Tesla Full Self Driving vs Rush Hour Traffic in Model Y

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Ryan Shaw

2 oy oldin

Putting Tesla’s Autopilot to the ultimate test in my Model Y: The Worst Los Angeles Freeway Interchanges! LA Traffic is notoriously bad, and the design of the freeways is no help. How can autopilot handle merging onto the 101, 110, 210, 605, 10, and 5?
Software: 2020.28.6 in Model Y.
Lane Change Confirmations: Off
Following Distance: 1
Speed Based Lane Changes: Average
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Tesla sells a Full Self Diving Package for $8000 for all of their cars, and the main feature of this package is Navigate on Autopilot, which Tesla says includes
“automatic Driving from Highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars”. So essentially, once I get on the freeway, the car should be able to drive me all the way until my exit, no matter where I route it.
So, I decided to put Autopilot to the ultimate test, and route myself through some of the craziest freeway interchanges in Los Angeles, during rush hour.
I started by routing myself from the 210 over to USC which required me to take the 210. 605, 10, 101, and 110. Then I did a bunch more crazy interchanges downtown and out in Glendale, and we had some success, and some failures from Autopilot. The video will be a little out of order since it took a bit to really get into the heat of traffic, but I’ll be sure to let you know everything that’s going on.
For the purposes of the test, I let the software determine everything, and had Lane change confirmations turned off. So if I’m hanging out in the passing lane, or doing any stupid driving maneuvers, it’s the software okay….not me! Normally I would take over in these scenarios but I wanted to see what the car would do for this video.
Also for all of you Tesla nerds out there, I’m on software version 2020.28.6 in the Model Y with Hardware 3.0, speed based lane changes are on Average, and my following distance is set to 1. . Alright lets get into it.
For today’s test, I’m driving in my Tesla Model Y, and using Full Self Driving, or FSD with Navigate on Autopilot with Lane Change Confirmations turned off. I try lots of crazy freeway interchanges, merges, and intersections all throughout downtown Los Angeles during rush hour, and see how Autopilot can handle in LA Traffic. LA Traffic Autopilot.
You’ll see times when Autopilot does a great merge, or a terrible merge, as well as some cases of the Model Y doing phantom braking. You’ll get to see just how non-courteous LA drivers are, and see how angry they can be from time to time. I’m glad it wasn’t an accident in one of those “Autopilot Accident” videos, and overall I’m glad that in general, Autopilot seems to do incredibly well.
Tesla’s Full Self Driving package includes:
Auto Lane Change
Navigate on Autopilot
Recognize and Respond to Traffic Lights and Stop Signs
And soon: Autosteer on City Streets.
#tesla #modely #teslamodely #teslaautopilot #autopilot #selfdrivingcars

We saw some pretty big extremes from Autopilot today putting it through some really tough circumstances with crazy freeway onramps, merges, interchanges, and lane changes.=. Sometimes it did a really great job and did no better or worse than I would have done, but sometimes it just sat there and waited for a gap and did a really poor job.
Overall, really exciting technology, and I’m super excited to see what the future holds. Also just to reiterate, I don’t use it to this extent every time I drive. ‘d typically take over much sooner in all of the times it failed throughout this video.
Some topics covered:
Tesla Autopilot Traffic
Tesla Autopilot LA Traffic
Model Y Autopilot
Tesla Autopilot Merges
Tesla Autopilot Freeway Interchanges

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
My Favorite Tesla Model Y Accessories: bit.ly/3cFR3Gg
Kob Lerone
Kob Lerone 28 kun oldin
Let the car work you are really bad at using Tesla self driving not the car
Danny Vega
Danny Vega 29 kun oldin
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GOLD STANDARD 2 oy oldin
Horrible test with out actually letting the car do its thing to see what would actually happen. Scared little driver
Stella White
Stella White 2 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw Full self driving is already activated???
Ly Chu
Ly Chu 4 kun oldin
the tittle of this video is misleading information. not sure what your intend is but like you said it is a feature called autopilot on navigation not full self-driving!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 4 kun oldin
That's a feature of the package that tesla sells called "Full Self Driving"
Ekeba Slay
Ekeba Slay 4 kun oldin
Tesla is not ,, full self driving" at this lol
Climate Deception Network
Climate Deception Network 4 kun oldin
Well done. I know the drive very well.
Pryometrix 5 kun oldin
I think the guy in the truck was an idiot and he doesn't know how to do lane changes, simple really.
Bewsted 5 kun oldin
Thanks for repeating the tests!
