Tesla Can't Fix My Model Y

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Ryan Shaw

4 oy oldin

Tesla is full steam ahead, back at it making cars, which is a double-edged sword. The Model Y is being delivered with lots of issues.
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Bottom line: Tesla delivers cars with issues. Their quality control isn’t the best, and almost nobody will argue that point. For most owners, the overall experience is great, and well worth it to have the best electric cars with features like autopilot.
There are many Model Y Issues, and Model Y Problems. Tesla’s Answer to this is Service appointments.
At my first appointment:
There were a couple of areas around the car where paint was missing.
To fix this, Tesla actually ended up sending it to a contracted paint shop to fix the issues. They fixed it, but left some swirl marks.
2. The second issue I had was the rear seat alignment. It’s pretty clear that the right seat sits further forward, at a different angle, and higher.

Tesla told me that they don’t have a fix for this yet, since the new Model Y was so new.
3. The trim on the top, connecting to the glass roof came kind of loose, and seemed to not be adhered correctly.
Tesla tried to fix this, but overall it just kind of ended up being the same.
The first thing I tried to fix at my next service appointment again was the rear seat alignment.
Again, same issue. Tesla said that they don’t have a fix for this issue yet. Pretty frustrating.
2. The second Model Y issue I was having was that the frunk was showing that it was open, when it wasn’t.
Tesla replaced the sensor and the latch for the front trunk. The issue has come back though…
3. The third issue I had was when the window didn’t roll down properly. It caused a gash on the trim from not rolling down.
Tesla replaced the trim for free, and it looks good, except the back kind of has this new gap, so yeah…it’s fixed, but also worse back here? I’ll probably mention it at another appointment.
4. The fourth issue I had was that the rear headrests would squeak whenever I hit a bump.
Tesla fixed it!
5. The fifth issue was a rattle in the rear seats. Since they aren’t aligned properly, they buzz together when I hit a bump.
Tesla again said they couldn’t fix this, but this time said they do have a solution, that is being shipped.
6. I mentioned to Tesla that the car kind of has this settling sound when the car is any amount of uneven, going into a steep driveway or anything.
I actually forgot about this issues, and don’t think Tesla addressed it, because it is still there.
7. The front headlight had this issue where it would push in really easily. I noticed it when I was washing the car, and it wasn’t the same on the other side.
Tesla fixed this, but it was still there when I saw it. Then I pressed on it, and it fixed it?
About an hour after the appointment, I noticed that this trim wasn’t aligned correctly, at the driver’s side, and that there was some kind of stain on the back of the rear seat.
However, there will always be exceptions. I’ve seen plenty of people on Twitter, who own multiple Teslas, and have gotten fed up with their service.
If you’re planning to buy a Model Y, or are taking delivery soon, here is what I would look out for.
First, if you’re picky about fit and finish, check out a Model Y in person. If it’s good, you can always reject delivery if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.
Second, If you think the good will outweigh the bad for you, which I personally think would be the case for most people, here’s what to check for when taking delivery to ensure they have it on record.
The rear seat alignment that I mentioned Is a common Tesla Model Y problem
Paint issues, mostly where it is missing like it was for me.
Noises and buzzes while driving
Ensure that the rear seats collapse properly when you press the buttons in the rear.
Ensure that the trunk opens and closes properly.
Look for any scratches on the plastic in the car.
Look for any areas where the trim isn’t applied properly to the roof.
Make sure that the drivers side window functions properly.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 4 oy oldin
Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️ts.la/ryan51525
LouisChiaki 19 kun oldin
Is there a link to receive FREE Tesla?
