The Model S is OLD - 8 Things Tesla Needs to Change

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Ryan Shaw

6 oy oldin

The Model S needs a refresh, and we expect Tesla to update it soon. Here are 8 things Tesla needs to change, and most likely will change in the upcoming Model S.
Model Y Walkthrough:
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We’ve been hearing Rumors for about 2 years at this point of the possibility of a Model S refresh, and I think everyone pretty much agrees that it’s time. Looking at a 2012 Model S, and sitting in a 2020 Model S feels pretty much the same.
Of course, the Model S interior has improved, the front bumper has changed, and the performance and range have gotten significantly better, with the Model S touting the best specs of any Tesla, but still, I think most people agree…the difference in price often times isn’t worth it between the Model 3 or Y, and the Model S.
Here are 8 things we expect in the next Model S.
1. Model S updated user interface and screen on the Model S to fit more in line with the Model 3.
We expect to see this, but the question is, will Tesla keep the second instrument panel screen? Or get rid of it like they did in the Model 3? Maybe they’ll add a heads up display?
2. The “Phone as key” feature. Currently in the Model 3 and Model Y, you can use the Tesla app to setup your phone as your key. When you walk up to the car, it connects via bluetooth and unlocks your car for you, and lets you control various features on the car. The Model S does not have this, and we expect Tesla to add it soon.
3. New batteries. Believe it or not, the Model S actually uses an older battery tech called 18650. They have switched to 2170 in the Model 3 and Y which overall seem to be superior, but since not much has changed on the Model S, neither have the batteries.
4. The Tesla Model S actually can’t charge as fast as the Model 3 or Y, the Most S’s cheaper little brothers. We fully expect Tesla to bring full 250kW charging speeds to the Model S in the refresh, and it will be very welcomed since Tesla is bringing out more and more V3 superchargers, and currently the Model S peaks at 200kW.
5. Range. The Model S has recently been upgraded to a range of 391 miles. Now of course in real life, that number gets a little lower, but the number that everyone wants to see in an EV is 400 miles.
Clearly Tesla is going to reach a 400 mile range in the Model S, it’s just a question of time. So when do you think Tesla will hit 400 miles?
6. Plaid powertrain. Elon has talked about this, and we’ve seen this powertrain testing on the track, but it’s expected to beat tons of speed records, and be an absolutely ridiculous performing car with the best range yet, likely hitting the 400 mile mark.
7. Design of the Model S, particularly in the interior. Now, looking at photos of the Model S Plaid, we can see some clear design changes, and additional vents, but overall it’s a normal Model S. So while it would be nice to see a completely redesigned Model S that makes you say “Look at that! It’s a 2021 Model S!”, it might not be that obvious.
8. The return of the rear facing seats??
Back in September, Elon responded to a tweet talking about the Model S 7 seater, and said that in the Plaid Model S they will be bringing back the 7 seater, which includes two smaller rear facing seats. Elon said “The new seats will accommodate larger passengers than before”.
By larger passengers, I think that Elon still must mean older children, because those seats were never large, and without a complete redesign, 7 people just can’t fit comfortably in the Model S, as is probably the same in the Model Y, but we’ll get into that in another video.
Does the Model S feel old to you? And which of these features do you expect to see soon in the Model S? Let me know in the comments below.
In the meantime, make sure to subscribed to this channel for lots more videos about Tesla, and tech in general. If you’re actually buying a Tesla, you can use my referral link in the description below to get 1000 free supercharger miles, like this video if you enjoyed it, thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you on the next one.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
@Lawrence Browne Unfortunately they haven't added the Model Y to the program yet :/
Lawrence Browne
Lawrence Browne 6 oy oldin
How come there is no possibility of a Model Y purchase through your referral link? I noticed this with a different link as well. Can only purchase solar, S, X, or 3.
Amr Essam
Amr Essam 5 kun oldin
Dear tesla/ Elon Musk, kindly proceed with MODEL S EXTERIOR REFRESH by Emre husmen including the new S PLAID ( TESLA
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 28 kun oldin
I '♥ the old style 😎 S instruments both ways!!@-@!! Behind the steering wheel and the other one..😃😇🥰
Max Sievers
Max Sievers Oy oldin
I expect a Champaign cooler and holders for flutes in the back seats for that price.
