Tesla FINALLY Fixed My Model Y!

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Ryan Shaw

4 oy oldin

After 3 months and 3 service appointments, my Model Y is Fixed!…mostly.
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In my last video, I detailed the experience I’ve been having with my Tesla Model Y, Model Y Issues, and Tesla service. Tesla is known to have less than ideal quality control, and this is still an issue on their newest car, the Model Y. Ultimately, I’ve come to this conclusion: The Model Y Was Released too Early.
After delivery, I started noticing issues, and more started popping up as I drove the car.
I had Model Y Paint issues where the paint was missing in a couple small areas, the Model Y rear seats were not aligned properly, the trim on the roof was loose, the front trunk was having an issue saying it was open, when it wasn’t, the window didn’t roll down properly and caused a gash on the trim, the head rests squeaked with every bump, the rear seats rattled, the drive side window rattled, the front headlight had this issue where you push on it, and it gives a little, and the car has a general settling sound.
For the rear seat alignment, Tesla said they did not have a fix for it since it is a brand new car.
y windshield needs replacing (got hit by a large rock).
Well the day I posted that video, the issue that the front trunk was having came back in full force, making it incredibly frustrating to drive the car.
It was popping up and flashing constantly. And then, anytime I would go into autopilot, it would force me out of it.
Ultimately, after my experiences so far, I feel like Tesla just released the Model Y too quickly. They need to hit sales and production numbers, and it was exciting to see them actually beat a deadline, but the Model Y wasn’t ready.
I brought my Model Y in a third time for service.
The next day they called, detailed the fix for the front trunk bug, and let me know that they sourced the remaining parts for my future appointment, including the windshield, from other service centers. They expedited all of this for me since they understood how frustrating it is to keep coming in.
The next day, I picked it up and they walked me through everything.
First, and most importantly, they fixed the front trunk bug. They said it was an issue with the front computer. They fixed it, and I’ve driven the car quite a bit with no issue. The Model Y Front Trunk also latches much better now.
Second, and secondly important, they fixed the rear seat alignment! According to them, Tesla had just pushed out an official update to the seats themselves that week.
Tesla is now making the Model Y with the corrected seats, and they are shipping the fixes to service centers.
Next, there was some glue residue coming off of my B-Pillar, and Tesla replaced the pillar entirely, since that is what needed to be done.
Third, Tesla fixed the trim coming loose on the driver side door.
They actually fixed the whole headliner, around the car, which was a little loose and now it looks great.
They also re-aligned the liftgate, and the hood. These were issues I had never mentioned to them, but they adjusted it, and it definitely looks better than before.
Then, there was one issue they pointed out to me. A piece of the plastic in the trunk space was coming out of place a little. For this, they didn’t have the part, but said that mobile service will be able to come fix it.
This experience with Tesla service was fantastic.
I drove away from the appointment, and of course noticed that the rear seats still buzz a little. I honestly think it’s a design flaw. The seats are now in alignment, but with the 60/40 split, the material rubs together anytime you hit a bump.
I also mentioned to Tesla service what I had heard on twitter and from Sandy Munro, that Tesla had recently added insulation pieces to the Model Y AC unit and heat pump. Tesla service confirmed that also within the last week, Tesla has made this fix official on the Model Y.
Once I have all of these fixed by mobile service, I think the car will be how it should have come. According to Tesla service, these Tesla Model Y production issues are common.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 4 oy oldin
Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️ts.la/ryan51525
J Clar
J Clar 7 soat oldin
Elon had to have it built in the Bay Area....
Rubber Roast
Rubber Roast 2 oy oldin
how much is that credit for?
Jinkguns 3 oy oldin
Thanks Ryan! How do you feel about the Red paint? As a color choice?
