The Tesla Model Y - Full In Person Walkthrough

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Ryan Shaw

7 oy oldin

The Tesla Model Y is delivering, and today I give you an in-person walkthrough of every detail of the car along with all of its key features.
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The Tesla Model Y was revealed on March 15, 2019, and exactly one year later, Tesla is beginning deliveries.
The Model Y is the follow up to the Tesla Model 3. When you compare the Model 3 vs Model Y, the Model Y is built out of 75% of the same parts, and about 10% larger, for a few thousand dollars more, but it’s much more than that.
THIS is the Tesla Model Y Performance. It gets a 0-60 of 3.5s, and a top speed of 155mph, and these particular wheels get a range of 280 miles, the AWD Model Y will get 316 miles of range.
To begin with, we notice the Tesla Model Y Exterior has 8 cameras all around the car which all contribute to the Autopilot system.
The biggest thing to notice in the Model Y roof is the large panoramic glass roof. From the outside, since it is very tinted, it just looks like the car is black, but it’s all glass.
The Model Y key is your smartphone or a key card.
Inside, The Model Y seats are higher than the Model 3 with the seats sitting on risers, and the visibility is quite amazing with the glass roof and something you can’t really experience until you sit in this car.
To adjust the seats, both driver and passenger seats have controls on the side and have a fairly large distance to choose from regarding height and distance from the steering wheel, and of course, both eh front and rear seats are heated. No heated steering wheel though.
The Model Y interior is incredibly simplistic. The main piece of the interior is the 15-inch touchscreen that controls all the main functions of the car from unlocking doors, autopilot customization, entertainment, climate controls, and much more.
The only physical controls on the Model Y are the two stocks and two scroll wheels on the steering wheel which adapt to various controls depending on what you’re doing.
For the Model Y center console, you’ll notice two USB ports inside. You can dock your smartphone by running a cable through this or use the included USB-C wireless charging pad to charge your phone. Yes, there is Model Y USB C and a 12V socket.
The Model Y comes standard with rear tinted windows.
Inside, you’ll notice the vents connected to the back of the center console, and the 2 USB-C ports which either your passengers in the back or front could take advantage of.
Now, each of these seats can fold independently, but they are still organized in a 60/40 split, meaning that the left and center seats recline together, and the right seat can recline on its own. The back seats recline as well.
If you want to fold these seats down, you can do so with the handles on the top of either seat.
Now, these seats fold mechanically. When I press the switch, it falls forward and drops for me with no effort. Alternatively, you can fold the rear seats with switches in the Model Y trunk.
The Model Y liftgate is powered and has a depth of about 44” from the seats to the trunk, and we can fit quite a bit back here. With the seats still up, we can fit a lot back here, but that’s not all. On top of this space, there are two under storage compartments.
Additionally, there are side cubbies on the Model Y that are about a foot across.
There are two switches that mechanically fold the seats by themselves. The first folds the left and center seats, and the second folds the right seat.
Now on top of the under storage, and all the potential storage you can have with the seats folded down, we also have the Model Y Frunk.
As you probably know, electric cars do not need engines, so the Model Y has a frunk which is an extra handy and hidden space that can fit a carry on suitcase no problem.
Some features people miss In the Model Y are a Heads Up Display and a Heated Steering Wheel.
Tesla says that the Model Y is built with all the hardware necessary to achieve full autonomy, where the car can drive in any situation, and you don’t need to pay attention, but that will be coming via software updates over the next couple of years.
The biggest advantage of owning a Tesla is that it is always improving for free via software updates, and will continue to do so, and we'll get more in-depth on that in future videos.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️
Aayush Rathod
Aayush Rathod 4 kun oldin
Wait so the tesla models are: Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Nice.....
Eri -Chan
Eri -Chan 6 kun oldin
I regret getting my Tesla model Y in white cause it’s hard to keep it clean
Jin Kim
Jin Kim 6 kun oldin
no climate control for the back is unforgiving.
