Sitting in The Model Y

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Ryan Shaw

6 oy oldin

Prem B
Prem B 6 oy oldin
I have not seen a model y in person yet, but I am waiting for my model y delivery. And by that I mean my parents but you know... Congrats on the tesla! It looks amazing
Prem B
Prem B 6 oy oldin
Thank you! I subscribed to you as well!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
It'll be very nice! Congrats to your family, and thanks for the support!
Piotr Gajewski
Piotr Gajewski 6 oy oldin
Tesla service contacted me today about “seatbacks replacement” for my Model Y. They wanted to schedule a service appointment. Have you heard about this? Perhaps yours was already retrofitted, since you just took delivery. (I told them this will have to wait until the pandemic subsides. Frankly, I was taken aback, as we are under a stay at home order here in Maryland.)
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
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Sithabelamandlawenkosiwodumoemangalisayo Yebo
Sithabelamandlawenkosiwodumoemangalisayo Yebo 6 oy oldin
No grab handles??? But that's my favourite Tesla. Not so sure about the glass roof though. Too much heat for my climate.
Roar Henden
Roar Henden 6 oy oldin
Just amazing. I'm in love 😍
UUB Repus
UUB Repus 6 oy oldin
is there a version with no glass roof? i dont want to have to see the sun 100% of the time im driving.
J 3030
J 3030 6 oy oldin
red looks amazing in the Model Y
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I agree!
scuzzer99 6 oy oldin
love the glass roof, makes me think the model Y over the model 3! Thanks for sharing!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Love it too! Both great cars. Thanks for watching!
ABC 6 oy oldin
What happened? Where’d ya go?
James Paul
James Paul 6 oy oldin
Congratulations Ryan, so excited to see you in your new Y, enjoying the awesome panoramic roof as your trusty chauffer takes you on the first ride. You may want to make a bubble wrap helmet to protect that precious noggin if he takes you on some acceleration runs or along some bumpy roads and twisty corners. Hopefully your drums fit in the back, perhaps you can beat Bjorn to the banana box test if you have a chance! 🙂
Himanshu Patel
Himanshu Patel 6 oy oldin
Hi, Can i fit two car seats in the and have someone sit in between? Thanks!
Aiden Bagshaw
Aiden Bagshaw 6 oy oldin
That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see them on the streets here in Ontario, Canada. Around here, you see a Tesla about twice a year, but I feel that the Model Y could change that.
Chad Michael
Chad Michael 6 oy oldin
Hey Ryan, congrats - In theory I get mine tomorrow or later this week - now the hold up is Temporary Tags from the DMV 🙄. Tell me more about the touch less delivery - how did it work? What should I expect?
L G 6 oy oldin
The Model Y has a 5 kWh bigger battery than Model 3. So it should charge just a little faster.
John Witness
John Witness 6 oy oldin
how do we risk bringing teslas to eastern Africa without nearby service centers
Faris Almahamid
Faris Almahamid 6 oy oldin
Nice, me and my family are planning on getting a model Y but then decided on the model X
John Witness
John Witness 6 oy oldin
congrat buddy
Splansch 6 oy oldin
CONGRATULATIONS from Germany!!!! Love to see the car from outside.
EnellGmz 6 oy oldin
Does the drums fit in the trunk without folding the seats?
M1kke78 6 oy oldin
That's not social distancing. Virus is spreading as aerosol too, so you shouldn't be in the same room at the same time too long.
Kha Le
Kha Le 6 oy oldin
My company, Saint-Gobain Sekurit, makes the glass roof. Why is the video so short?
Unitedflyier 6 oy oldin
Any white interiors around yet?
Donald Rathjen
Donald Rathjen 6 oy oldin
Funny I just took delivery also today in Rockland California. I ordered a performance model Y January 14th. Love it .
Bryan B.
Bryan B. 6 oy oldin
Are the 20” wheels worth it? Do you think they would be comprising any range or safety during the winter? (I live in Maryland) But congrats! So jealous! Lol
Alvin Ip
Alvin Ip 6 oy oldin
Hey, can u do a video about how you predict the size of the 3rd row in model Y?
Stanley's Virtual Test-Drives
Stanley's Virtual Test-Drives 6 oy oldin
Great video... How tall are you since you also reclined? The roof Looks great. They should make a model x regular doors and add this roof but keep the paranomic windshield.