Elrick R
Elrick R 2 oy oldin
They need to update the entire car for sure! This is their flagship / premium car it definitely needs massive updates. It's getting stale. It is holding up well overall but needs an update. I guess they can go for a 10 but idk. It funny when a performance model 3 pulls up it eats the model s attention for lunch.
my surly trucker
my surly trucker 5 oy oldin
Its a fabulous looking car , tesla would have no basically big car without the s and x, there both awesome cars and they basically do 400 mls as is , elon rocks, he is clearly a alien so his one year is 2 of ours this explains the discrepancies in time lol .
John Poldo
John Poldo 5 oy oldin
Ryan, thanks for a great report. We need center console space for wireless phone charging (2 phones p!ease) so horizontal display makes sense, but must it must be integrated into the dash and not an add-on look as in model 3. So many ms owners in cold climates complain about range reduction due to resistive heater. New ms should use model y's efficient heat pump. For additional safety, add blind spot indicators in both side view mirrors. When planning a lane change, we look in side view mirrors, not the dash. Economy cars offer this.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
You’re welcome! The included wireless charger on the Model y does have room for two phones so it would be smart to bring it to the S. Fits my iPhone 11 Pro Max no problem. All good suggestions!
Martialman.45 5 oy oldin
They should focus on reduced cost to produce the S. Base model S should be below price of model 3 performance.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
I think they want them to be separated, but that also could work
Martialman.45 5 oy oldin
Model S is like a 911, they got the looks right so no need to change. Gradual improvements is the way to go, S needs a new battery and HVAC to put it at 500 mile range.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Yeah I’ve heard that argument. I think it could use a little bit of look improvements though, especially inside
George Pelton
George Pelton 6 oy oldin
I did not see the Mustang II, which we has to suffer through before Ford got their mojo back.
Karl Zimmer III
Karl Zimmer III 6 oy oldin
I believe the Model S still looks great and not outdated, other than tech/hardware. I have a 2015 P85D MS, so with AP1, there are certain limitations (no sentry mode, etc.), plus range is low compared to more recent production. Other than that, exterior styling is still great (mine is black so I don't mind the front cone). I've blacked out (or chrome deleted) the door handles and added some red accents on specific badges. The newer Model Ss have a center console and some things I don't (which I could add aftermarket if I wanted). I do think the Plaid and some of the sketches of a refreshed MS look awesome, though.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Still an awesome car! Definitely excited to see the future ad well
temper44 6 oy oldin
The 18650 battery is designed and built by Panasonic in Japan and if Tesla suddenly stopped buying those cells, they would piss off Panasonic and create problems for their factory. They would also lose out on whatever R&D Panasonic does with their batteries in Japan.
Austin ATOM
Austin ATOM 6 oy oldin
It definitely needs some mild exterior changes ASAP. 8 yrs is way too long. At least change the headlights and tail lights and add new wheel choices
Strategic gaming
Strategic gaming 6 oy oldin
I think the model S looks sweet as it is and if I were to ever be able to afford it I hope it looks the same.. I'd be interested in interior upgrades like you talk about, especially the heads up displays in the windshield showing speed and other relevant information.
NotRicky 6 oy oldin
1) Elon said the range of the plaid power train would be "roughly constant" as the current one because despite a larger battery pack, there is a trade off between range and performance. With plaid models going all out on performance, they sacrifice range. 2) I just want the model 3/y air vents on the X and S. The 100m wiring harness and heat pump would be dope too
Paul Ma
Paul Ma 6 oy oldin
I actually think AP visuals look and function better in the instrument cluster.
Zach Poffenbarger
Zach Poffenbarger 6 oy oldin
the only update the S needs is a rear end redesign
Sarfraaz G.
Sarfraaz G. 6 oy oldin
I hope Tesla doesn't move to the phone key card on the Model S and the vertical screen a big NO. - two major reasons I didn't buy a Model 3.
