Tesla Autopilot Obstacle Course in Model Y!

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Ryan Shaw

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Putting Tesla Autopilot and Smart Summon up against an obstacle course of cones, humans, foam rollers, and Buddy the Elf!
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Doing a Tesla Autopilot Obstacle Course is difficult since Autopilot is currently limited to the streets it actually pops up for. Today, we put Autopilot and smart summon to the ultimate test with cones and humans and buddy the elf! Will the Tesla Obstacle Avoidance system avoid a foam roller? What about a human?
We use Tesla Smart Summon, Normal Tesla Summon, and Autopilot on a street and see how it stacks up against an obstacle course of cones.
As you see, my cones are very small, and while the Tesla does a good job at first of avoiding them, ultimately Smart Summon runs over the cones and ends up hitting buddy. Tesla summon does do a great job in the parking lot coming straight towards me, and it does a great job avoiding buddy the elf when he is standing up on the street. Once he falls however, we see a Tesla Autopilot fail.
Topics covered:
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Autopilot
Tesla Autopilot Challenge
Tesla Autopilot Obstacle Course
Tesla Smart Summon
Tesla Smart Summon Fail
Tesla Summon
Tesla Summon Fail
Tesla Full Self Driving
Tesla FSD
Tesla Obstacle Course
Smart Summon Obstacle Course

kimyohan 5 kun oldin
thanks for hard work experience
Jaroslav Demko
Jaroslav Demko 28 kun oldin
Go to autoschool they have big cones ;) or is it in our country different? In my country we have learn park - place with many cones for trying to park ...perfekt for testing autopilot for free
Micael Jansson
Micael Jansson Oy oldin
Does it react on your shadow when it going reverse?
global amnesia
global amnesia Oy oldin
never gonna trust my life to computer
sumikuma Oy oldin
Hey Ryan - great work on all the videos. Wonder what would happen if like buddy it was a real human laying flat on the road ( for what ever reason)?
Andrew Donahoe
Andrew Donahoe Oy oldin
what are the tesla red logos on the wheels and side cameras? are those new? stickers?
Dominic Nzerem
Dominic Nzerem Oy oldin
Great video Ryan. Keep them coming. I don’t think L-5 autonomy is gonna happen with these current generation of Tesla’s IMO. But if any company is going to hit L-5 autonomy it is going to be tesla.
Ras Embers
Ras Embers Oy oldin
It made sure to put its wheel right on buddy
Dean Hodges
Dean Hodges Oy oldin
If you weren't in autopilot, would it stop you from hitting buddy forward, backward or laying down? For instance, if you're not paying attention?
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel Oy oldin
It’s about time for FSD to enhance. Just roll out more features and next level.
Xanthopteryx Oy oldin
Come on... Security turned you off?! What a... i can not find any good words for this shit.
steve gagliano
steve gagliano Oy oldin
I couldn't stop laughing, poor Buddy
S King
S King Oy oldin
Thank goodness it wasn't Jessica !
jasonchaaang Oy oldin
Test a human that's standing and then falls over (like buddy fell over). Curious to see if it can detect humans on the floor...I assume it cannot. (do this safely of course!) Obviously this happens very rarely, but it's kinda simulating someone running accross the street and then trips and is laying on the floor
oscar argueta
oscar argueta Oy oldin
So if someone was laying down then it would run them over? Lol
V1Gibby Oy oldin
You need larger cones
Prasad Duvvi
Prasad Duvvi Oy oldin
Hey Ryan, hope you're doing well! I picked up my MY couple days ago and it's awesome. I was trying to contact you to give my feedback on the MY. Overall, Tesla did a great job addressing the gaps but there are still a few build quality issues that I noticed. Good thing is that MY now comes with Door Label :)
danny abe
danny abe Oy oldin
The best part was watching Will Farrel get flattened.
A B Oy oldin
$2k for the paint, $2k for the rims, and $8k for AA...buys $2 set of cones. LOL.
A B Oy oldin
Ryan Shaw just giving u a hard time. I enjoy ur content
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Cones are more expensive than you think! Haha
Voodoo-13 Oy oldin
Try out a cardboard dog and cardboard cat
KK Stache
KK Stache Oy oldin
Come on Dummy, test with real Dummy.
Oleksandr Vorovchenko
Oleksandr Vorovchenko Oy oldin
Great experiments! Thanks!
carfrance1969 Oy oldin
I wonder if someone or if an animal was laying on the ground if auto pilot would run them over. In south Florida we have ducks cross the roads often so I’m just curious if the Tesla would run them over being that they are pretty small like your cones.
Alessandro Neiva
Alessandro Neiva Oy oldin
People in the US get really annoyed with filming. This is interesting. 🤔
Nelson Choy
Nelson Choy Oy oldin
It should avoid the cones and buddy on the ground!FSD still need approvement!
