Tesla Officially Adds Model Y Towing...A Month Late + Production Updates

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Ryan Shaw

6 oy oldin

Tesla has officially added the option for a Tow Hitch on the Model Y…about a month after deliveries began. What does this mean for early adopters? And for pre-order holders?
Model Y Delivery Day! uzpost.info/vision/video/kKups6ukm2ZqaHU.html
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If you go to the website to configure the Tesla Model Y, you can now add the option of a Mode Y tow hitch for $1000. When you configure the color of your car, you can now select a Model Y tow hitch:
“High strength, Class II steel tow bar. Capable of towing up to 3,500 lbs”. And this tow rating shows up for all configurations, whether you get the AWD with 19 inch or 20-inch wheels.
This will definitely be frustrating for some people in the first group of deliveries of Model Y’s. If you’re like me and got a Model Y without a tow hitch. I guarantee many people who received their cars wish they had known this option was coming…just a couple weeks after their car was delivered, and they could have had Model Y towing.
Plus, now that they’ve added the option, it’s definitely likely that early pre-orders who haven’t taken delivery yet will want to add this option, and more than likely, you’ll actually end up having to pay the new price for the car.
See, when Tesla announced the prices for the Model Y, the AWD was at $51,000, and now that price is $52,990. From what we’ve seen, even though you locked in your price, editing your order could still result in the new price because essentially it starts a new order.
So, if you pre-ordered on the announcement date, and now want to add the tow hitch option, it seems like you’ll have to pay the $1000 for the tow hitch, as well as the $1990 price increase of the car in general.
Now regarding deliveries in general, and production of the tow hitch, it’s important to note that Tesla’s factory is closed, so any Model Y’s that are still getting delivered were already produced before the shutdown, and a couple weeks before this option was even live on the website, so none that are still getting delivered will have this Tow Hitch.
Now my biggest question is, can the tow hitch be added retroactively? It seems that no towing equipment is present in Model Y’s that were delivered, and installing it would be quite a process, so I wonder if Tesla will allow this to be added with a service appointment? Or if early Model Y adapters are stuck with no tow hitch.
As I mentioned, Tesla’s factory is closed, for obvious reasons, and they are now planning to open again on May 4th. Tesla is planning on temporary pay cuts with vice presidents and above receiving 30% pay cuts, directors and up taking 20% cuts, and all other US employees taking a 10% pay cut at least through the second quarter.
Regarding Tesla Q1 deliveries, we know that Tesla produced around 102,672 cars and deliveries 88,400 in Q1 which means that Tesla still has some stock of cars in inventory, and in my personal opinion, I still think they have quite a few Model Y’s ready to delivery if your location and configuration happen to line up with what’s in their secretive inventory.
Last up today, we got a little insight into Model Y European delivery when Elon responded to a tweet.
Someone tweeted at Elon asking “When do you delivery model y in Switzerland?”
To which Elon said
“In about a year. Would come from Giga Berlin”. So it looks like in Switzerland, and most likely all European countries, the Model Y will be arriving once the new factory is built in Berlin, and they likely won’t be shipping Model Y’s overseas from Fremont.
Now keep in mind that “about a year” is Elon time, and we have to consider that the entire world economy is slowing currently, and the Model Y’s production is contingent on an entire factory being built. They pulled it off in a year with Gigafactory Shanghai, but we’ll see if they can do it again, especially right now.
Currently, my Red Tesla Model Y AWD is in the service center for some small fixes from production, and while it’s fun to have a loaner Model S, I definitely miss my Model Y. I’ll give you the whole story of why it’s already in service so soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to this channel to stay up to date on all the videos I’ll be bringing out and to hear that whole story.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️ts.la/ryan51525
Master Zebulon
Master Zebulon 3 oy oldin
when you order it from Tesla you get the tow mode software package, which I think would be worth the difference in the long run for safety and performance reasons.
Craig W
Craig W 5 oy oldin
I am that guy who ordered a RWD and now wants a tow hitch (bike rack). I asked Tesla about having to upgrade my whole vehicle to AWD and pay current price when RWD isn't even in production yet. Response: "We always hold pricing for orders, but if any changes are made, it is considered a new order. We are consistent with this across the board for every customer. As for installing afterward, we are told you will be able to install the hitch (for AWD versions, not sure yet about RWD) post-delivery, so many clients are foregoing the more expensive option and will wait to post-delivery."
SB *
SB * 5 oy oldin
Hey rYan, it seems, you can retrofit tow hitch, see this: uzpost.info/vision/video/jL2xlZNrdZ1vp5c.html I would go back to tesla and ask about retrofitting. Let me know, if you succeed. Take Care
Thomas Van de Velde
Thomas Van de Velde 6 oy oldin
Tesla confirmed that a retrofit package will be made available.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
That’s great news!
