Tesla Just Changed Everything

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Ryan Shaw

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Tesla's Battery Day just happened, and they had A LOT to announce. Let's get into it.
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Tesla Battery Day
Tesla Battery Day summary
Battery Day Summary
Model S Plaid
$25,000 Tesla
$20,000 Tesla
Cheap Tesla
Tesla Battery Production
Tesla Model S Plaid
Tesla Roadster
Tesla Semi
Tesla Roadrunner
Tesla Palladium
Project Roadrunner
Tesla Road Runner
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model 3
Tesla News
Tesla Battery News
Tesla Battery Day Leak

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories ➡️uzpost.info/vision/video/m6-tr7x-mJuiYmg.html
Red Panda
Red Panda 22 kun oldin
My biggest hope is everything is not self driving where you can simply drive your car. But you can also have it drive for it’s self
Atchu S
Atchu S 28 kun oldin
Know your cars, check out aspark owl or rimac c2 or pininfarina Batista
pasoundman 28 kun oldin
@Andres Alonso I'm actually considering buying gold for long term seafety,
Andres Alonso
Andres Alonso 28 kun oldin
2020 online stock market is just difficult unbelievable, i rather invest my money on crypto..
pasoundman 28 kun oldin
@TIM Flugaur-Leavitt I gat what you mean. A reliable second-hand purchase is in fact the larger part of the car market. I can well believe that such buyers may prefer to look elsewhere. FWIW I checked and there's no shortage of Leafs (or should that be Leaves) on ebay UK. 270 of them in fact (priced as low as £4,000) ! 175 Teslas, 157 Renault Zoes (Europe's most popular EV) and to my surprise 105 Jaguar iPaces.
Dharmik Joshi
Dharmik Joshi 4 soat oldin
This is some Awesome ass thumbnail yn 🤯
Be Natural
Be Natural 4 kun oldin
U look smart ^^
Samarth Bidave
Samarth Bidave 6 kun oldin
Tesla coming in India ???? Reply or make a video .?? Traffic melege ❤️
Billy Bob Cox
Billy Bob Cox 6 kun oldin
You had me until climate change.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 kun oldin
Well the good news is, science doesn’t care what you think
Joel 6 kun oldin
If belatteries are integrated into the frame what happens when your battery burns out? If the car totaled?
Abbe Ali
Abbe Ali 9 kun oldin
Volvo all THE way!
Xp Reflex
Xp Reflex 10 kun oldin
The model S plaid had the new battery technology working so it's here but they are just slowly ramping up production to meet the needs to build and be put in cars
Randall Burkhart
Randall Burkhart 11 kun oldin
I don’t get why someone would take a 12hr road trip and turn it into a 22hr trip. I think I’ll stick to my caravan.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 10 kun oldin
That’s a vast exaggeration. I just did a 12 hour road trip, and it was 14 hours including charging stops. Realistically would have been around 13 in a normal vehicle with gas/food/restroom stops. Superchargers are fast and you just get food/use the bathroom while it charges
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch 11 kun oldin
Great updates, thank you
Dismal187 11 kun oldin
Didn't see that coming not like the roadstar had 620mi 😂😂😂😂
Media Boost
Media Boost 12 kun oldin
What happened to the million mile battery? 🥺🥺
Rafat Shad
Rafat Shad 14 kun oldin
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Drew Harris
Drew Harris 16 kun oldin
I have this shirt too!
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 17 kun oldin
Needs to be $10,000 - $15,000 base
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 17 kun oldin
Can someone please give me a good argument to respond why I have a Tesla in North Dakota where everyone works in the oil field. I love fast cars and technology and have big trucks for work and all. But every now and then when I drive the Tesla someone gives me the evil eye and complains why I bought it. Thanks.
Johan Better
Johan Better 18 kun oldin
What a good time to be alive!
Vimal Jain
Vimal Jain 18 kun oldin
I love electric cars But i love the dodge muscle cars too (demon) specifically
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 18 kun oldin
( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Andrea Dodd
Andrea Dodd 19 kun oldin
The 1% is squashing money. No one will be buying anything including food.
novra hadi
novra hadi 19 kun oldin
The specs are just crazy!!
