The $1,337.85 Tesla Model Y Windshield

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Ryan Shaw

4 oy oldin

After just two months of owning my Tesla Model Y, I had an incident, and my entire windshield needs to be replaced!
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So the Tesla Model Y is the nicest car I’ve ever owned, and of course, I’m taking great care of it, as you probably saw in my Model Y review video, and then this happened…a giant rock hit, and cracked the windshield!
My soul! Not even 2 months of Model Y ownership, and a deep crack. I will need a fairly substantial Model Y Repair.
I had mixed replies on twitter, but the one that really hurt said:
“A $1300-1400 windshield replacement. That’s your only option”
So I checked with Tesla Insurance and filed the claim right away.
Tesla service quoted me $1337.85 for the windshield replacement, and according to them, it looked bad enough to only be a replacement. The breakdown of that cost is $830 for the windshield itself, $429 for the labor, and $78.85 for tax.
Unfortunately, at this point, that’s literally the only option for a replacement. Satellite doesn’t carry the windshield, and this car has only been out for around 2 months
Now of course, it’s my fault that I didn’t have better coverage on my insurance, but honestly, if I had really been more detailed when getting my policy, and paid more attention to the deductible for a windshield replacement, I probably would have opted to keep it at $1000. I’ve never had a windshield issue, and would have never expected this to happen, especially this early in my ownership.
So I’m looking at $1000.
The good news about this crack is the location of it. While I can see it at any time, it isn’t distracting or right in front of me obstructing my view. It’s frustrating, but doesn’t actually affect my view of the road.
Because of that, and the fact that I don’t want to pay $1000 right now, I followed up with my insurance again, and double checked that a repair is an option, if possible.
So I checked with Safelite, probably the biggest chain of glass repair stores out there. I went to their website which said that as long as it’s smaller than a dollar bill, it should be repairable. I took it in for Model Y service the next day.
After two technicians looked at it and gave it a bad face, mentioning how deep the crack is, they told me they’d be able to repair it, but it’ll be a bandaid that you can still see. The crack is too deep, and no matter what they do, I’ll still be able to see it.
They filled the crack with their normal process.
According to their website it should repair it to “near-imperceptibility”, but I wasn’t counting on that with mine, and I was right.
Afterwards it definitely looks better, and feels smooth to the touch, but you can definitely see the crack. You can see the center of the crack, where the rock landed is clear and filled in, but the spider pattern is still there.
This repair ended up costing $80, which my insurance will cover, and it should make the crack stronger, and less likely to get worse anytime soon. As I mentioned though, it’s clear that I will have to get this replaced, and that this is just a bandaid for the meantime. I’m hoping to get at least 6 months or so out of it.
My decision then will be whether to go with Satellite for the replacement? Or go through Tesla service. I’m inclined to choose Tesla service since they know their cars, but Safelite seems like it could be a good deal cheaper, with the Tesla Model 3 windshield quote being around $500 less than the Model Y windshield quote from Tesla.
For the future, here’s what I have learned, and what I would recommend to you if you have or plan to get a Model Y.
Get 100% glass coverage on your Tesla Model Y Insurance coverage
If this were to happen to you, make sure to grab the license plate of the truck the rock came from.
Then, make sure you have a dashcam drive installed, and save that dash cam footage right away by tapping the button in the top right of the screen.
It’s visual proof for your insurance that this was indeed a non-collision incident, and not your fault whatsoever.

Angelo 18 soat oldin
I got my model Y three weeks ago and after one week I got rear ended. Once I got my insurance work taken care of, they ordered a new hatch and bumper last week. As of right now, they don’t know when the parts will be coming in. I hope it doesn’t take too long. Such bad luck unfortunately.
leinaddf 3 kun oldin
One solution, don't buy a Tesla.
Jeff Dundat
Jeff Dundat 7 kun oldin
I wish I had saw this sooner rather later. Now I know I need to unsub and stop recommending your content. This was pure clickbait.
Tony Shi
Tony Shi 7 kun oldin
Lesson I learned from this video: don’t buy a car 😂
Daniel Samardzic
Daniel Samardzic 6 kun oldin
just enable rock avoidance system
zaferroni 8 kun oldin
Go to Tesla they will reset the cameras as well .