Patrick Chung
Patrick Chung 4 oy oldin
SC has warped into QC for Tesla, that's just plain bad. I'm not sure if I want my car at this time yet with so many issues.
you don't own me
you don't own me 4 kun oldin
Elon should hire some Toyota quality control engineers because for 60 K NONE of that should have left the plant. but you know quality is engineered into a product NOT inspected into it.. he needs to review the production process and engineering on that Y all this tell me he still has production problems in the plants.. and a JUST SHIP it mentality LOL
you don't own me
you don't own me 4 kun oldin
they probably just put some flat washers under the seat for spacers then bolted them down again LOL
you don't own me
you don't own me 4 kun oldin
use auto spray silicone on the headrest to stop that.. it's what all auto manufactures do and it lowers the efforts on raising and lowering it. you have to pull it out. put some on a rag and wipe down the rod then reinstall it. just a light coat.. don't over do it
Grey Phantome
Grey Phantome 6 kun oldin
I had all,these and more issues on my brand new X5
E Ryu
E Ryu 8 kun oldin
Sorry you went through this. Something seriously has to change with regards to Tesla service center culture. As for my experience, I bought a 2020 Model 3 in July/2020, and I've taken it in 2x (Santa Monica first and then Culver City due to fairly reprehensible customer service quality). Each experience was pretty bad. The visibly tired Service Reps kept insisting that mere cosmetic defects were NOT covered under warranty (although I insisted that a defect, no matter how it's characterized is still a "defect"), based on RO only reviewed 1 of 5-7 concerns registered on each visit (pretty much the same ones each time), and kept telling me the chronic rattles/clunks either didn't exist or were "supposed to be" (in a $50K car). It's at a point where I'm embarrassed to take friends out on drive. On top of having to deal with wry comments and gaslighting, on the date of scheduled pickup, they told me they haven't even started diagnoses as to the other issues and they couldn't give me a time estimate. LOL, like WTF? I'm no stranger to stress and prioritization that come with high work volume and shorthandedness but on each visit I couldn't help but think there's something seriously wrong with the culture of (LA?) Tesla service centers. Tesla employees came off so professional and pleasant in comparison at the time of purchase... :/
Ngo Fam
Ngo Fam 10 kun oldin
Thanks so much for the video Ryan. We bought our Model Y over a month ago and are experiencing the frustration of making appointments, having Mobile Service to come, and going to the Service Center for all built quality issues with our car. Our car serial number is in the 38K one and Tesla still has not fixed all the reported issues. So far we have had issues with alignment between the glass roof and back trunk, causing the tail lights have moisture after driving shortly in the rain (Tesla didn't want to fix this until there is actual water staying inside the lights); driver door handle doesn't lack in completely (Mobile Service appt. fixed this); this week brand new issue is whenever we open the front passenger door, there is an annoyed squeaking noise. We looked at the door and its front edge (toward the bottom) was touching the front bumper edge. Therefore another appointment has been made for this. Hope this will be fixed at that appointment and hope for no more issue! Are we being punished for willingness to try something new from Tesla? We should have waited for another year!
Ricky White
Ricky White 11 kun oldin
@Ryan Shaw at least you didn’t buy an Audi e-tron...... uzpost.info/vision/video/grWIqcuGZ6CBnZM.html
Miłosz Michałowski-Żuk
Miłosz Michałowski-Żuk 12 kun oldin
As cool as Teslas are, these bugs are just comical. Cars made in the communist Poland had similar quality - although rear seats were aligned in our Polonez :) Also, it’s a weird mindset of Tesla customers that also reminds me of communist era customer service (which was non existent) and customer’s approach whereas, you were happy to just get your lousy car, regardless of it’s issues and shortcomings. Back then you could fix most things by yourself with a screwdriver and a hammer. It sounds eerily similar when I watch these Tesla customers make excuses and not being totally pissed: - they messed up putting together your brand new car for 60k - your grateful and excited they are nice about fixing it and only ask you to come by 3 times to do it. - also “the head engineer is already on it”! Wow... sounds exactly like something a communist mechanic would say to get rid of an annoying customer :) - these are common problems, that happen to a lot of our new cars, so it’s okay. Nothing to worry about ;) I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust my life to a company who can’t (and or won’t) put enough effort to not sell 1000 lemons to people. Screw those 5 NCAP stars - they didn’t get them using a misaligned vehicle. Who knows what else they didn’t align, what screw they left a bit loose before you got the car. Get a Volvo for your 60k or 2 Toyotas - wait until Tesla stops beta testing 60k cars with customers.
