Tesla’s Battery Day Will Make Cars Cheaper

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Ryan Shaw

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Tesla battery day rumors, and battery day predictions. Also why battery day matters so much, and what it’ll mean for the future of Tesla, and the future of all cars.
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Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories ➡️uzpost.info/vision/video/m6-tr7x-mJuiYmg.html
Xavier Castro
Xavier Castro 10 kun oldin
Looks like CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. had also come out with a tabless battery design. I randomly bought 955 shares today of CBAT because it was the only stock that was moving up from all the EV stocks I’m watching. I just had some surplus funds in my Robinhood and so I put it all to work. Then I saw the big jump and I started researching why. I couldn’t find anything anywhere....until I found this lonely random article dated 09/28/20: “CBAK Energy has Successfully Developed Large-sized Cylindrical Tabless Battery with 25% Boost in Energy Density and 20% Cost Saving”. What the?! Do you know what that means?! This is HUGE! I don’t want to put the link to the article here because I don’t want you to think I’m trying to spam. Google the article for yourself. The quote above is the title of the article. As far as I know, Tesla is the only one that developed a tabless battery design. Googled around “tabless battery” and the only thing Google returns is about Tesla. On Tesla Battery Day all they talk about is their “tabless battery design” and how it is a game changer for them. Now I stumble across CBAK Energy doing the same?! Look into this and tell me where my thinking is wrong. According to the article, “CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. ("CBAK Energy",NASDAQ: CBAT), a world's leading lithium-ion battery provider”...wow. The worlds leading!!! Let me know what you think. Have a good day.
Josh P.
Josh P. Oy oldin
So Battery Day sucked...
bilgyno1 Oy oldin
You are way too America focused for making your predictions in a worldwide market. Tesla better announce some steap price drops for Europe, or they're going to lose a lot of market share here. Fact of the matter is that cars like the Skoda Enyaq 80 iV, Ford Mustang Mach-e ER, VW iD.4 are all coming in at considerably lower price points than and either similar or better range than the Model Y Long Range AWD. They're even cheaper than the Model 3 LR AWD, while being much more useful. Yes, Tesla has the compelling Superchargers, but that doesn't justify paying €15.000 - €20.000 more than a Skoda Enyaq.
Agent Smith
Agent Smith Oy oldin
Musk said on twitter that they're gonna buy more batteries from third party companies alongside their own production.
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter Oy oldin
Ryan I like your videos but I think they will work better if you put in some pauses. Just like in music. (instead of talk-talk-talk-talk-.....talk).
Ahmed Yossef
Ahmed Yossef Oy oldin
I am having high hopes that the new batteries and the factory in Berlin will make the model Y cheaper because in Germany the long range is 58 k Euro I really hope it comes down to 50 k
Jarret Fink
Jarret Fink Oy oldin
My Model Y was supposed to be delivered end of August, Now they are telling me Oct 1st. I hope the delay was because it will be a 2021 (not 2020) and will have some new tech.
Redge Leclaire
Redge Leclaire Oy oldin
Great video, I hope you are right about the drop in price of Tesla vehicles. One thing that puzzles me, even though people say it's a green vehicle, the batteries give off gas, even though the battery life is over, Musk never talks about recovering these materials, if after 15 years your battery is dead, is it returned to Tesla or it will end up in scrap yard and continue to pollute ?. This is a subject that has always bothered me and I wonder on a large scale if this gas can be dangerous for the environment.
bobotshark bombal
bobotshark bombal Oy oldin
I like Tesla's but if you think that gas is the problem with long term junk, just remember that once lithium touches air the battery it explodes. So I think you should more worry about ruptures or rust opening the pack than the gas
Mr. B
Mr. B Oy oldin
Great coverage on the ups of the EV industry and its evolving battery tech.
yeahbuddy92193911 Oy oldin
One of the great things about LFP batteries, is that it can be proven once and for all that cobalt-free electric cars are better for the environment than gas cars... without any doubt.
Jeremy Helm
Jeremy Helm Oy oldin
9:34 themselves themselves them sells!
Viral Clips
Viral Clips Oy oldin
Y’all better be buying VALE, LAC, Giga Metals, and Glencore. You are welcome.
