot 3. No 3.5 mm audio jack 4. No Android Auto or Car Play I think it is a disgrace not to have those on a car of this price point. Tesla is a much more superior to other EVs in many respects, but Elon Musk may have gotten complacent with a big head of his success. He may be thinking - they buy it regardless, so I don't care about listening to my customers. (I am not mentioning the production defects that I discovered on the first day after taking delivery of my Tesla Y) Like Apple has its loyal customer base, so Elon has the same marketing model, *we are great - don't like it - don't buy it*. I tried to write on his twitter - ignored. well .. it is a free country. Hope he’ll read it someday...
Derek Kennedy
Derek Kennedy 15 kun oldin
As someone who works in computer security, I would highly not recommend Tezlab. Why would you want to give a 3rd party company access to your cars controls? Who is to stop a Tezlab employee from unlocking your car and opening your lift gate when you’re not around?
Fabesboard 23 kun oldin
Hi, Ryan! Can you use all of those accessories on the model three?
Fabesboard 23 kun oldin
Ryan Shaw, which ones would not?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 23 kun oldin
Most of them work for the Mode 3 as well, yeah
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 25 kun oldin
Scott Pestotnik
Scott Pestotnik Oy oldin
You are so honest, refreshingly so. Thank you!
Khaffit Oy oldin
dont buy a pre cut cover for the shiny parts just buy a roll of vinyl ist so muich cheaper and its actually the same thing
Siva Balasubramanian
Siva Balasubramanian Oy oldin
Hi Ryan do you recommend paint protection wraps like for example the XPEL wraps? They are quite expensive and do you think its worth making the investment? Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
txtabby Oy oldin
Washing with buckets. I just got 2 reg buckets, to rinse the mit, and a large “home improvement” store bucked with a dirt screen. But might get another large bucket and screen.
Bob B
Bob B Oy oldin
Ordered the Jeda dock mid Aug has now slipped from early Sept to Early Oct ship.
David VW
David VW Oy oldin
Great video, and thank you for getting right to it. I skipped 2 other reviews because they took so long to get to the meat.
Poeuth Pann
Poeuth Pann Oy oldin
Hey Ryan, side question - will do a comparison video between the 19 and 20 inch wheel ride quality?
Nick Gottuso
Nick Gottuso Oy oldin
Thank you, Ryan. Great curation and I bought almost everything.
Peter Yeung
Peter Yeung Oy oldin
I need to get myself a phone cannon too. LOL.
Chad Rogers
Chad Rogers Oy oldin
Hi Ryan! Been following your videos on MY. Took delivery of MY last Friday in MI. I used your referral code to give us both free supercharger miles. Thanks Ryan!
CosmicMicron Oy oldin
Essential accessories means that the manufacturer missed important stuff... that is sooooo Tesla... like the 'up to 2019 absolutely no storage room inside the cabin' Model S.....
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
EV or not EV that is the question for my next ride
EV or not EV that is the question for my next ride Oy oldin
Why are you spending money to accessorize your Model Y that you find to have poor fit and finish?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Because fit and finish is the only thing I find to be poor about the car. Love everything else and plan to keep it for as long as I can
Greg Verkley
Greg Verkley Oy oldin
I can't remember which of you videos I watched but you mentioned that Tesla resolved a Tesla Y color mismatch issue. I have a white one with that problem,Tesla told me there's nothing they can do for me.The case you mentioned before did they fix it or did they give some compensation?(free tires? or something?)
Ken Howard
Ken Howard Oy oldin
Interesting. I wondering how quickly it would charge here with our standard 240 volt power points!
Sue S
Sue S Oy oldin
I'm thinking of purchasing a model Y, your videos have been so helpful. thank you!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Glad to hear it! Thanks for watching
chris schenone
chris schenone Oy oldin
This is one of the most helpful & practical things I've watched for a Y
Michael Estrada
Michael Estrada Oy oldin
You have convince me and my wife to buy a Model Y. I wanted to know how I can use your referral code. I’m new to the process. But we put our order in last week and they said we can always add referrals later. Thanks
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
I’m not sure the process of adding after the fact, but here’s my link! I believe you can give it to your delivery specialist?