Will McAlpine
Will McAlpine 6 oy oldin
My prediction is that there will be a Model S Mk.II after 2022 which will platform new tech such as ultra-capacitors, new batteries etc.
Comte Phlayr
Comte Phlayr 6 oy oldin
I like the current model S like this, the exterior design is just perfect, i'm ok for change the battery and interior design but that's it. it would be just good to do somethings for mcu1 owners whose paid expensive and promute the electric car in the world
Jay Starr
Jay Starr 6 oy oldin
I want the screens to stay the same.
_RileyWeaver _
_RileyWeaver _ 6 oy oldin
You know what else is old? iPhone designs
Wick Smith
Wick Smith 6 oy oldin
Elon knows about the infamous Osborne effect. So denies any major refresh.
tliska10 adventures
tliska10 adventures 6 oy oldin
You want to see a dinosaur car look at my 2014 model s lol it's so weak compared to the technology in a newer model 3 sigh!!!!
Martialman.45 5 oy oldin
I have a model 3 and have been looking at old model S to buy. You can change out to MCU 2.
scuzzer99 6 oy oldin
Thanks for another great video with great observations Ryan!
James Mason
James Mason 6 oy oldin
I would prefer a HUD rather than a binnacle.
Twelve Wing Productions
Twelve Wing Productions 6 oy oldin
I just did a video where I touched on the very topic of design for design sake. It's one thing to alter a vehicle for engineering reasons but the idea of simply changing something for "styling" is something that Tesla is trying to ween us off of. It adds unnecessary cost to the vehicle that ultimately has to be passed down to the consumer who, in the end, would sacrifice that gladly for something that simply "works". I think the cultural truth of this was revealed to us with the Cybertruck. There can be no greater example of a corporate mission statement than that. So I wouldn't expect a style change from Tesla on anything... ever. I for one would applaud that because it would then open up the aftermarket suppliers to unleash products that could be used to modify the car's looks or even change it all together at some point by using Tesla's drive train components for the ultimate in custom cars.
Tes La
Tes La 6 oy oldin
1. Do not agree, the interior of the 3 is very boring and you always have to look sideways to look at the screen which leeds to less concentration to the road. 2. Agree but this can already be changed with software 3. Agree 4. We will see 5. No EV can drive up to 400 in real life yet 6. That is not only for the S 7. The design of the S is still stunning, interior of the S and X is much better than 3 and Y which are very boring. 8. Many people get sick of this.
Alex Bojanic
Alex Bojanic 6 oy oldin
Tesla did plenty of model s refreshes via software upgrades. O thing to understand is Tesla doesn’t embrace traditional automakers concept of keeping up with revenue by changing “shapes” of their products and attracting people to buy new cars. I personally like Tesla philosophy. And anybody who understand esthetics would agree that model S looks fantastic, very sleek and modern. I do agree it can use bit of refresh of a central dash.
j x
j x 6 oy oldin
I still think it looks great
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
j x still loved taking drone shots of it. Still a beautiful car
j x
j x 6 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw fair!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I agree, for the outside. Inside is where I feel it
Cristian Ionascu
Cristian Ionascu 6 oy oldin
If no refresh is coming, then they will sell less and less of them
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yeah I agree
ilari väisänen
ilari väisänen 6 oy oldin
I would pay 2x price just because of Model S beatiful look compared to cheapish model 3 look.
Kingston Rock
Kingston Rock 6 oy oldin
Man, you should go design your own car and then criticize yourself
^Gecko^ 6 oy oldin
Was that drive-in you filmed at still a drive-in?
^Gecko^ 6 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw the humped and curved rows make it totally look like it used to be one, heh
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
It was an empty parking lot
Monkeyheadtpc 6 oy oldin
I would want them to add luxury features like massaging and ventilated seats. The EQS is coming and either Tesla will continue to rely on it's powertrain advantage or they will have to step up their luxury game. HUD, seats, NVH... all those features people pay big money for in an S-Class and will too in the EQS.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yeah, I agree those should be in the S
Erick P85D
Erick P85D 6 oy oldin
Model S is the OG EV.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Totally agree! Still has a very special place in my heart
Sunny Guan
Sunny Guan 6 oy oldin
I feel like the S/X should be able to use V3 chargers since it is the more premium version!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I agree!