Jarret Fink
Jarret Fink 28 kun oldin
We ordered our Model Y July 27. White on white, with tow hitch. After multiple delays we finally picked it up Saturday 9/26 with a vin of 57XXX. If they did a vehicle inspection it was done by someone lazy or blind. There are so many issues that we immediately started taking pictures and notes. The front fender had damage and they covered it with what looks like a rattle can. There is a 3 inch spot that the paint s sprayed on and has no shine and is not the same color. One tail light and backup light does not work. Chips on the paint from panels touching on front hood/fender seem. Rear seats dont line up. Multiple problems with black marks on the interior. Panel on the roof looks like the glue soaked through in one spot. And black door trim has a light spot thatvis silver dollar sized. I'm sure I forgot some issues. On a 53,000 car this is rough. I scheduled service and they cant get to it for 2.5 weeks. I live an hour away and me wife needs to car to go to work. So I asked for a loaner and they said they would give me an uber credit to get me home from the service appointment. I am considering returning the car.
Chris 3 oy oldin
How are you not angry about all the problems? Seriously how do you just accept all this shit when you paid that much money for a NEW CAR. I would demand a full refund. You are NOT SUPPOSED to take the car to a service centre. The car is New and yet clearly no QC was done but they'll take your money anyway
Todd m
Todd m 3 oy oldin
@Richard Smith there are specific things needed for lemon law. like the same exact problem 3 times within a certain time frame (maybe 6 months within buying it, idk exactly). Add to that those problems cant be a loose head rest, im pretty sure it needs to be more serious than that. Add to that u generally need a lawyer so ur out a min of prob 2500 just for that. They will attempt to get u at all cost to sign off on keeping the car and accepting money. He still took delivery of the vehicle day when he noticed issues because he cared more about getting the car and being seen driving a new tesla (there is no arguing this and that is a fact) rather than choosing to make tesla accountable n force them to build a quality vehicle that he can be proud to drive, just at a later date. Point is fit n finishnisnt gonna get u out of a new car. Only if they attempt to fix. Major issue many times with no resolution n then basically attempt to stiff you.
mark georgeson
mark georgeson 3 oy oldin
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Katherine 16 soat oldin
Thx for the video. May I ask whether Tesla fixes your back seat alignment now? Having the same issue on my new delivery, very disappointed. I’m waiting for the service appt to get it fixed, but worried if they don’t have a solution at all...
Ace 4 kun oldin
This car looks like ass for 60k lol. I've seen used cars with better paint
Pip 7 kun oldin
Does the Tesla car insurance cost much more than a regular car ?
Vi Lo
Vi Lo 8 kun oldin
Again for the money they are asking for these cars , they really should step it up. MOST of us work hard for our money and all these things need to have quality control and just be built better from all manufacturers. Being "understanding" and being a fanboy does not help make them improve...any companies for that matter - same reason an Iphone screen cracks when the moonlight hits it a bit too hard. Demand quality , dont request it
Vi Lo
Vi Lo 8 kun oldin
Good for you for knowing your body and paint work jobs. People are wayyyyy to "OK" with stuff, body shops are TRASH for the most part...finding a good one who does quality paint and finish work is like finding a great doctor for your healthcare who does more than just write a prescription. UGH !
Malencar 18 kun oldin
I don't understand how people keep buying this crappy car, without quality control
the main is a mental issue. What is an reason to drive this shifty box, to be a part of Musk hype? it`s just a car, bed quality and service
Thomas Madeja
Thomas Madeja 20 kun oldin
They always gripe about french and italian manufacturing quality. But Tesla is a benchmark in cobbled together. Absolutely horror.
SpoolinB16A 23 kun oldin
Theme of the video "Schedule another appointment"
Alexandru Grosu
Alexandru Grosu 26 kun oldin
After 5 days I bought my model y I returned back with a lot of issues and range on hwy was around 200miles🤬
Lincoln 27 kun oldin
I dunno man, it sounds extremely stressful to own an expensive car.