Lior Zaken
Lior Zaken Oy oldin
Hi Ryan, I'm planning to get the model Y in mid-September and saw lots of people having their referral links, but why not work with a fellow LA neighbor :) how can I get your referral info?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Congrats! Mine is:
the developer
the developer Oy oldin
Hey Ryan, I just used your referral code. Free 1000 miles are coming your way.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Congrats, and thanks!
Siggy Oy oldin
You can indeed spin the wheel when supercharging. Just turn on the gokart game, turn wheels upside down and go out og the game. Btw floormats, wireless charger snd hub can be bought mych cheaper on Taptes. A lot of thibgs can be bought on Aliexpress.
D K Oy oldin
Do they have official roof racks yet for the Model Y?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
They do! Tesla sells it on their website
Jake Shirley
Jake Shirley Oy oldin
I can't discourage buying anything from JEDA enough. Look at , Jeda has a terrible, terrible record of shipping shotty, cheap products and having non-existent support that only responds once you start a charge-back.
Mario Cartaya
Mario Cartaya Oy oldin
Ryan, what type of TV and size did you power? Any idea how long it would last assuming a full charge? I've been hoping to use my model Y to power a TV while tailgating so any insight would be appreciated. Great video as always!
Jacob Gray
Jacob Gray Oy oldin
Hey Ryan, I am thinking about grabbing that pressure washer but was wondering, do you have PPF? I am worried I may accidentally catch the edge of my PPF. Thanks!
Lonerider191 Oy oldin
Added Tezlab and corresponding registration. Unfortunately, it seems to think my Model Y is asleep... although it is able to control the car (honk horn, etc.) and the car is *not* asleep, Tezlab says that it is and it wants me to wake it up and reconnect... which fails every time. So I'm deleting my data and removing this app. Seems like it should be a simple function to know that the car is awake... . Oh well...Update: 10 minutes later. After waiting for awhile longer, the app suddenly displayed that the car was awake. Not sure if this is going to be a recurring issue, but just wanted to followup that it does seem to be working fine... now.
Tom Welfringer
Tom Welfringer Oy oldin
For the laptop in the car you could also get a pd charger for the 12v socket (pd = power delivery)
Jim Myers
Jim Myers Oy oldin
I have some of those. I'll have to look in to getting the others. Thanks. I hope other people will read this. For the last week I have not received an email from any of my 8 You tubers I'am subscribed to, mostly alternative energy people, I've had to go to their website to see if they have posted anything. I've been getting a lot of political mail though. U.S. election is coming. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me being paranoid?
Jacob Gray
Jacob Gray Oy oldin
Love it Ryan! Probably gonna pick a few of these up! Hope you’re well!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks so much, and congrats!
HQsound 2 oy oldin
Warning. Tow hitch installed by consumer ruins the warranty. Without "tow mode" all range meters etc will be wrong & the trailer will have no lights. You will get expensive fines guaranteed. Risk of damage to your Tesla car also.
Atlantis Atlantidas
Atlantis Atlantidas 2 oy oldin
What is the residual value on a 3 year lease for the model Y?
Jeremy Dysinger
Jeremy Dysinger 2 oy oldin
Thank you Ryan! I just ordered a lot of these items and have already been using TezLab. We are loving our Y!
clwydian1 2 oy oldin
I have a large dog and Tesla Model Y doesn't come with a luggage net to separate luggage area from seating area. Is there a luggage net or dog guard you could recommend?
drdsw 2 oy oldin
ordering everything now! thanks Ryan!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Wow, congrats! Thanks for watching
Max Drejer
Max Drejer 2 oy oldin
I like your videos and your objectivity. But it is very stressfull the way you cut your videos, leaving no gaps at all between your sentences. It never gives me any time to digest what you just said. I get exhausted and just want the continuous stream of words to stop once in a while to let them soak in. Other than that I love your channel, but give me a break (once in a while)
Tyson DeWald
Tyson DeWald 2 oy oldin
Thank you. Very good list. I have the M3, almost have all these accessories. Thanks.
