Tesla Model Y Delivery Day! - It's Here & It's AMAZING

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Ryan Shaw

7 oy oldin

It actually happened! My Tesla Model Y was delivered on Sunday 3/29/20. First drive, first impressions and more with the beautiful Red AWD Model Y.
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In a crazy turn of events, I was able to take delivery of a beautiful Red AWD Model Y with the 20” induction wheels. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get one anytime soon, and finally I found one!
This is the dream color that I always wanted, but never could justify paying for, until I started seeing real life photos with the red wheels. I absolutely love this car and can’t wait to drive it even more.
My Model Y delivery was simple and easy as Tesla drove the Model Y to my home, and took my trade in vehicle back for me. The process was touchless delivery with the driver and I practicing social distancing. I signed a few items of paperwork, kept the pen, and we were on our way!
The car is absolutely beautiful with only a couple minor imperfections to be fixed at a service appointment.
The main features that differ in the AWD Model Y from the Performance Model Y is that there are 20” Induction wheels, no red brake calipers, no performance spoiler, and a slower 0-60mph.
I take you along on the Model Y First Drive as we test out the Launch as well as get used to regenerative braking.
Then I show you what it is like to charge the Model Y at a free city charger using the Tesla charging cable, and the included J1772 adapter. At my local charger, I can get 25mi/hr of charge rate at 30 amps.
I took delivery The Model Y yesterday, so be on the lookout for many more videos about the Model Y, and make sure you’re subscribed to stay up to date on everything I’ll be bringing out!

joseph isler
joseph isler Oy oldin
NevadaFederalBites Oy oldin
Awesome looking vehicle! Congrats! Did you finance at 60 or 72 months?
Amelia Antonelli
Amelia Antonelli 2 oy oldin
Congratulations! I'm looking forward to joining the Tesla family soon. Can you get the red brakes with the long-range model?
Shiv Gurung
Shiv Gurung 2 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, does your model y have self driving added? I want to make sure if the auto pilot has the traffic light recognition or not? I am not sure if want to spend $8k for self driving. I am going to put an order next week. Thanks
Terrie Curran
Terrie Curran 3 oy oldin
So, how do you attach a license plate to the front of a Model Y (yes, ruins the look, but mandatory in my state)?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
I use the Quick Bandit from 1975 creations. If you use the code: RYANSHAW, it’s 10% off: www.1975creations.com/ . Also a video about it from me: uzpost.info/vision/video/q7Wv3dCeYJuie30.html
James Carter
James Carter 3 oy oldin
That red is my kind of red
Jamabo 3 oy oldin
Congratulations. Did you get the full self driving capability?
Paul Woo
Paul Woo 4 oy oldin
That perfect drone shot at the very end!!!
uygarusa 5 oy oldin
Didn't you order a white rear wheel drive model Y? How did you get a red dual motor one?
Mark Lindsey
Mark Lindsey 5 oy oldin
Great video!! Couldn't help but save this quote: "He had to bear the burden of driving my Honda Fit all the way back to Tesla." 🤣
Josh Ruchwarger
Josh Ruchwarger 5 oy oldin
Ryan, after driving both LR and Performance. Why did you choose LR? And what would you say is the big difference between the two? Is the speed noticeable?
Josh Ruchwarger
Josh Ruchwarger 5 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw thank you man. Appreciate it. I’ll get one eventually! Congrats on the wedding!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Well the first reason is price. I honestly don’t think the price difference makes the performance worth it. The 0-60 is noticeable for sure. In the performance it had more of the stomach drop launch, but the AWD is plenty
ISIP 5 oy oldin
Hey Ryan! I put in a $100.00 non-refundable deposit for my Model Y. In the event they call me for a delivery date, does Tesla require another $2,500.00 upon delivery just like the Model 3? Thank you much appreciated.
Slightly Bonkers
Slightly Bonkers 5 oy oldin
I'd say you never had car posters on your wall as a teen!
Where is Kevork
Where is Kevork 5 oy oldin
Congrats Ryan! Have you heard of any locations in LA that may still have model Y inventory? I'm waiting for VIN assignment, called Burbank and they said there was no inventory and no delivery dates planned as of now.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
I haven’t heard of any recently, but am expecting them in the coming weeks. I’ll keep everyone posted with what I can find out!
bequetta 5 oy oldin
Anymore updates of your car during Quarantine?
A23 B
A23 B 5 oy oldin
what did they give you with your car beside the 2 key cards ? There was a small Tesla model 3 model car with my delivery of the Y I thought it was cool tho lol.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Just the key cards for me!