Jarret Fink
Jarret Fink 28 kun oldin
We ordered our Model Y July 27. White on white, with tow hitch. After multiple delays we finally picked it up Saturday 9/26 with a vin of 57XXX. If they did a vehicle inspection it was done by someone lazy or blind. There are so many issues that we immediately started taking pictures and notes. The front fender had damage and they covered it with what looks like a rattle can. There is a 3 inch spot that the paint s sprayed on and has no shine and is not the same color. One tail light and backup light does not work. Chips on the paint from panels touching on front hood/fender seem. Rear seats dont line up. Multiple problems with black marks on the interior. Panel on the roof looks like the glue soaked through in one spot. And black door trim has a light spot thatvis silver dollar sized. I'm sure I forgot some issues. On a 53,000 car this is rough. I scheduled service and they cant get to it for 2.5 weeks. I live an hour away and me wife needs to car to go to work. So I asked for a loaner and they said they would give me an uber credit to get me home from the service appointment. I am considering returning the car.
Jrmjuve10 Oy oldin
If you're a youtuber making Tesla related content I can see how you will be willing to put up with this since it's giving you content for videos but imagine how frustrated the average person would be.
S W Oy oldin
Stop apologizing for this. Your car cost 60k+ $ when new. These issues would even be terrible on a 20k$ vw polo. This is absolutely not acceptable. Absolutely not. Tesla has to ramp up there quality. Had the same problems with my M3. Great car quality was terrible. Sold it after 1 1/2 years. I definitely cannot recommend buying a Tesla new currently. Buy one used and check the quality. Currently we are driving a Polestar 2 for a week now. Not as good in terms of range as the Tesla but the quality is sooo much better. All the problems you had are unacceptable. Sorry.
Alvedrotten Oy oldin
I'd love a Tesla if they got their quality issues fixed, but as long as they have these "the good outweighs the bad" customers they wont. Luckily there's professional brands offering electric cars now...
M G Oy oldin
2017 Tesla S AP 2.0 is the best Tesla to own. Tesla had years to weed out quality issues and was not distracted with a high demand Model 3.
M G Oy oldin
Wait, an S is very big?
NoOneOfConsequence 2 oy oldin
You keep using the F word. Free. You keep saying “for free.” (I don’t think it means what you think it means). It’s included in the price. It’s not free. Nothing is free in this world.
cub35guy 2 oy oldin
Imagine BMW or Benz handing over a car with this many problems. You'd probably get a new one under a lemon law. They cannot fix a back seat with a clear gap'? They have paint chips on delivery? They have squeaks all over? They cannot get software updates right? Insane that fanboys allow this and give excuses -- oh Telsa is a new company. Oh, Tesla is all about the tech -- not the paint. Good god. The excuses for bad Teslas is never-ending.
James Hoffman
James Hoffman 2 oy oldin
My 6/30/20 Y only has a few of these issues, in minor ways. So amazed with the whole experience, I probably wouldn’t have noticed any if not for you pointing them out.
sheri horger
sheri horger 2 oy oldin
Tesla service is impossible, it’s no Mercedes dealerships service for sure. To begin with (Tesla Y, August 2020) my pick up date was delayed because of a door alignment flaw they noticed, 5days (I still notice it but not terribly). I picked up my car on Wednesday and dropped it off for service on Friday. The major issue was an electronic defect. They said at the time of delivery they could not check the car before I picked it up due to COVID-19. I love the car it’s a big let down the problems I have so far. I haven’t even had a chance to really drive and enjoy my car. Trying to get a representative at a service center for Tesla is so hard, they are not helpful and don’t seem to know how to help me. They have no idea how long my Tesla Y car will be at service, I want my 7 days to try it out, impossible. I have only 7 days to try my car out but my car has been in the shop longer then in my presence. I am fed up and resulted in returning my car in, listen to this, I was able to return it while it’s still in the shop, because of the major problem I’m having from day one. There are more defects I noticed like alignments inside and out, and chips of paint, finger prints on my windows and moon roof (with covid19 you would think they would have cleaned my car better). I hate to return it, it’s a beautiful car and fun, but I think I’ll wait another year once they get all the kinks fixed and know how to fix them. The car is way too expensive for me to just settle with electronic defects, and other flaws within and outside of the car. I was told that the car should have NOT been delivered to me with that electronic defect to begin with. Come on Tesla, try harder, people do want your cars and like them.