Jorge Rodrigo Aceves
Jorge Rodrigo Aceves 2 oy oldin
Okey, and the real accessories ? That kid of stuff it’s all the cars, where are the Tesla model Y accessories ?
JJ Lee
JJ Lee 2 oy oldin
Do you have a sun shade for the glass roof you would recommend?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
I honestly haven't used one, so I'm not sure, but there are a few on Amazon:
Brewing Shenanigans
Brewing Shenanigans 2 oy oldin
Awsome recommendations! Fun fact I also have a red model Y! Vin # 2173 ( Just 17 MY’s up from yours I think; ) just a suggestion..I would also add red Rim savers to your list. Already glad I have them on as ( not gonna name names but hint: I’m married to her; ) hugs the curb a little to close when parking; ) I think they also really make black rims pop with the red strips! These where the ones I bought:
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
Ryan, Always good to see new videos of accessories others are using. Thanks for this... A couple suggestions for you.... I found a very good Snaplock License Plate holder by Living Tesla for $119. Great service and I am very happy with it.... Here is the link... Also regarding that Tesla branded tray... # 14. I bought a much cheaper generic one that is exactly the same for $11.99 I recommend this one.. Finally, on Mats. Wished I had known about the ones you mentioned, but I did find a good alternate that I am happy with from Tesmanian and instead of being $550 + for a set, these were less than $300. The quality might be not quite as good as the ones you recommend, but the difference in cost is something you might want to consider. They fit good and tight and water proof. Hope this helps, and keep up the videos. I have had my Model Y for 3 weeks now and have only had a few minor trim and fit issues and your list of issues was very helpful for me in checking my car when I took delivery... Question: The molding/trim on the interior around the skylight seems to have a bit more of a gap in the center on the long side than at the corners.. It is almost like some type of snap attachment is missing. Have you found that a problem on yours? I really don't notice it too much, except when I look carefully and just wondering if that was an issue for your model Y ? It probably has a 3 to 4 mil gap. Thank you Marvin Van Horn
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 2 oy oldin
Man these are awesome accessories! Thanks!
ken ellis
ken ellis 2 oy oldin
WOW 😯 jokers are out here unplugging chargers at the charging station.
Rob Burgess
Rob Burgess 2 oy oldin
Nice Remo shirt 😊👍
Hassan Janjua
Hassan Janjua 2 oy oldin
Do you have any recommendation on J1772 plug?
bryan 2 oy oldin
I wonder if Tesla would use the fact " your" car has a non Tesla tow hitch,to back out of any drivetrain warranty claims?
HQsound 2 oy oldin
It will ruin the warranty.
Kent Arnsbarger
Kent Arnsbarger 2 oy oldin
great video. Love learning about all this stuff BEFORE I buy our future Tesla!! HA. That tow hitch was a concern of mine. $1000? Dear lord. ALSO, what type of drums do you play? I see you use Remo heads......
J D 2 oy oldin
Great video as always Ryan! Question for you on your Tezlab app. I too have noticed that my “projected 100%” range has been decreasing for some time, and now ranges about 290. I’ve never actually charged to 100%, but thats what the app is telling me. I’ve been concerned about this but noticed something interesting when I downloaded Tezlab today. The app tells me that based on my last 2 weeks of driving efficiency, my real world range is 1 mile more than what my car is currently showing at its current SoC. Do you think this is a coincidence, or has Tesla changed the algorithm of range and not updated the manual? Seems odd that suddenly so many people are reporting that their 100% is well below the rated range.