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia 8 kun oldin
*Future is electric! ⚡️*
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 10 kun oldin
GuardianAzure 11 kun oldin
Got mine a week ago and I've been over the moon ever since. Everything about my model Y has been perfect. Also got the midnight gray, but mine is awd, long range. Couldn't recommend it enough
GuardianAzure 3 kun oldin
@Anthony Smith All told with taxes and everything, it came out to be around $55k. My scheduled payments are $780/mo, but I plan on paying more and hopefully have it paid off in 5 years
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 9 kun oldin
If you don’t mind what price did you pay and what’s your payment on it? 🤔
Gaming-Zombie13 14 kun oldin
Can we use Nvidia Jetson to Control the Tesla how we want?
Przemysław Jakóbczyk
Przemysław Jakóbczyk 15 kun oldin
God damn use normal metrics system, like every other civilized country in the world does, cant understand what does „I am five ten means”
Frank From Upstate NY
Frank From Upstate NY 16 kun oldin
When the price here becomes ~$25k...I'll buy one. It's not worth more.
K W 17 kun oldin
The build quality is still very crappy...😏
Jim Beggs
Jim Beggs 18 kun oldin
Where is the spare tire ? What happens when you have a flat.? Who do ya call ?
jiphang723 19 kun oldin
Hi Ryan, Thanks for share all the videos, they are really helpfully. I just got mine Tesla Y today and your video help a lot, I have one question is when I notice my car have problems, I just report to Tesla service and they will help me fix that? Does they charge us at all ? Thanks
Cara AuPair
Cara AuPair 20 kun oldin
cyanide and happiness
Kristina Harwood
Kristina Harwood 21 kun oldin
somebody to love
60gregma 21 kun oldin
I came for info on the car, but ended up searching for and buying the shoes.
Photography by Stephen J Mihalchik, LLC
Photography by Stephen J Mihalchik, LLC 22 kun oldin
The world doesn’t even have a clue about how excited I am to get mine.
Smoke an Tone Entertainment
Smoke an Tone Entertainment 15 kun oldin
Justin Allen
Justin Allen 22 kun oldin
@7:34 - Jesus. How can anyone pay attention to the car review with a butt like that?? 👌🏻
Yeahh Okayy
Yeahh Okayy 21 kun oldin
Justin Allen LMFAO
Justin Allen
Justin Allen 22 kun oldin
Ryan Shaw Not trying to offend, but man- you are a cutie 😍
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 22 kun oldin
Murry Brody
Murry Brody 23 kun oldin
where’s the spare tire?
ElunesMoonLight 24 kun oldin
What I am thinking is it looks like there will be design flaw, when you open your trunk and there is water on rear window, it will fall down right into your trunk right? Or it is solved somehow?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 24 kun oldin
Hard to explain how it is solved but it doesn’t fall down into the trunk. Runs down a channel to the sides of the car
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen 24 kun oldin
Thank tesla..this car very Ngoc phone money ?
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 25 kun oldin
go go TESLA
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 25 kun oldin
i3 13
i3 13 25 kun oldin
JWK POV 27 kun oldin
Seat that does not fold flat in 2020? Wth. Every time I see tesla video more I think tesla is not for me. That not car. Thats a tech product in shape of car.
amy forrest
amy forrest 27 kun oldin
my k
my k Oy oldin
First time having Tesla, model Y in early August 2020. Got to go back few times, each time couple days for services. They never come as “mobile service “ stated. Could not even order a loaner in advance. Tesla policy! Not cool to deal with no car for few days even though Uber offered. Never experienced a brand new car with such issues and such bad customer service. Missed owning a Mercedes.
cb350f Oy oldin
No Cargo Cover? That is a total fail and a deal-breaker. Thieves use flashlights at night and can see right through tinted glass.
James Sher
James Sher Oy oldin
This guy is pretty cute ngl
Si mon
Si mon Oy oldin
00:30 on the Performance you should expect about 250 mile range factoring in Tesla's recommended maximum 90% recharge capacity.
A B Oy oldin
Ryan. I just ordered one. From what I gather of the doors, trunk, or hood is not aligned properly I should refuse deliver, would you agree. Basically all the parts on hinges. It seems like they can’t fix those
Scott Sink
Scott Sink Oy oldin
Where is the spare tire?
Ferro Oy oldin
Strange tesla model 3 and y dont come with black roof innside but White.
When japanese start making all electric they would be better build quality, like the japanese cars
I was a tesla hater, but you have to them respect for being the innovaters. Who knows how long it would have taken to get full electric and autopilot if it wasnt for tesla.
