New Tesla Model 3 Refresh for 2021

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Ryan Shaw

15 kun oldin

Tesla is bundling a bunch of upgrades into the upcoming Model 3, and they might be worth the wait.
New Wheels:
Glovebox USB Port:
► Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
► Best Model Y Floor Mats:
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Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
#1: 2 Bucket Wash Kit:
#2: Green Works Pressure Washer:
Foam Cannon:
#3: Tezlab:
#4: Speed Wipe by Chemical Guys:
Soft Microfiber Towels:
Inner Clean Interior Cleaner:
After Wash Waterspot Remover:
VRP Wheel and Vinyl Protector:
#5: All Weather Floor Mats by 3D Maxpider:
#6: Elon Accessories Screen Protector: -
Abstract Ocean Screen Protector:
#7: Teslacam 500GB SSD:
Teslacam USB:
Samsung 500GB SSD:
#8: Jeda Dock/Hub:
#9: Quick Bandit Front License Plate Mount:
#10: Interior Console Wrap Bundle:
Front Console Wrap Only:
#11: J1772 Charger Lock:
#12: Tesla NEMA Adapters:
#13: Power Inverter for 12V:
#14: Steering Wheel Tray:
#15: Model Y Tow Hitch:
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Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 15 kun oldin
Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories: #1: 2 Bucket Wash Kit: #2: Green Works Pressure Washer: Foam Cannon: #3: Tezlab: #4: Speed Wipe by Chemical Guys: Soft Microfiber Towels: Inner Clean Interior Cleaner: After Wash Waterspot Remover: VRP Wheel and Vinyl Protector: #5: All Weather Floor Mats by 3D Maxpider: #6: Elon Accessories Screen Protector: - Abstract Ocean Screen Protector: #7: Teslacam 500GB SSD: Teslacam USB: Samsung 500GB SSD: #8: Jeda Dock/Hub: #9: Quick Bandit Front License Plate Mount: #10: Interior Console Wrap Bundle: Front Console Wrap Only: #11: J1772 Charger Lock: #12: Tesla NEMA Adapters: #13: Power Inverter for 12V: #14: Steering Wheel Tray: #15: Model Y Tow Hitch:
Nick McCain
Nick McCain 13 kun oldin
R u getting the beta of full self driving?
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 14 kun oldin
HudTheMoose 15 kun oldin
Miss you 🥺
walkstheman98 4 kun oldin
Everyone always mentions Elon time, I got a feeling just like the "leaks" that happen about the new features, they built up this idea of Elon always promising earlier releases than is true, so that when/if it comes out early or on time, people are happier.
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 7 kun oldin
I almost got the 2020 model 3 yesterday but I saw missing paint on the front truck laches it was discussing something I would see everyday and We check all the other models and they we’re also missing color idk why they use white primer on a blue car are they planning on fixing this problem?
Complot killer
Complot killer 7 kun oldin
Do they already supply 2021 Tesla 3 updates within this year?
Dannielle Miller
Dannielle Miller 8 kun oldin
I need to do Tesla
DREN 9 kun oldin
Impressive how humans' consumer behavior works. If a car doesnt have chrome, you buy a chrome kit. If the car has chrome, you buy a delete chrome kit. WTF.
Michael Uribe
Michael Uribe 9 kun oldin
Don’t you love when the model 3 gets updated after you just bought yours last month
51KTM51Hurricane 10 kun oldin
I saw also the Turbine Rims from Model S are now available for the Model 3
Scoop205 10 kun oldin
I love my model 3 but the only thing I hate was the sort of materials used including a lot of plastic and also a lot of things on the outside wasn’t lining up with other panels! This was one of my biggest insure because I found multiple panels that didn’t freaking lineup and then Tesla almost didn’t want to fix it! Other than that is an ok electric car!
MBS 10 kun oldin
congratulations. today tesla updated their website. seems like everything you told here in the video is correct.
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph 10 kun oldin
I sure hope Tesla gets the overall build quality on point, the one and only thing holding me back from Tesla.
ZambonieDude 8 kun oldin
Model 3 build quality is on-point, even better than the S/X.