Curtis B
Curtis B 6 oy oldin
Everyone being the first to buy a new model from Tesla should fully know by now that they will have the most problems and the least options. Tow hitch is just part of the price you pay when you don't wait for at least a year.
GordonVideos 6 oy oldin
torkliftcentral.com/trailer-hitches/rear-mounted-receiver-hitches/ecohitch/tesla/tesla-model-y-ecohitch-invisi Torklift near Seattle has an aftermarket hitch for the MY for $275 if you only need it for bike racks, etc. If you want wiring for trailer lights, that's another $184. I can speak to their superb quality, having a hitch without wiring on my Nissan Leaf, and both front and rear hitches (rear with wiring) on my Mercedes Sprinter van.
John Reff
John Reff 6 oy oldin
That’s funny They did not mention if you want the tow hitch it’s going to take an extra seven months for delivery
scuzzer99 6 oy oldin
Ryan, do you think $1000 is worth for towing?
Allan Rivera
Allan Rivera 6 oy oldin
Hi Ryan! Did you have gap issue with your model Y? Wondering if Tesla will make adjustments at the factory to resolve gap issues when factory opens. All model Y I’ve seen on youtube so far all have gap issues. Hopefully Tesla will fix the issue on the next batch. Still waiting for VIN to match my car.
Joel Freeman
Joel Freeman 6 oy oldin
I called to add towing to my Y order, and was told it would only cost $1000. A few days later, they called back and said it would cost more to change the order now and get towing (about $980 in addition to the $1000), BUT I could add it after delivery for the standard $1000 and not pay the extra now.
Robert Myers
Robert Myers 6 oy oldin
It really isn't an if, it's a when and I'm hopeful for an aftermarket option in the future. What I've come to learn is, all this guess work and unclarity is just the Tesla way. I took delivery of an all-option, Performance Model Y in March and never experienced a bigger car-buying cluster in my life. I felt like I was buying a MacBook Pro. The tow hitch is just another one of those Tesla-isms. I think I love the car, however, it was immediately taken into service for extremely bad fit and finish issues so I'm not sure. Maybe it's that I'm a new comer and an outsider but I'm shocked what passed QC and left the factory floor.
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 6 oy oldin
$1000 tow hitch. Cheap!
Jacob DY Lee
Jacob DY Lee 6 oy oldin
I live in VA. I tried to upgrade my rear wheel drive model Y with tow hitch. The person who helped me told me that he would upgrade mine with only additional $1,000. But he called me again today saying that I would have to pay the increased price for model Y. But he told me that I can request Telsa to install the tow hitch after the delivery. But he didn't know how much it would cost for after delivery installation. Personally, this was NOT a good EXPERIENCE.
Kim Wong
Kim Wong 6 oy oldin
Chatted with Tesla online chat today. Agent confirmed that hitch can be retrofit after delivery. I asked if it is installed the same way and agent said yes. So good news for those that took delivery already and want the hitch. I also asked if I can add to existing order but original purchase price was a no go.
Rack Outfitters
Rack Outfitters 6 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, Thought you'd be interested, we just uploaded our installation video of the Model Y roof rack. uzpost.info/vision/video/sc2l0bRnip-DjYk.html
Prodyut Guha
Prodyut Guha 6 oy oldin
Hey did you have to pay extra for the Red colour????
Susan B
Susan B 6 oy oldin
I contacted Tesla because I haven’t taken delivery of my Model Y yet and I wanted to add the tow option. I got a reply from a Delivery Support Specialist, Inside Delivery saying, “One item of note is that, while we cannot update the order and retain your original pricing, the hitch will be available for post-delivery purchase and installation; pricing and timing are yet to be revealed, but we should have that information in the near future.”
Susan B
Susan B 6 oy oldin
I contacted Tesla because I haven’t taken delivery of my Model Y yet and I wanted to add the tow option. I got a reply from a Delivery Support Specialist, Inside Delivery saying, “One item of note is that, while we cannot update the order and retain your original pricing, the hitch will be available for post-delivery purchase and installation; pricing and timing are yet to be revealed, but we should have that information in the near future.”
Voodoo-13 6 oy oldin
Aftermarket hitch with same rating is available here evannex.com/products/ecohitch-for-tesla-model-3?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-Mr0BRDyARIsAKEFbee2AsZRnW31tyR5AGQ42o0qv00bSqeT6vhgLUshxvfyEvQPJ8c5E6kaAhQMEALw_wcB Other companies like draw tite and kurt, tow power already make them for other teslas and model y coming soon hope that helps
John Doe
John Doe 6 oy oldin
Towing hitch is a deal breaker in europe without it it's a nice but no buy.