Bert Hogendoorn
Bert Hogendoorn 2 oy oldin
Great list of items, you channel is the one stop shop for Model Y info, thanks!
Ryan Melchione
Ryan Melchione 2 oy oldin
Much appreciated
Paul Bartal
Paul Bartal 2 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, great video (as always). I rented a Model Y this weekend via Turo. Loved the car. Unfortunately, I could not fit my Drum Set into the car. I have everything in SKB cases and could only fit about half the kit into it. Nothing fit into the Frunk. I guess I could try soft cases or get a trailer for my kit. The budget won't allow it, so my Honda Odyssey will remain in my garage.
bulb97 2 oy oldin
Haha, Parks and Rec is one of my favorites 😂
Thomas Jacques
Thomas Jacques 2 oy oldin
I’m waiting for the Tesla sunscreen, I hope they make theirs in two pieces. Avoid the sag and allows the owner to pick and choose how much sun protection needed for a given situation.
Templeton Tech
Templeton Tech 2 oy oldin
Any one else watching this video with no plans of buying a tesla 😂
Quiet Time
Quiet Time 25 kun oldin
@VHS KAI damn bro wish I was that well off lmao, but nice dude! Hope you like it
Templeton Tech
Templeton Tech Oy oldin
@VHS KAI Thats epic
VHS KAI Oy oldin
I’m getting one for my 16th birthday
Abdu Salam
Abdu Salam 2 oy oldin
I have plans of ordering tesla, i cant afford the plans, but i still have em
Cason Pickle69
Cason Pickle69 2 oy oldin
My mom is ordering one this week
Taiji Imamura
Taiji Imamura 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the great Video! Just placed an order on Friday and will put your referral code(forgot to bring one to show room). You helped me to make decision to buy the car! Thanks for the all the good information!!! Now if I can just wait for while...
jekyv 2 oy oldin
What if someone will get into car and steal SSD with some other valuable things left ? Does Tesla handle this case )) ?
JoannC830 2 oy oldin
Watching this video cost me $1017! Thank you for all the recommendations Ryan. I am still waiting for my Model Y to arrive, and I am so excited to add all the accessories to it.
Edwin Alonso
Edwin Alonso 23 kun oldin
Hi Ryan. Im getting my Model Y tomorrow. Whats your referral code?
Siggy Oy oldin
Could have bought a lot of it at Taptes, much cheaper
Hassan Janjua
Hassan Janjua 2 oy oldin
Thanks Ryan valuable information and most important honest 👍
Yas 2 oy oldin
I don’t think that cheap hitch comes with wiring for brake lights for your trailer like the Tesla one does.
HQsound 2 oy oldin
I doesn't, that requires connecting to the electronics etc. That's why it cost a bit to get a proper one.
Laughing Gravy
Laughing Gravy 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the explicit heads-up about the sponsored content. I wish more UZpostrs were as upfront about this as you are.
smallpotato 2 oy oldin
don't lie Ryan, we know you don't rock a front plate even if you arent taking photos 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Shailesh 2 oy oldin
Sharing my First encounter with Brand Tesla. After ordering Model Y I went for Test Drive of Model Y at Princeton Tesla (Aug 15, 2020) in NJ. It was the worst experience. The car was very dirty from inside, I was scared to even sit in it and to touch the vehicle. There was no social distancing or cleaning the car or wipes to clean. Tesla Princeton NJ is just run of the mill showroom. Tesla should learn how to keep place clean from European Car Dealers. Not sure about service once I get my Car
Stephen Lai
Stephen Lai 2 oy oldin
I got my last car 2010 BMW 335xi at Princeton. I had the same experience when I went for a test drive. The only reason why I bought it from there was a hookup
Ben Hines
Ben Hines 2 oy oldin
My MY Test Drive experience was just the opposite. Clean, fun, she stayed back, and we saw her cleaning the car before/after.
Serena’s Vlogs
Serena’s Vlogs 2 oy oldin
I will look at these great information! Look forward for more.