Avram Maryus
Avram Maryus Oy oldin
Wow video
TayWay Oy oldin
Why does this look like he’s trying to train a dog here. 😂😂 When it hit buddy I’m thinking like “bad car”. No charge for you. 🤣
Richard Nedbalek
Richard Nedbalek Oy oldin
This vid is worth watching just to see Buddy bite it! 😱 You two had way too much fun making this. The multiple angles of shots (can you say DRONE?), the clever commentary, and the practical applications of Summon all make for a great vid! 😁
NG Platinum
NG Platinum Oy oldin
the thing is the car saw the cones and still turned right 🤣
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Oy oldin
600th like
C W Oy oldin
Try this guy's tests with an M3 from the UK: uzpost.info/vision/video/mrCCydBmp39tm58.html
Trv Kim
Trv Kim Oy oldin
I'm a Tesla fan but Tesla should stop over hyping smart summon, auto pilot or fsd
Danielle Barton
Danielle Barton Oy oldin
I think there's one thing to consider with this experiment, ground clearance. I bet you that if this had been done with the Model 3 that the lower ground clearance would've (in theory) avoided the cones. Maybe because of the higher ground clearance the Model Y just didn't detect it?
Someone Who Loves Burgers
Someone Who Loves Burgers Oy oldin
Great video. It’s concerning that if a person fell in front of the Tesla, the car would fail to “recognize” that as such.
Ashelm56 Oy oldin
Well, to be fair, a person isn't just a cardboard cutout either that will instantly disappear from view. But it would be interesting to see what would happen with a dummy that falls over.
Luis Pires
Luis Pires Oy oldin
Hey Ryan would the car run someone if u want? Like car jacking, or will the car just stop?
Ashelm56 Oy oldin
Most likely it'll try to brake, but a person can still pretty much override any corrective actions it tries. It will still warn and beep at you though.
Mel Andronaco
Mel Andronaco Oy oldin
I’ve not seen much about how autopilot does at night, or with wildlife in day/night. I guess that’s hard to test - but would be interested how the model handles random animals. I also am keen to understand the limits of the summon. Ie what’s the narrowest garage it would work in, and does it auto park into the garage or only goes straight back/forward.
mudieg Oy oldin
No, it ran over the cones because smart summon is not that smart. I find FSD will not stop or avoid road works obstacles. It's got a long way to go. We trivial updates every other week that have done nothing to improve auto pilot or FSD. The most significant think in the last update was that my windows now go up when the car locks which should have been there from day one. A good update would be for the driver seat not to go back for easy entry mode if there s someone in the back seat.
mudieg Oy oldin
Smart summon is useless in the Uk
Woohoo, thanks man, been waiting for this !! 😁😁👍🚗
superbud333 Oy oldin
My guess is the Tesla maps the tiny cones as farther away and once they are too close and out of sight for the camera, the car thinks they are gone. The moment the cone is about to disappear from sight, the car probably thinks it has more space until it reaches the cone so it drives closer instead of turning.
alanmyapollo Oy oldin
dude ur vid is so good
Mr2 Reviews
Mr2 Reviews Oy oldin
I wonder if it will recognize dummies laying on the ground. Say a real person got in an accident and was laying in the middle of the road, will the Tesla run it over?
I have concerns about this too. If someone was lying on the street for some reason (accident, intoxicated or simply falling over when crossing), would Tesla be able to recognise and stop it on time? Of course the elf was flat because he's just a thin piece of cardboard and a real person (hopefully) wouldn't look that way.
Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller Oy oldin
Next time, big cones and Will Ferrell (make sure Will doesn't fall over)
Cones are way too small
Alex C
Alex C Oy oldin
I'm wondering how it would react to a human laying in the street - like what if someone falls down in the street? Will the car see them or run them over and send them the way of Buddy?
Alex C It would most likely run the person over as the sensors aren’t good at seeing things under a foot tall.
S King
S King Oy oldin
You should have had Jessica lay down in the street and see if it would realize that sh'e a person ... I mean, if the cones were too short for it to care, it might not register that she is human when she's laying down.
TT Bean
TT Bean Oy oldin
Haha! "Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad!" Classic. TT
gentlesoul68 Oy oldin
You should try with a few cars parked, with the smart summon feature to see if your car would go around the parked vehicles
David May
David May Oy oldin
It's somewhat concerning that AutoPilot would seem to ignore something short or small in the roadway (such as a small child or animal laying in the street)? I think AutoPilot and/or Full Self Driving has a LONG way to go...