FROZEN EGGY 6 kun oldin
S 3 X Y Cybertruck ATV Roadster Semi Elon did good My comment ask for permission or be sued lol
Dungeons Heroes
Dungeons Heroes 8 kun oldin
you have the ability to change the distance from the front car from the settings
abd salam el khamlichi
abd salam el khamlichi 8 kun oldin
Does Tesla model y have FSD hardware? if yes why should I pay extra 8k to enable it?
Heidi Heaux
Heidi Heaux 10 kun oldin
This was fascinating to watch. I'm in LA and know all of these spots all too well. I'm usually too afraid to even use my Autopilot so this was helpful and nerve wracking all at once! lol
MineManiac 10 kun oldin
Around 3:50 another Tesla overtakes you
Orion Nauman
Orion Nauman 12 kun oldin
All I'm hearing is human drivers are assholes. Let other drivers in.
Bryan P
Bryan P 12 kun oldin
To me the phantom breaking underneath the overpass I believe is due to the shadow but maybe the sun breaking over the bridge makes the appearance of a light
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch 14 kun oldin
Thank you, very informative video
Saravanan Jayakumar
Saravanan Jayakumar 14 kun oldin
Looks like if someone doesnt give you the space for a lane change , autopilot is unable to complete the lane change
Kristina T
Kristina T 15 kun oldin
It also seems like it only knows how to lane change by waiting for the vehicle to go by like around 8:45 when I would have just sped up and merged in front of that grey Honda
Kristina T
Kristina T 15 kun oldin
It seems like autopilot would be comparable to letting your teenage kid with a learner's permit drive you. Probably won't fuck up, will be overly cautious, and doesn't have the fine-tuned skills of an experienced driver. I wonder if the AI will eventually develop these skills as it processes more and more data
mmanda515 16 kun oldin
Seeing the concerns w/ the large gaps & hard braking (esp where that pickup behind, phew... close) situations, had a thought & was wondering something... On your cruise control itself, think I saw where there was an option to leave as default or set/adjust # of car lengths you feel safe leaving between, in front? Was thinking perhaps that would apply in this type of driving as well, so if... say it's set to "3", no matter.. will try to leave 3 spaces in front of you? Even in those situations then, w/ lots of traffic, total grid-lock, merging or... those in front of you slam on their brakes.. If you're already back far enough, unlike a human who can adjust on the fly to decide... it'd prob. brake super hard in order to maintain that 3 car distance? If, perhaps.. it were reduced to 1.. ? Would it then change that huge gap & those behind (along w/ you seeing those cars coming for ya quickly.. thinking you're prob about to get rear-ended) nearly having a heart-attack seeing your brake lights way earlier than anticipated? ~ Idk, just a thought. All those situations you took over, I DEF. would have too. Thanks for sharing... stay safe & be well. (P.S. pls be sure to properly & fully disclose all those affiliate/referral links, etc. (above/prior to them) As both a viewer/consumer, the compliance w/ what's in place to protect consumers.. your viewers..., as required, would be greatly appreciated)
Star Man
Star Man 17 kun oldin
Autopilot is doing a great job. Problem lies with people's anticipation. Ones most cars are self-driving we'll be rid of sketching driving.
idkroselle 17 kun oldin
I don't expect the car to do those hard lane changes and merges in bumper to bumper traffic
Stanley Malbrough
Stanley Malbrough 18 kun oldin
That first slow down with that truck behind you was actually good.... You keep your distance in traffic... That's how you lol traffic jams... I cruise like that in traffic and eventually everyone else notices "hey he's not hitting his brakes every 5 seconds" lol
Pink Nightmare
Pink Nightmare 18 kun oldin
This wont be a problem when Everyone is useing self driving
Daniel Underhill
Daniel Underhill 18 kun oldin
If you're doing a test like this, you should really have your hazard lights on. If the hazards weren't on, then I would say this pretty irresponsible.
franco H
franco H 18 kun oldin
So young so shiny that head 🥺
Peter J-S
Peter J-S 18 kun oldin
Bro, awesome content! Nice analysis of FSD from August! How's it run now?
Vincent bob
Vincent bob 19 kun oldin
0:52 You still have full responsibility for what the car does.
Feike Leemkuil
Feike Leemkuil 19 kun oldin
First things first, US infrastructure blows. I know backroads in the middle of no where with better roads and lines than these highways
Indonesia 20 kun oldin
If you were in Indonesia, people behind you would honk constantly if you kept that much distance between the car in front of you.