Michael inLosAngeles
Michael inLosAngeles 6 oy oldin
You shared that the Model 3 charges faster than the Model S, does that also mean that the Model Y charges faster than the current Model S ? Thanks.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Sunny Guan
Sunny Guan 6 oy oldin
I feel like the instrument panel should stay on the S/X since it can differ to the 3/Y but a HUD is more futuristic!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yeah, we’ll have to see!
Joe Gibbs
Joe Gibbs 6 oy oldin
I like all your points. That concept art at the end of your video hits the nail on the head. The model S at 2.4 sec 0-60 is right at the top of the mountain for speed. Currently it's a sleeper, the looks hide what it is. Make it look fast and luxurious. Make the S stand for SPEED & STYLE!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I agree!
Mahathir Ahmad
Mahathir Ahmad 6 oy oldin
Elon being Elon, the range would surely be 420 miles.
Jeb Fahlgren
Jeb Fahlgren 6 oy oldin
Heat pump
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yeah. I can’t imagine them not adding that soon
RayNLA 6 oy oldin
There is no refreshed or “next” S and X they are both going away. Elon already said that both vehicles aren’t important to the company going forward. He stated that they are in production more for sentimental reasons than anything else. Let it go brother!
Leo Buckman
Leo Buckman 6 oy oldin
When the Model S came out, it was intended to look as normal as possible in order for people to get over the electric part of it. The Model 3/Y have taken that responsibility now. This is a good opportunity for Tesla to make something completely different and a true flagship.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yeah, you can feel it for sure, and I agree.
Andrew Diamond
Andrew Diamond 6 oy oldin
The Model S feels oldish. It's familiar - I've had mine for 5 years. I have a tough time thinking about what I would do with the body that would be better though. The body lines are just dead sexy, and any sexier would reduce interior space. Of the issues you point out, the battery tech is screaming for an update. The rest are just nice to have.
kens97sto171 6 oy oldin
I really hope they leave the interior design kind of similar. I think aesthetically the vertical screen embedded in the dash looks way better than the iPad stuck on top look of the model 3. Also the instrument cluster in front of you with the navigation and car information is the better place to have it rather than offset on the iPad screen. I just really dislike the interior on the model 3 and model Y It looks cheap and unfinished. I understand it's efficient and keeps things simple. But it looks like crap. Exterior wise I still think the Model S is the best looking car they build. They could perhaps stretch the roof a little bit to give a little more headroom in the back and easier entry. I think in improving the battery technology and driveline to give better range and charging speeds would be the better place to put their efforts.
Chris Rash
Chris Rash 6 oy oldin
The model S is the only good looking Tesla
StockSoul 6 oy oldin
I'm a happy 2020 Model S owner. Keep in mind my previous car was a Honda :) so the Model S is as futuristic to me as can be. I'll keep it for 3 years then trade it in for the (hopefully) refreshed 2023 Model S :) cheers!
joe dasilva
joe dasilva 6 oy oldin
Great info Ryan . I believe the upcoming model S is going to have a 500 mile range Thanks
Frederick 6 oy oldin
If the S is going to have the longest range, they absolutely need to update the charging speed. It makes sense they would in the refresh. I'm sure in order to achieve the 400+ mile range it will be a combination of the new motors AND new battery system. This will make the most sense for long road trips; otherwise it defeats the purpose if you need to stop for longer periods of time to charge your car. It may be more efficient to get a 3 with 100 less miles of range if you can charge significantly faster (lots of variables at play as always and until V3 supercharging is rolled out more broadly across the country, it won't make a difference for some time).
