Tesla Model Y Review: 4 Months Later

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Ryan Shaw

2 oy oldin

Breaking down my experience owning the Tesla Model Y for the past four months.
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Tesla’s newest car, the Model Y, has been out for a little over 4 Months, and I took delivery right at the end of March. It’s a great car, and this is the follow up to my original review video because since that video, I’ve been through quite a bit with this car, both good and bad, and want to give you an updated owners’ experience 4 months later.
The first, and biggest thing that has change is that Tesla has already done a Model Y price drop. For the AWD model, which is what I bought, and has been the cheapest Model Tesla is selling, the price has dropped to $49,990, $3000 less than what it was at launch. For the performance Model, the price has dropped to $59,990, which is $1000 less than launch.
At the original Model Y announcement event, Tesla told us about a standard range Model Y, and Long Range RWD Model Y. Standard Range Model Y has been canceled, and RWD is being made and cheaper.
On top of that lowered price, which is around $3000 less than it was announced at, the RWD Model Y should get more range than the AWD with people estimating anywhere up to 335 miles of range based on the previously available LR RWD Model 3.
Tesla has started a Model Y lease which starts at $499/mo, which isn’t half bad. However, you have to put down $4500, and don’t have the option to buy at the end of the lease since Tesla plans to take the car back, and use it for their Robotaxi fleet.
Ultimately it took 4 separate appointments to fix all of the issues I had with my Model Y and receive all of the parts for the necessary repairs, but now my car is as good as new, or actually better than new. This wasn’t great for a brand new car.
The Model Y is Tesla’s follow up to the Model 3 and looks very similar.
At its core, the Model Y is a fully electric car that can go 316 miles on a charge, can have a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds depending on which model you get, and has 68 cubic feet of cargo space.
In the Model Y 5 seater, you can do a few different rear seat configurations, and a personal favorite of many people is being able to fold just the middle seat and use it as a passthrough for long cargo.
Overall, the best feature of this car is the fact that it is electric. Electric cars drive different, smoother, quieter, and faster, and Tesla has optimized their electric drive train to be the indisputable champion when it comes to Electric cars.

On top of that, this car is nearly silent, and smells great, because it is zero emissions.
Some features the Model Y has that only electric cars can have include Tesla Sentry Mode, the security system that records any suspicious activity around the car.
For me, the main things that set Teslas, and the model Y apart from other electric vehicles is their efficiency, range, charging network, and Full self-driving systems.
When it comes to efficiency and range, nobody has beaten Tesla. The Model S now has an EPA range of 400 miles, and the Model Y has a top range of 316 miles as I mentioned before.
And then, my favorite feature, Tesla Autopilot. Tesla’s confusingly named driver assistance feature that is included on all Teslas. Tesla’s built in Autopilot system includes great safety features to prevent accidents, as well as adaptive cruise control and Autosteer.
Tesla also sells their Full Self Driving package. Overall, these features are good, but not great. They are all technically considered beta features, and Tesla sells this package with the promise of future features and updates that will improve it and make it better and better.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️ts.la/ryan51525
Diane Sanders - The Health Detective
Diane Sanders - The Health Detective Oy oldin
Why doesn't a referral link work in Virginia?
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds Oy oldin
I purchased a Taycan a few months ago and absolutely love it. The quality of the workmanship is amazing.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds Oy oldin
Tom Mornini I would call that a lie.
Doug Larsen
Doug Larsen Oy oldin
Die hard Toyota guy. Fit and finish is what is holding me back here
Telka 2 oy oldin
I'm 6'3" 255. I can fit in the Model S and X. Would I have a problem with the Y?
Adam Keino
Adam Keino 20 soat oldin
summon is not a gimmic
Pip 20 soat oldin
If you pay for "Self Driving" even though it's not available, and sell the car. does this stay with the car, or Is this transferable to your next Tesla ?
Pip 15 soat oldin
@Ryan Shaw Shame about that, by the time it will be legal, owners would have probably changed for newer models. So $7k down the drain...
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 15 soat oldin
Stays with the car unfortunately
Dries Lauwers
Dries Lauwers Kun oldin
TIP: ... when you pick a spot to film some B-role first clean up all the trash in the berm. :o
TheDarienJIm 3 kun oldin
Real helpful review. Thank you. We ordered a new one last night.