Homer&Bobo Dive Buddies
Homer&Bobo Dive Buddies 10 kun oldin
I like all these new updates, except the central console that takes the model 3 in old times. It looks classical, TM3 is a futuristic geek toy.... no room for classical
Firat Elbey
Firat Elbey 10 kun oldin
Mode 3 has been updated ! Range increase (heat pump) No more chrome New wheels Power trunk New trim See
Chang Noi
Chang Noi 10 kun oldin
I’m waiting for a hydrogen fuel cell Tesla that needs no battery or just a small one.
james braselton
james braselton 10 kun oldin
yep dud e getinge model 3️⃣ for wofe enxtbuera net new abties
d l
d l 10 kun oldin
Getting rid of the magnetic hatch on the center console should allow more room for the newer large screen cell phones from Samsung and LG (but it's hard to tell from the photos). Also, the sliding cover has a depression that is useful to hold small items. I have a LG V60 Dual Screen and it would not fit vertically in the cell phone bay of my 2019 Model 3. The magnetic hatch got in the way. When placed horizontally, it would slide over the cell phone stopper bar and into the center console storage. To fix this, I got the Jeda V3 charging pad (unlike V2, V3 does not have a lip on the bottom) and an extra spacer. Although I had to tweak the install a little, I can now get my phone in vertically with just a little rub on the magnetic hatch and it stays put in the horizontal position.
traxxi2003 10 kun oldin
How about re-designing that hideous center dash “IPad” looking display? I cannot get passed that poor design and that’s why I decided not to get one.
toney Clayton
toney Clayton 10 kun oldin
I would like Tesla to do something about the "plainness" (if i can use this word) of the front of the car (model 3 and Y). It looks like something is missing. And it is a bug-catcher. And for $60-75k, it shouldnt look like its missing anything. Also, it would be nice to have a redesign of the dash to have gauges. Tesla needs to concentrate on making a car and not a 4-wheeled gadget. Oh, and give more options for stereo system...JBL, Harmon Kardon component system and give an option to pipe in different noises to simulate acceleration. And add more LEDs in the interior and more controls on the steering wheel lighting it also with LEDs (beautiful at night). I know Elon will say that this will increase the price. But your cars are already not cheap! So give us a little extra HARDWARE to equal or at keast rival that of regular petrol cars. Gadgets are nice , but make the car better without bleeding our pockets. Its not like you cant do it. Give us more hardware!
SirDre 10 kun oldin
E...Ion time.
Raymaster7482 10 kun oldin
You forgot one update: double glazing! Because especially in Germany where you can drive as fast as you want on parts of the highway the Model 3 gets very loud whereas cars from Audi, BMW or Mercedes don't. The Model S is also quite so let's hope the Model 3 will soon be as well.
Mark Lindsey
Mark Lindsey 10 kun oldin
Thanks for pulling all of these upcoming refresh features together in a video! If I wanted a Model 3 right now, I don't think I would wait for these as there are easy, fairly affordable workarounds in the meantime if I changed my mind and wanted the refreshed look.
Ralph Merritt
Ralph Merritt 11 kun oldin
Seems like it's more of a "Ship of Theseus" approach than a typical "refresh/update" which makes sense for cheaper models like the 3.
Chang Noi
Chang Noi 10 kun oldin
It has black sails?
Alessandro Piazza
Alessandro Piazza 11 kun oldin
My 2020 got the double wireless smartphone charger and the usb c port
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 11 kun oldin
Most important missing upgrade? Floor mat anchors
Costco Boys
Costco Boys 11 kun oldin
So I’m assuming this means that they will increase the price of the vehicle yea?
Parker Hughes
Parker Hughes 11 kun oldin
I hate the new console
Eric Rice
Eric Rice 11 kun oldin
A novel idea would be having rear seat controls... IN THE REAR so that passengers can control their own seat temps.
Martin Sassenberg
Martin Sassenberg 11 kun oldin
Why tell people not to buy a Tesla? I think, it's the wrong thing to do. That hurts Tesla's business. Yes, tell about possibly upcoming changes is ok. But the people can decide themselves when they buy.