Dragon Sickness
Dragon Sickness Oy oldin
Teslas amazing im buying 1. Have a referral code?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
I do! ts.la/ryan51525
karan Oy oldin
Another "Tesla expert"
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Another "insightful comment"
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel Oy oldin
Larger battery range is important that way in 5-10 min you can have good amount of range to go to next destination
James Smith
James Smith Oy oldin
Lower energy density is worth a much lower cost imo.
Skylar Blake
Skylar Blake Oy oldin
James Smith The energy density will be the same, if not higher, than the current battery cells.
Mark Umbers
Mark Umbers Oy oldin
Tesla has the power to do this. Because so much money is saved on fuel and service costs, Tesla could market their cars with an upfront cost plus weekly fee. For example $19,995 up front plus $25 per week for 4 years. $25 per week plus electricity costs is similar or less than and ICE car's running cost. This gives Tesla a revenue of $30 k for the car but because Tesla controls the car via over the air updates if the customer defaults on their payments they can switch the car off and know where the car is for repossession . If they can reduce costs enough to sell a $20k car it could be marketed as $10k up front plus $25 per week. That is almost impossible to compete with.
Gallardo6669 Oy oldin
I think the new cell is a mix between a battery and a capacitor
Barskor1 Oy oldin
A common misunderstanding that the batteries are limited to 1 million miles nope they will have just lost 10% of capacity at that point and still be very useful.
Rubber Roast
Rubber Roast Oy oldin
Ryan if the new tech announcements are going to "blow us away" as Elon says, what do you think it will do to prices of other EV like Leaf, bolt, Kona etc? Would it force their hands to discount?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Eventually I think it well, but only once Tesla actually ships the cheaper cars that force competitors to make theirs cheaper.
Rubber Roast
Rubber Roast Oy oldin
I had my model y delivery come in early for two weeks ago but I pushed it out to October just to see what battery day brings. not so much whether the MY would have the new technology, I don't expect that. But more due to fallout of whether the new tech will cause a drop in prices I would ike to take advantage of.
Sudo Nimm
Sudo Nimm Oy oldin
My delivery is coming at 5pm 9/22. I guess I can see what BD holds before I pick it up.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Definitely a smart idea if you're able to wait, and you have the right reasoning. Nothing will likely change in the Y right after battery day, but there could be some sort of price drop. Who knows
Hillary Koske
Hillary Koske Oy oldin
Why didn't CATL OR lgchem not do this?
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran Oy oldin
I wish I could buy a tesla now. Then buy another one with the new battery when it comes out. If only I was filthy rich...
Jeremy Bitton
Jeremy Bitton Oy oldin
does this mean the value of current generations of tesla with tank? i just bought a model 3 this summer and am slightly worried my car will lose 50% of its value due to this
LZ Oy oldin
Teslas are futunate for not losing value as fast as other brands. But generally buying a car is pretty much the worst investment you can make. Yes, if a way superior tech is introduced, of course the value will drop - however you also have the option to get full self driving for cheaper than future owners will, so there's a side to both. Just enjoy your car man, sell it in 10 years and get a better Tesla.
Strack Oy oldin
All cars lose value at some point
Steven Gulie
Steven Gulie Oy oldin
As Steve Jobs used to say, “We make the whole widget.”
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will Oy oldin
How cheap
Eunice Oy oldin
I have a friend that works at Tesla as a sales advisor. She said it's just an announcement, they won't take action until next year. She said one of the rumors is that the battery life will increase from 500k miles to 1 million miles. Not sure if it's true but she sounded really confident.
Yuan Z
Yuan Z Oy oldin
i think 54 is batch number
Joe O
Joe O Oy oldin
The Cybertruck needs more battery because they tow. Model 3 and Y will rarely tow.
Geert Bosch
Geert Bosch Oy oldin
The $20K Tesla will come within the next 5 years.
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
@Xp Reflex nope not now, they still have to build and equip/start running the machines
Geert Bosch
Geert Bosch Oy oldin
The new superchargers will be 1000v...
Doctor Who 2002
Doctor Who 2002 Oy oldin
anyone else think that battery day will be like when Steve Jobs first introduced the touch screen phone?
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
Jack Odinsen
Jack Odinsen Oy oldin
With the larger packs, you don't need as high a power density, so you don't need smaller cells to maintain the thermal management. You can make the cells larger to reduce costs. For example, a model S has 375kW of motors which means it pulls 3.75C from the 100kWh battery at max power. Contrast this to the semi which might have a 1MW battery pack, but 750kW of motors which is .75C.