Ruirodtube 6 oy oldin
1. Quicker supercharging 2. Lighter battery based on 2170 cells 3. 40-20-40 folding seats in the back 4. Perforated & ventilated front seats 5. Tow hitch (to carry bike rack) 6. Redesigned door pockets 7. Heat pump 8. EV panels to counter “phantom drain” while parked outside 9. Extra tire and “limp home” mode
Widdermaker 6 oy oldin
Sorry, Ryan, Model S is still easily the most beautiful Tesla. It looks like a Jaguar and an Aston Martin had a baby. If changed, Tesla better move carefully on it.. Automotive history is littered with auto makers killing their top sellers because of a perceived need for a re-design (1991 Chevy Caprice, 1992 Ford Taurus, and, heck, even the 1974 Ford Mustang II come to mind). Plus, the Model S interior is more refined. The built-in display just looks nicer than having what looks like an iPad Pro on a temporary mount attached to the dash. While Model 3/Y interior is okay if you’re going to lend your car out as a robotaxi, I doubt if many Model S owners are going to put their $100K torque monsters out on the Tesla Network. Taste is subjective, but if Tesla is gonna make the Model S more like the Model 3 cosmetically inside and out, they may as well ditch the Model S altogether. And watch many Model S buyers go back to Jaguar or Mercedes. Or to the potential new EV kids on the block like Lucid or Byton. That kind of coin deserves more bling. Or maybe just go for the Cybertruck if looks don’t matter. My order is already in for that, BTW. But I’ll also keep my 2016 Model S P100D.
M L Barker
M L Barker 6 oy oldin
I would be happy with just a interior refresh and tech upgrade
JohnnyZenith 4 oy oldin
Not good enough. Major revamps are needed on car styling for a reason.
paul kieffer
paul kieffer 6 oy oldin
Don’t change it. The key to selling tons of a type of car is consistency that way the people who purchased years ago want to feel like they are still driving new. Keep them the same for at least 15 years. Only change once every 15 years
bassamakasheh 6 oy oldin
I have a new model s long range (100Kw) Raven with the most recent iteration of the model s battery (E) the range is advertised at 610km (370m) however my car on a100% charge gives a rated range of 560km. 390 miles is equivalent to 627km. I must be missing out on something !!??
Veritas 6 oy oldin
Im soo hyped for the refresh!!
Xcube 6 oy oldin
Lol the 2012 picture shown was a prototype. The one in the background is correct. Either way, yes the Model S/X hasnt seen a big update
A Little of This n That
A Little of This n That 6 oy oldin
The new range of the S will be 420...just makes sense.
Richard Avellar
Richard Avellar 6 oy oldin
The horizontal screen is horrid. Vertical for me.
Greg Lindstrom
Greg Lindstrom 6 oy oldin
Honestly the model s/x has the best infotainment system ever designed. I hope they change nothing maybe some drivetrain updates.
Benjamin Hippler
Benjamin Hippler 6 oy oldin
Actual content, not just propaganda. Refreshing.
Justin Mallaiz
Justin Mallaiz 6 oy oldin
Unfortunately you don’t know what your talking about. There is a huge difference between older and newer model s.. People are looking for a refresh, because they are uniformed and misguided by videos like this..
Justin Mallaiz
Justin Mallaiz 6 oy oldin
You take delivery of your Model Y , and one week later attack how old other Tesla models are???
WaddaFundraiser 6 oy oldin
I didn't like the look of that new cluster.
H. Brad Kerr IV
H. Brad Kerr IV 6 oy oldin
I want front door pockets
Andrew Diamond
Andrew Diamond 6 oy oldin
It's the simple things, right?
FatherNecrosis 6 oy oldin
With the 3 motor plaid model S, I really think they're going to be doing away with the dual motor performance. They'll be able to retire the "big" rear motor, their oldest motor design. The non-performance model S already has a smaller rear motor
FatherNecrosis 6 oy oldin
And maybe they'll use the higher efficiency permanent magnet motor for all 3 motors. That'd be cool if not expensive
jonathan vallecillo
jonathan vallecillo 6 oy oldin
I do expect a redesign of the instrument screen. It’s time for it to have a roomful front cabin. Also batteries will definitely need to be a change.