Eli Santacruz
Eli Santacruz 2 oy oldin
Hi. I really enjoyed your videos. So you recommend to wait for the model Y until those quality control issues are fix? Or get the model 3 now that all those major issues are fix? I drive a lot and I’m just concern about the warranty. I usually drive 35K every year. I want to keep the car for a long time. Would it be worth it the price of the model Y?
Finlay Cooke
Finlay Cooke 2 oy oldin
Useful thanks. I’ll go for Polestar 2 for looks, QC and the interior.
Bin Qian
Bin Qian 2 oy oldin
The easiest way for Tesla to fix all that problem is to reduce the price to under $25,000, for that price, the problems are no longer problems. If Tesla doesn't fix their build quality, they will repeat the failure of Ford and GM, which had also been the iconic great American companies.
Elskertinemelk 2 oy oldin
Its so sad that Tesla cant provide quality! just imagine if Tesla would provide high quality cars with no issues, panel gaps and broken shit. They charge the same as Porsche and Audi for god sake 😳
Junk Edits
Junk Edits 2 oy oldin
These cars are sh*t, Tesla wouldn’t do any free work for me. Had to return the vehicle uzpost.info/vision/video/e9R6prGohISyo3E.html can’t wait until they have battery issues in the future, good luck people, take gains and drop the stock ASAP
Newtype 2 oy oldin
I’m anxiously waiting for the Gigafactory in Germany to open before i place my order here in Europe :) German craftsmanship like the other German automakers might be able to fix these issues!
Roman Juríček
Roman Juríček 2 oy oldin
It seems like Tesla doesnt have preproduction cars to test everything and learn workers how to build new models. It is standard in automobile industry. When we started producing new model in PSA we were making that car for 1 year before public even seen it. So for someone who works in this industry it is very sad to watch what Tesla delivers to their customers.
Tom Terryn
Tom Terryn 2 oy oldin
Ahhh Tesla. Priced like a BMW 5-Series. Finished to a quality level that Dacia would be ashamed to put out.
razor yes
razor yes 2 oy oldin
"for free"!? i guess you forgot to account your time. and this is part of the warranty for which you have already paid. so please stop calling it "free"!
Andrew Palethorpe
Andrew Palethorpe 2 oy oldin
It appears that customers who are happy to live with these faults seem to be confined to the US market alone, because in the UK, we simply do not accept these faults on our cars.
João Salazar
João Salazar 2 oy oldin
Just buy a Mercedes-Benz
209 John
209 John 2 oy oldin
I just bought a new Kia Nero EV recently and compared to my model three boy was I excited about the quality paint and the perfect fit and finish and a great customer service. I was losing faith in humanity dealing with Tesla customer service. That Kia is a wonderful car but it’s no Tesla
Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips 2 oy oldin
This is why I never buy brand new vehicles. 2022 for me
Matt Beck
Matt Beck 2 oy oldin
I can’t imagine taking delivery of a brand new car and having jacked up paint. That’s not just a new company thing. Paint should be an easy thing to get right at this point of their company history. This is (from scratch) model number 4 for them.
Robert PL9501
Robert PL9501 2 oy oldin
I'm all for Tesla, but they need more time to perfect things. For now I bought a 20' Civic Hatch for 23k and have nothing to complain about. Drives good, has no faults so far, and is reliable. Maybe for my next car in 16 to 20 years I will pick up a Tesla. I typically keep my cars for very long so everything will probably be different by then.
Lennart Daniëls
Lennart Daniëls 2 oy oldin
If BMW would do this, my God.
tt ww
tt ww 2 oy oldin
Sadly the issues shown and having issues that don't have a fix at the 50k purchase price with Dodge, GM, Ford, VW, and other manufacturers is a fairly common occurrence. I think not choosing a Tesla off the lot magnifies the issue since you don't get to look for items important to you and choose another one.
idiotsinc 2 oy oldin
New version of Beta testing. Go and sort out our problems and we will say thanks maybe.