Jay Rudder
Jay Rudder 6 oy oldin
Exactly why I said I'd wait months before buying one. Being the first in to a new tesla model is always a bad idea. The price drops or a feature is added and the first in are out of luck. I'll tune back in, in june/july
Kelli F
Kelli F 6 oy oldin
So I’ve read a few of the comments. I get that people are saying you should just wait until they get it right, but the nature of ev adoption is that we need early adopters. My 2014Leaf was better because some people bought the 2011 version and the 2020 Bolt is better because I bought the early one. Early adopters are the engine of this revolution. That being said, I was ready to cancel my order if it didn’t have a tow when mine came up
Hu Kang
Hu Kang 6 oy oldin
Why I don’t get loaner car but only Uber ?
Hu Kang
Hu Kang 6 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw what kind of repair?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Hu Kang quick turn around? My repair is taking around 10 days
Gabriel Engel
Gabriel Engel 6 oy oldin
I saw someone on Twitter say Tesla will offer the hitch after delivery for the same cost.
Lweendo Hamusankwa
Lweendo Hamusankwa 6 oy oldin
Hey,when are we getting our own Giga factory in Africa(to be built in Zambia specifically)...;)
Cesar Ramirez
Cesar Ramirez 6 oy oldin
Hey Ryan, used your referral code to order my tesla today :) thanks for your videos
TheOfficialJustinWong 6 oy oldin
I got my build updated with towing hitch option. I didn’t have a vin assigned yet in the beginning. I just went to the Tesla home page and clicked on the chat box and provided my RN number and they send in a request change for you. 24 hours later it updated my order. 1K more only. No changes fees. My build is white ext, black int, 316mi, 19in, tow hitch, Long range awd with FSD. $68,371.38 out the door price in CA. Rip wallet
TheOfficialJustinWong 6 oy oldin
Klay Kunkel march 17 2020
Klay Kunkel
Klay Kunkel 6 oy oldin
When did you originally order it? I ordered mine in Aug so adding the hitch would incur the car and self driving cost increases since then so ... $3-4K with the tow hitch.
Adrian Colarusso
Adrian Colarusso 6 oy oldin
I bet like 4 people are upset they didn’t get a tow hitch in the first production run. Mine only seems to have steering alignment slightly off. Maybe 2 degrees. Everything else perfect. Looking forward to hearing your story.
Micah Getty
Micah Getty 6 oy oldin
You know, there is nothing saying that you can’t make a few videos with the Model S while you have it? I wouldn’t mind seeing a walk-through of the 2020 Model S. Thanks for making the video above. Cheers!
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston 6 oy oldin
Ryan ... my neighbours friend works for Tesla here in Canada. She confirmed from Telsa North America that if pre-orders wish to keep the current price of their vehicle they will be able to retro-fit the vehicle with the Tow Hitch after delivery. It's very early days, but worth waiting because $6,000 difference in price just to add the $1,300 hitch is a bit ludicrous. This may still be preferable because in BC, Canada you have to pay a luxury tax of 15% on the price of the car. Ordering the hitch after will save you that 15%. Even then I would imagine it would be a very long wait because the hitch accessory will likely be out of stock for a while with all the new orders eating up the supply of the hitch itself. The sales rep also confirmed that pre-orders couldn't not be modified to benefit from the earlier price and the tow hitch.
Marc Morin
Marc Morin 6 oy oldin
Ryan, Nice video. Looks like the trailer hitch is going to be a Class II vs a Class III. I would prefer a Class III. I am not going to change my order. My other car has a Class III Looking forward to seeing your video regarding the work that is being done on your car. Stay Safe.
BeachCrow 6 oy oldin
Just checked with Tesla online chat, the receiver hitch is 2 inch.
Cliff Klima
Cliff Klima 6 oy oldin
@Matt McGinnis It's a Class II hitch, from the Tesla site. Looking up what that means: "Class 2 hitches have a 1-1/4" receiver and generally only go up to 3,500 lbs. GTW. On the other hand, class 3 hitches have a 2" receiver and can range up to 8,000 lbs. gross trailer weight."
Matt McGinnis
Matt McGinnis 6 oy oldin
I so hope this is true. I’ve read rumors of a 1 1/4” which is terribly limiting...
Master Zebulon
Master Zebulon 6 oy oldin
I just got off the phone with a sales/delivery rep, to see if I could add this to my order without changing the pricing I have made my reservation at (doing it last year is $2000 cheaper than what it is at now.) He said if we add it, it will go to current pricing. But he said it can be added later, for the same cost. He read me the wording Tesla says, which read that it will be available later as a retrofit. So no worries if you already have one now or a reservation without one.
Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher 6 oy oldin
1000th like, lit
walter 6 oy oldin
Just goes to show you don't buy the first year of a new model. From what I'm seeing/hearing there will be a number of changes to the Y model in the coming months. And no doubt after they get the Munro report they will makes some changes for the better.
Toni Bulai
Toni Bulai 6 oy oldin
One more reason to never buy the first batch of a new model....
sharkflower123 6 oy oldin
I like to sit low and am waiting for a Standard Range Model 3 with a heat pump, before I buy a Tesla...
JEFF BRANSKY 6 oy oldin
In a video by i1 Tesla you can see that mounting bolts are in place on the Model Y to receive a tow hitch bracket. The bracket will straddle the trunk just like the Model X and Model 3. He does not point this feature out but he does show there is no way to mount a trailer hitch in the center of the Model Y. It needs the bracket to bridge over the center.
centerwarren 6 oy oldin
For the money? I’m going to wait for the mustang Mark E. At least I’ll get blind side detection in the mirrors like everything else.
MsGabe25 6 oy oldin
Thats why you wait like a year
Kresimir Begic
Kresimir Begic 6 oy oldin
You knew what you ordered when you ordered...
Noel Papa
Noel Papa 6 oy oldin
Also there’s a noise coming from the heat pump and they’ll fix it. Not bad waiting for my Y. Thanks
Andrew Watkinson
Andrew Watkinson 6 oy oldin
Hi, Ryan et al Great video! I saw the trailer hitch option was available and went to update my order. The new price included not only the trailer hitch and the car price increases, but also the full self-driving increases. My price would increase by about $8,000 CDN! How can I get around all this? Nobody at Tesla ever seems to answer the phone. I'm probably waiting for Mountain Pass to sell and after-market arrangement. What I would really like to see is a video of someone putting an adult-sized mountain bike in the back of the Model Y. This is the main thing I need to know i can do before I can accept my order. Could you do that for us? Thanks for this stream of information about the Y. I await your future videos with bated breath. Andrew in Prince George, BC
Klay Kunkel
Klay Kunkel 6 oy oldin
I had the same experience. Ordered in Aug went to add the two hitch and they would add all cost increases. It was around $3-4K. I will prob wait and per the chat person, get a tesla installed hitch after delivery.
B B 6 oy oldin
I’m taking delivery of my Y today and inquired with Tesla chat, Arizona staff, and my local Tesla service center - all said that when the hitch appears on the online Shop it can be ordered can installed. All were confident that it is just a matter of time to have it appear on the online Accessories Shop page.
LIBERTY MURF 5 oy oldin
It's in the system now.
eb1888 6 oy oldin
Aftermarket hitch for the 3 is $268 from etrailer.
Ralph Ocampo
Ralph Ocampo 6 oy oldin
Hey Ryan, Great video! If the tow hitch it had come with my Model Y, I could see myself getting getting a bike rack. I would not have paid extra for it and don't plan on installing one later. What is the version of your software on your Model Y? Can you create a video showing the software upgrade process? I received my car on March 25th and it came with 2020.5.10.3. A blue Model Y dual motor performance with VIN in the 300s. I had connected my car to home wifi on April 1st and did not get my first update until April 7th. I was surprised to see that the new version, 2020.5.10.7, is a very small increment above the version originally shipped with the car which is 2020.5.10.3. Should Model Y owners have a newer version of the software by now?
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 6 oy oldin
Ralph Ocampo I’m in the same boat as you are in terms of software update version. I’m very curious to know when MY will get the update to view sentry mode in the car?
IMHO 6 oy oldin
One topic I’ve never seen anyone cover is a Tesla Brake Controller integrated into the firmware. There are many trailers with electric brakes instead of hydraulic surge brakes. Tesla can very easily make software that does NOT activate trailer brakes any time regen can safely send that energy back into the battery. It would also provide a way for the driver to manually apply trailer brakes as required by laws in certain areas. This is one reason I’d wait to get the one from Tesla. And it’s quite possible that it can be a dealer (or service center) installed item.
Joshua Simpson
Joshua Simpson 6 oy oldin
I'd be very surprised if tesla hadn't designed/engineered the rear end for a relatively easy tow hitch retrofit
André J. Cornax
André J. Cornax 6 oy oldin
Just ordered a tow hitch for NOK 8,800 (=US$ 863) to my January reservation Model Y here in Norway. No problem: this reservation still stands, including the tow hitch. Probably because we've to wait to next year before deliveries will happen in Europe :) Check this out: 56% of the carsales last month in Norway were EV. translate.google.no/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fofv.no%2Fbilsalget%2Fbilsalget-i-mars-2020
Porkonfork 6 oy oldin
Fantastic news, now l need Tesla to schedule RHD (Right Hand Drive) Model Y's and l cant click that purchase button any faster, thanks
0ooTheMAXXoo0 6 oy oldin
Europe will get their Model Y's from Giga Berlin by Q2 2021... if things go according to plan.