MontiR Aruba
MontiR Aruba 10 kun oldin
To all drivers, to avoid ruining your day, look ahead, if you see any big trucks on the freeway or even a highway where the speed limit is 45 or higher, stay away from these vehicles. Keep a distance from them or if you can change lane and stay away from the wake of these trucks. I have learned my lesson every time but no more. Every time I say, "Oh, it will be okay." I get hit by debris and I tell myself, "I knew it!!!! I knew I should keep away from that truck!!!!". Dang it!!!!!
tech 52
tech 52 10 kun oldin
For a second there I thought you were on the 134 eastbound just past the 2 freeway
tech 52
tech 52 9 kun oldin
Ryan Shaw The cameras photo was so clean and high quality it nearly distracted me. 20 years ago FOD on the freeways was a big deal. Now most construction sites face fines if there is not tire jiggler where trucks get back in pavement. Sorry about your windscreen, great video by the way!!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 kun oldin
I was!
Austin Koehler
Austin Koehler 10 kun oldin
I’ve had the best luck with reaching out to a solid insurance broker. Considerably better results than calling around or Tesla insurance.
Luis Camacho
Luis Camacho 10 kun oldin
I live in new construction 🚧 we avoid those trucks at all costs - at all costs
dylan c
dylan c 12 kun oldin
Tip- next time dont tell anyone. Increase your insurance next month to cover glass. Than report a month later! Problem solved
ThatOneGuy 13 kun oldin
General Putin
General Putin 14 kun oldin
Deal with it, cars are not investment. After 2 years, check your under chassis, its will be corroded AF
Why 16 kun oldin
Besides making the car look better does it really matter if you get it fixed.
lawlblogger 16 kun oldin
Same thing happen to me. Bought me a brand new $37k car, treated it like a baby since day 1. I've never had a rock chip in over 20 years of driving my other cars. 3 weeks into this car! CRACK! A rock the size of a golfball! Hit my windshield dead center, left a 8 inch wide crack. After my heart beat slowed and my ears stopped ringing. Costed me $380 and a piece of my soul.
Sean Kyer
Sean Kyer 17 kun oldin
I cracked my model 3 windshield on a cross canada road trip. Obviously not supposed to be covered by warranty as it took a rock on the road. I was quoted $1,300 labour and parts. When I got there I told the lady who recieved me what happened. When I got my actual bill they gave me the windshield for free and only charged me $375 for labour! Didn't even have to run it through my insurance! haha
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 19 kun oldin
Buy and apply 3M clear coat for your bumper/hood/mirrors. Easy to apply. You wont get scratches. Easy to remove and apply again if necessary after a year or two .
Soniel Elica
Soniel Elica 20 kun oldin
Justbuy the cybertruck lol
Mario 22 kun oldin
Sucks! Did Tesla Insurance raise your rate?
Mini2nut 22 kun oldin
Hopefully my Tesla Cybertruck with Armor Glass will be more durable.
Dan Hood
Dan Hood 29 kun oldin
Insurance guy here. IMHO you should never have higher than a $500 deductible on the comprehensive coverage, which is the coverage that would play out for this type of event (also theft, vandalism, weather losses, and animal strikes). Reason being that these events are more out of your control and less predictable. Comprehensive is also a lower priced coverage, and going from $1k to $500 or even $250 likely wouldn't cost you much. Obviously too late now, but something for the future at least.
paul mcmillan
paul mcmillan Oy oldin
I’d have got PPF from the get go....
spacegreycoralred Oy oldin
Also safe lite sometimes can repair anything smaller then a dollar bill in length
spacegreycoralred Oy oldin
Florida has full glass coverage in all insurance. Zero deductible
Ken Faber
Ken Faber Oy oldin
Yeah, the old rule when it comes to windshield repair is that the size of the repair needs to be less than a diameter of a quarter. No way can that crack be repaired effectively. The good news is most policies will pay twice - once when you have it repaired and again for a full replacement if the repair fails. The auto windshield replacement business in my experience is notoriously shady. When calling for quotes to replace a windshield, the first thing you will be asked "is this an insurance covered repair" if you say "yes" they quote one number if you say "no" they quote a much lower number - in my experience nearly 50% less. I know, I'm off topic, but just sayin'
Aaresh Sharma
Aaresh Sharma Oy oldin
How much does Tesla insurance cost per month? Is it cheaper than a third party insurance provider?
Doug Harmon
Doug Harmon Oy oldin
Great review Ryan, Just got our Model Y and 312 miles later, rock chip right at eye level on the drivers side with a lateral crack to the middle of the windshield. Like you, had no idea how to go about getting it replaced. Went to local safelite and they informed me they don’t get Tesla windshields. So then since we had delivery issues, I added the windshield replacement to our service appointment through the app. Estimate came back $1370 from Tesla and through my insurance with $250 deductible, all good. Tesla service appointment is tomorrow, so hoping to get everything corrected and windshield replaced. Had a clear wrap installed on bumper, hood and front fenders along with area around front of rear wheels and rear lift gate area. The owner of the shop recommended after seeing the crack a nano-ceramic windshield protective film by exoshield. I’m going to bring the brochure to Tesla and see if I can add this to the windshield and see if covering the windshield cameras is an option. If not, I may install and have the camera area left bare and minimize the chances of another windshield problem. Totally feel your pain...