Superman Doan
Superman Doan 2 oy oldin
Hello Ryan Do Tesla required paystub submit during payment process?
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
No... Like any car sellar, the company providing the financing uses data from one of the 3 credit providers... Equifax, Experian or Transunion
Tab Blakely
Tab Blakely 2 oy oldin
Great job👍
mannyep41 2 oy oldin
Wonder if Ben Sullins knows he’s in this video 🤔😂
Ben Hines
Ben Hines 2 oy oldin
He is one of the owners of TezLab who sponsored it, so yes :)
Frank C
Frank C 2 oy oldin
Do you know of any good sunshades for the front windshield?
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
Here is a tesla roof sun cover I use... and for the front window there is a fun one for the windsheild.
Frank C
Frank C 2 oy oldin
Evan Michiels thank you!
Evan Michiels
Evan Michiels 2 oy oldin
Yes, its on my accessories video
Mario Cortez
Mario Cortez 2 oy oldin
Trying to hard dude.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Well done
wpherigo1 2 oy oldin
Great list! I don’t own a Tesla but I think it’s probably broadly applicable also. Did I hear you say you edit your videos in your car? Why not at home?
richgey1 2 oy oldin
There’s more to the MY tow hitch than meets the eye. Wire harness, software, installed, if you are towing... get Tesla ... bike rack you can get away with the aftermarket.
richgey1 Oy oldin
Marcus Rental Be aware that software takes an accounts for the bike and bike racks in the back when you buy tesla software, to include ultrasonic and visual.
Marcus Rental
Marcus Rental Oy oldin
Thanks I ordered the Tesla tow hitch for bike only. I will cancel the order and get after market
Avg Vet
Avg Vet 2 oy oldin
I don’t know why I expected this to be exciting. I guess this is the sky mall version of auto customizations.
David Diaz
David Diaz 2 oy oldin
How about Mud Flaps?
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
@Patrick Farrell I think the ones that Tesla sells for model 3 would probably work for the Y. Check the Tesla accessories..
Patrick Farrell
Patrick Farrell 2 oy oldin
To the best of my knowledge, there are no mud flaps yet available that fit the Model Y.
RW 2 oy oldin
Do you really have to avoid the car wash with a Tesla or is it just a recommendation? Would everything be fine driving it through?
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
@RW Glad that is working for you, but I would rather not. :)
RW 2 oy oldin
Marvin Van Horn To save time. I take my new Jeep monthly with no issues.
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
I don't take any of my cars through a car wash, so wouldn't do it on a Tesla. Why take a chance?
Matthew 2 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, not sure if you meant to show your license platte number at 9:12, but I notice a lot of other youtubers blur that out. Just wanted to let you know in case you're concerned about privacy. Love your videos! Have a good week.
Matthew 2 oy oldin
Good to know, Ben! So, everyone else who is blurring their license plate is either doing it for a different reason or hasn't read the Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Also, good to see you over here in Ryan's comment section. I love watching your Tesla videos, too!
Ben Sullins
Ben Sullins 2 oy oldin
This hasn't been an issue since Bill Clinton passed the Driver's Privacy Protection Act in 1994
labaom 2 oy oldin
I sell Teslas and Tesla Accessories.
Jim Joseph
Jim Joseph 2 oy oldin
Nice..thank you
Sunny Hirpara
Sunny Hirpara 2 oy oldin
Ryan, your thoughts on the following product? WJM Tesla Model 3 Model Y Wireless Charger Car Mount Wireless Charging Cell Phone Holder Compatible with All Smart Phones up to 6.5"
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
This appears to be the same one that I reviewed on my second channel:
Randy Rektor
Randy Rektor 2 oy oldin
Real world range, real world range, real world range. I'm impressed how you said that so easily. Show me the bloopers. . .
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
@Randy Rektor Glad to hear it! Congrats, and thanks for watching!