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 3 kun oldin
Very kind review! Did you get any discounts?
jjgreek1 6 kun oldin
You were on the 210 driving towards Pasadena!
Kevin Cook
Kevin Cook 7 kun oldin
I prefer the Y AWD because of where I live. Tesla's slowest acceleration is better than 95% of the cars on the road so the performance model is a huge waste of money not to mention the loss of range. I have heard many say you can eat while the car is charging - sounds good but all are ignoring the fact that where you want to eat is not where the charging station is!
Peter P
Peter P 8 kun oldin
In 3 years RWD model 3 will go for $25,000
NotoriousLife 11 kun oldin
I love my carbon!!!
Indonesia 13 kun oldin
Tesla cars look awesome and all but outside of the US or especially here in Indonesia, the price is at least 5 times more expensive compared to the US.
jiah tingz
jiah tingz 13 kun oldin
elmo songs
Booger Boots
Booger Boots 17 kun oldin
damn he stupid thicccccc 7:01
Leader2light 18 kun oldin
3 weeks since my last service appointment. ROFL. Braindead.
Corey M
Corey M 21 kun oldin
I am trying to decide if I should wait for the 7 seat option before ordering a model Y. However, it seems the seating may not be all that impressive. I want one by Christmas. Thoughts? (thank you)
Reader Of Speaks
Reader Of Speaks 22 kun oldin
Finally someone that hates driving.
Kent Arnsbarger
Kent Arnsbarger 26 kun oldin
I really want this car, but should I splurge for the FSD?
Chuy 27 kun oldin
How tall are you, you mentioned head room.
netforager 29 kun oldin
I have watched dozens of Model Y videos and not one has mentioned the turbine style rims. Tesla used the same directional turbine blade angles on both sides on the car. There should have been a left side rim and right side rim. I know you can't see both sides of the car at the same time so its not a big deal, but once you've seen it you can't unsee it. Just saying.
my k
my k Oy oldin
First time having Tesla, model Y in early August 2020. Got to go back few times, each time couple days for services. They never come as “mobile service “ stated. Could not even order a loaner in advance. Tesla policy! Not cool to deal with no car for few days even though Uber offered. Never experienced a brand new car with such issues and such bad customer service. Missed owning a Mercedes.
Noah Ksiazkiewicz
Noah Ksiazkiewicz Oy oldin
The reason self driving price continues to go up is so that Tesla can drop the price of their cars while keeping their resale value high
Mark Romans
Mark Romans Oy oldin
Great video, Ryan. I'm a drummer as well. Got my eyes on a Tesla.
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn Oy oldin
Good review Randy, but you fail to mention defecencies Tesla has in its in cabin screen displays for driving, parking and efficiency stats. If you have had any other EVs or PHEVs you notice them missing right away. My wife certainly notices them, and we have had our Model Y for a month now, Hope Tesla watches your reviews and reads some of these comments about the lack of in cabin screen displays. . Tesla is way behind standard PHEVs that have better parking displays with all cameras and a 360 global view which can be displayed on the forward and rear facing camera. Also Tesla needs better position lines on the video display for parking in empty parking lots and on snow (ie have some color besides WHITE!). Also they need better performance stats that you can use for each days drive efficiency, and not have to depend on 3rd party Apps. Here is my display on my Mitsubishi PHEV. Why can't Tesla do that? My wife really misses the help it provides here when trying to park between the white lines at Costco or Walmart and FSD doesn't replace it. photos.app.goo.gl/26duku9Nq6u4hjsh7 BTW. Elon, you drove VW Ev in Germany and I bet it had displays like this, and I bet the Lucid Air has more usable displays for drivers. Tesla, imho, is way behind the competition. These features sell cars Elon!! Another feature Tesla needs is to have the side camera come on, when you activate your turning signal. That is a simple improvement Tesla could make right now. Comeon Elon, lift your game here! :)
Shamsul Arifin
Shamsul Arifin Oy oldin
Thanks Ryan for this wonderful and honest video. You reminded me at 2:19 seconds why I have refused to get a Tesla for last 5 years due to its quality issues. ( 3 wonderful test drives) The materials and build quality of most Tesla's models are so poor that even a 30K economy cars provides better build quality and materials. If we spend 70K for a car, we should expect a 70K quality of car, build quality and luxury materials in the car beyond the driving experience and safety features. ( I have to admit, Tesla's are fun to drive) What Tesla delivers is a glorified screen in a 20K economy car with fake saving number that does not make any sense. Yes, you can buy other electric cars that are fun to drive almost same as Tesla. I am truly not a Tesla hater but hate to see Tesla still have not done anything about quality issues and taking advantage of its customers. If this was any other car company with these many issues with every product they released, I am sure there would be class action law suit. I guess I will have to wait 5 more years to see if Tesla will build better quality cars thats worth spending the 70K+ since I just ended up getting an Audi Q7 just for a build quality and luxurious interior.