Stevo Chg
Stevo Chg 11 kun oldin
I am an assembly worker at model 3 assembly line. Yes, we are making this updated, improved one now !
Matt Kricheli
Matt Kricheli 11 kun oldin
are there any updates on the model Y? going to test drive this weekend and am wondering now if i should wait...
Vanessa Bailey
Vanessa Bailey 11 kun oldin
Just got my model 3 after three years of trying to justify it. I love it!!!! I honestly just don't like the new console. I thought I wanted chrome delete but I don't. I have a MSM and tinted it with ceramic tint. 20 percent all around. I did not tint the sun roof. I did 70 percent on the windshield. It looks so beautiful! I went with 18 stock wheels under the aero wheels with a cap kit from Tesla. Match beautifully. My next step was chrome delete but after seeing a few msm with tinted windows I hate how dark the car starts to look. The chrome evens out the tint. Keep getting compliments on the car! The only update I like is that heat pump. It only snows a handful of times at my house in Northern AZ but it would be nice to have. I guess you can wait for the most updated Tesla but I regret not getting mine three years ago!!! This is the most amazing car and I think any model three would make you happy! I had a Prius. It was great. No car payments for 7 years. Could have gotten a fully loaded new Prius for probably half my Long Range model three. No regrets! I can't wait to drive it everyday and cannot believe it belongs to me!!! Next I think probably ceramic coating or clear wrap on front area. These cars are so peaceful to drive:)
René Pouliot
René Pouliot 11 kun oldin
Waiting is fine if you already have a Tesla but I would never recommend to wait for the next update because it won’t ever stop. I remember the kind of comment for the IPhone.
Jim Houston
Jim Houston 11 kun oldin
Old outdated yes needs something totally different & unique
Luis Infidel
Luis Infidel 11 kun oldin
For real, I just ordered mine 4 days ago
scorpion251970 11 kun oldin
I’m looking forward to the heat pump since I live in the Midwest.
stephen s
stephen s 11 kun oldin
It will be Tesla 3. No more no less
Hyperdrive E
Hyperdrive E 12 kun oldin
👍🏼Yeah, was imagining the feedback hell you would get on that one. Eventually the basic changes should happen simultaneously. There’s major changes that Sandys pointed out, that we wouldn’t even have know about. Stuff like the castings and heat pump will obviously be different process. The power trunk should have been added a long time ago. Don’t understand that delay? Not by Tesla? Both console are dated looking. The first one has a kinda cool classic 60s look like the mustang or Rivera. The second just looks 90s. Like to see it suspended over the floor and not look like its covering the trani hump. If you live in cold weather the Heatpump is definitely worth waiting for. Rather aftermarket the trunk than wait. Everything else is personal taste.
Kein Name
Kein Name 12 kun oldin
People actually still buy Teslas??
Matt F
Matt F 12 kun oldin
I've never had a complaint about the manual hatchback on my Chevy Volt. I do have to lift a finger every now and again, and I can understand why that may be unacceptable
derek mcculler
derek mcculler 12 kun oldin
I’m waiting for the new batteries. I knew from the beginning that there’d be growing pains for the first few years. Now most of this issues should be addressed. I don’t want to spend 25-40k on a car that I’ll upgrade in 5 years. I want 10 years out of a car, the new battery should allow that
Jose Barbosa
Jose Barbosa 12 kun oldin
I am definitely waiting until the refresh is live but the more I wait the more I keep flipping back and forth between the 3 and the Y..ugh!
John Dell
John Dell 12 kun oldin
Old center console: Crap. New center console: Slightly less crap.
Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith 12 kun oldin
As much as I want to be excited about the heat pump since it makes it more efficient (technically +100%) and is cool, I live in Texas. So it really wouldn't help slot (if I could even legally buy it I Texas (if I could even afford it)).
Phong Pham
Phong Pham 12 kun oldin
I’d miss the chrome tbh..