Roy Johnson
Roy Johnson Oy oldin
The question is....pearl white or midnight metallic silver? Cant decide
Andrew Oy oldin
Pls confirm a couple of things: (i) did you receive any benefit from Tesla for producing this review; and (ii) would be useful to discuss craftsmanship defects.
Colin West
Colin West 2 oy oldin
Spoilt video too many adverts !
cornel stamate
cornel stamate 2 oy oldin
instead of a 70-75 kw battery and a weight of 600 kg it is better to divide the battery in two. one of 10-15 kw and 100 kg permanent with a range of 100 km that would be enough for the city and a standard battery of 60 kw and 500 kg detachable to rent when you leave the town. instead of stopping at the peco to fill up for the road you can go to an electric charging point in your city and mount a standard 60 kw battery from there and on the way to replace it at another electric charging point with one loaded. the first advantage is that it would save a lot of batteries in the world, especially since the 2 million km batteries will appear, which practically do not wear out and must be fully exploited. if a car is lighter by 500 kg, I think it will have a significantly greater autonomy in the city. this would be the second advantage. a short recharge time of up to 5 minutes to change the battery would be another advantage. the price of electric cars would drop by half. lazy people who do not want to charge the car every night or people who have range anxiety can use both batteries permanently with the asumation of costs. I'm waiting for opinions
Burk Efe
Burk Efe 2 oy oldin
what is it in performance package? more power or fancy tires only?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
A 3.5 second 0-60 (Which is 1.3s faster than the LR AWD), and a faster top speed, along with the cool brakes, pedals, wheels, and spoiler.
john doe
john doe 2 oy oldin
07:30 he got cake for days, couldn't hear a word after he bent over lol
Mikael Peter Resting-Jeppesen
Mikael Peter Resting-Jeppesen 14 kun oldin
Everything is clear on my end :D
Justin Allen
Justin Allen 22 kun oldin
I thought the same thing. LMAO
angel v
angel v 2 oy oldin
Thi Thanh Dai TRAN
Thi Thanh Dai TRAN 2 oy oldin
Walkthrough what ?
Filip 36
Filip 36 2 oy oldin
A redesign of the Toyota Prius ? All car are more and more look alike. Not a lot of character. Looks cheap plastic molding.
CDB 2 oy oldin
What’s the tow capacity?
Kowan Ho
Kowan Ho 2 oy oldin
Hi Ryan! I ordered a Model Y as well but I heard there are a lot of quality control issues and a lot of cosmetic defects and stuff like that. I was wondering if you had a video (I might have overlooked it) talking about things I need to look for on my first inspection of the vehicle before I receive or reject it. Thanks!
Dr jacques Faust
Dr jacques Faust 2 oy oldin
How much inches between the roof and the floor when the rear seats are folded down ?
无名英雄_在此苏醒 2 oy oldin
Ramani Visvanathan
Ramani Visvanathan 2 oy oldin
Why no one is commenting about common parts between Model Y and 3. No comment on front and rear bumper, grill, Head lamps, tail lamps side marker lamps...I saw comments about octavalve, battery etc., but no exterior features
Adam Klukowski
Adam Klukowski 2 oy oldin
słabe to auto. Model S jest fajny
Bulshit car this Y… brand new but with a lot of issues…
Iti Tyagi
Iti Tyagi 2 oy oldin
I have a left knee immobilization issue and can easily sit in highly seated/positioned car. This car gives me hope. In comparison to other Tesla cars, this one is better for people who need to get up from chair position. :)
Edu Pacheco
Edu Pacheco 2 oy oldin
I'd say the problem not having a trunk's tray is safety, rather than showing what's inside. In case of accident, everything will fly around and hit passengers. Is there any review about safety coming up? I think it would be great. Thanks for the videos.
Ash Lee
Ash Lee 3 oy oldin
He thick tho 🍑😂
Ash Lee
Ash Lee 3 oy oldin
7:36 he’s thick tho 🍑 😂
Seth Ehrlich
Seth Ehrlich 3 oy oldin
Just to clarify... the Performance Model is also all wheel drive
King Mener
King Mener 3 oy oldin
The back seats could fall down gently just because its a Tesla
Toledo Keys
Toledo Keys 3 oy oldin
That Grey almost looks blue with the reflection -
FuzzyJohn 3 oy oldin
I really hate that sloppy carpet seam on the side of the seat riser at 2:40. Went for a test drive yesterday and that was the first thing that jumped into my eyes when I opened the door.