Ramon Medina
Ramon Medina Oy oldin
the plane the plane for hours in 24v parallel series parallel
William Chan
William Chan Oy oldin
I really chose a complicated time to get serious about Tesla shopping... I really hope any improvements to the Model 3 won't be too far down the line
Barskor1 Oy oldin
They have an insane innovation rate and as most cars are sold before they are even made you likely will not have to wait long or worry about getting one from an old batch.
Greg Oy oldin
Could not care less about Tesla EV they are unreliable shit boxes, at least the US made ones are. I want a cheap Tesla Powerwall version 3 hopefully 50% cheaper and 2x lifespan over version 2
Where are the graphene batteries? www.graphene-info.com/graphene-batteries
Eyex Oy oldin
I have been following your channel for a long time, and I can definitely say that this is the best one about Tesla that I have ever came across! I am really curious about how you did your intro, you could make a video explaining it. I would also appreciate if you could check out and share your thoughts on my recent video about powering your own room with DIY solar :) uzpost.info/vision/video/qcyX2KuMmpWer4U.html
Maui Solar PV - Pacific Energy
Maui Solar PV - Pacific Energy Oy oldin
9 times the volume
Josh P.
Josh P. Oy oldin
I hope you are right!
Cloxxki Oy oldin
I thought the power supply for the V3 chargers was 1000 V rated.
Cloxxki Oy oldin
54x80 makes it 7.5x bigger than 21²x70, right? Where does the 10x come from? Even if we use 20mm it's 8.3x. If despite brittle Maxwell formulation the core is kept roughly the same size, practical volume use could indeed approach 10x.
Francois Charbonneau
Francois Charbonneau Oy oldin
It's not 80 it's 98.
Boots Whitlock
Boots Whitlock Oy oldin
Tesla phones!
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
No they dont stand a chance sorry
Jack Fogg
Jack Fogg Oy oldin
You just have to look at the Full Self Driving day from last year. All Elon did was promise a bunch of vaporware (1,000,000 robo taxis by the end of this year, complete autonomous driving, blah blah). It was simply a ploy to give momentum to the stock. That's is all this 'Battery Day" will be.
Jack Fogg
Jack Fogg Oy oldin
@Xp Reflex You must have bought the FSD package then....
Ryan. You are amazing.
Khaffit Oy oldin
why dont you guys just wait until battery day comes like relax
Lisbeth Andersen
Lisbeth Andersen Oy oldin
Because we can’t!!
Khaffit Oy oldin
@NonyaBusiness! Its the only one I watched I get these in my recommended like weeds I wanted to see if there is a justification for the fuss and spoiler there is none
NonyaBusiness! Oy oldin
Then why did you watch the video? You want him to not make the video “and relax”, yet you watched the video AND took the time to comment? Hahaha, you’re a dumb ass! 😂🤣😂
Bill Cichoke
Bill Cichoke Oy oldin
If the battery is twice as big and takes half as many but costs twice as much per cell, it's a wash. 50 AA cells are slightly less expensive than 25 D cells...
R Polee
R Polee Oy oldin
Project palladium, i have seen some site's and reporters guessing at why Musk is calling it project palladium. It is so funny.
Andrew Danecki
Andrew Danecki Oy oldin
Obviously we'll find out in a handful of a days, hopefully, on a cheaper Tesla, but where are you getting the $20k figure? That would be such a great move towards automotive sustainability, and give me more options when I'm ready to buy. Thanks for the video!
Shah Ali
Shah Ali Oy oldin
My name is shah u spell it differently lol.
Matteo Tortello
Matteo Tortello Oy oldin
A 20k Tesla (Model 2) will definitely wipe out any other automaker! ♻️🔋👏💪🔝❤️
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
@Xp Reflex thats nonsense
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
RC18 Oy oldin
Not likely unfortunately. Because they just cannot build enough of them to meet demand as is. 🤔 By 2025 though they should be between 3-5+million production run rate. But even then that's a drop in the bucket for overall worldwide sales.