Roccaraso 19 kun oldin
my worry with the battery pack being directly part of the car and not attached to it is msotly on changing said pack of batteires, i expect it will be a lot more expensive to do
Capt Adam
Capt Adam 20 kun oldin
Holy shit, they’ve gone to plaid!
Zach S
Zach S 20 kun oldin
All I can say about the Plaid Model S is... BYE BYE TAYCAN!!!!
Christopher Morrison
Christopher Morrison 21 kun oldin
First time watching one of your videos, great job bro 👍🏾 Very informative.
Julian Kollataj
Julian Kollataj 21 kun oldin
Is Tesla doing anything about CO2 offset, besides through better production? Yes, Elon may be having good intentions for transitioning people to electric, no/low-CO2 emissions, but how much CO2s are produced in creating these cars, as well as the factories? How does one measure the impact on nature of these new vehicles? How does Tesla measure the impact on nature of their vehicle and battery production?
LittleMButler 21 kun oldin
Bro you gotta go to a chiropractor and get your shoulders levelled out
Jessa Phillips
Jessa Phillips 22 kun oldin
1100+ hp for $140k is amazing performance per dollar
Sergey Pupko
Sergey Pupko 22 kun oldin
I don't go around waving green peace signs, don't pray to Gretta Thumberg and certainly dont snarl at anyone passing by in a V8 powered muscle car... Quite the opposite. But this is the best example of why private sector will always do it better than government. This is more than a wish list that will require more resources than the sum of the wealth of all nations combined to achieve *cough* green new deal *cough* this is an actual plan, something politicians almost never have, because they don't need one, all they have to do is say a few buzz words to tickle the pickle of everyone too dumb to question anything the politicians say. Only two questions: how is Elon planning on cleaning up the excavation/processing/manufacturing/distribution/disposal process of all those batteries and what happens when we start realizing that we are depleting earth's resources producing LiOn just like we are with oil? Also, everyone worshipping at the altar of zero emissions need to realize that their EV was very unenvironmental during the production thereof.
raccoon sama
raccoon sama 22 kun oldin
dang this guy is pretty good looking. yes that's all i noticed
oceanfroggie 22 kun oldin
FSD is a myth, it seems 20-30 years away. AI is nowhere near as advanced as hype suggests. AI is still in its infancy.
Romulous75 22 kun oldin
You cannot beat the sun at climate change. That's what you'll be fighting against.
Kevin Cornell
Kevin Cornell 22 kun oldin
I hope this $25k car comes out soon. I'm running out of options for cars that DON'T have a CVT in them and I refuse to buy one. If this comes out soon enough, I'll be able to transition from a regular transmission to an all electric and completely skip that garbage transmission all together...
NoThisIsPratickStar 22 kun oldin
As much as I respect Elon, I can’t get behind Tesla because of its poor build quality so far. I’m sure they’ll improve over time
Cedric Fortier
Cedric Fortier 22 kun oldin
I'm just scared that a 25k tesla is going to be bad for the brand and the way people see it
RJ McAwesome J
RJ McAwesome J 22 kun oldin
‘I’m gonna enjoy all these coal powered electric cars. Still gotta plug these into the wall and where does that energy come from? Yup. Coal and nuclear. Not wind or solar.
Alexi Jeknavorian
Alexi Jeknavorian 22 kun oldin
This is actually a huge step forward for Tesla and thus battery/electric car tech for the rest of the world.. amazing
no112358 22 kun oldin
Electric cars contribute a lot pollution right from the start, with mining the materials needed to make the car. Climate change will not be effected by a few more Teslas on the road. The world has a global problem of politicians that talk big about saving the world from Climate Change, but not doing anything to solve the pollution problems. Climate change is also just a political scare tactic to pressure people into more taxes. Anyway we need to solve global pollution and worry about climate after since we are NOT the biggest factor in climate changing.
Neal Vallarsa
Neal Vallarsa 22 kun oldin
Elon the monopolist
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie 23 kun oldin
Tesla will become one of the largest car companies in the world soon. They've already made it there in some areas such as valuation but they have a long way to go in other areas however they are getting there. You're a fool though if you think all legacy automakers and new start ups will not stand a chance. Some of the new start ups will fail, some already have (Faraday Future) some though will probably be a massive success such as Rivian. As for legacy automakers some will not survive. Many will but not all. There will be casualties of the transition to electric power. But there will be survivors, however the inaction of legacy cars left the door wide open for Tesla and now they'll simply have to deal with them for a very long time.