J Biggs
J Biggs 6 oy oldin
Binarytrees 6 oy oldin
How does glass roof handle uv a and b
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
What! Was that all? I’m super disappointed! Come on!
Jason 6 oy oldin
Omg Ryan!!! Congratulations man! Enjoy!! 🎉🎈🎊🍾
pasaito 6 oy oldin
It’s about time!!!! Congrats Ryan on taking delivery of your BRAND NEW TESLA MODEL Y!!!!😀😀😀
Ma Lin
Ma Lin 6 oy oldin
Congrats! With the glass roof, I am curious as to how hot it gets while driving or car parked outside on the sunny day.
Daniel Persichetti
Daniel Persichetti 6 oy oldin
Congrats... I've been waiting for mine! Since you've driven both I'm curious if the performance model with uberturbine wheels is a considerably stiffer ride than the induction wheels?
French River
French River 6 oy oldin
Nice shirt.
Geoffrey Ashcroft
Geoffrey Ashcroft 6 oy oldin
Congrats man! Bet your super pumped. Definitely want a model y one day! Stay safe buddy and enjoy your new Tesla!
Grown Up Orlando
Grown Up Orlando 6 oy oldin
Congratulations! Very happy for you and look forward to your future videos!
Chris Z
Chris Z 6 oy oldin
That glass roof looks absolutely amazing!
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson 6 oy oldin
Congrats on getting one. Can you comment in future video on the rear Visibility?
travis romine
travis romine 6 oy oldin
Michael inLosAngeles
Michael inLosAngeles 6 oy oldin
You better have fallen asleep in that thing with a big smile on.. lol Waiting anxiously on your next upload 👍🏼
Jason Granovsky
Jason Granovsky 6 oy oldin
Gotta test out the drums 😂
Jason Granovsky
Jason Granovsky 6 oy oldin
I missed the live stream😭
Andre Beard
Andre Beard 6 oy oldin
OMG! I missed the live stream! I was driving. I am so glad you got the car!!! I was like YESSS!!!!!!
Eric Duran
Eric Duran 6 oy oldin
I hope I see you driving around the neighborhood sometime, I’m in Covina, I still haven’t seen a MY in person.
askeeter84 6 oy oldin
Yousef Ghalib
Yousef Ghalib 6 oy oldin
Congratulations 🎈🎉
Ken Braasch
Ken Braasch 6 oy oldin
Congrats! So much for making a reservation. 😅
BrewersArcade 6 oy oldin
Really happy for you man
Kevin Michel
Kevin Michel 6 oy oldin
Can you do a range test on the 20” wheels? I want to get the Induction wheels but get the performance if possible
Victor van Dyke
Victor van Dyke 6 oy oldin
Yeah the red one is epic!
Myles David
Myles David 6 oy oldin
Where was this filmed?
E W 6 oy oldin
Looks like Azusa, CA.
Myles David
Myles David 6 oy oldin
No mask?
Steven Hernandez
Steven Hernandez 6 oy oldin
Red? What happened to white haha
Dylan Maclean
Dylan Maclean 6 oy oldin
Yes finally a UZpostr with a model y
Kawa Lau
Kawa Lau 6 oy oldin
About time you get your own. haha.
Jay Charles
Jay Charles 6 oy oldin
Congratulations on your new model y! I hope you enjoy the car.
Tony Hove
Tony Hove 6 oy oldin
Gr8t job!
Tesla Fudge
Tesla Fudge 6 oy oldin
just gloves? gotta get masks fellas. stat safe! enclosed space is worst cased scenario... Another 30.
Heinz N
Heinz N 6 oy oldin
Congrats! Looking forward to more vids!
Nathan Hoover
Nathan Hoover 6 oy oldin
Congrats - looks great.
Simon Wu
Simon Wu 6 oy oldin
Congrats!!! I could feel your excitement. Looking forward to your next video.
Jimmy Benfield
Jimmy Benfield 6 oy oldin
Congratulations man I'll e watching for that next video.
Charging Forward
Charging Forward 6 oy oldin
Excited for you!
Incredible Hulk
Incredible Hulk 6 oy oldin
I like the gray model Y
John Riley
John Riley 6 oy oldin
Now the Governor wants you to stay home and not drive. Just kidding! Love that sweet ride!
mark Bourne
mark Bourne 6 oy oldin
Congrats!! Get that video out tonight, lol
Marcus Lintault
Marcus Lintault 6 oy oldin
Whooo whoo!