Tesla Semi Truck
Tesla Semi Truck 20 kun oldin
16:03 Yea the traffic lights were the problem up there... it thought it was for the car lol
Matthew Massa
Matthew Massa 21 kun oldin
Thank you for training the network
Anurag Dighe
Anurag Dighe 21 kun oldin
Yo, I live in Azusa and you passed my house lol
Sędziwój 22 kun oldin
Sorry, but car behind you should take enough space for breaking, and you did not say what distance you selected in options, if 3... yeah, it will leave a lot of space.
Cesar Rosales
Cesar Rosales 23 kun oldin
so many ads men I'm done with it
Jay Syon
Jay Syon 24 kun oldin
They need to fix where it just brakes in the middle of traffic to Lane change that’s a real issue. Especially with humans behind you driving.
Leader2light 25 kun oldin
Pretty clear Tesla needs to be sued for this autopilot trash.
PLASMA chicken
PLASMA chicken 22 kun oldin
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 25 kun oldin
It'll be interesting when more Tesla's are on the road, if the full self drive systems recognize other Tesla's on Self drive and they are extra courteous and let the other Tesla's merge in.
Chessknock 25 kun oldin
16:00 maybe the Sun that appeared right under the bridge? For tesla camera it appeared like a blink i guess
Simmer Pete
Simmer Pete 26 kun oldin
This is why you don’t buy FSD right now. Save your money! You’re very brave for this.
Franciszek Banek
Franciszek Banek 26 kun oldin
I saw a consistency with the "follow distance" and the Y slowing down. I'm curious what your following distance was set to.
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard 7 kun oldin
Same. Should have bee set to minimum (1) car length in that slow tight traffic. Upcoming re-write makes it all moot anyway.
Silver Crypto
Silver Crypto 26 kun oldin
I always leave it on 7 for car length at speeds over 65 Speeds below 55 or bumper to bumper is good around 2 or 3 Fun fact I've had drivers cut my Autopilot off with a length of only 1 so stay vigilant.
Shalom Rutere
Shalom Rutere 27 kun oldin
The idea that the model Y is having trouble switching lanes into tight spaces on the highway makes me wonder how the much bigger Cyber truck will fair on that area on autopilot.
carl ingalls
carl ingalls 27 kun oldin
Question? Have you ever been in a group, Tesla car using the auto-pilot at same time because I was have they re-act to each other
Myles 28 kun oldin
Elon needs to stop with the scams. Dumb summon navigate nowhere on autopilot
William Almond
William Almond 28 kun oldin
There's road markings here in Tacoma that when it rains no one can tell which lane is which.
Hardlee Theyer
Hardlee Theyer 28 kun oldin
This looks exactly like Atlanta traffic.
Hardlee Theyer
Hardlee Theyer 28 kun oldin
I know a federal police officer which has investigated more than one tesla autopilot crash. He said that in those cases it was definitely being used in a way that it shouldn't have been.
Albert Rombold
Albert Rombold 28 kun oldin
Great Video I guess Autopilot is for made for over safety, of course, the worst can happen for Tesla is an accident! As long as we have more ICE Cars on the Road (Dinosaurs) this will not be perfect in this condition. Let the future come
mrptyltd 28 kun oldin
Lol so typical that slower cars are all in the left! Lol, also so many assholes that don't let people merge is why we have traffic jams lol dumbasses.
mrptyltd 28 kun oldin
Roads and road markings in L.A. and across the USA are so bad, I'm actually surprised autopilot even works there. I thought the roads in Australia were bad, until I visited the USA. Never complaining about our roads again lol. If anything the take away from this observation is, the technology is pretty damn great considering. Also notice no one use indicators over there, it's really bad.
Kob Lerone
Kob Lerone 28 kun oldin
Bro be quiet Tesla is so much better than u make it look your not good at the Tesla self driving we can all tell it’s your first using it u need to just let it work and only help it when it asked you to don’t give Tesla a bad name because you’re bad at using it
Wilfred Tam
Wilfred Tam 28 kun oldin
The Tesla AI was just leaving the safety cushion distance between cars for defensive driving. That guy in the pickup was just trying to shave a few seconds of his life just be slow down like the rest of the people on the freeway. There will always be people like that. If the truck does clip you. It was his fault.
Austin Holmes
Austin Holmes 28 kun oldin
Totally agree with you, my model 3 auto pilot brakes way too hard and abruptly, I even tried changing the setting from 3 car lengths away from the car in front of me to 4 but it still accelerates so fast and slams on the brakes in stop and go traffic. Hope that gets fixed in an update later on!