Matteo Tortello
Matteo Tortello Oy oldin
Tom Wilkins
Tom Wilkins Oy oldin
This is fantastic from an R&D standpoint. Completely absurd for scaling up to all of humanity, but a very cool niche market. Has anybody calculated how much lithium, nickel, palladium, etc. we have and how quickly we can mine it and how long before it becomes extremely expensive to extract decent amounts of these? Steel for ICE engines and petroleum sources are virtually unlimited. That's a pretty efficient business model compared to making endless billions of large batteries out of very limited mining resources so you can charge them with natural gas, coal, and nuclear. Not something that anyone ever talks about but probably some questions worth asking. Not just feelings or desires, but actual geological data and supply/demand analysis for theoretically replacing every ICE car on Earth would be interesting to see.
Tom Wilkins
Tom Wilkins Oy oldin
@Lars Pallesen You may be right. But we're talking about Tesla having a market cap greater than Toyota GM and Ford combined because they're using these crazy newfangled technologies like "electric motors" and "batteries" which were both invented in the early 1800s. Nobody ever bothered to pursue these technologies for running ships, planes, mining equipment, or even cars, because it's fundamentally ridiculous. How we got to the point where these 1800s concepts got repackaged into revolutionary new ideas will forever remain a mystery to me. Energy storage is not more efficient than energy generation, it's just adding another middle man in the consumption scheme, or several new middle men. I'd love to see a huge improvement in energy generation and storage but I'm not seeing anything just yet that piques my interest. But with that being said I fully expect TSLA to have a 500 trillion market cap within a few weeks because that would be in line with maximum parabolic mass hysteria. Elon Musk could reveal the new potato battery tomorrow and everyone would instantly worship him as a god and immediately transfer their life savings into TSLA.
Lars Pallesen
Lars Pallesen Oy oldin
If you had looked at the 'actual geological data' for known oil fields back in the early 1900's it would have been completely absurd to imagine that you could scale up oil production to fuel a billion ICE vehicles. Yet here we are, doing just that. I hope you get the point.
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
@Tom Wilkins i totally agree with you , EVs arent going to save the world, we can easily adapt hydrogen/biofuels on current cars/modern engines and significantly reduce emissions, there are billions of ICE on roads, million of them are over 20 to 30 years old
Tom Wilkins
Tom Wilkins Oy oldin
Recycling batteries is great. But that's just another variable to add into the long term cost structure. If we have 2 billion ICE engines in use today, let's replace those vehicles with 2 billion Tesla engines, times what, 7000 lithium ion battery cells on average per vehicle, meaning we need 14 TRILLION batteries and over whatever life cycle we need to have enough recycling factories run on natural gas, coal, and nuclear to periodically process 14 trillion cells with x efficiency at what cost? I'm assuming it would be cheaper and more efficient, even if it is becoming more scarce, to mine new raw materials with diesel powered mining equipment. Sooner or later you have to put all this into your 500 trillion market cap Tesla stock fantasy and assess whether or not it is the single dumbest fantasy ever conceived. They're cool fun cars and I'd love to have one but let's not pretend we're saving the planet or on the verge of a viable death of ICE just yet. Unless battery day unveils the 1 pound million mile battery made of ultra efficient infinite resource x.
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
@george idarraga there is a company in Germany that already recycles batteries
Cary Lee
Cary Lee Oy oldin
LFP cells by CATL...prob will remove the batt pack modules?? and lessen weight...?
Stefan Brand
Stefan Brand Oy oldin
LFP is heavier, cheaper though.
Dongha Lee
Dongha Lee Oy oldin
I don't understand miles.
Christian Belding
Christian Belding Oy oldin
Buy Tesla for battery day!
LightBringer81 Oy oldin
V3 chargers in Europe has a rating up to 1000 V... Porsche has a 800V system. Just saying.
LightBringer81 Oy oldin
Source: uzpost.info/vision/video/htpwmZp2gXaClGQ.html
illietw Oy oldin
So no improved range or cost reduction on model 3 and y after battery day ? What's your prediction?
Cloxxki Oy oldin
Elon always said that 100 kWh for Model 3 would not be needed. No need for bigger range. If they wanted to, 100 kWh would fit fine. Especially in Model Y with the taller seats and extra length. If indeed they skip overhead space from module casings, more energy will fit in the same outside pack casing. If the chemistry is better and the cooling more space efficient, we could see 100 kWh or even more. Still wonder whether it's worth it. Model 3 needs an estate body kit before it gets longer range or even power endurance. Same goes for Model S although it does still have a 2017 front motor and ~2013 base rear motor and 2012 cells. Needs a serious drivetrain overhaul. Even if it's really good already.