AZ 6 oy oldin
wow that artistic design at the end is amazing. Imagine if they came out with that... WOW
Joel Sapp
Joel Sapp 6 oy oldin
I don't think Tesla should change the outside of the car much nor do I think they will. Elon really likes the approach that Porsche has which keeps the skin of the car very similar to previous years. You get a new one because of the technology inside. The reasons behind that are many, aerodynamics which is king is a key reason. If they think they can reduce the aero and make it look good, they'll consider that. But if you keep the form the same, you have paid off the tooling and the car makes more in margins. They still have in the S/X the highest range in their class and will for a while. There are some Aero learnings from 3 & Y which I think will come eventually. Apparently the Y has a lower cD than the 3 so I think those sorts of things can carry over. As for the internal tech, I agree that all that stuff will continue to get better and hopefully they'll find ways to architect it so they can make quicker changes in the future. As for the rear facing seats in the Y and S, they'll really be for occasional times when you have friends or family over. I have an Audi Q7 and wouldn't have adults in the 3rd row for more than a quick ride in town. I think the same for the S/Y will be fine. For kids, it'll be better, and that's how I use my Q7 third row 99.99% of the time.
Joel Sapp
Joel Sapp 6 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, I love your show. You aren't correct about the battery tech, the size is different than the Model 3/Y but the chemistry is the same as the 3/y. It would take a redesign of the pack (but prob not the car). The thing the car is missing is the better cooling in the 3/y and maybe Plaid changes will bring that about to all S/X models. The reason they stay with the size is they have contracts for that size and until suppliers voluntarily change to a larger size, it's not worth it to switch to the 2170's and lose that battery capacity. Essentially battery size isn't tech, it just size. The chemistry and management approach and cooling strategy is the tech.
Smarter Than You
Smarter Than You 6 oy oldin
It’s not old until something comes along that is better
Aiden Bagshaw
Aiden Bagshaw 6 oy oldin
Although I would really like a plaid powertrain and newer batteries, and possibly a slight design refresh, I really prefer the vertical display. I like the idea of larger rear seats, though, especially if they used them in the Model Y to increase headroom. It would be like the return of the station wagon!
635574 6 oy oldin
Why does everyone think it cant just have an option to turn the display? Phones have no problem with that already.
Jhayden Cofield
Jhayden Cofield 6 oy oldin
I have been saying this about the model S interior for a year now..
Eric Haynes
Eric Haynes 6 oy oldin
I don't see a refresh in the future for the Model S, I just think Tesla is concentrating on making as many 3's and Y's as possible the model S sells way less and thus is far behind on the back-burner for the foreseeable future.
Richard Lopes
Richard Lopes 6 oy oldin
All this refresh talk again . The car is constantly updating so... I understand the content tough
TheOfficialJustinWong 6 oy oldin
I think they wont do a refresh. They gonna keep improving it. Changing the style and layout is costly. And S models are not a fast selling car to them. Besides they got no competition if they keep on improving the model. Probably make other model s value stay higher. Like the Gwagons for example.
Thomaz Figueiredo
Thomaz Figueiredo 6 oy oldin
NOP! Model S still looks and feels like the future... updates are welcome but no need to fix what’s not broken. 😉
WaddaFundraiser 4 oy oldin
@JohnnyZenith And yet somehow still ahead of the competition by about 5-7 years, even at this point.
JohnnyZenith 4 oy oldin
The interior styling is out of date.
Irish Wristwatch
Irish Wristwatch 6 oy oldin
I own a M3 SR+. But I would mind a Raven S 🥰 just can’t afford it.
poulsen96 6 oy oldin
He should probably just by anoter car insted. Why not a model 3 or Y if that look is so much better. It s cheeper to.
WaddaFundraiser 6 oy oldin
Couldn't agree more. It's a classic and the future all rolled into one.
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
RANGE is the very important reason for a newer S! So I will probably trade my 2015 for a 2020 in about 4-5 years.
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
Number4, I charge at home 95% of the time. We picked our car in San Diego and drove it back home to Dallas. Every stop was pleasant, the car was ready before we were. So yes, the 3 charges faster, but with about one long road trip a year (if any with the new world we live in) charging mostly at home is the same!