Luxu 23 kun oldin
High school senior here. I need that $25,000 car to be my first. Now I know what I'll spend the money I've been saving on.
Kevin Cornell
Kevin Cornell 22 kun oldin
Are you just going to bike everywhere until you're like 21?
iCodyonline 23 kun oldin
25K Tesla, 200 mile range.
5.000.000 views 23 kun oldin
i hate waiting more than 2 years to get anything i need right now. i hate promises. patience is really a virtue. we need more electric car producers
Noodle Monster
Noodle Monster 23 kun oldin
People who dispise electric cars are what's wrong with the world...
Darnamora Gaming
Darnamora Gaming 23 kun oldin
Him : Announces Model S Plaid price. Me : Cries In AUD.
Carie Saad
Carie Saad 23 kun oldin
Sells themselves
hyp3ract1v •
hyp3ract1v • 23 kun oldin
Charge stations in every city...
Jackson Cooper
Jackson Cooper 23 kun oldin
So theoretically, since the new cells are tab-less and therefore electrons have less distance to travel, that would in turn greatly reduce charging times as well, no?
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 23 kun oldin
Tesla’s are for $&@@&$. Diesels are for men.
gsilva220 23 kun oldin
Vehicle-Battery integration: I have a feeling this $25k car will have non replaceable batteries sealed into the unibody...
Big Huge Man
Big Huge Man 22 kun oldin
I hope other companies like Nissan don’t follow suit, as if it becomes the societal norm, like it has been with cellphones, cars may come back to the status as being only for the privileged, knowing that you won’t be able to fix it, and you’ll have to replace the car entirely, and that’s way too expensive for most
Samuel Pérez
Samuel Pérez 22 kun oldin
@Kevin Cornell I feel this will be their end-goal. It ties into their full battery recycling plans, and in turn they force you to buy a whole new car. It's an evil genius kind of plan.
Kevin Cornell
Kevin Cornell 22 kun oldin
Hopefully not... It would turn it into a throw away item like our cellphones...
NothingHereToWatch 23 kun oldin
Climate change is sooo fake
Garrett Green
Garrett Green 24 kun oldin
So what’s the plan for recycling and/or disposing of old EV batteries?
Lissette Arroyo
Lissette Arroyo 24 kun oldin
Well I better start saving my money!
先生CherryPepsi 24 kun oldin
My prediction is that the next 4 models are going to to be E, L, 0, N. S3XY EL0N
Emil Dahl
Emil Dahl 24 kun oldin
I hope the new model will be a CT styled so they can push that price!
Andyzerg 24 kun oldin
Love the shirt, I have the same one! I remember where I got it, do you?
sparkle sparkles
sparkle sparkles 24 kun oldin
Haven't even finished designing the cybertruck you Muppets
John Smith
John Smith 24 kun oldin
innovation and technology is the answer to climate change
And E
And E 24 kun oldin
yoooooo big chingus at 12:31
And E
And E 24 kun oldin
AtendantGore91 25 kun oldin
No all it is, is common sense
Gamernate Moore
Gamernate Moore 25 kun oldin
So if your battery wears out then there is no replacing it?
• -X- •
• -X- • 25 kun oldin
You have a good shaped head
That Person
That Person 25 kun oldin
Got a Tesla ad before this video
Phil Nye
Phil Nye 25 kun oldin
Solid video! Very informative! Subscribed!
jae yong cho
jae yong cho 25 kun oldin
I just can't get on board without android auto feature.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 25 kun oldin
This was the Tesla event I have been waiting for, great video recap/breakdown!
David Ortez12
David Ortez12 25 kun oldin
Is that mean that the battery is more heavy or light? Please help thanks
ukmitch86 25 kun oldin
Disappointed the shareholders
Jay Syon
Jay Syon 26 kun oldin
The Apple of the automotive industry
Tnk4me 26 kun oldin
I Remember when the Ceo of Panasonic called Elon Crazy for thinking about the scale of batteries made in the gigafactory. Now the scale has increased by 3 orders of magnitude.