Millennial Patriot
Millennial Patriot 6 oy oldin
Tesla needs to add turn signal cameras below both sides of the side mirrors. Come on Tesla
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Fantastic! Same as model 3 premium interior if you’ve heard that. I’m a musician and I’m a big fan
Millennial Patriot
Millennial Patriot 6 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw how's the sound system??
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
They have them there for autopilot and dash cam. Would love to see them activated when you signal. They could do it with a software update
choccows 6 oy oldin
Always gets me, these young guys buying a $60K + car. Must have a rockin job
RaCcOoN 6 oy oldin
Awesome car!
John Paul Hickey
John Paul Hickey 6 oy oldin
Gorgeous car, the black and red are perfect together.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thanks! I’m definitely a big fan
Karthik M N
Karthik M N 6 oy oldin
Congratulations Ryan...!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thank you!
Andrew Orta
Andrew Orta 6 oy oldin
How much did they give you for your trade in?
Ben Sullins
Ben Sullins 6 oy oldin
Congrats man!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Ben Sullins thanks so much Ben! She’s a beauty
Redant 6 oy oldin
Congratulations on your long awaited model Y! It looks awesome. May your model Y grow up to be smarter, faster and help save the planet
ISIP 6 oy oldin
Congrats man! I just ordered my Model Y. Probably not gonna get mine until next year tho especially with what’s going on😭
ISIP 6 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw Thanks! I live in the Bay Area California. I ordered the AWD in White with 19” wheels 5 seater. I went cheap lol! I just wanted AWD with the no charge paint😭
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Congrats! And yeah it could be a while depending on where you live
ken ellis
ken ellis 6 oy oldin
That’s so dope. Congratulations man 🍾
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thanks so much!
David Camou
David Camou 6 oy oldin
Did you get standard autopilot or full self driving?
David Camou
David Camou 6 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw any way you could make a video testing standard autopilot?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Standard autopilot for now. I plan to buy FSD in the next month or two
ShaRk. 6 oy oldin
I don't get why they are not able to fit all the panels correctly. Can't be that hard when all other car makers are able to. Also the defects on the paint are also a big no-no.
Marie Nguyen
Marie Nguyen 6 oy oldin
Congrats Ryan! Can’t wait to get ours
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thanks! Excited for you as well
danromero 6 oy oldin
Damn that red is hot
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I agree!
deant007 6 oy oldin
Sean L
Sean L 6 oy oldin
My long range rwd feels like its never going to come😢
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Hopefully soon! We'll see how production turns out
Justin Rainier
Justin Rainier 6 oy oldin
Congrats on your new Model Y 🙌! Can I ask how many days between when you ordered and when you received?
Marjie Alonso
Marjie Alonso 6 oy oldin
I'm happy for you! I've had mine a little over a week now and I love it. Enjoy!
Adeel Akhtar
Adeel Akhtar 6 oy oldin
Will Tesla be ever launched in Pakistan 😔
Adeel Akhtar
Adeel Akhtar 6 oy oldin
Congratulations for new car.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
thejose 6 oy oldin
Awesome, great choice on the color, and wheels! The bigger rims are overrated. Like why? On an SUV? BTW, SMP dude, it'll fit you.
Hanz B
Hanz B 6 oy oldin
Congrats Ryan. Very Nice!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Micah Getty
Micah Getty 6 oy oldin
I really like the wheels on YOUR Tesla Model Y. Happy for you that you got your car and many happy miles!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
L Brenner
L Brenner 6 oy oldin
I understand that only Tesla Performance models boast the underlined Dual Motor emblem.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yeah, and only with the performance upgrade package
Ludlow Cooks
Ludlow Cooks 6 oy oldin
Good video congrats
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thank you!
Eric Mauriello
Eric Mauriello 6 oy oldin
My y order is the same model and exterior. Nice taste.
Eric Mauriello
Eric Mauriello 6 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw I ordered the night of the release event but no word yet from Tesla. I am in NJ so probably will be a few months given COVID 19. BTW used to live in San Marino, CA.. recognize some of your driving locations. Small world. Enjoy your new Y.. it does look amazing.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Awesome! It’s beautiful
Robaroo 6 oy oldin
You shouldn’t have sped up the automatic lift gate sequence. It makes it look like the gate lifts a lot faster than it actually does.
Ethan Roshan
Ethan Roshan 6 oy oldin
Congrats bro!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thank yoi!