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
Number 2, nothing wrong with my FOB to enter the car.
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
WaddaFundraiser definitely. Love I can summon with the FOB as well as open doors, trunk and frunk.
WaddaFundraiser 6 oy oldin
And it's more reliable.
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
I have a 2015 S85D, I bought it used. Both S & 3 are great cars! You should choose the one you prefer to drive. For me, I’m a big guy, and find the S is a roomier car, easier to get in/out, very pleasant to drive and much quieter. My budget was $45K, so a new S was out of range. With the help of EV-CPO.COM I found a used AWD 2015 Model S85D with only 12,004 miles, in near mint condition! It has the Tech Package with AP1, Premium Sound, SubZero Package (heated steering wheel), NextGen Seats, panoramic sunroof, and free supercharging. I like the 2 displays vs. the center mounted 15 inch. I bought it from Tesla and got the 4 year/50K miles warranty. An equivalent M3 would have been at least another $10K. Choosing the used S meant no Sentry Mode, slower charging, old AP1 with no FSD, 3G connectivity, no video streaming, no fancy games, no karaoke and no other new stuff. But I’m so very happy with my choice. Here are some photos.!AoAsGTbf5o9KhZl0XNizcC76qCZHMg
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
WaddaFundraiser love the heated steering wheel!
WaddaFundraiser 6 oy oldin
I did the same for the same reasons, and am also very happy. At the time I also wanted to start doing my long-distance driving on electric before the Model Y came out. Now that the Model Y is out I believe I'll stick with my S. It's got a hatchback and almost identical storage area. Only advantage of the Y is the higher seating position, which is compelling. However, the heated steering wheel and just all-around more premium ride ultimately won me over with the S.
Kyle Cronin
Kyle Cronin 6 oy oldin
2:04 Looks like this Model S has the yellow border problem around the main screen
Kawa Lau
Kawa Lau 6 oy oldin
You mentioned Raven update we will see in 2020, but Raven update already happened since April 2019.
DeepGamingAI 6 oy oldin
Tyran Mathurin
Tyran Mathurin 6 oy oldin
The rear end diffuser on the red Model S Plaid shown @ 7:33 is too low. Hope it doesn't make it to production as shown. It will scrape against the pavement.
Crazy Tingz
Crazy Tingz 6 oy oldin
Noo I don't want a model s refresh. The only thing I would want is a heat pump and better battery
nukem384 6 oy oldin
Wow, did not know the phone key wasn't a thing on the S/X. So everyone just buys the fob then or whips out their CC style key? Seems pretty inconvenient. Exterior and interior are definitely olddddd too. They need to do something about that stat!
nukem384 6 oy oldin
@FatherNecrosis Ah I see. I'm a Model 3 guy haha
FatherNecrosis 6 oy oldin
S comes standard with FOB. No CC style key either
imjasono 6 oy oldin
There were no fewer than 3 model revisions missed in that Mustang photo. But regardless, the Model S needs a refresh 100%
Chris Fiondella
Chris Fiondella 6 oy oldin
At least whoever made the graphic left out the ugly ones, lol
i2L Media
i2L Media 6 oy oldin
I do use my phone as a key with my model S on occasion, but the reason I don’t use it daily is cause I love the “auto presenting handles” feature. Unfortunately the phone app doesn’t allow for that on the S which is a major bummer. And yea like everyone else said, I love the 2nd screen cause if it’s versatility, and don’t mind the vertical layout. However, Id be very interested to see how TESLA would implement a horizontal screen. And I also would like the MODEL 3/Y AC Design
Maikal _
Maikal _ 6 oy oldin
Elons said they keep selling S for nostalgic reasons; very few sales of S/X are made vs 3, Y. Pumping cash into S/X doesnt make a lot of sense. 2170 based packs arent capable of outputting the 850HP that getting and S to 100 in 2.5s requires.
John W. Davis
John W. Davis 6 oy oldin
I think they will definitely add V3 Charging and 400+ Miles Range.