Rhi Vue
Rhi Vue 2 oy oldin
this guy got a lot of time to go to the dealership. bad quality control.
Mayank's Channel
Mayank's Channel 2 oy oldin
Lmao Midas well just keep the car at the Tesla service appointment forevee
Mad Max
Mad Max 3 oy oldin
Come on people buy buy buy electric cars so fuel prices come down 🤣 also have solar on house so when electricity prices go up mmm, so like I say come on people buy buy buy lol😘
C J 3 oy oldin
Wow what a hunk of junk. I’ve heard so many bad things about Tesla from many different UZpostrs. I made up my mind, I’m going to buy a Hyundai Ionic ha
Varpem 3 oy oldin
The warranty will end before they have fixed all the faults you have.
Gerbrand van dijk
Gerbrand van dijk 3 oy oldin
I find it insane people deal with this shit
David Nelson
David Nelson 3 oy oldin
I drive a 2010 Nissan Versa, Made in Mexico, bought new, and I have no rattles, squeaks 10 years in, and my BACK SEATS LINE UP, all on one of the cheapest cars sold at the time. I had 1 warranty repair, the Takata airbags, and 1 out of warranty, bad solenoid for the rear hatch, and that's it. It has seen the dealer twice IN TEN YEARS!
Markus Strangl
Markus Strangl 3 oy oldin
wow.. with that long list of issues, I wouldn't even have considered asking them to fix them, I would have asked for a replacement. Scratches and missing paint.. sure, can happen, can be fixed. But by god, how complicated is their seat mounting mechanism that they take weeks and can't find out why one of them is two inches higher than the other?! That's basic mechanical engineering that an apprentice at a car workshop should be able to find in a few hours. Thanks, I'm sure I'll be getting a non-Tesla electric car next. The other manufacturers might not be able to carrot-bait me with "you'll get full self driving soon[tm]", but at least they will deliver on what they can build, and they'll get the mechanics part right.
Tom Bomb
Tom Bomb 3 oy oldin
64000€ for a car with misaligned back seats the manufacturer doesn't even know how to fix... how on earth are people buying these cars, and show themselves on the internet to boot. Why===
L.A. Perez
L.A. Perez 3 oy oldin
You're kidding me, right? You buy a vehicle that costs over $60,000 and you're telling me that you're willing to let Tesla slide by because they're "minor" flaws, Tesla is going to take care of them "eventually", and it's that they're growing too fast? Please tell me you're kidding me! You sound like a two-year-old raised with little red and gold stars and a silver spoon in your mouth. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE BY CALLING THEM EVERYDAY TILL THEY FIX THE PROBLEMS WITH ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND QUALITY CONTROL FOR GOOD! STOP BEING APOLOGISTS FOR TESLA. Would Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz get away with that? My 2020 Toyota Corolla may be slow as molasses from 0 to 60 but would put your Tesla to shame when it comes to attention to detail and quality control.
William Atmur
William Atmur 3 oy oldin
What a bunch of hooey. I’ve never heard so much garbage come out of someone’s mouth. I’d rather take my chances on a certified preowned BMW than these cars.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 3 oy oldin
sounds like you bought a 10 year old car
Stevo One
Stevo One 3 oy oldin
Lol 😂 I’ll stick with the VOLVO.. even though it’s covered by Warranty that’s an awful amount of issues with a New Car. It seems that Tesla’s live in Shops/ Service Appointments.. Definitely ahead of the game in poor Build Quality, even New Budget cars have better fit and finish and QC. 😂. If the fit and finish/ QC is that bad it makes me wonder what else have they cut corners with?.. And if they carry on this way they are only going to make a bad rep for.them selves, No matter haw good the tech is. It definitely looks like it is a massive issue for Tesla QC.
123 3 oy oldin
Musk guy only cares about himself not the customer.