Yibin Wang
Yibin Wang Oy oldin
My windshield of my model Y had a crack in windshield for no reason. I did not see any sign of stone chip
Bella Batwoman
Bella Batwoman Oy oldin
Kids I think it’s obvious to get full coverage for a freaking almost half glass car 🤦🏾‍♀️
zhao chen
zhao chen Oy oldin
$180 for my Landcruser prado :)
John M
John M Oy oldin
Do tehy guarantee that the crack wont propagate?
Shubfler Sandwich
Shubfler Sandwich Oy oldin
Ha ha leet
Luckysquirrel1256 Oy oldin
I live in the Midwest and drive on the Interstate every day with a ton of Semis and other trucks and have gone through 2 windshields in the past 5 years.
ian mash
ian mash Oy oldin
Go to tesla
Jere Ellis
Jere Ellis Oy oldin
I'm a windshield repair specialist. I've repaired over 7000 rock chips and cracks on windshields and that is one of the most amateur repairs I've ever seen. Total BS. They do that hoping that it will crack and then they get a big bucks replacement job. No dealerships do their own replacements - they call in a shop which is most often SafeLite.
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett 2 oy oldin
Wow where i live i dont have to pay anything out of pocket to get my windshield replaced or a special resin
Stephen Rudberg
Stephen Rudberg 2 oy oldin
Man, that sucks. Bad luck. But that has happened to me years ago. Happens mostly from mostly highway travel. Best to beware of trucks and stay as far away from them as possible or try and pass them.
无聊男子 2 oy oldin
This is also what am afraid of, I have not even taken delivery of my Y yet, and I would not trust safelite to replace that windshield.
Sean Baker
Sean Baker 2 oy oldin
I might not even get it replaced.
Gene Duprey
Gene Duprey 2 oy oldin
Insurance takes care of this with little to no cost to you. I had to do this with my Audi A6.
Ty Jeffries
Ty Jeffries 2 oy oldin
Gotta love California’s 7.25 tax rate. 👎🏻
Gamers Dude99
Gamers Dude99 2 oy oldin
That was a tiny crack where we live we have those all over our windshields
Dragon Slayer Ornstein
Dragon Slayer Ornstein 2 oy oldin
Insurance... Also lots of 69 and 1337's Elon is a troll.
Mariano Perez
Mariano Perez 2 oy oldin
That car sounds like a nightmare. Sorry man.
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel 2 oy oldin
Keep your deductible low
Martin Day
Martin Day 2 oy oldin
The insurance company is only going to pay once for a repair or replacement, so now you have had it temporarily repaired surely, they won't now agree to pay up again for a replacement?
Jeffrey Bacot
Jeffrey Bacot 2 oy oldin
My brother has the new Lincoln Aviator which is similar in this situation in that it was only out for 1.5 month when his windshield needed to be replaced. The windshield had all the cameras in it like the M-Y etc. The cost - $1,450 and that was Safelight. The funny part was they initially would not give a quote. It was an insurance claim with a $500 deductible so he just let the insurance company deal with it. My guess is that he was the first person in the country to have a windshield replaced on an Aviator and they had not set the price yet.
Abit Soylu
Abit Soylu 2 oy oldin
Why didn’t you get regular insurance instead of Tesla insurance?
J Smith
J Smith 2 oy oldin
Replaced a large mini van windshield for $400. Tesla owners are suckers. You could just wait to replace the windshield.
Joel 74
Joel 74 2 oy oldin
You should have just called the company that owns the truck and told them. They should have been able to track down exactly what truck it was thru the trucks GPS. Personally I would have got the truck to stop but I'm a bit nuts
DokoBG1 2 oy oldin
Thank you for all the videos. These confirmed for me that I will NEVER buy a Tesla.
jack hedrick
jack hedrick 2 oy oldin
If you spend over 20k on a car you need to get the clear bra protection!!!!!
Janne Myllylä
Janne Myllylä 2 oy oldin
Just get the full coverage, or at least drop the price you need to pay to something in the region 100-200$. I have now replaced 3 windshields inside 5 years.