LouisChiaki 13 kun oldin
Great to see someone help us debug a new car so when we bought it, it will be perfect :D
Dragon Sickness
Dragon Sickness 14 kun oldin
If its a computer on wheels then every problem they fix creates 10 more problens.
blipblop92 23 kun oldin
Hell. Tesla is losing alot of money with all these service appointments
John Wardale
John Wardale 24 kun oldin
Not sure about costs, but Tesla has always been about trade offs between gradual and aggressive scale-up issues. Brand new models frequently have minor issues, but I totally have to agree that they used you as a BETA tester. (They need to be up-front when they do that!). Given their history and service quality, I have to assume that they have some service costs baked into the $60k which probably isn’t as necessary for their high volume cars (3’s this year).
A B Oy oldin
Tesla can't afford for this to keep happening. Even as they improve the volume of youtube videos and checklists being shared is going to keep overloading the service centers. This must be killing their profits. Fixes cost multiple times the price of doing it right the first time.
A B Oy oldin
Did insurance cover the windshield? That looks expensive.
Alvedrotten Oy oldin
Tesla customers = beta testers. And that's ok, but my god, this is actually unaceptable otherwise, and the brands taking quality serious are catching up, you don't have to be a beta tester anymore to experience electric performance.
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson Oy oldin
Stop encouraging these morons who just need problems for UZpost videos. He’s complaining about the noise outside the vehicle even though he says it’s normal on the inside. What a waste of electrons it was to watch this crap
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks for watching 😘. I’m sure you don’t care at all to research further, but this is what I was talking about: www.tesmanian.com/blogs/tesmanian-blog/tesla-model-y-heat-pump-noise-cancellation-retrofit
Nicolas Terzani
Nicolas Terzani Oy oldin
Got today my model y if you want my feedback for a video with footage let me know. Issues with back seats, few alignment issues, small scratches on black handle.. overall good though.
Allan Oy oldin
Watching this the day after TSLA announced it is selling ~$5 Billion in stock in the near future to inject some capital back into the company. Fixing all of those issues at the service center is definitely more costly than getting it right from the factory, but something tells me they like hitting the big milestones to make investors happy every quarter as well. And they make THOSE people happy by building cars and shipping them quickly.
nerd2daybosstmorrow Oy oldin
What did they end up doing for the front hood sensor?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Yeah, none of them know how to fix that one. It’s pretty frustrating :/
nerd2daybosstmorrow Oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw I see. They replaced the computer. We are on our second latch/sensor replace but might mention the computer fix
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Christopher Harrell
Christopher Harrell Oy oldin
Hey Ryan, I bought a Model Y and took delivery 8/2/20. My rear seats were not aligned and when I asked about it they said there is no fix. Your video says Tesla stated there is a fix. Are you willing to share your VIN in a DM so I can share with my Tesla service center about getting it fixed?
yumakami 2 oy oldin
Thank you for the review and this follow-up video! I am now pretty keen on getting a Model Y (instead of the X), but it sounds like I'll be better off waiting a year before buying to have them fix some of these issues. That works out great for me. Thanks again!
P121463S 2 oy oldin
A $60k Lemon - progress!
Dylan Hunton
Dylan Hunton 2 oy oldin
So how did they fix the front trunk sensor ? My local service center has not been able to fix the issue on my model y after two service appointments!! Maybe I can help if anyone knows what it is. Thank you.
John Sy
John Sy 2 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw, can you provide the part# (service invoice) for the rear seat alignment fix? I'm getting the run around w/ my SC rep, going in a 2nd time for technician inspection. Apparently first time was determined no part needed - issue not fixed. Thanks
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Can't guarantee it can help, but email me at ryanshawreviews@gmail.com and I can send the part number.
nerd2daybosstmorrow 2 oy oldin
Our front trunk has started doing this now
Boots Whitlock
Boots Whitlock 2 oy oldin
I'm getting a Tesla. Depending on when it'll be a model y or cybertruck
Eric Nary
Eric Nary 2 oy oldin
huge whiner. Significant issues but to stressful to drive the car ;) to funny
Fred Martin
Fred Martin 2 oy oldin
You know that Tesla is the very lowest quality car on the market from J.D. Power quality survey.