Danny Ong
Danny Ong 9 kun oldin
After owning a Model X for two years now, I've literally seen all the cheap materials they've put into my $123k, baby. What's most mind boggling is the inaccurate panel alignments. For those whom are using a new company theory as an excuse for this build would probably feel disgusted once they realize that SPACEX is new and were given billions of our money to build space rockets where the engineering required is conservatively 10X that of a car.
KB Oy oldin
Great video Ryan. You focus on a lot of important features for the Y and EVs in general. I’ve owned three Tesla’s and three Nissan Leafs. Your comments are exactly right about why Tesla is the only EV to own.
BodegaBay Oy oldin
You’ve lost me at “I typically hate driving...”
Jez Oy oldin
Wow! Thats a huge amount of defects in one car! You're right though, people should wait it out for several months or so until Tesla can fix all these QC issues. The features of Tesla cars are unbeatable, but these defects are unacceptable especially for its price range.
CanaDeah !
CanaDeah ! Oy oldin
Those issues are totally unacceptable. Where's the quality control
Jason Salter
Jason Salter Oy oldin
If you're gonna race, you may as well buy the standard and use the money you save and buy an old Miata.
Rob Reiter
Rob Reiter Oy oldin
You need to get a hat, Ryan. Looking a little red up top!
johnj Oy oldin
AWD is for snow. You do nothing with AWD on asphalt. If you drive on snow then AWD is superior.
Mohamed BIHANE
Mohamed BIHANE Oy oldin
great review thank you
A B Oy oldin
I think that $8k is to fund development. Once he has real competition ( ford, vw group going fully electric) it’s going to be free. Why else would you put in all the hardware?
Raw and Cooked Vegan
Raw and Cooked Vegan Oy oldin
Good video, next time bring a little humor into it.
Damien Oy oldin
2:28 I don't agree with that. That is NOT the nature of a new production run of a car! Only Tesla has those ridiculous defects on a new model! BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar, etc., will never have those issues...
easytoguess1 Oy oldin
Um you save money by not buying gas? But you spend money for electricity and ignored that price tag for the car? If you want to save money buy a cheap beater. Also if you can smell exhaust in your car, you should get your exhaust system looked at because that isn't normal.
mrfunkington Oy oldin
I hate to break it to you, but new production car runs DON'T come with a bunch of mistakes like this. These problems are inherently Tesla, and for the price, unacceptable.
Linda McCarthy
Linda McCarthy Oy oldin
Great video, very helpful
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh Oy oldin
Before shooting, you've got to pick up the trash off your set Geez!!
Maria Kepler
Maria Kepler Oy oldin
As soon as my lease is up with Cadillac, the model y is mine. So excited.
William Ingram
William Ingram Oy oldin
Great review. Love your style. No B.S.
RickAtlanta Oy oldin
Thanks for the great video. I test drove the performance model and didn’t like the stiff suspension. Want to test drive the standard dual motor model before I order. Won’t get the self driving feature either.
Ll L
Ll L Oy oldin
awsome clip, I think they need to add more superchargers, i checked the map, theres not too many
Stanley Williams
Stanley Williams Oy oldin
Great video. I just ordered my model Y a few days ago, the $5000 dollar rebate was the deciding factor for me.
Doc DuMont
Doc DuMont Oy oldin
Just discovered your channel. Thinking of trading my Feb 2020 M3SR+ for a Y. Long Range Single motor is my target. So I guess I will wait and see, and also see if Battery Day affects anything in my cab. But I really don't like the chrome delete. Should be an option IMHO. Great reviews, susbscribed. And Mazel Tov on the wedding!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks so much! And good luck with your decision! You might be one of the first I’ve heard from who wants the chrome haha.