Hus 9
Hus 9 28 kun oldin
Humans are driving wat to close and not leaving enough space for the emergency services
Reader Of Speaks
Reader Of Speaks 29 kun oldin
The 101, the 110. He's from SoCal alright.
Philipp Moser
Philipp Moser 29 kun oldin
LA Traffic looks very aggressive to me. The other cars goes zick zack all the time. It's very scary
Nathan Wells
Nathan Wells 29 kun oldin
Yeah I'll stick with the basic auto pilot, the full self driving really makes this sketchy for me after watching this video. Maybe once they get all the bug fixes in it I'll feel comfortable, but for now that's a hell no for me.
frozenwalkway Oy oldin
Is this mad max mode or what ?
StratNut2008 Oy oldin
Despite its shortcomings its impressive... what is problematic is that it’s $8,000 .... what goes into that cost? Is it simply software? If so, damn... that’s one hell of a download... anyone know if there are specific componentry that is required to be installed besides software?
Callum Dean
Callum Dean Oy oldin
at 16.07 where you was talking about the car slowing down for no reason, there was a person behind the bridge. Could the autopilot have picked up on this be the reason why the car slowed down?
You Tube
You Tube Oy oldin
For 60k you can a driver who beats all auto pilots
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Oy oldin
Problem is Tesla also uses data from germany for instance. Feed the ai with data from Mumbai India or LA only...
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Oy oldin
I think your distance settings to front cars was too high
AtomicPineapple Oy oldin
this is hard to watch. not even 5 minutes into the video. u got balls for dong this in that traffic!
TJ32 Oy oldin
Full self driving is not even remotely close.
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams Oy oldin
I was trying to decide weather or not a tesla is for me right now and ive now decided to wait a few years
Tim Swinnen
Tim Swinnen Oy oldin
Well it's trying to be safer than human drivers. I don't think self driving cars will ever be a real thing.
Kaleb Micklatcher
Kaleb Micklatcher Oy oldin
The phantom braking for the light looked like it saw the lights from the intersection on the bridge
Rich Burmond
Rich Burmond Oy oldin
Lol the roads are so trash compared to the ones in The Netherlands
ann sport
ann sport Oy oldin
So this channel is agaimst telsa?
Ro Mc
Ro Mc Oy oldin
In india this car will not move becoz there is no lane
Dark Warrior
Dark Warrior Oy oldin
One of my biggest pet peeves is people not using their friggen turn signal. Its not hard like wtf.
Joyce Barnett
Joyce Barnett Oy oldin
Maybe not good in heavy traffic to do autopilot
Fred Ross
Fred Ross Oy oldin
@16:09 the tesla saw the traffic lights on the bridge above you
cucho1967 Oy oldin
I can't stand human drivers.
Nicholas Menolascina
Nicholas Menolascina Oy oldin
I thought Illinois had bad roads. La is a mess
Natanael Wieland
Natanael Wieland Oy oldin
3:05 I think its better to stop a bit to fast, then no stopping at all
Mingtang Yin
Mingtang Yin Oy oldin
The shadow of the bridge caused the sudden brake.
inequil1026 Oy oldin
Ryan, watched your video and have the following comments: you need to give the car (the algorithm) more time... I did a lot of testing (in the Bay Area) with full auto pilot and my conclusions is that it will finish the job, but you have to have a lot of nerves to trust it. Most other drivers will be really mad at you (the stupid Model 3 driver in front of them). Never had an accident with autopilot.... The car gets spooked from the shadows of the bridge and other interference from the sun. I had about 12 ghost breaking events in 2 years and 15,000 mile driving (and they are freighting when they happen out of nowhere). Still this is not a lot of errors giving the many different and challenging lighting situations I had driving with autopilot... sometimes even humans have trouble to decide and need to break.... Autopilot is also a left-lane hog.... which I hate.... (did my driver's license in Germany and am acutely aware of what Peter is writing below)...... Model 3 on autopilot would commit suicide on a German autobahn At 21:05: this is the "LA aggressive driver feature" that Model 3 should always use in your neighborhood... need that feature in the next SW update.. What was your distance between cars setting during your test??? 1 car length? What would happen at 3 car length setting? ....we will NOT get full autonomous driving unless all cars have 5G communication allowing them to communicate between them on their intentions. Still love autopilot for most of the typical traffic situations....remember, every time you take over from autopilot, the pictures are being processed for the AI algorithm to learn more.. autopilot has made a lot of progress in the past 2 years,.... you should have experienced the (pathetic) lane changes 18 months ago...