Nicholas Tang
Nicholas Tang 2 oy oldin
Releasing the model y earlier 4 months pushed their stock to x2-x3 Toyota so it’s peanuts for them. The cost is actually lesser than waiting it out
J Smith
J Smith 2 oy oldin
WTF!!?? Tesla wants to put tape around the seats as a fix? That just covers up the problem. Most likely there’s some type of body flex happening which will lead to premature fatigue. Sound deadening around compressor and pump? What are these guys? Shade tree mechanics? Loud noise could mean a) cheap bearings, b) unbalanced shaft, c) poor housing tolerances, or d) a whole lot of other things. To recommend sound deadening material simply masks a problem. Hopefully, for Tesla, failure will happen after the warranty runs out.
J Smith
J Smith 2 oy oldin
More likely, this guy has a UZpost Video, and he might let other people know how crappy our cars are.
nbssms 2 oy oldin
Get a Toyota quality control, all teslas would be back to the shops 🤣
Agumon5 2 oy oldin
Honestly man, you've 100% convinced me to never buy a Tesla. I'm over here complaining that my Ford Ranger has a slight trim alignment problem on the passenger side door, but I spent $27,000 on this truck, not close to 50-60k!
strtngfrsh 2 oy oldin
Why were you contimplatiing sellling the Tesla? You'd be lucky to get 1/2 what you paid for it. These issues are not only common for new Model Y's they are common and even expected for new Tesla's.
Exjora 2 oy oldin
lol goddamn I wanted a tesla, now I am avoiding them after this video.
Serslystrong 2 oy oldin
“Tesla finally fixed my model Y. They replaced mine with a new one.”
Tim Kryger
Tim Kryger 2 oy oldin
I have an "S" and an early adopter from 2013. I got the extended warranty which was great. I renewed the $4,000 warranty after the 4 year mark thinking it was the same warranty - wrong.... They don't cover as much and there is a $200 deductible for each time there is a warranty issue, they don't even cover the 12v battery. The Service Center staff is friendly if you can get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time. I even thought about trading it in but its lost over 75% of its value as a trade in. I'm coming up to the 8 yr mark. It seems to me they are pushing the cars out of the factory with issues and letting the Service Center deal with it. I'm not sure I would get another Tesla.
Massimo van steen
Massimo van steen 2 oy oldin
its like a todler put those cars together.
admhou1 2 oy oldin
... and just think, Elon is filling the orbit around the earth with thousands of satellites. People think they are going to get great internet. LOL They are just as gullible as you are.
Laurris A.T
Laurris A.T 2 oy oldin
But why would you open window with ac or heat on tho ?
Real Talk
Real Talk 2 oy oldin
What a shitbox
dginyard6 2 oy oldin
Should there be this many issues with a "new" car? Loose panels? Missing paint? It's almost like this car is a kit put together. Another commenter said the car was manufactured 6/14 and he got it 6/17. So quality inspections and all that happen that quickly?
Joel 74
Joel 74 2 oy oldin
If I were you I would have just gone straight to the service center and politely told them to fix it, now! But I'm Australian and we won't take their stupid excuses
Zachary 2 oy oldin
The only thing that is going to keep them from selling 'beta test' cars is if the service appointments costs dig into their profits. You NEVER sell car as a BETA TEST vehicle. It is a car, not computer game. This is a vehicle that will be driven on the street and out in public. You make it right the first time.
Ramo's Vids
Ramo's Vids 2 oy oldin
If they decided to make the Cybertruck in Texas we will show Cali how to build a quality product.