Mattes Rocket
Mattes Rocket Oy oldin
long time ago Tesla should have eliminated the bug, that if there is an obvious obstacle in the middle of the street that suddenly "disappear" by falling, that the car shouldn't accelerate again, if the car hasn't "seen" the object propperly moving to the side. Tesla call their AP "intelligent" but obviously it is not at all. Tesla really should have programmed something to avoid this really dangerous case. Do they want to reach propper Level 3 or not? Just talking always about it.
Mattes Rocket
Mattes Rocket Oy oldin
in other words, the "safest car in the world" would probably run over a little kid that had fallen at a parking lot (or at the street). Well done Elon!
Chris Mulholland
Chris Mulholland Oy oldin
Super fun video. Very entertaining and informative
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
Roland Oy oldin
Jessica must trust you to stand in front of your autopilot Tesla.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Haha she does indeed!
Nazar Malyy
Nazar Malyy Oy oldin
Thanks for sharing that awesome experience with us! ...and RIP buddy! :))))
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
You’re welcome! Thanks for watching. And yes, RIP buddy haha
ken ellis
ken ellis Oy oldin
Salute to the wifey 🤩🤩😎
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
SmileytheFeralCat Oy oldin
Is summon part of autopilot, or must you purchase FSD to get it?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Summon is a part of FSD unfortunately
TheWolfdoctor Oy oldin
So if a person faints in the road he will get run over.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Possibly? Worth a test with a full dummy if I can get one
Roger Todd
Roger Todd Oy oldin
Yo cones too tiny, bruh.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Yeah haha I definitely noticed that. Interesting that they pop up on screen, but it doesn’t avoid them
Diana L
Diana L Oy oldin
I did smart summons in a parking lot. It started toward me, turned right and started to drive away, leaving me behind. I had to go chase it down.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Hahaha sounds about right 😂. You can just let go of the button and it’ll stop though!
cub35guy Oy oldin
teslas are truly a joke. horrible fit and finish. cheap materials. shitty onboard systems
RJ 8U Oy oldin
The Park seem familiar to me, is this in Santa Clarita?
RJ 8U Oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw Cool! I live in the area.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
It is!
Robert Tucker
Robert Tucker Oy oldin
So what happens if a person crossing the street trips and falls in front of the car? I guess they just become a speed bump for the car? Lol
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Haha I’ll have to get a dummy and try that in the future
Daniel Parra
Daniel Parra Oy oldin
Woah! This is at COC my alma mater haha
Billy Dong
Billy Dong Oy oldin
bigger cones and a way to hold the elf please!
Farhan Usmani
Farhan Usmani Oy oldin
RIP buddy 09-06-2020. Suspect: MY
Foamy Dave
Foamy Dave Oy oldin
That was a good demo.Thanks. If you ever re-run the test I would be interested to know if when you are driving and not using any Autopilot features if the car to stop for Buddy. Tesla says the car is safer even without Autopilot engaged and so I wonder how well it will auto-brake if it thinks you are not paying attention.
GAV321 Oy oldin
Great Idea!
Andre Beard
Andre Beard Oy oldin
This was so much fun to watch lol, especially the commentary. I watched this twice! How much for the big cones?
Kamda great
Kamda great 22 kun oldin
Richard Nedbalek lmaooo😂
Richard Nedbalek
Richard Nedbalek Oy oldin
Andre Beard You’ll have to ask a plastic surgeon... 😉
dyhppyx Oy oldin
Really good test. I've been wondering about the last test for awhile and assumed autopilot wouldn't reliability merge in a construction zone.
Ryan Reckard
Ryan Reckard Oy oldin
In real construction zones I have had it change lanes on its own. A message pops up on the screen saying changing lanes to avoid cones
Madan Senapati
Madan Senapati Oy oldin
tesla red looks amazing
Jarret Fink
Jarret Fink Oy oldin
Spend less on wheels and more on cones.
Hervé Fache
Hervé Fache Oy oldin
My ¢2: as Autopilot saw and displayed (and thus recognised them as such) the cones, it should definitely have avoided them!
Duncan Aronstein
Duncan Aronstein Oy oldin
I love teslas my mom has a model y and I think it's great. But it's funny how shitty the full self driving stuff is still in all these less common situations. Elon keeps saying it's basically "feature complete." Lol maybe in 5 years
Damian Lund
Damian Lund Oy oldin
@Duncan Aronstein,agree.
Duncan Aronstein
Duncan Aronstein Oy oldin
@Damian Lund Yea I heard him say that. He does have a history of overpromising... I think all of this stuff will come in due time but to think that we are close to actual full self driving where you don't have to pay attention is a little delusional imo. The current stuff is cool for making driving easier and all but it isn't massively disruptive the way true automation will be.
Damian Lund
Damian Lund Oy oldin
That concerns me to, however Elon said that new 3D rewrite is ordes of magnitude better. I hope he's not overpromising.