It's Binh Repaired
It's Binh Repaired 2 oy oldin
Why not have someone fill it with the glass repair resin stuff? They have do it yourself kits as well.
strtngfrsh 2 oy oldin
Why would you think Tesla with all their F&F issues would know more about putting a winsheild in than a glass company who's business is built upon doing that one thing and doing it right....the first time. Which Tesla seems to have a problem with.
strtngfrsh 2 oy oldin
Should have kept the Honda Fit.
Roeland L.C. Heijting
Roeland L.C. Heijting 2 oy oldin
In Europe Tesla doesn't do any windshield exchange. You only can do this at Tesla approved glass shops. So go for the cheaper solution. These shops know what they are doing. At least the trusted ones. And yes, get an insurance! It will crack again.
manifest 73
manifest 73 2 oy oldin
I have Geico my deductible to replace the windshield is only$50 with the Mechanical Breakdown Coverage.
Chris 2 oy oldin
Tesla's parts are stupidly priced. Makes merc and BMW look like toyotas to repair.
Laura 2 oy oldin
Weird how you have to pay for the replacement and it isn't just the excess that your paying
Royce Julian
Royce Julian 2 oy oldin
Why blame the truck? Shit happens bro.
Ben Kriebel
Ben Kriebel 2 oy oldin
If I look at all the quality issues you had with this car, then I don’t think that Tesla knows what they are doing with their cars.
Philipp Schmid
Philipp Schmid 2 oy oldin
Lisence platte of the Truck for what?
jose luis cabrera
jose luis cabrera 2 oy oldin
It's impossible to avoid those tiny rocks at highway speed. You know they are in your way when you hear the crack. The only thing you cans do is stay away from trucks carrying rocks
jose luis cabrera
jose luis cabrera 2 oy oldin
Should be replaced by your insurance company
Fred Martin
Fred Martin 2 oy oldin
If you have a new vehicle you should never have a $1000 Ded. in fact in some states if you have $1000 Ded. your a fool, AZ is one state that has sharp stones and will crack your windshield quickly. My best glass replacement is 3 on my 2017 full size SUV and currently is 21000 miles so not much driving and no tailgating.
Kevin DuLac
Kevin DuLac 2 oy oldin
I've driven a Tesla exactly twice, on road trips to Oregon both times. Both times the windshield got a chip/crack from debris. I have an order for the Y and definitely will look into whatever insurance would cover this.
Fred Flynstone
Fred Flynstone 2 oy oldin
whatever you were wiping on your car is not the "right" way to wash it, hommie. Seriously need to study carnauba and seriously need to study chamois and how to use them.... the washing part will be a lot simpler than you may think plus your wax will hold up a lot longer and that means less micro scratches in your cheap as fuck clear coat that you got ripped off on.
Peter Strouhal
Peter Strouhal 2 oy oldin
Geez, I live in Canada and I don't even care about cracks anymore. One right now the windshield (in the middle) from the heat of the sun, and another one across the middle of the passenger half. And it only costs $200 to replace (and that's CANADIAN). I guess that's the difference between luxury and regular cars.
Guy R
Guy R 2 oy oldin
I would never put a non-oem windshield in my car.
daftboy11 2 oy oldin
not a bad price actually. A new headlamp for my 04 Lexus Ls430 was $1400.
TheMeanerBean 2 oy oldin
Get PPF NOW the paint is so thin... you will chew through it just highway driving
Chris Jacks
Chris Jacks 2 oy oldin
Risk assessment Ryan! Ouch!
Jordan Silvestri
Jordan Silvestri 2 oy oldin
Pretty sure Tesla tells you to use Safelite for glass repair am I wrong?
Dump The Chump
Dump The Chump 2 oy oldin
@8:12 “Stronger THEN and longer lasting THEN” the word is “than”. Why do so many people get this wrong?
5yfyGuy 2 oy oldin
They got you with that 1337 meme😂😂
FlyByNorway 2 oy oldin
Here in Norway you pay 50$ for repair (if it can be repaired), or 200$ for a replacement. Insurance covers the rest, no matter what car.
Pat Breznay
Pat Breznay 3 oy oldin
What are you referring to about installing a dash cam?
Mika Peltokorpi
Mika Peltokorpi 3 oy oldin
Glass repair. So Tesla insurance covered only ¼ of the price??? And they did not stop the cracks - THAT'S why it is only bandage...
JD Williams
JD Williams 3 oy oldin
I had close to the same crack in my expedition.. it was over 90°F in key west and I got in and turned on the AC and POW!.. In a split second a crack shot from the chip across the entire windshield...
Jim Leverington
Jim Leverington 3 oy oldin
If you can't cover $1000 out of pocket you can't afford a Tesla.