Mark Egg
Mark Egg Oy oldin
Do you know if all of Giga Nevada is dedicated/used by Panasonic? What are the different uses of that plant? Can Tesla setup its own (new) battery production lines there?
Ashish Oy oldin
We need 20000$ Tesla cars in India. (Price Including import duty and tax tho😂) Right now the car for that price has only a 30kwh battery in India and a range of 120-150miles. It's called Tata Nexon EV
z4zuse Oy oldin
India will probably be a Tesla Energy market. Powerwalls, solar, and VPP
Ilham Buono
Ilham Buono Oy oldin
I think that big battery is for big vehicle like semi and cybertruck However if it puts to model 3 & Y then the ground clearance will be lower
sultan ifan
sultan ifan Oy oldin
When the battery day?
Andrew Danecki
Andrew Danecki Oy oldin
September 22nd.
Simon Frijns
Simon Frijns Oy oldin
In 5 days I have been told
Jjames763 Oy oldin
Hopefully bigger is better, and this girthy new battery has the staying power we all want!
Barskor1 Oy oldin
Girthy! yep I like that :)
chaitanya reddy
chaitanya reddy Oy oldin
Is it a bad decision of buying Model Y few months before battery day?
Francois Charbonneau
Francois Charbonneau Oy oldin
@chaitanya reddy unlikely, imo it will be the M S & X that will get the new batt, then once Berlin is on line, s,x,3,y will get the batt, then once Austin comes on, all their cars will get it, that's probably starting early summer on through the rest of the year.
chaitanya reddy
chaitanya reddy Oy oldin
Francois Charbonneau I purchased Model Y in March, so asking if will Model Y gets new battery soon.
Francois Charbonneau
Francois Charbonneau Oy oldin
A few Months? We're 4 days away from battery day, can't make much of a difference to wait till then?
Lukáš Oy oldin
Ronald Fradet
Ronald Fradet Oy oldin
Tabless also allows faster recharging
ma6netho Oy oldin
The Tesla models S battery cooling system consists of a patented serpentine cooling pipe that winds through the battery pack and carries a flow of water-glycol coolant, thermal contact with the cells is through their sides by thermal transfer material. Again this will remove heat from the side of the cells rather than from the tabs, and overheating a Tesla battery pack under hard driving is easy to do. avidtp.com/what-is-the-best-cooling-system-for-electric-vehicle-battery-packs/
this results in decline of oil market, indirectly US economy!!!
Andrew Kainer
Andrew Kainer Oy oldin
I’ve been watching your videos since quarantined started. You definitely deserve more subs! I’m so excited for battery day. Keep up the great videos👍🏼
kmancrx Oy oldin
Great content, well presented. Thank you for all the hard work you do.
sharkobarko Oy oldin
super super informative. i like every video so you blow up faster :) keep it up!
Snipe Films
Snipe Films Oy oldin
so if we’ve ordered the model Y already. should we delay the delivery?
Cptlsthipi Oy oldin
I put my order in for y today. Can always cancel if new stuff isn’t in the car and just be out $100.
Kyle Shaffer
Kyle Shaffer Oy oldin
I have a Tesla and I've never had any range issues for daily driving ever. If someone said my range could be extended by 50 miles if I waited for X amount of months? It would mean nothing to me. The way to get the best out of your battery is to keep it charging every day, so the additional range isn't a big deal. That being said, their prices change all the time. The price of the Model Y right now is really good, and the price could change depending on what they add in / change. It could also decrease as well. The model Y and 3 hold their value really well, so honestly even if they release a new battery in the future, by the time it gets so substantial you want to upgrade, you can afford it because A. You're buying one right now and B. The resale value on your current Y will be good.
Jason Eckert
Jason Eckert Oy oldin
Snipe Films Likely new tech will be in the S and X
Steve Martin
Steve Martin Oy oldin
Snipe Films It’s difficult to predict. IMO, Tesla’s done a good job of holding back or de-emphasizing near-future upgrades that might cause customers to decide to wait vs buying now. For example, when they announced FSD hardware 3 at investor autonomy day last spring, they’d already been putting the new stuff in cars for several months. They understood buyers would be put off if they KNEW a fairly major improvement was coming out “soon.”