Ted Lo
Ted Lo 6 oy oldin
Congrats Ryan! So excited for the videos will be flowing even more! I changed my order from Performance to LR. Hard to justify the $8k+ difference.
DDG82IDC 6 oy oldin
Yahooo! Congrats...Now lets race lol. 😜
Omar Foster
Omar Foster 6 oy oldin
Congrats, please tell me all about the color, Mine is going to be red too!
Royal501 6 oy oldin
Does the all glass roof cook you in the summertime?
manifest 73
manifest 73 6 oy oldin
Dual motor and Performance price difference is just too much for what you get. I got the Dual motor it fast enough the Performance will get you into too much trouble with the law.
Walter Nikesch
Walter Nikesch 6 oy oldin
IS the rated range with the 20” induction wheels the same as with the 19” Gemini wheels?
Kawa Lau
Kawa Lau 6 oy oldin
They are, but the 20 are probably still less range is my guess. I still went with the 20 since they look so much better.
Diego Falcon
Diego Falcon 6 oy oldin
Congrats dude! That roof looks sick! Can’t wait to see the videos. Still looks fast!
Steven Roglen
Steven Roglen 6 oy oldin
How tall is the driver and how tall are you?
Myung Joon Son
Myung Joon Son 6 oy oldin
Nice!!! Will be waiting for your vid! Mine got delayed to Tuesday 31st :/ waited for almost 2 hours till I eventually called them... they apologized saying they need to do some last minute inspections? Grr
Justin Trant
Justin Trant 6 oy oldin
Howard Hammermann
Howard Hammermann 6 oy oldin
Ryan! Get an iPhone, Dude! :-) The "wigglies" in the video make it more or less unwatchable fo ran Old Coot like me! Still, "Thumbs Up"! :-)
Laughing Gravy
Laughing Gravy 6 oy oldin
Wigglies? Looks OK to me.
Tracy H
Tracy H 6 oy oldin
I’m officially jealous! In a good way! Congrats
Jimmy T.
Jimmy T. 6 oy oldin
Congratulations! I can't wait to see the video. And the red one...I am so excited!
Diamond Hayes
Diamond Hayes 6 oy oldin
Congratulations you deserve this moment enjoy it 👑👏🏾🚗💨
Jonathan Tuba 2
Jonathan Tuba 2 6 oy oldin
Congratulations! 🥳
Diamond Hayes
Diamond Hayes 6 oy oldin
I need a whole video of the delivery
Darrion Tunstall
Darrion Tunstall 6 oy oldin
Christian Abella
Christian Abella 6 oy oldin
Woohoo! So happy for you, Ryan!!! Congratulations 🎉🎊
Bernard Allseits
Bernard Allseits 6 oy oldin
Congratulations! Enjoy your new car. Hope this virus goes away quick and production resumes so I can get mine. high five from Switzerland.
minicirco 6 oy oldin
Bernard Allseits Hoi, meinsch mir bechömme si vo Berlin einisch nöchschz Johr? Wenn‘s MY scho im 17i gäh hetti, würd y jetz kais MX ha. Aber sowieso: es isch eifach e grohsi Fröid :-)
engreval2 6 oy oldin
Shitting in the model Y?
Andrew Hong
Andrew Hong 6 oy oldin
Is the long range model Y open yet
Sensei Shredder
Sensei Shredder 6 oy oldin
Some epic Model Y content coming soon, now that you will have it in your driveway?
Mike Hana
Mike Hana 6 oy oldin
Man i hope to get my Tesla Y ASAP like you, congratulations 🍾🎉🎊
Amy Fialkowski
Amy Fialkowski 6 oy oldin
Sevn Light
Sevn Light 6 oy oldin
Not everyone likes having an uncovered roof. I have a sunroof in my car but I can close the shade😎 Big turn off. I'm aiming for a new hybrid instead
harold waxman
harold waxman 6 oy oldin
assuming you are seating in the rear and not driving
K J 6 oy oldin
Congrats Bro👏 🎊 Became a subscriber just this past week with your coverage of the Model Y.
Upstate New York Tesla
Upstate New York Tesla 6 oy oldin
Happy for you buddy
AthletismeQc 6 oy oldin
please take a picture of the climate control, i want to see whats the difference in the menu with the heat pump
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