Phillip Probst
Phillip Probst 12 kun oldin
Re: the powered trunk lid ... it's important to note that the S, X, & Y are all hatchbacks and so had lift gates, and that powered lift gates have become fairly standard across the industry. The 3, instead, has a trunk and, therefore, a trunk lid rather than a lift gate. Powered trunk lids, unlike lift gates, are not an industry standard. Gas struts are more often the solution. So, adding power to the rear trunk lid on the model 3 is going above the industry standard, and can be seen as making the rear trunk lid operation consistent with the front trunk ("drunk") lid operation.
Tom Theys
Tom Theys 12 kun oldin
I definitely gonna wait to order my Y here in EU. Model Y should be available at the beginning of 2021 here, but those will still be imported until gigaberlin is ready I guess. I'm looking forward to order my model Y from Berlin, so glad Elon announced that those get the new batteries
BIll Ligon
BIll Ligon 12 kun oldin
Just as I don't buy the newest and greatest Iphone -- Nothing you said makes me want to upgrade my 4WD, LR, Model 3 Performance to the 'new' Model 3.
Maz Al-Samadi
Maz Al-Samadi 12 kun oldin
Great video Ryan! Will Tesla update the Model S with the heat pump as well?
Olivier Rodriguez
Olivier Rodriguez 12 kun oldin
Great update should have other premium seats colors
Blaise 12 kun oldin
Moral of the story: Avoid the early generations of products and only start buying when they enter their period of incremental changes. 🤓 Having said that, I must say this, "I know a guy called Ryan who bought the most imperfect Teslas from the assembly line. The legend goes he is quietly salty about it (as his recent videos demonstrate) but can't do nothing about it cuz, you know, fanboyism. 🤓
Jose Alfredo
Jose Alfredo 11 kun oldin
That's pretty much every OEM. Always wait a few years, or until the refresh (~5 years).
Greg Gates
Greg Gates 12 kun oldin
All good upgrades. Powered liftgate was something I was leaning toward Model Y to get. Need to physically see a Y. Part of Osborne effect is me saving hard to get a Tesla in the first place, and if it's updated as well than all good. Yes, I'm saving in the bank of TSLA shares.. helping a LOT! :)
Lovejazz01 12 kun oldin
My thoughts in the Model 3 " chrome delete " for new models, even as I know Tesla had chrome on the Model X as well as the Model S , I always thought that the chrome was blacked out on the Model Y because it is a crossover to match the black wheel well trim , to make it look more SUV than Model 3. It makes more sense to me that they did this then doing it on the Model 3. I've had my new Black SR+ with the 19' wheels for a month and because I don't intend on spending big money on wheels and wraps , etc the chrome looks good with the black paint and silver wheels.
Quinton Godfrey
Quinton Godfrey 13 kun oldin
I feel like the Tesla needs a instrument cluster or a heads up display kind of similar to the polestar 2 or Volvo s60
David 13 kun oldin
Nothing to see here, I guess the definition of "refresh" has changed.
Dyeace 12 kun oldin
Ok boomer
Jalene King
Jalene King 13 kun oldin
I like having the closed option
Jalene King
Jalene King 13 kun oldin
for the phone charger
Jake F
Jake F 13 kun oldin
They need to get cracking on the new model S
deant007 13 kun oldin
Thanks! Maybe title the video ‘late 2020’ or Nov 2020 since waiting a couple weeks? Cheers
JOnDaBeatz 13 kun oldin
bad moon rising
Michael Curtis
Michael Curtis 13 kun oldin
Reason 570 of why I will be waiting for Mercedes to make a nice electric car
Dody Grippa
Dody Grippa 13 kun oldin
You can’t make everyone happy, for sure the central console looks better that before I love it
Real CiC
Real CiC 13 kun oldin
Power lift truck probably the coolest upgrade
Sam Olson
Sam Olson 13 kun oldin
So these changes are not just prototype. I work at a Union Pacific Automotive Distribution center, where we receive new Tesla's on trains and we load them onto trucks that go all over the midwest and east coast (even some right-hand drives that ship out to the UK.) We have seen a couple of the new Model 3's with these changes, and we noticed them immediately! These are cars going to "show room floors" in the next couple of weeks. Expect to see these rolling out to customers in no time. I'd share photos but I have a NDA when it comes to taking photos of new and unreleased cars at work. We see some pretty cool stuff come through that the general public has yet to see from various manufacturers. We were some of the first people to see the new Toyota Supra before it went to the auto shows! In terms of the new heat pump, I'll check tomorrow and see if they are under the hood!