Airfloat 6 oy oldin
Tesla is not late, you were too early. Rule #1: never buy first run, wait 6 months. Ack. Nooobies 😉
AnonyPersona 6 oy oldin
Lower prices if you talk to a Tesla salesman? Hmmmm. Tesla, the only car salesman you WANT to talk to. LOL.
0ooTheMAXXoo0 6 oy oldin
They would rather you buy existing inventory rather than making a new order. Makes sense.
VinceThe1 6 oy oldin
Pretty sure that tow hitch is a bolt-on...don't see how the car itself is going to be different
Mike K
Mike K 6 oy oldin
As others have said, install any aftermarket tow hitch you like (for a quarter of the price). A simple and easy addition to any vehicle. No reason to get a Tesla branded hitch. And I would get a class III hitch, since it has a larger receiver (two inch) opening that is more universal and stronger.
rich1383yt 6 oy oldin
Has anyone received an AWD M-Y with 19” stock wheels yet? Think they have any already built (undelivered)?
rich1383yt 6 oy oldin
Wondering: Is it a hidden hitch (like EcoHitch for the M-3)? Also I cannot believe they would stick it to the early adopters of the Y without allowing the hitch add-on.
mfkman 6 oy oldin
Right now adding towing would add almost $4000 (instead of $1000) to my order. I went through the chat asking if they could add it, but the chat said that it would update the prices to current prices... $4000 is too much. In the chat they said to wait and that it may be (but they don't know yet) offered as an after delivery purchase.
Scott Mendoza
Scott Mendoza 6 oy oldin
I’d like to upgrade too. Who did you talk to at Tesla? Sales Reps?
Farhan Usmani
Farhan Usmani 6 oy oldin
Like the video. I did
MacsElite 6 oy oldin
What do you miss about your model Y that your loaner S doesn’t have? You should do a vid on that.
David R
David R 6 oy oldin
Please make a video of the model S loaner while you have it. Looks sharp.
motofan16 6 oy oldin
It'll be pretty easy to install. Remove the bumper, bolt on. Pretty much it. The after market ones will be similarly priced to the model 3's, a couple of hundreds USD. The main downside is that you won't have the trailer mode software.
Eddie Gardner
Eddie Gardner 6 oy oldin
It would seem likely that the tow option would have to include modifications to the wiring harness to power lights on a trailer to be a legitimate factory option. You could use a physical aftermarket hitch to carry a bike rack, which would need no power for turn signals and brake/running lights.
0ooTheMAXXoo0 6 oy oldin
Tow hitch on Model 3 is only available on a new car, probably for similar reasons. There are aftermarket solutions however so same will happen for the Y if Tesla does not offer it themselves.
Cappy Simon
Cappy Simon 6 oy oldin
Yep! I've got screwed! DO NOT ad hitch! They raised the base price with $2000. I ordered mine on reveal date. Now it shows I ordered it today with current price. Called them and they said that is my new price. If all this true I cancel my order for principle and give my money to another carmaker. Shame on Tesla to do that for people preordered and paid $2500 deposit.
Cappy Simon
Cappy Simon 6 oy oldin
@Steve Martin Your statement is blank. Be little more specific if you are trying to help. Clearly, none of these happened to you. Contact who? How? I've must contacted the wrong people because nothing was fixed. Does sending buyers back end of the line(updated order date after editing) can be fixed with with patience? Just wait longer? Is that it? People getting cars who ordered a week ago. Maybe you are one of them. How's that feel for the ones who ordered 1 year ago? I tell you! Feels undervalued! Then you ad a hitch and they update the base price to today's date? Fair? So currently my preorder is useless. I purely stated facts what happened to me and some others. Also wanted to share, so others will not get burned like me...
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 6 oy oldin
You might try working that out before storming off. Early implementation of a change like this can be...turbulent. I'd be surprised if you can't get a better resolution if you can muster up some patience and kindness. Good luck!
Hard Head
Hard Head 6 oy oldin
Your thumbnail facial expression looks like this emoji 🤨. Love your channel. keep up the good work.
Svein Hanssen
Svein Hanssen 6 oy oldin
I am sure Europe will get cars from Fremont. Europe can't wait that long, and Tesla can't halt the Fremont production lines.
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 6 oy oldin
I won't say "I'm SURE," but I'd bet you're right. The BEST incentives and plenty of demand are in Europe. Tesla is already shipping cars to Europe. Unless US demand is simply swallowing up all Fremont can produce, they'll likely ship to the M-Y EU, too.