Jon Ofstead
Jon Ofstead Oy oldin
I have one of the first models and had pretty much the same issues, minus the seat problems so far. I do still love driving the car. Tesla has been giving me Model X's as loner cars and I tell you, the difference between the two is pretty dramatic. The X feels so much more like a true luxury car compared to the Y, but the Y is quicker and fun to drive. Thanks for videos. Wish I received a $3000 check or at least a SuperCharger credit for buying the beta version of the Y, but that's what we get for getting in early.
nearpoint Oy oldin
summon is actually quite useful if you learn to use it in the right situations. I always park near the back of the grocery store where there are more parking spaces. On my way out I open the app and press come to me, and its quite handy to have the car come you as you are walking towards it as I don't have to pull out of the parking space, I just hop and and go straight. I love it, esp when I am in a rush it does save time.
Rasmus Rasmussen
Rasmus Rasmussen Oy oldin
nope, that's only Tesla's.
Issie wizzie
Issie wizzie Oy oldin
Thankfully we will be getting the model Y in 2021/22 in Europe .... Hopefully all that build quality issue would be solved
chuy all lowercase
chuy all lowercase Oy oldin
7:00 my mans got a dump truck
Max Meier
Max Meier Oy oldin
if you lease a car without the option of buying it at the end, it's not leasing, it's literally renting it. Long term rent of 3 years for 22K plus taxes doesnt sound cheap to me at all. you are better off buying and then selling it after 3 years.
Mowcowbell Oy oldin
It does appear that the QC inspector at the end of the assembly line needs a new eyeglass prescription. These quality control issues could have easily been caught before the car left the factory.
The Kraemer
The Kraemer Oy oldin
Clearly rushed. I was in a 3 recently and other than the performance I was far from impressed. Noise from a rear window that didn't seal properly. Another with molding coming off. Paint and fit and finish inconsistencies. For a car that went from 30 to almost 60k I would be furious if it was mine. I had a BMW 335 and it was perfect. And cost less, no thanks.
beyerch Oy oldin
Wasn't QC inspector's fault. Told to #ShipIt to meet sales quotas....
Disclaimer Oy oldin
my dream car😍🥰
JS Stallone
JS Stallone 2 oy oldin
In order to increase battery pack life always keep charge between 20 - 80%, also do lesser supercharging. By the way does app has feature to limit max charge ? How often do you charge ? Why do you plugin every night ?
Ryv Mutsu
Ryv Mutsu 2 oy oldin
Appreciated video, though why space out "like" recommendation from "subscribe" recommendation?
A.J Lywood
A.J Lywood 2 oy oldin
Where did this stone come from? Fortunately, the stone did not fly through the glass. That could have been very dangerous if it landed on your head. I'm looking forward to my Cybertruck, which is supposed to have armored windows.
Fernando Galue
Fernando Galue 2 oy oldin
Why do you say autopilot is confusingly named? Autopilot definition: An autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of an aircraft, marine craft or spacecraft without requiring constant manual control by a human operator. Autopilot does not replace human operators. Stop with the bs saying autopilot is poorly named if you don’t even know what autopilot means.
Olu Toyin
Olu Toyin 2 oy oldin
I’m not sure all the quality issues is worth the price.
Daniel Malek
Daniel Malek 2 oy oldin
Where is the spicy wings?🤔🤔🤔
Plamen Marinov
Plamen Marinov 2 oy oldin
Thank you Ryan for the awesome again video! One question - does the car have a 12 V battery?
Plamen Marinov
Plamen Marinov Oy oldin
@Timothy Wilson LOL - yes, I watched that video a long time ago - the guy with the chickens :-)
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson Oy oldin
Plamen Marinov Yes he did. I was hoping with the acquisition of Maxwell that the lead acid battery would be replaced with ultra capacitors. Since it isn’t used to start an engine and because it is constantly charged, it wouldn’t need to be a large capacitance. When my 12v battery gives up the ghost I plan on converting to ultra caps. They should last the lifetime of the vehicle, are cheaper, and cleaner to produce. And Tesla owns the manufacturer now. There are videos on UZpost where people use ultra caps to start ice engines. Check out uzpost.info/vision/video/s5mwws2NpGOlfX0.html
Plamen Marinov
Plamen Marinov Oy oldin
@Timothy Wilson Thanks Tim for your reply. Elon said at one point that Model Y will not have a 12V battery - so ... he over promised ...