The One Ton Hammer
The One Ton Hammer 2 oy oldin
Wouldn't it be great if cars were perfect from the factory every time? I've had similar issues with every car that I've owned from every manufacturer, especially Ford. The only car that I've owned that was perfect right from the factory was my 2002 Corvette Z06, though it has been made clear to me that I was the exception.
Artem Vasenin
Artem Vasenin 2 oy oldin
Tesla is a technology company, you are part of beta test)
Ahren Scholz
Ahren Scholz 2 oy oldin
Cars made as well as a car from a Russian shed
Karan Phull
Karan Phull 2 oy oldin
Y'all crazy investing in a company with all these issues...y'all sound like a crackhead that's tryna get their fix regardless of their state. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Rheyad Ismail
Rheyad Ismail 2 oy oldin
That’s why I wouldn’t buy one
Kita 2 oy oldin
Who would pay the money that you paid to have such an ugly ass unproportonate car.
XLoaferY 2 oy oldin
"They fixed my car" *goes ahead and lists a number of things they didn't fix*
mark georgeson
mark georgeson 2 oy oldin
what a rubish car
Gerry Albers
Gerry Albers 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the positive report. I'll keep my model y on order.I cannot get supercharging credit because it is against the Ohio bribery laws. 😠
Teh Nouk
Teh Nouk 2 oy oldin
i wonder how many years tesla cars will last.. 10 years and then to the scrappyard?
bruce baker
bruce baker 2 oy oldin
Can't imagine having all those problems with any of my New vehicles. Tesla sounds worse than Boeing
John Wick John Wick
John Wick John Wick 2 oy oldin
Yeah, I think i'll pass. This company has 0 quality control.
Michael Cooney
Michael Cooney 2 oy oldin
Prepare yourself for this phrase "This is within our spec."
Raid Shadow Legends
Raid Shadow Legends 2 oy oldin
In Conclusion, 3 things you need to know: Don't bitch about getting defects on your car when it's only been out for less than a year because all companies make mistakes, especially when developing a new car - keep in mind that Tesla is building their cars extremely fast, with robots, so problems appear - People that buy brand new cars at the time of their release are subject to being labrats and test dummies so later customers don't have to experience the same problems.
firebir11 2 oy oldin
“Released the Model Y too early”? Are you kidding, they’re always 3-5 years too late! How much time do they need with a laptop, battery and 3 phase electric motor? I think Somebody is spending way too much time on toy rockets.
Spurious Effect
Spurious Effect 2 oy oldin
I would be taking that thing to a lemon lawyer. Yikes.
Chuck Sterbunny
Chuck Sterbunny 2 oy oldin
I’m curious if you have your hands on steering wheel during autopilot is it like a Ouija board where you can’t tell who’s doing the steering? I feel like I couldn’t help but steer some of my hand had to be on the wheel.My Cadi has Super Cruise for freeway driving and no hands on the steering wheel are needed.
Ice banna
Ice banna 3 oy oldin
I really hope within a few years tesla masters their production techniques and have no more quality control issues
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 3 oy oldin
I think most people know don’t buy the first year of a car.
A Little of This n That
A Little of This n That 3 oy oldin
What's the location of your service center. I need my service center to talk to them because they say they are not familiar with any fixes on the Y, thank you.
John Curtis
John Curtis 3 oy oldin
The fundamental problem with Tesla is they push out models faster than they should, simply to exceed quarterly expectations for stock holders. This results in deficient quality control the likes I’ve never seen. My Model X was delivered with falcon doors that wouldn’t shut, sensors constantly going off, loose trim, rattles in rear seats, etc. The technology is incredible, but it’s a complete roll of the dice on the consistency of the vehicle you receive.
heffries 3 oy oldin
did you have to pay to get the windshield fixed?
Brian Farrell
Brian Farrell 3 oy oldin
I don't think you can say "Tesla FINALLY Fixed My Model Y", if you are still listing issues. It's really sad that Tesla pushes out vehicles that are not ready and people just accept that. I've been wanting one for a while but there's no way after watching all the vidoes.
Mika Peltokorpi
Mika Peltokorpi 3 oy oldin
Not thorough product testing or mgmt decision to go to market early nevertheless.