StRuDeL2014 6 oy oldin
I'm in the Seattle area and got contacted yesterday that my Model Y is ready for delivery! Taking delivery next week :D
Rohit Kurup
Rohit Kurup 6 oy oldin
Oof I got that email earlier in March but unfortunately I already purchased a M3 in Jan. Couldn't have waited as my other car was totaled and I needed a replacement ASAP. I wonder if they will let me transfer the $2500 to my CyberTruck now 😃.
StRuDeL2014 6 oy oldin
@Walker Richardson January 29th
Walker Richardson
Walker Richardson 6 oy oldin
StRuDeL2014 Nice! When did you order?
jodumas36 6 oy oldin
SR AWD would be great, considering it's a CUV.
Jake D
Jake D 6 oy oldin
Ryan In a future clip could you please show haw you sync up your contacts and music. Also other than the charging fee to your Tesla account what other fees accumulate on you account, Internet fee's, navigation fee's etc. Thanks
RW 6 oy oldin
Sometimes it pays to wait. I plan on getting the model Y in 2021 with the 7 seat interior and tow hitch.
Bruce Wagner
Bruce Wagner 2 oy oldin
I wonder if the price will go up.... or down.... by then....
RW 6 oy oldin
Svein Hanssen Cuz then I get what I want
Svein Hanssen
Svein Hanssen 6 oy oldin
How would that pay?
Santosh Nair
Santosh Nair 6 oy oldin
I am seeing comments of people mentioning adding Tow Hitch as after market option. I don't believe aftermarket will be that easy because 1.) the Tesla software cannot account for the changed vehicle dynamics of an after market Tow hitch. 2.) the Tow hitch needs to be installed directly on the chassis which will be more intrusive upgrade and probably cost more than 1000$ for parts and labor after market. For those who need the Tow hitch and yet to take delivery, It will make sense to edit your order anyway and risk getting to the back of line. Tesla doesn't seem to honor the line position anyway.
Santosh Nair
Santosh Nair 6 oy oldin
@Dave Snow I mean the Tesla software accounting for the changing physical forces on the back of the vehicle due to the trailer and stabilizing the torque to the wheels accordingly
Dave Snow
Dave Snow 6 oy oldin
Not sure what vehicle dynamics you mean in your first comment.
Jimmy W.
Jimmy W. 6 oy oldin
go cry in your cellar man
Art B
Art B 6 oy oldin
My Model Y will also visit the service center to correct paint defects, scrapes & gouges on seats & interior plastic, and also a broken coat hook. Really hoping it doesn’t need a paint shop visit. They really wanted to deliver this in Q1. Thanks for the vid!
RRBish 6 oy oldin
I have been calling everywhere looking for a Performance with white interior in any color, but no luck. I have been offered a lot of black interiors, but - no.
RRBish 6 oy oldin
@@mfkman teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/just-picked-up-white-on-white-model-y.189193/#post-4588948
RRBish 6 oy oldin
@mfkman the first one I saw posted on 20MAR20. teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/white-interior-delivered.188900/
mfkman 6 oy oldin
white model Y's haven't been produced yet it seems. Today I got a call from Tesla saying that they could me me with a VIN but with black seats rather than white. I said no, I wanted white. He said it may take till July or August then, I said that is fine. That way I'll also get the more quiet heater hopefully.
Eric Mauriello
Eric Mauriello 6 oy oldin
I just spoke with Tesla today.. Changing your order does not affect your delivery place in line .. what does is when you complete your profile. I asked about adding the Tow and they are not sure when that feature will be deliverable meaning it maybe 2021 to get a Y with a tow. They did confirm that I will increase my cost by $2k for the change in the self-driving price so it is very annoying that people like myself who ordered my Y on 3/18/2029 with a $2.5k deposit are being penalized for changing my order now that the specs are final.
Jeff Koenig
Jeff Koenig 6 oy oldin
FYI, I requested they add the Tow Hitch to my 10/31/2019 pre-order. They got back to me and said that request would require a complete re-order. I pre-orderred Oct. 31, so the extra cost to me to re-order just to get a tow hitch would be around $3,000 with the tow hitch cost, raise in vehicle cost since my pre-order, and raise in full self driving cost since my pre-order. I am holding off on adjusting my order at this time. I have asked to find out if the car without the tow hitch option can add the tow hitch after delivery. They do not seem to know if that will be an option at this time. This policy by Tesla on forcing a complete re-order to add a tow hitch for pre-orders that have not been fulfilled yet to pre-order people has left a bit of a negative vibe to me.
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 6 oy oldin
I'd give it a reasonable amount of time--a week or two--before getting truly agitated. Tesla improves things on the fly, which is great because there can be more rapid improvement; but a side-effect of that process can be that the change hits the streets before the process is FULLY worked out and trained to the customer interface people.