KENT WOOD 3 oy oldin
Gap yo'q
Greg_Bryan 3 oy oldin
5:45 I had no clue! Learn something everyday! Such an amazing car, just deserve to have a better build quality.
Syed Zafar
Syed Zafar 3 oy oldin
Imagine your brother is lost in the middle of nowhere and he send you location to help him get home & you put tesla on autopilot to his location. I'm wondering if this would work or not
Christopher Tilley
Christopher Tilley 3 oy oldin
If you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you? Edit: nvm, you answered my question in the video lol
STUDY WELL 3 oy oldin
Un canal para ver en español me recomiendan
Edi Dom
Edi Dom 3 oy oldin
Busca earcos, eduardo arcos
chang 3 oy oldin
I do not feel safe about glass ceiling unless it is reinforced which withstand hails and stone chips . Also about door handle, if that ok to use during freeziing winter night ? . Does it have replaceable cabin filter ? Is window wiper easily replaceable ?
tikki volta
tikki volta 3 oy oldin
yada yada yada. DRIVE THE THING!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Gabriel Ho
Gabriel Ho 4 oy oldin
Thanks. Hmm but it's better for the camera man to shoot at the centre console at a slighly higher position when you are presenting as I can see it clearly..
Jim Cao
Jim Cao 4 oy oldin
What is the font you use for the "TESLA MODEL Y" at 0:17 It is really cool!
Martin 4 oy oldin
thanks for the video and especially for the dimensions in meters and mm. Unfortunately we have to wait another year to get the Model Y from our Gigafactory in Berlin serving Europe. Greetings from Germany :-)
LoreZyra . TV
LoreZyra . TV 4 oy oldin
Wonder how well that Performance model would do in Oregon or Washington during the winter... could it make it through a full winter?
Juno 4 oy oldin
To be honest that seat bump looks so cheap. I know Tesla basically recycle their model3 seats. But it is outrageous when you are considering the price of that car
李眼鏡 4 oy oldin
Mr Walker
Mr Walker 4 oy oldin
Are you 5'10 with shoes?
Scott Binder
Scott Binder 4 oy oldin
Thanks Ryan. I definitely think I won't be sharing this video with my wife. Because I know if I did, she's want one!
Ke Chen
Ke Chen 4 oy oldin
Similar to model 3
Markus LC
Markus LC 4 oy oldin
great car, but the chrome delete sucks!
Kosuke Hayashi
Kosuke Hayashi 4 oy oldin
I’m waiting to right hand drive Model Y
Ricardo Grade
Ricardo Grade 4 oy oldin
Dude.... the quality of construction is rubbish
christopher king
christopher king 4 oy oldin
*FREE SUPER CHARGING* should come with _ALL_ models. Smh
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 4 oy oldin
Does free gas come with cars?
Conrad Sagredo
Conrad Sagredo 4 oy oldin
Like the exterior, like the wheels, like the seats, and center console. Don't like the the whole roof as a sunroof, and never liked the front console. The front console is just .......blah
THIS WEEK IN 4 oy oldin
Is that car dark blue or midnight silver?🤔
suisvinze 4 oy oldin
so this is the Midnight Silver Metallic?
Sashi Kiran
Sashi Kiran 4 oy oldin
Good content. But the visuals are "dull" because of cloudy sunlight. Visuals are everything when you are looking at a Tezlaaaaa
manifest 73
manifest 73 5 oy oldin
If you have a lead foot and want race everyone, don't get the Performance. Your going to lose your license.
Amelia Sanderson
Amelia Sanderson 5 oy oldin
He got 🎂 doooo
Börsen Kalender
Börsen Kalender 5 oy oldin
0:05 8 year later??
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
“A year later”
Julian S
Julian S 5 oy oldin
How comfortable is the middle seat? Is it only small but as soft as the left and right back seats or is it also hard?
D B 5 oy oldin
I think you accidently wore your mom's shoes.
Al Longoria
Al Longoria 5 oy oldin
4:55 I’m so glad that you shared about the usb plugs the Y comes with. I had been looking for this.