Brad Guerrero
Brad Guerrero 3 oy oldin
This is why I will not own a Tesla any time soon
Philip Birgersson
Philip Birgersson 3 oy oldin
Return the car. 60k is not a cheap car. A 25k car from any other brand will never have these issues
Eric Yongue
Eric Yongue 3 oy oldin
Toyota: if there’s a quality issue, stop the line and fix it right there. GM: If there’s a quality issue, keep the line moving and we’ll fix it in the parking lot. Tesla: If there’s a quality issue, ship it out to the customer. Maybe he won’t notice.
Strangely Ironic
Strangely Ironic 3 oy oldin
First time I've ever heard of people willing to say counterfeit quality production is ok at all much less comparing that to other bits. When did expecting something expensive to as put together as possible in every way become a thing of the past? I've got to see a Mach E in person and visually it had none of these problems...and that was on preproduction samples :|. If I buy an EV (big if, replacing a battery pack out of warranty would cost a fortune, if an engine fails I can fix it or replace it with a donor in my shop, only option for a battery pack is to drop 6-12 grand...no thanks) it'd be a Mach E. Tesla is just a shady/crappy company in general with how they treat people that can actually fix their own car, the car they "own" that Tesla randomly disabled features for after having awful build quality to begin with.
MrEmmi 3 oy oldin
Imagine that you have go to two appointments to fix a brand new car😂
GermanTopGameTV 3 oy oldin
If you buy a porsche taycan (remember, porsches only EV currently) and take said car to ANY porsche Dealership with a complaint, this dealership is ready and prepared to work on your car and fix any issue that might happen. That's why this car was in development for over 5 years. A car is not fully developed after you have gotten certification for the use on roads. Tesla seems to think they can sell their cars whenever this milestone is achieved. A manufacturer is truly ready to sell the product only when they have ironed out quality issues, done lifecycle testing, prepared their dealer and workshop network with parts, training manuals and schooling for employees and released a decommision strategy. Tesla has done none of that and it shows.
IvanGoldBit 3 oy oldin
Appointment appointments more appointments f that I'm out
larry michii
larry michii 3 oy oldin
omg time to admit tesla doesn't know what they are doing. I've been in a camry altima elantra recently and they have none of those ridiculous problems. this is a sign tesla, aside from the power train, has no idea how to manufacture cars. take it back.
Juan 3 oy oldin
Damn I would I want to buy problems
_johnny._.lulu_ 3 oy oldin
i get it but u gotta realize theyre new and ive seen like SOME ppl with like a few problems but its like the squeak on the seats. other car manufacturers have made MILLIONS and are a large percent of the market. tesla is super huge in the electric car msrket but if you actually check it i think tesla makes up abt 1.8% of the entire market? many of these things were fixed after the first few HUNDRED cars
Swedish_Sadhguru 3 oy oldin
If you want quality it's better to get the new Volvo Polestar EV car.
Rusty Maverick
Rusty Maverick 3 oy oldin
The sign of a complete moron is when you pay a fortune for garbage and say you still love it. Fanboys more like imbeciles.
RandomowyRandom 3 oy oldin
To be honest it would be unacceptable in Europe...
TheRob 3 oy oldin
What average person buys a Tesla? If I buy a $50000-70000 I would Never accept issues.
Markus 3 oy oldin
Lol what a piece off shit... Stock price 1500...
Munshat Rahman
Munshat Rahman 3 oy oldin
Why do you put circles at random spots at your thumbnail? It bothers me...
mbrownie22 3 oy oldin
The fix for the rear seat is to do it right at assembly
Robbie Gee
Robbie Gee 3 oy oldin
Jobs would have bought them out AGES ago
Chan Zan Yi
Chan Zan Yi 3 oy oldin
Americans complain products made in china. Yet tesla made in america so shit
I quick-scoped JFK
I quick-scoped JFK 3 oy oldin
I think this car was assembled by blind cats at the factory
jayrodathome 3 oy oldin
Can you go back and watch your previous drives? How did you get that rock hitting the window video?
Tony Vance
Tony Vance 3 oy oldin
One of the reasons why I do not want to own a tesla.
L. M.
L. M. 3 oy oldin
There's an age when these kind of problems are a total turn off.... Maybe at 30 years old .. at 45, this is a waste of time an kinda sucks the fun out of the car..