Khaffit Oy oldin
Tesla engineers should make a "tiny cone mode" wherein the Tesla recognises tiny cones and treat them like big ones (this specifically needs to be turned on to avoid weird bugs in normal mode)
Khaffit Oy oldin
@Steff that seems to be the case but I wonder if it's a anti trolling feature so you can't just put tiny cones to disrupt the Tesla population
Khaffit Oy oldin
damn that autocorrect tho
Steff Oy oldin
It does seem to know they are there, but doesn’t stop for whatever reason
Khaffit Oy oldin
get bigger cones please or use cardboard boxes or red tape
William Putnam
William Putnam Oy oldin
I wonder if there’s a maximum number of cones it can recognize at the same time. IE it’s possible to spam it with objects that are critical to navigation and cause it to throw up it’s “hands” and quit.
Andreas Baumann
Andreas Baumann Oy oldin
In Europe, due to regulations, there is basically no smart summon.... seeing how the car is driving over cones, I'm not missing this feature and I can see, why it's beta... Let's see if the rewrite will bring changes to smart summon and FSD. If not, I see Tesla in some turmoil. So many owners paid for FSD. If they can't make it secure und legislation compliant, Tesla probably will be paying back FSD-option money or start retrofitting hardware as they did with the Autopilot chip (v2, v2.5), which is very expensive.
Jason S
Jason S Oy oldin
They said Hardware 3 will include all needed for FSD.......but now there is talk of Hardware 4
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Oy oldin
Your cones are the same height as a curb, if smart summon and autopilot can't avoid the cones it can't avoid a curb. As for poor buddy. If a wino falls down in the street and you run over him that's vehicular homicide. The car needs to be able to recognize winos and small animals before it can be called self driving. May I suggest you get a dummy to simulate a sleeping drunk and a few stuffed animals and repeat the test. Then wait a couple of months and try it again when the new FSD software is released
OneMusic StoryTesla
OneMusic StoryTesla Oy oldin
Great job ryan
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Alain Deul
Alain Deul Oy oldin
Well this was fun to watch
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Glad to hear it! Thanks for watching
Travis H
Travis H Oy oldin
“We don’t have that budget here”
HudTheMoose 21 kun oldin
I know me uncle doesn’t actually have a company
Ginny Cecala
Ginny Cecala Oy oldin
Too funny Ryan! Really enjoyed this video. I'm going to try this at my school parking lot.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks so much! It's definitely fun to try out
Jean-Pierre White
Jean-Pierre White Oy oldin
This confirms what we knew all along..... Size does matter, at least with phallic cones.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Hahaha very true
XB W Oy oldin
Looks like Irvine 👀
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Santa Clarita actually! Similar feel
The Fish
The Fish Oy oldin
Much, much work needed on this system. I have two Tesla’s with FSD and I am a huge skeptic.
Duncan Aronstein
Duncan Aronstein Oy oldin
Totally agreed. It's cool an all right now but I only really trust it in the most basic highway driving situations.
Curious Sand
Curious Sand Oy oldin
According to Elon a major re-write should will be available for a limited number of beta testers before 1'st of November. electrek.co/2020/08/14/elon-musk-tesla-full-self-driving-quantum-leap-new-rewrite/
Arvid Myrberger
Arvid Myrberger Oy oldin
If you continue doing high quallity videos like this you will have a much bigger budget in the future.
HudTheMoose 21 kun oldin
ken ellis
ken ellis Oy oldin
Whole Nuts And Donuts
Whole Nuts And Donuts Oy oldin
This is a great episode. Thanks! As an AI researcher I recently did an episode questioning whether or not Tesla can ultimately solve fsd. Check it out if you’re interested. :). uzpost.info/vision/video/mLyb09JpZHGQh6c.html
Robert Weis
Robert Weis Oy oldin
My MY saw 3 ducks on the road as cones.
Joe Berrant
Joe Berrant Oy oldin
When did you get FSD? Never heard you talk about it on a video. Anyway, awesome test of smart summon!
Joe Berrant
Joe Berrant Oy oldin
Ryan Shaw That was a smart move. Hope you’re enjoying it.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
I got it right before it went up to $7000. And thanks!
Robert Zmed
Robert Zmed Oy oldin
Great video Ryan. Informative and alot to improve on the Tesla side. Thanks for the hep Jessica. Waiting to battery day before I purchase.
CTE2028 Gaming And More
CTE2028 Gaming And More Oy oldin
What about an elf in a Tesla running over a elf Will it show mercy?
themeparkdad Oy oldin
In the next video put Buddy the Elf in the driver seat when testing the Summon features
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Good question
Alibaba Aluba
Alibaba Aluba Oy oldin
lunchthief Oy oldin
Love your videos!!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks so much!
Ethan Bayless
Ethan Bayless Oy oldin
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