Swar Amin
Swar Amin 6 oy oldin
Midnight Silver Metallic?
Swar Amin
Swar Amin 6 oy oldin
The red is nice!! I don't know if I can pull off red. Maybe one day with the roadster? The midnight silver metallic has me now after this video.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
@Swar Amin Yeah, tough choice! I'm loving the red so far
Swar Amin
Swar Amin 6 oy oldin
Thank you! Great video, and superb vehicle! Can't decided between black and midnight silver metallic, but in your video this car looks different colors in different lighting (blue, black, grey, silver). I love it!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Mike Malloy
Mike Malloy 6 oy oldin
Hi. You measured from the ground to the top of the seat but left out measuring from the ground to the roof of the car. This is important because the roof of the 3 is pretty low where you have to be careful not to hit your head getting in.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
You won’t hit your head. I’ll measure it though
Benjamin Hendricks
Benjamin Hendricks 6 oy oldin
I'm having trouble finding this info: how long is the back if the seats are folded down and the front seats moved up as far as possible? Trying to figure out if a 6' person could sleep in the back. Thanks!
Korina Gaona
Korina Gaona 6 oy oldin
what color is this again?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Midnight Silver Metallic
BlankEssence 6 oy oldin
I wish the usb type a in the front was 3.0 and not 2.0
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yeah, faster charging
BlankEssence 6 oy oldin
So I’ve done a lot of thinking and investigating. The reason why they put usb c in the back is because it’s reversible. It is not because usb c has a higher power delivery capability because they are only usb 2.0 which doesn’t fast charge. Phones have only recently started coming with usb c to c cables in the box. Not that the included cable is worth keeping. But it doesn’t make too much sense because you will have to probably buy a new cable for the back because your phone probably came with an a to c cable instead of a c to c. Not to mention that not many people carry around a cable in the first place so you’ll have to stock some in the car for your guests. Just a pain because I already have a to c cables that I can’t give to my guests. Now I need to go out and buy new cables. First world problems.
dzianisko 6 oy oldin
For a 60k car, the interior is pretty cheap... I know Tesla fans will call it trendy-minimalistic, but actually it's just Tesla cutting cost
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I personally think it’s both. It’s a combination of minamalism and great design. Some areas are too minamalistic for some and that’s likely due to cost
hino 6 oy oldin
This is the great review!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thanks for watching!
Thomson Obasuyi
Thomson Obasuyi 6 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, Hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Have you received further update on your Model Y? I'm at the financing stage (already approved) and my account states they're drafting my contract.......And it's been like that since Monday. How long does it take to draft a contract....? I'm so ready to pick up the car, though I can't really drive to too many places right now due to the Coronavirus, at least I can look and salivate on the car in my garage :)
Thomson Obasuyi
Thomson Obasuyi 6 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw Ok, good to know. I would like to know how long it actually takes from when approved to when the contract is drafted to when delivery is scheduled. Just so you know, though I don't actually have a VIN, I called my local Tesla store about insurance (because my account asked for me to upload my insurance documents), I was told by the advisor that I can upload my current insurance document so that my account will move to the next steps, but I will need to bring an updated insurance card or upload it after my VIN is assigned. So I uploaded my current insurance card late yesterday. I'll wait to see if that actually makes a difference.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Hope you’re staying safe as well! I’m already approved as well and I’m at the drafting stage. It could take months for them to finish that step. I’m the same! Can’t wait to get it even though I can’t drive it too much
Monte Conner
Monte Conner 6 oy oldin
I'm not talking about the Model Y..... lol
Monte Conner
Monte Conner 6 oy oldin
I love watching your videos.... I kinda got the feeling you did this video just for me because you showed off the back and side to side. I just want to see the front! lol
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thanks! And haha I showed the front!
Nikki Nguyen
Nikki Nguyen 6 oy oldin
Thank you so much for a detailed overview! 👍I’m so excited for the arrival of my Y now. 😍
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
You’re welcome! I’m super excited for mine and yours! Thanks for watching
James Paul
James Paul 6 oy oldin
Great overview Ryan, I think you're the official Model Y spokesmodel now... The design of the car really makes me wish the 3 had that panoramic roof and hatch design, for those who don't need the extra space or height of the Y it would be perfect.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thanks! And yeah it could be perfect
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