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson Oy oldin
As a Model Y owner I can tell you that it certainly does have a 12v lead acid battery. The 12v system is used to run all accessories like window motors, fans, lights, etc. And the battery still needs to be replaced about every 5 years. It has a constant charge from the main battery even when the car is parked.
tallfx35 2 oy oldin
Question, you did you purchase the long-range or the performance? Did you test drive the performance model and would you have paid the extra amount for the performance model? Thanks
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
I actually did drive the performance model before I got the AWD. I wouldn't pay the extra. It's fun but 98% of the time you never use the acceleration.
xlasvegan7x 2 oy oldin
I like the model y but if I’m dropping 50 to 70g’s it better be perfect.
Russ canFLY!
Russ canFLY! 2 oy oldin
Just ordered mine last Thursday. Just waiting for my delivery date.
Micah Getty
Micah Getty 2 oy oldin
Ryan, glad you are happy with the Model Y, do you think a single could do with the Model 3 or would be happier with the larger Model Y? No pets and almost never carry cargo but I am 6’ ft tall and just over two hundred pounds. Is the Model 3 big enough or should I go for the Model Y?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
I would test drive a 3 if you can, because it seems like it should work well. It'll really depend on the ride height difference between the two
Tesla Power
Tesla Power 2 oy oldin
Very fair review.
Roy Dubois
Roy Dubois 2 oy oldin
what do you mean by tesla taking the cars back and using it for their robo fleet.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Warmindking 2 oy oldin
Ok and the dude that unplugged your car....what happened there? NVM I rewatched that part. He was just plugging your car into another one because his wouldn’t reach. No big deal.
Ken Ing
Ken Ing 2 oy oldin
Model y is a great sports hatch can't wait till they put a third munchkin s e a t in it
Jesper Nordholm
Jesper Nordholm 2 oy oldin
Another great review from mr. Shawesome :) As a courtesy to your european followers, could you perhaps put im the metric values for range etc, thx
R Salehi
R Salehi 2 oy oldin
One pedal driving is an extremely important safety feature which no one talks about.
Pcorsaro123 2 oy oldin
I picked up my Model Y Jun 25th 2020: Red, White Interior, dual motor Performance, Tow, and Self Drive. Have had none of the problems that you mentioned. Only issue was driver seat belt harness had short giving me a "call for service". Mobile service came out within a week and fixed it, Best car in the world.
Spiro Mellis
Spiro Mellis 2 oy oldin
My range strangely has dropped from 316 miles max to 308 miles max charge. Anyone know what’s up. Is it the software update? I only have under 1k miles and always charge to 80-90%
Robert Reiter
Robert Reiter 2 oy oldin
How about a drive up Hwy 395 and explore some dirt roads-I know it's not a 4WD, but it is advertised as an SUV...how does it handle moderate washboards and the like? And I really hope the Supercharger network expands into the hinterlands more so I can drive Hwy 50 from Reno to Telluride!
AYTB2 2 oy oldin
Awesome Review! You Rock!!
Marc E
Marc E 2 oy oldin
Thank you Ryan, solid and straight content just to the point even reaching out all the way to Germay ;-). Much apprechiated!
kaiamoana 2 oy oldin
10:56 same bro same XD
1sailfast 2 oy oldin
Can you get sunburn from the roof? I want to avoid sun
g496r500t 2 oy oldin
Laughing at you thinking merging onto the 101 is hard. Don’t be LA centric, freeway speeds are regularly over 80 MPH in the slow lane in other places such as here where I am.
Qui Lu
Qui Lu 2 oy oldin
Model Y Rear Drive Long Range will be the dream Tesla car. More space in the frunk + more range + cheaper + lighter.
Bulshit car this Y… brand new with a lot of issues…
Joe Kim
Joe Kim 2 oy oldin
You love the car so much, "if" (many dont)...but if you have any service issues.....get it fixed and you just keep loving the car. Quality of model 3 has improved tremendously - if you want a sportier car - get the 3...but for the "complete" package - Y is the best for larger cargo but not losing much on performance or range.