White Boy
White Boy 3 oy oldin
"this appointment they went above and beyond" lmao no they just fixed the defective car they sold you. It's standard stuff
White Boy
White Boy 3 oy oldin
I would've lemon lawed it.
Billz 3 oy oldin
Why you never buy the 1st model year unless it's a Toyota lol
Bolerophon 3 oy oldin
Quality control is 'less than ideal' ... lol thats a very nice way of saying its shitty.
ast5515 3 oy oldin
Title of the video: Tesla fixed the car Video: Car is still unacceptably broken.
Chris Radici
Chris Radici 3 oy oldin
Great videos. I pick up my Model Y in 4 weeks. I am nervous about the fit and finish issues. How much should I put up with and accept delivery vs. reject delivery? What issues would be a deal killer?
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 3 oy oldin
The Tesla SC in Columbus has been nothing short of fantastic for me over the past 3 years.
Christian Repenning
Christian Repenning 3 oy oldin
Buy a polestar 2, way better electric car and better quality.
CosmicMicron 3 oy oldin
The front bumper is probably dented when you are doing 90 on a freeway.... after a few years it will get deformed. Great design Tesla.
thanh510 3 oy oldin
I need to create a UZpost video to get the same level of service!
DJN 1 3 oy oldin
‘Settling’ like its a building 😂
Manly Black
Manly Black 3 oy oldin
Tesla build quality is out there for the world to see. Not to say it isn't an issue but you need to expect certain things when buying it. The value is that they give you a technology other companies would charge you well over 100k for at half the price. 90% of the time it's fine but if you're part of the 10% that needs fixing then you rolled a bad hand but it's to be expected.
fkeopfkeop 3 oy oldin
I've heard issues like this is normal for all Tesla's models.
MarcasswellbMD 3 oy oldin
From what you have shown me about this car, You are being kind about the car..
noel beggs
noel beggs 3 oy oldin
Why are the letting these cars out with so many faults, it’s just not good enough for the price you pay.
noel beggs
noel beggs 3 oy oldin
I ordered a model 3 and should have it in a few months, but I’m hearing about so many issues with the car it’s putting me of buying it
van le
van le 3 oy oldin
Finally talked my wife into going from Lexus to Tesla. (June 23rd 2020) Picked up our model 3. During Pick up inspection, we found 5 paint bubble and 2 paint run at different places on the car. (July 6th 2020)Tesla made me an appointment to repair my brand new Tesla paint job. They still have my car in a 3rd party paint shop today. I sent tesla service technician a text to get an update and he said, they're still getting approval for the paint work. (July 10th 2020) They still have our car and so I sent him another text to get some status on my model 3 but no reply at all. (July 16th 2020 morning) I sent Tesla service tech a text again and he finally replyed with (painted shop said they do not antipate repaires being completed until next week. I called the paint shop and the paint tech said, we sent tesla the estimate July 9th 2020 and checked back with them for repair approval on July 14th 2020 but still have not received a repair approval from tesla. July 17th 2020 and I still can't enjoy my new car. Very disappointed in Tesla. Should have stayed with Lexus.