Chris 2 oy oldin
Wait. aren't the model y and model 3 the budget models that are suppossed to be sold to the masses? Wasn't that Tesla's story?
Sebastian Kurz
Sebastian Kurz 2 oy oldin
Most people wouldnt be able to pay for a bigger repair bill- yet still drive expensive cars lol. Playing 5000-10000usd isnt that uncommon
And you think you're saving gas money by going electrc with cars that are build like shit!!!
Ghen Khoash
Ghen Khoash 3 oy oldin
Scrap it!
Csaba Toth
Csaba Toth 3 oy oldin
1337? I thought Tesla is trolling because in leet speak 1337 is LEET (=elite)
Thought Loop
Thought Loop 3 oy oldin
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper 3 oy oldin
Dewey Sellers
Dewey Sellers 3 oy oldin
use a micrometer on safelite glass and then the OEM and never use safelite glass.
Chris Hebert
Chris Hebert 3 oy oldin
Unfortunately, I had to have my Acura windshield replaced 3 times within just over a year. Driving around Houston, there is so much road construction that gravel and cement trucks are everywhere on the freeway. I try to stay 2 lanes over from them and pass quickly, but it's hard to avoid the rocks. I've heard that you CAN use insurance to cover the repair, but that a cracked windshield will be counted just the same as a traffic accident on your record, causing your insurance to possibly drop you after several claims. Not good. Don't know how it works with Tesla insurance, though. I paid cash for my windshields so as to avoid the "accident" claim on my insurance. As for the cost, my windshield is about $850 for the glass, only. It's the calibration of the windshield-mounted camera/sensors that costs another $400 or so. I don't know if Safelite's quote includes recalibration. I tried going without recalibration the first time and my car's lane-keeping assist couldn't even find the proper lane. It kept trying to steer me into the lane to my left. These sensors are, well, very sensitive to movement. They need recalibration after the glass is replaced. All recalibrations are not equal. With each windshield replacement, the lane-keeping assist worked differently. The best recalibration was after the second windshield was replaced. Dead-on, center of the lane, locked in and never lost the lane. The other two recalibrations were not as good. It's been a month since you posted the video. Did Safelite's fix hold, or have the cracks begun to spread across the windshield? A long time ago, I had a car with over a dozen fixes. One night, I think it was hit by a lug nut that bounced over the freeway divider from oncoming traffic, as there was no car in front of me. Thought a gun went off in my car. Left a double circular break about 3 inches in diameter. No spreading "fingers" though.
Abdulkreem Adnan
Abdulkreem Adnan 3 oy oldin
put black films in crack point so you will not be able to see it
Brian Joslyn
Brian Joslyn 3 oy oldin
The rock flying clip shows it either hitting the driver side edge of the windshield, the side rear view mirror or not hitting at all. There's nothing the company that owns the truck can do anyways. Trucks pick up and throw rocks. Personal vehicles do too. Insurance probably wouldn't do anything either due to no fault. It possibly still could've happened even if you had changed lanes sooner. You would've had to seen it sooner and be able to get around the path.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 3 oy oldin
What have you driven before if the Y is the nicest car you have driven?
DAmerica 3 oy oldin
I feel for this guy. Buy a bad-quality ugly car for the price of a Beautiful Porsche Macan and having to pay through the nose for parts.
dcast777 3 oy oldin
Thus one of the big reasons to not buy a brand new model.
Paul Moffat
Paul Moffat 3 oy oldin
I had a similar rock hit on my Hyundai Santa Fe XL, crack spread all the way across. $1400 for a replacement! ($300 deductible on my insurance) I then had another rock hit on the new windshield, low down that made a star similar to yours. the glass shop did a repair that is actually invisible - I cannot see it at all, free on my insurance.
Carl Goldsmith
Carl Goldsmith 3 oy oldin
It is a car. It is normal welcome to the reality of owning a car.
CED99 3 oy oldin
Brett 3 oy oldin
Welcome to owning a luxury car. I’m sure you can afford it, it’s ok.
Steven D
Steven D 3 oy oldin
Huh. In Florida there is a 0 deductible policy for all insurance on windshields. Imagine that. Something Florida did that’s helpful to the consumer.
Joke Assasin
Joke Assasin 3 oy oldin
When you start getting quick temperature changes the spidering will start spreading.
Pender, Party of 2!
Pender, Party of 2! 3 oy oldin
Insurance has to pay 100% in Florida. Nothing out of pocket.
Adam Coleman
Adam Coleman 3 oy oldin
Another reason why I shouldn't get a tesla rn.
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