RRBish 6 oy oldin
Don’t doubt your vibe.
mfkman 6 oy oldin
they told me the same :(
Jeff Koenig
Jeff Koenig 6 oy oldin
FYI, I also just did a Tesla chat on order page and they say there may be an after delivery option and/or an option to add it to pre-order with pre-order price but they do not have anything available currently in their system yet for either option. They said to check back in the future.
DPKwong88 6 oy oldin
Just requested Tow Hitch to be added to my order thru my assigned Tesla representative, since account is now locked, schedule for production. Will update when I received reply!
DPKwong88 6 oy oldin
Waited 4 days, no reply from my assigned Tesla representative, so log into my Tesla account and use the contract at the bottom of page, after a couple of hours, got text message and Tesla added the Tow Hitch added right away!
Speed Shift57
Speed Shift57 6 oy oldin
Another reason why you never buy a vehicle when it first comes out. I’m waiting until 2022 for them to work out issues/add options.
The Family Guy
The Family Guy 6 oy oldin
Speed Shift57 I couldn’t agree more. I thought of trading my M3 for it but I’ll wait till the 7 seater or if they update the MX.
davidew98 6 oy oldin
what I want to know is will tesla add it to cars out there already can you order it after delivery
YK Chan
YK Chan 6 oy oldin
Resetting earlier preorder pricing towards an optional hitch - sucks. Dealing with Tesla on line pricing is just as bad or worse than dealing with a slippery salesman of a car dealership.
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 6 oy oldin
While I agree it sucks, it doesn't even approach dealership/salesman level suck--and I even had a brief stint selling new cars 30+ years ago!
Thomas Van de Velde
Thomas Van de Velde 6 oy oldin
You can buy a retrofit Model X tow package in the Tesla online store. I hope the same will be true for the Y. shop.tesla.com/product/model-x-tow-package
Thomas Van de Velde
Thomas Van de Velde 6 oy oldin
Tesla confirmed that a retrofit package will be made available.
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 6 oy oldin
Good to note. The M-X tow pkg doesn't show up as an add-on option when placing an order in the "configurator." Is it a dealer-added post-deliver upgrade only?
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 6 oy oldin
FYI...I had ordered the Model Y in September 2019 (all wheel, black, 19" sport wheels, full self driving) With my configuration, it was $82.8K (CAN $)...in Feb2020, I dropped the sport wheels...(which actually showed as 20" ) and went to the 19" Gemini...instead of dropping $2.6K, it dropped $1.3K...new total $81.5K...then 3Apr I changed color from Black to Red...total went up by $1.3K...so this was good...no penalty...now back @ $82.8K...then today (10Apr) I saw the tow hitch was available...which is something I wanted...thinking I would not be penalized (since I wasn't penalized when I upgraded the color, I upgraded my order by adding the tow hitch...I was expecting the total to be $84.1K...however, the new total was $87.7...ugh...I didn't know that you could reach out to Tesla and perhpas 'negotiate' upgrades...should have done that...I think I will try...thanks
Master Zebulon
Master Zebulon 6 oy oldin
This is just one of the many reasons why it's better to wait until the first wave gets produced. I am planning on waiting at least 10,000 VINs to be produced. preferably more like 40,000 to get the finalized version, which can be drastic. talking with a mobile tech agent yesterday, he said he can clearly see the difference in build quality per build increments.
blastum 6 oy oldin
From Munroe's video, it looks like it comes ready to add the hitch.
Mason Hicks
Mason Hicks 6 oy oldin
Is there a risk of having Tesla invalidate the warranty or disabling the use of superchargers after having tow hitches installed by third-party suppliers/installers?
Steve Martin
Steve Martin 6 oy oldin
In the USA, aftermarket vehicle modifications are legally protected from dealer gamesmanship. Unless the dealer can reasonably prove the warranty claim problem was CAUSED BY the modification, they must stand by their warranty.
Benny Kee
Benny Kee 6 oy oldin
Ryan, you don't know how difficult it will be to add a hitch. No use worrying about it until you have the facts.
M. V. P.
M. V. P. 6 oy oldin
I opened up the rear lower access panel on the bumper cover of my Model Y to inspect how the actual bumper beam behind the cover was attached. This beam is mounted to & runs between each of the frame rails. I was surprised to see that the beam bolts extended further rearward beyond their nuts than needed. I suspect these extended bolts will be where a retrofitted tow hitch can be mounted to any MY already built. Tesla thinks ahead about such engineering stuff...just not very good with delivery logictics ;-)
Alan Chen
Alan Chen 6 oy oldin
Where did you see the cost of the model goes up? its showing the same
Frederick 6 oy oldin
I’m thinking you’ll be able to get it done after the fact but it will be for $2,000. I think they raised the base price up by $1k so they could make the Tow Hitch option a $1k option making it more enticing for people to just go with it even if they rarely will be using it but find it could be convenient some time in the future.
mfkman 6 oy oldin
Adding it now would be almost $4k for me, so $2k is definitely better :) But I would only go Tesla rather than aftermarket if the Tesla towing came with additional software and if the aftermarket do not have it.