Juan Asenjo
Juan Asenjo Oy oldin
These are the kinds of reports which give me hope humanity won't die in a catastrophic runaway greenhouse event. We will soon rely exclusively on the sun for ALL our energy needs. The beginnings of a type ONE civilization.!
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Oy oldin
Nonsense, elon is using everyday fossil fuels to power its rockets, is that your "clean" future?! Wtf!!
Phillip Alvarado
Phillip Alvarado Oy oldin
Hey Ryan, any thoughts about model 3 updates on battery day?
Farhan Usmani
Farhan Usmani Oy oldin
Ryan what difference is for current people trying to order model Y do they wait or no difference for ordering a Y before or after
rich1383yt Oy oldin
If the Y or 3 are to get the new cells relatively soon, they are probably already or about to put them into production, otherwise there would be an Osborne-effect killing of current orders. I’d guess they’ll start with S and X to help justify the upscale differences (500-mile range?), with immediate availability.
Phil Oy oldin
I would love to see the Giga Shanghai make the new batteries too. Imagine if Texas, Shanghai and Kato Rd were all making the new batteries - brilliant!
Tyler Dust
Tyler Dust Oy oldin
No Elon does not want the lines in China they would likely steal the tech.
Lucas Monroe
Lucas Monroe Oy oldin
Ryan if you don’t need the extra storage and passenger space would you recommend the base model y or long range model 3. They have practically the same specs so I’m just curious what you think.
Nathan Kim
Nathan Kim Oy oldin
This is an off-topic question Ryan, but what do you think of Tesla powered classic cars or EV classics in general? IMO it's the future of hot-rodding and I see myself converting a 70s land yacht to electric power. It's likely cheaper than buying a Tesla model S! My parents are more interested in getting a Tesla and I don't see myself driving one. However, I'm interested in the technology.
RC18 Oy oldin
Elektromods are steadily gaining traction. Evwest has quite a few. Look up johnny cash electric rolls Royce. Many projects on UZpost as well. Electric Ferraris even. 😎
SmileytheFeralCat Oy oldin
Do a search for Neil Young Lincvolt. It has been done.
Knaj Oy oldin
I’m looking heavily at buying a model Y, but I’m just waiting for battery day
TdSH Oy oldin
Kobzar666 When Giga Berlin is finished and producing, around summer 2021.
Kobzar666 Oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw when Model Y in Europe?
Casper Hansen
Casper Hansen Oy oldin
@cmo1298 It is hard to tell if you would feel any difference, usually when Tesla announces anything they are already in production, when they introduced hardware 3.0 it was already in the cars so if they announce a new battery they are probably already using it. They could still say something about the future but without timeline.
cmo1298 Oy oldin
Same I’m ready to buy a model 3 soon but am willing to wait a few months if the battery will be upgraded
SWR Oy oldin
Casper Hansen Absolutely and hope the quality finish and paint is a huge improvement. Two friends now have model 3’s and well both have poor fit and finish one being a problem car with water ingress and bits falling off. Decided to run my ice Car a lot longer than usual from split new because I’m watching what’s happening. A model Y in a few years from Berlin start of production fingers crossed. But if I still see issues (and yeah I get every manufacturer has them) then I’ll look elsewhere to Audi, VW, Volvo etc.
Scott Gilliland
Scott Gilliland Oy oldin
I hope Tesla and competitors continue to see excellent gains in battery efficiency and material use. I hope that when my Model 3s pack goes there is something vastly more efficient and which provides much greater range I can replace it with. That said, I hope my current pack last a long, long time 🙂 Ultimately, I still want a Mr. Fusion.
lamb Brazil ZenHôôôCordeiro
lamb Brazil ZenHôôôCordeiro Oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw Well i m hope the Tesla have long range for the Brokem the paradgmas around the World, and Tesla Model Welcome to Brazil, Time for the Tesla make the diferent about the combustion car , they are for many yars a go make the dirty smoke the atmosfere, Welcome to Brazil Mr. Elon Musk, Battery come in 09/22/20 for the make big explosion on the Stock to... and price the car come douw and come long range Power ...
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Me too! Hoping the Model Y lasts a while, but when it doesn't that the tech will be incredible.
Ginny Cecala
Ginny Cecala Oy oldin
Really interesting info coming out on batteries. Thank you Ryan
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
You're welcome! Thanks for watching
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