MARTY Oy oldin
Gives me anxiety more because I don’t trust this guy could drive worth a dam.
MARTY Oy oldin
Sitting on the back right of a semi is insanely stupid. Just saying.
Tony Tiramasu Ferg
Tony Tiramasu Ferg Oy oldin
Ppl getting mad at autopilot lol
Imran Rehman
Imran Rehman Oy oldin
I liked and appreciate your review. Very real and honest review.
Nick Danger
Nick Danger Oy oldin
Drives like a nervous 16-year-old who got their license in Carlinville and then moved to LA.
Nick Danger
Nick Danger Oy oldin
Love the Teslas but FSD is a joke. Call me when the steering wheel is optional equipment. Until then, it is just extra work. You have to watch traffic and watch what FSD is doing. When I was as driving in Chicago rush hour expressway traffic every day, I would let people in unless they were driving like your Tesla. I don't want incompetent drivers leaving excessive following distance who are afraid to change lanes in front of me. And LA traffic looks easy compared to what I was used to in Chicago.
Edil Mark Yamat
Edil Mark Yamat Oy oldin
Very in-depth! 😊 good job!
matthew beavers
matthew beavers Oy oldin
As far with the truck, it looks as if they implented Smith Driving Keys into the algorithm. When stopping, it's system creates the space cushion needed to severe a bumper to bumper to bumper collision. So as that previous driver did not create space cushion to avoid your sudden stop, you did. So if you were rear ended you wouldn't nudge the car in front of you. The laws are written this way. It makes sense that the algorithm mimics it.
Richard Anthony Media
Richard Anthony Media Oy oldin
It’s a neat feature but not ready for prime time. Maybe in zero traffic in the suburbs but at the cost it’s hard to justify.
rlshky Oy oldin
Nice effort on the video but reading that you’re not in Mad Max mode in heavy LA traffic unfortunately makes your video not as worthwhile as it should have been
Novel Sea
Novel Sea Oy oldin
The car did amazing I mean the second best automatic car in the world can switch lanes and slow down whenever your about to hit somthkng
Terry Brokenbough
Terry Brokenbough Oy oldin
What camers are you using?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Inside is a Panasonic G85: amzn.to/2RFdjaf Roof is a GoPro Max 360: amzn.to/2RJePIt Inside on me is a GoPro Hero 7: amzn.to/3iKKzJa
wakbordr Oy oldin
That phantom red light I believe is the sun shining off the red hood of your car.
AS Dutt
AS Dutt Oy oldin
@5:30 to make sure you don't kick yourself out of auto pilot mode, instead of applying pressure on the steering wheel, just scroll the volume or the speed limit roller on the steering wheel up/ down for a second. It does the trick. I recently drove over 800km while doing that on auto pilot (not FSD) on a really long road trip. Great video!
paul vander haegen
paul vander haegen Oy oldin
i am a human and i drive like a tesla
Ron Balchin
Ron Balchin Oy oldin
Re: "phantom braking". When the U.K. Consumers Association magazine Which? reviewed the model 3 they were concerned that, when the car crossed under or over another road and the other road had a lower speed limit, the car would slam on the brakes to reduce its speed.
1g2002541 Oy oldin
Instead of $8000, I have to say it's good deal if Tesla charges $16,000 for LA traffice. But, they're building a Hyperloop in LA, I guess they will charge you more for hyperloop.
Dane Flanigan
Dane Flanigan Oy oldin
Very informative video, I know this route and it was good to have your back camera view. I’m in the market for a Tesla and not sure this version of auto~pilot is worth the 8k price tag?
Dane Flanigan
Dane Flanigan 2 kun oldin
@Mike McCarthy Is there an EV that has better AI should take a look at?
Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy 4 kun oldin
If you’re only in the market, the Tesla you’d buy will not have his version. It’ll be at least the current Beta w/ updates for what was learned by AI in the meanwhile, esp. by the expert drivers now using it.
It`sjustfran vlogs
It`sjustfran vlogs Oy oldin
The reason is probably leaving that big of a gap between cars because you have it programmed like that so i would check the settings in the tesla :)
Jay - Wheezy
Jay - Wheezy Oy oldin
This is still pretty impressive considering the flintstones use to use their feet 👍🏼
Denis The Menace
Denis The Menace Oy oldin
16:07 it saw the person on the right side of the road, probably 🤷🏻‍♂️
lunchthief Oy oldin
0:46 Whoa slow down XD
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