John W. Davis
John W. Davis 6 oy oldin
@Mark Plott I hear you about v3 but i bet they can squeeze another 9 miles out the current battery pack.
None Bizni
None Bizni 6 oy oldin
Anyone ask why he’s wearing mascara? Starts on clip at around 3:10. Ryan we want a Model S refresh, not a Ryan Shaw refresh.
None Bizni
None Bizni 6 oy oldin
Von Hessing Actually I didn’t notice, my wife did. Then I couldn’t not see it every time he went to a clip he was wearing it. Note to self, it’s 2020, start wearing mascara.
Von Hessing
Von Hessing 6 oy oldin
That you even notice. And who cares in 2020
PcarFan16 6 oy oldin
I REALLY hope the Model S/X (I own both) retain a center screen that is integrated into the dash along with the instrument panel screen; I just DO NOT like the Model 3 dash layout and screen that looks like an iPad Pro is just sitting on top of the dash.
Sunny Guan
Sunny Guan 6 oy oldin
I think the S/X will have an intergraded screen since they already have it intergraded. They just need to redesign it a little
WaddaFundraiser 6 oy oldin
Agreed! The integrated screen is much nicer. The layout actually works much better for everything except watching movies. Having a gauge cluster with navigation is also very nice.
moss 6 oy oldin
If I’m not mistaken, the ModelS you showed in the beginning of this video is the prototype not the actual production model
JohnJohn 6 oy oldin
You're right.
Widdermaker 6 oy oldin
moss I noticed that, too. Rather odd for Ryan talking about a car refresh being necessary but not noticing he used the prototype at the beginning. Ah, well...
Carlos Fowler
Carlos Fowler 6 oy oldin
The picture of the 2012 Model S you posted is not accurate. Even though it's close in design, the one you posted is a prototype.
Wi Fine
Wi Fine 6 oy oldin
Carlos Fowler accurate
Andre Beard
Andre Beard 6 oy oldin
I actually like the style of the current Model S, sexy. Internal tweaks should make it better but how would it affect the price with the other luxury lineup.
JohnnyZenith 4 oy oldin
It's our of date, especially the sides, rear, and interior.
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel 6 oy oldin
Next Model S will be something unexpected (could be CyberTruck type) design along with 1. Horizontal screen 2. Range over 600+, which will allow to charge 70% range super fast. 3. No heads up display. Keep it simple like 3&Y less wires and computing power required. #FALL2021 or later don’t expect any earlier
Gruber Motor Company
Gruber Motor Company 6 oy oldin
Great points! We are always discovering new ways to improve the old Model S designs. Thanks for sharing!
Alibaba Aluba
Alibaba Aluba 6 oy oldin
While it is due for an update, it is still the best Tesla available. Vertical display is more useful, not everyone watch Netflix in their cars.
CorRekt 6 oy oldin
Why would you want to put seats in the trunk? How comfortable is that going to be? When the rest of the passengers get to look out at the scenery passing by, the trunk seaters would be looking at luggage. The entire concept is profoundly silly. Any parent who puts their children in the trunk seats can expect to be abandoned in their old age.
Chris Fiondella
Chris Fiondella 6 oy oldin
CorRekt I sat in many a trunk seat in cars of the 70s and 80s, I remember loving it as a kid
john packer
john packer 6 oy oldin
Hello Ryan, Let me start by saying I like the channel; lots of helpful info on the Model Y, which I am a Performance registration holder. Now I tend to disagree with you on the positioning and size of the screen on the Model S, after owning one for three years now. There is still no other car in the world like it. Next, I am 6'1, 180 lbs & I fit in those jump seats with the lift gate down. I'll send you pic if you like. Next, the front of the older Model S is called a noise cone, not a bumper. Next, the rear portion of the car is called a defuser, not fins. I stated earlier I own a Model S, I've driven both the Model X & the Model 3. I love what all cars bring to the market. I get it, you have to bring content to your channel, but let's do a little bit of research on the subject. Thanks for all that you do, Love the channel. Keep up the good work. John
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