Anthony 3 oy oldin
Bro you have to change the car
Ron C
Ron C 3 oy oldin
Wayland 3 oy oldin
Ryan, Thank you for another great video! I took delivery of my Model Y on July 2. The rear seats make noises more often than not when I drive over a bump, probably the same noise you mentioned in your video. Have they fixed your back seats? Also, how can I tell whether insulators have been installed in mine? Thanks
Levi Wright
Levi Wright 3 oy oldin
*Gets into accident*
Mac Jim
Mac Jim 3 oy oldin
I see what you're doing... You're stealthily getting a new new car part by part... 🤓
Ahren Scholz
Ahren Scholz 2 oy oldin
Story of a Tesla
Bob Wiedenhoeft
Bob Wiedenhoeft 3 oy oldin
Johnny cash style
pat B
pat B 3 oy oldin
happy i wend for the KIA E-Niro
Joe Marques
Joe Marques 3 oy oldin
This is exactly why I went and pre-ordered a Mustang Mach-E. I figure if I'm going to roll the dice amd pay $60k+ for a brand new model car, i am probably better off going with a company that has been building cars since forever, and has dealers all over the place to handle any concerns that crop up. I absolutely love what Tesla is doing, I love that they pushed the auto industry to get off their ass and start building the types of cars consumers actually want to drive, but all of these quality control issues are a major no go for me, and I would be beyond passed having a laundry list of issues that long on a brand new $60k car! I mean that is just unacceptable. Hopefully I'm not opening up an entirely new can of worms myself by being one of the first to adopt an EV from a company like Ford that has not been making EV's, but in my mind the tech stuff is likely fixable via software updates, and the actual "car stuff" is likely to be done right the first time by Ford since none of this is new to them. Also what's with complete lack of analog buttons and knobs, and levers on the model 3 and Y?? I mean you need to use the display to open the glove box??? Common, thats just silly and overly complicated. Also what happens if the screen goes out and you have just the one display, no gages, no speedometer, nothing... That's just silly and overly minimalist in my opinion, and as much as i wanted to love the 3 or the Y, I just couldn't pull the trigger and live with these things so I'll take my chances with Ford.
Tom Bomb
Tom Bomb 2 oy oldin
People keep talking about Tesla like they're the Apple of cars. I've been saying for years that in reality they're the Blackberry of cars. Blackberry only made phones, and helped push phones that could do email and a bit of internet, more than just calling other phones. Then, companies like Apple, Samsung, etc that had been making electronics for years came and took the market. Blackberry sunk into a bottomless pit. Tesla pushed the EV market, yes, but the cars are ugly, there are so many issues, and their boss is an absolute prick. When car manufacturers who know how to make cars take the market, we'll see if Tesla remains the highest traded car company for long...
Sky Phaziz
Sky Phaziz 3 oy oldin
would agree 100% on the interior being way to minimalistic for my taste, can basically replicate it with a wheel, ipad and a 2*4 piece of wood. i'm a simpel man, i see buttons, and i like to push buttons xD
Beetlejuice 3 oy oldin
The same reason why I'm waiting for cars like the Hyundai Kona to be out for a while and pick up a used one for half price on day.
sklyrovka 3 oy oldin
100%. Tesla did a great job bringing EV tech to the masses, but they're going to be a has-been once all the OEMs jump in next year.
Ahmed Makkawy
Ahmed Makkawy 3 oy oldin
As a prospective Y customer I really appreciated this set of reviews/service updates - Thanks
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
You’re welcome! Thanks for watching
Josh Ash
Josh Ash 3 oy oldin
I'm seeing a lot of Tesla owners getting sold shit cars, like this guy, and amazingly saying 'yeah but i still love Tesla'. Why do you still love Tesla? They sold you a pile of crap where stuff doesn't work on day 1! Was there anything wrong with the money you gave them? :) A lot of these issues are shocking. Seats not lining up by 2 inches or more? Wow. Just wow. Imagine the issues you are going to have years down the track. No wonder the resale value of Teslas suck. They are lemons, there'll be heaps of old Tesla bombs noone wants as they age.
Oi Oi Oi!
Oi Oi Oi! 3 oy oldin
Seems like junk shit.
mikeCtv 3 oy oldin
Ordered one today before seeing discount code any help?
Derek L
Derek L 3 oy oldin
Appreciate the honesty. Picking up this week. Hope I get lucky.
Gur814 3 oy oldin
Sorry to say, but every Tesla is a beta. My Model S was still getting "new" or "revised" parts years after they began production on the car. I bought a brand new car 4 years into production and they were still doing the exact same things they're doing to your Model Y now. What a shame. Tesla has everything else down but the build quality is just inexcusable and is the reason I won't be buying a Tesla in the foreseeable future. Got rid of my Model S after two years of this. Good luck with your Y. Hopefully they actually fix the remaining problems. But if my experience is any indicator, you're just getting started.
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