CAC4snoopy 6 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, CONGRATS!!! Did you get the FSD upgrade? I see you can see the traffic lights, wasn’t sure if that’s a standard software update or requires the FSD package?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I didn't, but those come without it. I plan to add it in a month or two
Cemal Sonat Alicik
Cemal Sonat Alicik 6 oy oldin
I'm asking this because I don't know how it works with tesla. Can you trade in your old car when getting a new one?
ryan reyes
ryan reyes 6 oy oldin
Hey man. Congrats on the car. I have a model 3 s+ and planning to trade up to standard y when available
cambobby2011 6 oy oldin
Seeing how excited both of you were, it reminds me when I was a little boy opening up my Christmas gifts ... from Santa!!! Same feeling of ''WOW'' in your voices :)
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
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Helena N. I. Kristiansen
Helena N. I. Kristiansen 6 oy oldin
Congrats Ryan Wauw, it is beautyful, just how I would have it!😍🤗👍🏼 We, my husband and i, wait for it, hopefully being produced in the Gigafactory in Germany, that they are constructing now!, we are saving up now, we already have a Nissan Leaf 2014 model, and we just LOVE❤️it!. But will love to have a Tesla, ASAP 😃👍🏼 I will look forward to all your videos on your beautyful Tesla model Y😍😃👍🏼! Stay safe😃👍🏼
Diane Marie
Diane Marie 6 oy oldin
I'm even more happy that I changed my order to Red!!
Sebastian O
Sebastian O 6 oy oldin
TheBOlufsen 6 oy oldin
Have you had the paint checked? It seems to me that there is some dust nibs at 3:56
Planet Fabulous
Planet Fabulous 6 oy oldin
Are they ever going to be built with better build quality?
Planet Fabulous
Planet Fabulous 6 oy oldin
He's gorgeous!!!
Andrew L
Andrew L 6 oy oldin
Didnt your ordered white with 19 inch wheel?! When did you order the red with 20 inch !? Is your red one come with fsd?
Triver Paraguay
Triver Paraguay 6 oy oldin
Jason Naramore
Jason Naramore 6 oy oldin
Oh heyyy that’s my university I go to
John Smith
John Smith 6 oy oldin
What a great car, congrats Ryan!
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 6 oy oldin
How much $ are these?
PK 6 oy oldin
Isn't the Fremont factory already closed thanks to California's shelter-in-place order? Is that factory still making cars and deliveries?
KC Roeder
KC Roeder 6 oy oldin
Want this so bad! Going to wait until next year ❤️
Alexandru Nevajno
Alexandru Nevajno 6 oy oldin
Fawk Yu
Fawk Yu 6 oy oldin
Going from a Honda Fit to a Tesla Model Y? Talk about a drastic change!
Michael Lionheart
Michael Lionheart 6 oy oldin
You finally got it, it looks badass!!!;) Enjoy you it, you deserve it!!!;)
cristal zuniga
cristal zuniga 6 oy oldin
How exciting!! Congrats 🤩
Tom Crisp
Tom Crisp 6 oy oldin
Ryan, i wouldn't stop to watch just anybody take delivery of a new car. But you are such a good guy, and i was genuinely interested in seeing how happy this made you. In a sea of troubles, it's nice to watch someone have a day of joy. Happy trails.
yung sul
yung sul 6 oy oldin
super hyped for my performance in white. ordered last week hope the wait isnt too long
Nikki Nguyen
Nikki Nguyen 6 oy oldin
Oh wow! Can’t believe yours is already here! Congrats Ryan! Looks so awesome! 😍👍
SCOON DAWG 6 oy oldin
Like the red!!!
Dave Boyer
Dave Boyer 6 oy oldin
So, how well do your drums fit?
Jose Angel Perez
Jose Angel Perez 6 oy oldin
Awesome Ryan, very happy for you. I noticed that your Model Y recognized the traffic lights and stop sign. Is that feature with the included Autopilot or is that a feature only on the models with full self driving capabilities?