Randy Rektor
Randy Rektor 2 oy oldin
​@Ryan Shaw By the way, my wife and I just ordered our Model Y (in white). We are musicians and storage was a concern, so your videos we're very helpful! Thanks bro!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Oh I still didn't even thing it came out right haha. So hard to say.
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown 2 oy oldin
Great video! Any word on a cargo cover to hide valuables in the trunk?
GR Munson
GR Munson 2 oy oldin
Clayton Brown I really think you’ll feel comfortable when you see it.
GR Munson
GR Munson 2 oy oldin
Marvin Van Horn totally agree!
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
@GR Munson exactly what I have found too.
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
frankly as dark as the glass covering the trunk you can not see what is stored in the area. I have NOT seen or felt a need for one. I wouldn't worry about it. None of the accessory providers has seen a need to produce one yet, so that might tell you they are not getting a lot of requests.
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown 2 oy oldin
GR Munson Thanks for the tips, much appreciated. I had thought about the scenario of using the compartments but I like the idea of having a black sheet or blanket to help hide items that are too large to put in these compartments (hockey bag, stroller, etc.)
BleuGaby 2 oy oldin
Hi Ryan! What camera do you use?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
@BleuGaby Of course!
BleuGaby 2 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw Thanks for the fast reply!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
I now use the Sony A7III: , with their 35mm f/1.8 lens:
Roland Penttila
Roland Penttila 2 oy oldin
You didn't mention one that I bought. That's a roof sunshade from Teslarati. It's been very hot here lately in Albuquerque and you can feel the heat coming through the roof glass. The shade has cut that heat down quite a bit. It was worth all it cost. I would recommend it for anyone living in the southwest.
Roland Oy oldin
txtabby nope. Just using the shade. In the winter, we’ll remove the shade and enjoy the glass.
txtabby Oy oldin
Have you tinted the roof/back window?
Huub Joan Franssen
Huub Joan Franssen 2 oy oldin
Missing a headsup display
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn 2 oy oldin
I thought that at first, but after having my Tesla for 3 weeks, I would say it is totally NOT necessary..
Kurt Penner
Kurt Penner 2 oy oldin
Hey! Where's the sunroof cover?
Emiya Hilson
Emiya Hilson 2 oy oldin
feel the sun's hot power
Josh DeYoung
Josh DeYoung 2 oy oldin
Cars are expensive, guys.
Panagiotis Siomos
Panagiotis Siomos 2 oy oldin
SSD writing endurance depends on the way it stores data. Cheaper ssd's usually are less costly to manufacture but with reduced write endurance.I would suggest to get one with 5 years guarantee just to be sure of a quality product. I don't own a Tesla but from what you describe constantly overwriting data looks like the worst usage scenario for a cheap ssd.
Roland Penttila
Roland Penttila 2 oy oldin
Yes, look for "Endurance" on the advertisement for the drive.
JJ BEATZ 2 oy oldin
Idk why I’m watching this video I’m no where near from being able to afford a Tesla 😂😅
Chez 72 CYKA BLYAT 2 oy oldin
JJ BEATZ 2 oy oldin
Sunny Hirpara motivation.
Sunny Hirpara
Sunny Hirpara 2 oy oldin
I did the same until I finally was able to afford one!
Harsimran Bansal
Harsimran Bansal 2 oy oldin
You can flip the wheels once plugged in as well, all you have to do is launch a game like “beach buggy” and the wheel becomes loose to spin around, then you can just exit the game!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Jinkguns 2 oy oldin
Thank you!
tyncam24 2 oy oldin
Ryan - great information especially on the screen protector, mats and SSD. Will wait on the Jeda hub for the review when available.
Listen 2 oy oldin
Love the channel! I don't own a model Y yet, but you seem to give info without emotion or a biased view. Appreciate ya!
Chadwick Wood
Chadwick Wood 2 oy oldin
Have you found an accessory to automatically apply your eyeliner?
Gerri Slaughter
Gerri Slaughter Oy oldin
tattoo it!!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
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