Cogumelo Mágico
Cogumelo Mágico 3 oy oldin
Tesla is the Apple of Cars 😏
City Lock a polytechnikey llc company
City Lock a polytechnikey llc company 3 oy oldin
as far as the rear seats...... the fix might be to shim the brackets at the floor mounting bolts on the two that are lower, bringing them level... This is like sticking a matchbook under a wobbly table. You can not expect Mr Futurama to have much focus on producing reliable functionality of the coachwork...... you bought a computer and a battery, that just "happened to require some car parts.
Christian D
Christian D 3 oy oldin
My Acura, that's 20k cheaper than this Tesla, has 0 issues. Any new car should never have these types of issues let alone all of them at the same time.
Timmy Miller
Timmy Miller 3 oy oldin
Picky picky just drive the car and be happy you have one.
Branko Veličić
Branko Veličić 3 oy oldin
bro you are the worst customer ever! :D
strtngfrsh 3 oy oldin
Your car has more issues and has been in the repair shop more than my Camry with 220,000 miles.
Christopher Allnutt
Christopher Allnutt 3 oy oldin
Tesla should be doing more in terms of quality. I won't waste my time like this.
realsigsegv 3 oy oldin
Even chinese made cars seems to have more quality and less issues than Tesla.
Nicholas Field
Nicholas Field 3 oy oldin
😬 yikes. That's unacceptable. I thought my Equinox was bad.
J Smith
J Smith 3 oy oldin
I don’t care if people buy a Tesla, and I don’t care if people invest in Tesla. What I hate is the government forcing other taxpayers to subsidize EV makers and buyers. If it’s such a great car, it shouldn’t need government assistance. Apple didn’t get special regulations at the expense of Nokia. Nobody got a tax credit for buying a smartphone over a standard cell phone.
Second Systems
Second Systems 3 oy oldin
For a company having all that resource to build an electric car, you'd expect them to at least have the build quality bang on. It's a shame. 21 yeard old Acura EL has a rattling muffler and thats about it.
Die Happy
Die Happy 3 oy oldin
I bet people are missing their 1997 to 2003 Toyota EVs. I wonder why Toyota was forced to discontinue since it was a popular car/SUV thing back then and had little maintenance.
ZIPpEr C 3 oy oldin
Tesla has poor quality control... i drove a tesla one time and loved it. But i cant get over the quality of the assembly... when you pay that much for a car you expect it not to rattle. I got to the service 1 time with my mondeo to fix a rattle in the right door. That was it. And the car is half the price of tesla.
John Tron123
John Tron123 3 oy oldin
IMaGiNe WhEn ThE rOaDsTeR cOmEs OuT
Farah Masarweh
Farah Masarweh 3 oy oldin
Thanks for this great video!!!! Now I know never to buy a Tesla!...
Carlos S.
Carlos S. 3 oy oldin
I really wanted to buy one for my wife but now there is no way i will pay that much for a car with those issues..
13Shelby 3 oy oldin
The Tesla has 6 moving parts, how dafuq are they built worse than GM?
marcellopezzi 3 oy oldin
I would leave the car there at next appointment and ask for a new one. That one is gone
Alexander Nachalnichki
Alexander Nachalnichki 3 oy oldin
That's why I always say that when big manufacturers like Porsche and Mercedes begin mass production, Tesla will look like a toy
Fox Dye
Fox Dye 3 oy oldin
The other issue i notice my tesla didn't have a motor but Tesla fix that for Free ...😂
Henrymacky 3 oy oldin
The real test is what happens down the road, lets say a couple of years and then you will know how well the car is built!
Jeff E
Jeff E 3 oy oldin
I think Ryan just gave Tesla their new motto: “We’ll figure it out eventually “
s trav
s trav 3 oy oldin
Tesla ranks beneath Chrysler in reliability I just don’t get why anybody would buy one of these vehicles unless it’s like a toy on the weekend and you’re rich
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