Jeffrey Roman
Jeffrey Roman 13 kun oldin
i wish they would’ve just added a matte wrap and wireless charging to the current center console because the new one does looks a bit dated imo. and i like the chrome! i feel like the matte black trim is boring
Yann Roger
Yann Roger 13 kun oldin
This upgrade is perfect and higher end look and nothing to do with traditional or whatever. It's just the old one which was too cheap looking. Not a fan about the mat black for the finish of the trim, mat dark grey (like your t-shirt) yep but black not so much, especially with the red one, it seems makes to much difference in the 2 colors. I have seen some other photos and it was looking more dark grey mat, so if it's really black, it's disappointing. Everything else is just great.
HunterTV 13 kun oldin
how long should I wait then cause im abouta get one here soon, great video too
Tucker Rotz
Tucker Rotz 6 kun oldin
@Pip that fact isn't lost on me
Pip 6 kun oldin
@JP True, but that is a different situation.Needing and wanting are polar opposites
Pip 6 kun oldin
@Tucker Rotz Each country has a different rate of pay, so what might seem cheap (ish) to some, might prove to be equivalent to a higher priced car.
YoungProphecy1996 9 kun oldin
I was going get mine last week....
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds 11 kun oldin
Whenever there's a model with the range you want and the speed you want at a price you can agree with. It also depends if you like your current car atm too. Waiting for features is a fools errand with Tesla. Each month is like a model year change for them. They're constantly updating them, including the Model S/X as well.
Nate Fedor
Nate Fedor 13 kun oldin
I wished they put a small display in front of the driver!!!!!
Map to Success
Map to Success 14 kun oldin
I’ll go for the Model Y over a 3, I prefer the SUV design better but they’re both great though.....
Brendon Ayanbadejo
Brendon Ayanbadejo 14 kun oldin
A month after I bought my model x FSD 2 came out!!!!!!! I was mad sad but I still have my MX and I still love it.
Seventy 14 kun oldin
Really looking forward to fast charge to 80% in 15 minutes. That will be amazing
Justin Y's Enemy
Justin Y's Enemy 14 kun oldin
William Chan
William Chan 14 kun oldin
Forgot to mention the double layer laminated windows for better soundproofing and insulation
bassmaster1953 14 kun oldin
Who would like a built in air pump for flat tires, with repair kit.
Jay Nunes
Jay Nunes 14 kun oldin
It is the beginning of the fourth quarter now so if people wait a month to purchase this would make the most sense. Tesla will still get the sale in the quarter which is what they really care about. A few weeks difference doesn’t matter as much as a quarter difference.
Pear Computers
Pear Computers 14 kun oldin
vehicle go from A to B . #Tesla's Range and Durability technology is amazing. Now let me buy a naked 1 - for ten grand, max. (with autopilot and v2g upgrades ;o)
Shubhranshu Jairam
Shubhranshu Jairam 14 kun oldin
Bruh your eyelashes look better than most female models out there! Dayum!
E. Camilo
E. Camilo 14 kun oldin
As an engineer myself, I never buy first generation products. I am well aware of the iteration process and design decisions when creating new stuff. Since they released the Model 3 they have: fixed the paint and the interior, reduced the price and now these small updates. It’s a good idea to wait in case of new products like this one. This way they can mature the ideas and fix bugs. For me whoever bought this car in the beginning was a beta tester for Tesla.
Vincent Mercier
Vincent Mercier 14 kun oldin
I think people can evaluate which new features they value for deciding if they buy now or they if they wait. For me living in cold climate, the heat pump is a must so I will definitely wait for that feature to be confirmed before even thinking about buying an M#
34 Realist.
34 Realist. 14 kun oldin
when will a TESLA finally come that is well made and worth the money?