R Hart
R Hart 6 oy oldin
I have a difficult question to ask, but need to provide where I'm coming from first. I have an Audi E-Tron Prestige since Jan., love it, and now going all-electric so entered a Y order in Feb. (Perf, 19", Wht/Wht, FSD). But thinking about Y missing 'luxury' SUV features, I listed both those deficiencies plus advantages vs the E-Tron. It doesn't look good for the Y (see list, below). The question: Where am I going wrong, or, why should I get a Y instead of just getting a 2nd E-Tron as my 2nd car? Model Y Missing Features vs Audi E-Tron Prestige 1. Heads Up Display 2. SiriusXM Radio 3. Massaging Seats 4. Cooling Seats 5. 3 Displays, Full Compliment of Traditional Controls 6. Sunroof Shade Closure for full sun block 7. CUV vs true SUV: 1.5” Less Height, Sloped Trunk 8. Hands-Free Trunk Opening 9. Tie-down Points in Trunk 10. Adequate Rear View Area Visibility 11. High Quality Workmanship (Tesla Poor Fit & Finish) 12. Cushy & Adaptive Air-Suspension Ride 13. High Quality Leather Seats 14. Auto-Dimming Mirrors 15. Heated Windshield Washers 16. Power Soft Closure Doors 17. Luxury, Adjustable Color/Intensity Interior Lighting 18. Seat Buckle Illumination 19. HomeLink Garage Door Opener (+$300+tax) 20. Backseat Climate Controls 21. Level 2 Charging Module (+$500+tax) 22. Towing Capable 23. Multiple Local Dealerships; In CT State Sales 24. Sensible ordering process: Not kept in the dark about status/progress/delivery Advantages vs E-Tron 1. 3.5 vs 5.5sec 0-60mph (do I really need this?) 2. Range: 315x75% tested efficiency = 236 vs 204 miles 3. Full Self Driving (partial, fragile) (E-Tron does in-lane steering) 4. 2 Wireless iPhone Charging Pads vs 1 in E-Tron 5. A Little More Front Seat Storage 6. No-Cost Software Updates & Connectivity 7. Cost Less: $69k vs $76k + Tax, Dest., etc. (but List vs Audi Discount Deal Pricing)
Tyler Avakian
Tyler Avakian 6 oy oldin
Why does he keep saying that the performance isn't all wheel drive?
David Bradley
David Bradley 6 oy oldin
congrats,....its a nice ride for sure.
David Bradley
David Bradley 6 oy oldin
can you do a review on the honda ?.
David Bradley
David Bradley 6 oy oldin
is it red?.
Alexandre Steinmetz
Alexandre Steinmetz 6 oy oldin
One of the biggest issue that Teslas are gonna face in a few years is rust.
Madcap Laughs
Madcap Laughs 6 oy oldin
how much did you put down on the car? 10% 20% 40% 0%???
risp3476 6 oy oldin
Did you wind up paying the extra $990 on top of the 2 thousand for the color and 2 for the wheels?
Bruce or Nancy Ketchum
Bruce or Nancy Ketchum 6 oy oldin
Will someone please explain “induction” wheels.
Slartibartfast 6 oy oldin
Congratulations from Switzerland! Definitely better than Heisenberg‘s old crappy ride...
J 6 oy oldin
geez its about time you got one ;) deliveries are so crazy. i ordered mine on 3/12 (late to the game, i know) and mine was here on 3/26
kaiamoana 6 oy oldin
Did you get FSD with it?
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 6 oy oldin
another tesla soldier, in the freebie millenium MLM tesla program, 3 for 1, here on youtube doing their marketing with a bunch of other nomics and slye and other freebie youtuber people ........... solid state batteries are only incoming 2025, that is the right timing.
mukund vk
mukund vk 6 oy oldin
Congrats Ryan. Red looks so beautiful. Cant wait to get mine Red AWD. How long it took for you to get the delivery from the date of change of status to prepare for deliver? Tesla is working on getting my final contract after they received all my payment details. its been a 2 weeks, the status is not changing. I think i am getting too desperate :).
wayne Pineau
wayne Pineau 6 oy oldin
You are living the dream! color 10/10.... enjoy with family and friends ...stay safe ciao
balk37 6 oy oldin
How much did they give you for your Honda Fit ?
J C 6 oy oldin
Mint 👍 ENJOY 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
SetTheCurve 6 oy oldin
Finally! Someone that doesn’t call it chrome delete. I am complete.
Sven Möller
Sven Möller 6 oy oldin
Whoa, awesome. The red colour combined with the black induction wheels looks great. Great car. I hope you'll have a lot of fun and we'll have a lot of video content of your really awesome looking car
Realis Immobilien Management & Service
Realis Immobilien Management & Service 6 oy oldin
Great Car. Enjoy and stay healthy.
jean-christophe nogues
jean-christophe nogues 6 oy oldin
content pour toi. tu as bien travaillé dans tes présentations, profite bien de ta voiture.
Vidya Jay
Vidya Jay 6 oy oldin
How cool is that! Congrats Ryan! I thought you were getting the white? Has Tesla said anything about these build qualities?
wantsanewvehicle 6 oy oldin
Congrats dude! Can you please show/tell me if the front driver's floor space is flat or does it have that stupid lip like the model 3?
DPKwong88 6 oy oldin
Are you able to find 2020 Tesla Model Y on Floor Mat? How about a video on all your Tesla Model Y accessory!
JM M 6 oy oldin
Man, how many miles did he put on that car before he delivered it? That's insane.
derek400004 6 oy oldin
hot damn, thats 🔥 🔥 🔥
Noah 6 oy oldin
This is the exact customization I would get
Hermaeus_Mora1 6 oy oldin
Congratulations on your new car ! Really happy to see you enjoy it^^
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