Tony Cashman
Tony Cashman 2 oy oldin
Tesla definitely need to sort those issues before the car leaves the factory.
Manuel Elias
Manuel Elias 2 oy oldin
Model y 4 months later... Im starting to get used to the panel gaps
Poli 2 oy oldin
Unfortunately, continuous low build quality many customers are experiencing for years is unacceptable and cannot be explained with vehicle being a new model. Audi manufacturers new models with minimal issues and perfect body fit. Seems to me that Tesla simply does not have the production quality process needed. Perhaps that is because company objective is to push the cars out of manufacturing line as fast as possible. Unaligned body molds, chipped paints, cracked window edges, loose trims cannot be compensated by other positive aspects Tesla vehicle.
Floating Above
Floating Above 2 oy oldin
You had the car for 4 months?... wow, we suckers in Europe's small/Southern countries will be reading through reviews like these for another 8 months before we can get one (I mean, one being available to buy). I don't really care about getting a new Tesla as I am waiting for Volvo to impress me, it won't be too long, but its still outright unfair to the young South European entrepreneurs and factory owner mistresses that will still have to place the Y in their Christmas lists. A Tesla Y, a Covid-19 vaccine...
Buzzy Ranker
Buzzy Ranker 2 oy oldin
"You can't run A/C in a ICE car without the motor running,"Well duh, the problem with running the A/C in an electric car is it cuts your range down.
Qui Lu
Qui Lu 2 oy oldin
The issue with ICE car is pollution, you would be smelling bad gas
Kris Fisher
Kris Fisher 2 oy oldin
it doesn't cut your range down much.
Michael OBrien
Michael OBrien 2 oy oldin
My test drive last week was great and BTW the pin in the back seat fold down you complained about is gone.
P J 2 oy oldin
When you live in Denmark and are forced to wait 😂
Bas Finnis
Bas Finnis 2 oy oldin
Yeh but what about all the other LA drivers? Poor autopilot having to deal with those clowns :o
Alex Cross
Alex Cross 2 oy oldin
Your eye lashes are intense.
Cooper Reid
Cooper Reid 2 oy oldin
No sales tax + $5000 incentive in NJ. Yes please 👍🏼
larry tornetta
larry tornetta 2 oy oldin
4 WD for snow. 2 WD for you California kids.
Maurice A L Robson
Maurice A L Robson 2 oy oldin
Hey I am 6 foot 7 and had trouble looking out without getting cut off at the headliner of the Model 3. This is my dream car in 7 seat config (uberxl driver) and I am worried about the lifted seats and would drop into a service centre if it wasn’t covid19 right now. What do you think?
sajeer fazil
sajeer fazil 2 oy oldin
Do you mind telling the practical range that you are getting from model Y? 'Alex on Autos' was saying that it's unrealistic to expect anything more than ~230-250.
Dave 2 oy oldin
Great review Ryan! I'm test driving next week and will most likely place my order at that time. You review was great help!
Joe Berrant
Joe Berrant 2 oy oldin
imho stating facts about the car and adding a few comments isn’t quite a review
Christian R
Christian R 2 oy oldin
How much was the repair cost for the windshield?
Cocominga Handmade Cards
Cocominga Handmade Cards 2 oy oldin
Besides just a higher range on the rear wheel drive are there differences inside the car as well? I tend to remember something about better speakers with AWD. I’m not really sure does anyone know?
Christian Reinisch
Christian Reinisch 2 oy oldin
1000 Mile range, sure. Just be patient, it will take you one week to recharge, lol
G-BOAC Oy oldin
@Christian Reinisch it doesn't matter in regard to the question how long it would take to charge a 1000+ mile range vehicle
Christian Reinisch
Christian Reinisch Oy oldin
@G-BOAC all right, but how much I do have to spend in Dollars, or kWh somehow. Would be interesting...
G-BOAC Oy oldin
@Christian Reinisch model s p100d has 500+ epa range
Christian Reinisch
Christian Reinisch Oy oldin
@G-BOAC thank you, sounds interesting. And the price tag on that?
G-BOAC Oy oldin
When 500 miles takes just over an hour?
Christian Reinisch
Christian Reinisch 2 oy oldin
Tesla shoud buy an European Carmaker, the designs and quality made by Tesla is terrible. Within less than 3 Years, your brand new Tesla will look cheap, and so it does already today
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