Harry Thompson
Harry Thompson 26 kun oldin
In two years the model s will look pretty dated even when they bing out the plaid
Hirdesh Bajwa
Hirdesh Bajwa 26 kun oldin
It is physical distancing not social distancing. The goal is only to stay 2 metres away from strangers and keep masks on inside public buildings. You don't need to start ignoring anyone. You can still talk to who ever you want by Skype, Facebook, or whatever. The phrase social distancing sends the wrong message and worsens the mental health problems some people are already experiencing by isolation! Stop it!
Nino Mendoza
Nino Mendoza 26 kun oldin
Super exciting stuff for sure!
F. Hellig
F. Hellig 26 kun oldin
Great video, gives hope for the future. Please try not to confuse Wh and W, GWh and GW and so on
Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids
Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids 26 kun oldin
One of my favorite thumbnails of all time 😍😍😍
Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids
Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids 26 kun oldin
My prediction: The next cars will be called Model A and Model F.
randy Grindle
randy Grindle 26 kun oldin
25000 id probibly.just get that or cyber truck
Abinash Pal
Abinash Pal 26 kun oldin
The machines who make the machines are more complex than the machines themselves_ Elon Musk.
Abinash Pal
Abinash Pal 26 kun oldin
So you are a Tesla guy.
Zahari Stoyanov
Zahari Stoyanov 26 kun oldin
In addition to the long travel distance, the tab creates a bottleneck, which they also got rid of with this new design :)
Shannon Parkhill
Shannon Parkhill 26 kun oldin
I don't get Elon's stats. If its 5x the energy, wouldn't that be 5x the range?
Quentin 26 kun oldin
25K has to have range or it’s trash ok. I’m huge on electric cars but with bad charger coverage for long travels it needs at least a 475mile range. Like that’s minimum. Not worth a range upgrade I’m talking 25K gets you dual motor 475mile range. It will take the market by storm.
Douglas Guiotto
Douglas Guiotto 26 kun oldin
EV 'S in general should end up costing at much lesser price than combustion engine cars.....
hermit anims
hermit anims 26 kun oldin
finaly future is coming
das Ⓖⓤ✝️🅰️L🅰️❌❗️
das Ⓖⓤ✝️🅰️L🅰️❌❗️ 26 kun oldin
May Tesla inspire every other company and people for a better world❗️🥰
das Ⓖⓤ✝️🅰️L🅰️❌❗️
das Ⓖⓤ✝️🅰️L🅰️❌❗️ 26 kun oldin
Cameron Hall
Cameron Hall 26 kun oldin
What about a $25K car for North America?
DIGGYDOOG 26 kun oldin
Elon should just buy all the big battery brands for the materials and it's more profit for him in the long run
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus 27 kun oldin
1:01 How did I get there?
Cover Up
Cover Up 27 kun oldin
You mean played? There is an i there so it’s pronounced “PLAYED”. just saying :)
Mathias 27 kun oldin
U'll leave every lambo and all other stuff behind in a 0-60 for 140000usd? Easily worth the money.
Raymond Ngo
Raymond Ngo 27 kun oldin
I haven’t watched the video but the thumbnails already grabbed my attention. Nice work!!
Paul Byrne
Paul Byrne 27 kun oldin
Want to really STOP Climate Change...look here>>> uzpost.info/vision/video/qZ5rzrCga6GEpWQ.html
Pierre Assouad
Pierre Assouad 27 kun oldin
Cells themselves...try to say it slower 😂
KEK KEK 27 kun oldin
2:58 new 4 seat koenigsegg ...
Matt G
Matt G 27 kun oldin
Had to go into the fake climate change stuff. It cant just be about innovation and having an option other than gas.
Isak s
Isak s 27 kun oldin
and i will most probably still be driving a manual transmission car with an ICE by 2030. i need the sound and the feel of actually driving a car and if there is an automatic transmission will it greatly disrupt the experience and have a huge negative impact on how fun the car is to drive. at me if you dare! I have far more fun in my 1996 tuned volvo 940 sedan than i had driving a porsche turbo which has what is generally regarded as the best automatic transmission on the market right now simply because of how much more i am a part of driving the car.
East CoastKickz
East CoastKickz 27 kun oldin
Tezla value = production of cars x atonomy Invest in atonomy
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 27 kun oldin
Tesla could just add some remote command to disable horn, if it is too anoying ;-)
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