D J 6 oy oldin
At least the car is capable and those with a trailer can keep the car's interior nice. What is the old saying? "Let the sheep go first"
Laughing Gravy
Laughing Gravy 6 oy oldin
This is the downside of being an early adopter. Sometimes patience isn't fun, but it has its advantages.
Svein Hanssen
Svein Hanssen 6 oy oldin
But the car price has gone up a lot.
Terry White
Terry White 6 oy oldin
I'd like to add a tow hitch option to my Model Y order (placed about 6 weeks ago) but I don't see any option to edit my order. Do I need to call? If so, who?
Terry White
Terry White 6 oy oldin
@Tony Taylor That worked nicely, thanks.
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 6 oy oldin
Yes I had to call my local Tesla dealership and have a sales person change it for me. Just give them your registration number and they will take care of it. May or may not delay your delivery date.
Sweden EVguru
Sweden EVguru 6 oy oldin
Summer 2021 for Europe is my guess and then all customer reviews have got fixed and did the car alot better and german manufacturing often have nice panel gap control.
manifest 73
manifest 73 6 oy oldin
At 80% charge and 70% efficiency with only the driver, your lucky to get 230 miles. This is why I cancelled my Tesla Y order. I'll wait for the Rav4 Prime which will easily get 450 miles plus.
manifest 73
manifest 73 6 oy oldin
@BeachCrow You don't get very much miles for the amount of money a Tesla cost . That's my issue.
BeachCrow 6 oy oldin
Not an issue to charge to full 100% when you're doing a longer trip. 80% charge is recommended for *all* EVs for best long term battery life.
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 6 oy oldin
I just added Tow Hitch to my Model Y order. I noticed it earlier today. It may delay my delivery date but that's fine.
Steve Swanson
Steve Swanson 6 oy oldin
Hey Ryan, I want to thank you for your in-depth coverage of the Model Y. Your ferocity it admirable. Personally, I was 'inches away' from pulling the trigger on my first Model 3 at you and 7+ billion people know what happened. Now that I have time to pause, I'm looking at your Model Y stuff thoroughly to comparing comparing which fits my needs best. (In short, it's what I believe to be better looks on the Model 3 vs. the greater capacity on Y...but ya' gotta love the heat pump.) Thank you again and keep up the good work!
Michael Holliday
Michael Holliday 6 oy oldin
I am willing to say that they will probably add the heat pump to the Model 3 soon. It does not make sense (cost wise) to make two difference HVAC units for 2 cars based off of the ssme same platform. I am also willing to bet that the cast rear end assembly will be in the Model 3 shortly for the ssme reason...
Ginny Cecala
Ginny Cecala 6 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, How do you go about getting the corrections done by Tesla? Do you just make a list of things you need fixed, call the service center and make an appointment? Do you have a few days to check out your car or do you have to do the call within a 24 hour time limit? Thanks for the video!
Frantic Fred
Frantic Fred 6 oy oldin
Call me crazy! I text tesla support chat and asked to have it added to my order. Hopefully it doesn't delay my order. Thanks Ryan
Joe S.
Joe S. 6 oy oldin
@Klay Kunkel interesting. I ordered about a month ago and already had my trade in and financing approved. Maybe that's why I was able to add the hitch to my order? I'm just waiting on the VIN too. I agree, I'd rather have the convenience of receiving it with the hitch than have to worry about an aftermarket option later... good luck!
Klay Kunkel
Klay Kunkel 6 oy oldin
@Joe S. I contacted my sales person and did the chat as well. The message was they did not have a way to add it at this time since it was too new and to contact them next week. BTW, I do not have a VIN yet. I have time since they are still closed so I'll keep trying. I get its too expensive and aftermarket will put something out but I'll pay the extra for the convenience of it being installed on delivery ... if I can get them to make the change :)
Frantic Fred
Frantic Fred 6 oy oldin
Frantic Fred 1 minute ago I too paused the video and went to the tesla site and a sales chat window popped up and asked it I could add the tow hitch and was connect with someone who said they wood update my orde
Joe S.
Joe S. 6 oy oldin
@Klay Kunkel I went to the model Y page and there was a chat bubble icon in the lower right. I just checked and it's not there now. Maybe they are only available during certain hours? I just did it about 20 minutes ago...
Joe S.
Joe S. 6 oy oldin
I just did the same. I paused the video and immediately edited my order.
Jonathan Tuba 2
Jonathan Tuba 2 6 oy oldin
Very useful information. Thanks for the video!
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