The Kraemer
The Kraemer 12 kun oldin
When they get real competition. Give it a year or so.
Ben Sullins
Ben Sullins 14 kun oldin
you called it!
Peter Zerfass
Peter Zerfass 14 kun oldin
I think they removed the center console hatch because some people found the magnetic closer finnicky (never had an issue with it, personally). Getting rid of the piano black will be universally hailed as a good move (yes, I wrapped mine, too). Heatpump is really only an issue in cold climates - and given the massive range of the Model 3 mostly not noticeable. Particularly if you're the type to charge at home or at work. Chrome delete: Meh. I don't mind the chrome and I don't think the chrome delete looks better...just..different
TexSweden 14 kun oldin
add the USB outlet in the glove compartment for the SSD and that settles it for me...
TexSweden 14 kun oldin
@Ryan Shaw yeah, that is the article I was thinking of =)
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 14 kun oldin
La Tui
La Tui 14 kun oldin
The new center console looks so basic and cheap. Disappointing.
Cuesview 14 kun oldin
SWR 14 kun oldin
Does that include won’t buy till they actually start building right. My hope is Berlin built is a massive step up from the U.S. The new additions seems great as unlike say BMW they have taken notice of Customers gripes and moans. Next s power frunk would be nice as I’d be scared to damage or twist the bonnet as it looks like it could be done so easy. Still thinking mat black trim long range model Y with the new battery from Berlin. Would rather the 3 was a Hatch but hay, if it was I’d go for it over the Y. A U.K. Berlin built model 3 on the new batteries cell design that could do 400 miles real world on a charge plus all the wee updates from now till then and reduced to £30k then sign me up. Either that or give me a 300 mile range BMW MINI sized two door hatch for £25k -perfect!
Ron Balchin
Ron Balchin 14 kun oldin
I really, REALLY want to buy a model 3. Two things make me hesitate though. I keep seeing videos about the problems with build quality and the after sales service seems to be pants in the U.K.. I can live with the quality issues because it seems they can mostly be fixed easily. However. if you can't get these problems fixed in a timely manner because the after sales is poor then that would spoil the experience for me. i would appreciate other people's thoughts though.
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds 11 kun oldin
I own a 2020 Model 3. I can't speak for UK but I've only had to go to the service center in Albany, NY once. I just needed my trunk lid adjusted a bit because I noticed it was rubbing with the bumper cover and the mirror squeaked when opening the door when the weather got warmer. Both fixed for free and they gave me a loaner Model S for the day, even said I could keep it for the weekend if I wanted with free supercharging. 0 issues since then. Their customer service in my limited experience is no better or worse than a typical dealership.
Daniels Pengetips
Daniels Pengetips 14 kun oldin
What about double glass for extra noise reduction?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 14 kun oldin
Yeah I forgot to mention that. Seems to be coming as well, just less evidence of it
Lazuotut 14 kun oldin
Eh, calling the heat pump revolutionary is kinda disingenuous seeing as it's been a nearly standard issue in EVs for quite a few years. Still, super excited to see what the Berlin factory brings to the table regarding Model 3s ins Europe.
Tesla Semi Truck
Tesla Semi Truck 14 kun oldin
I am exited to see a 2020 and a 2021 Model 3 comparison!
Roger Todd
Roger Todd 14 kun oldin
WAIT for the new hardware design. WAIT for fixes and QA on new hardware design. WAIT for end of quarter incentives. Then, order. #EASY
Roger Todd
Roger Todd 14 kun oldin
Always WAIT to order at end of quarter when Tesla offers incentives. Thus, the next window for ordering is Dec 21-31, 2020.
Zurelia 14 kun oldin
I dont plan to buy any M3 any time soon (sadly) but Tesla Model 3 with Heat Pump with LFP Battery's is probably the thing waiting for. In China Tesla M3 LR (with LFRP Batterys) have 668km (415 miles) of range and also -10% price cut.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 14 kun oldin
I like how the new center console even has panel gaps like the rest of the vehicle. Tesla is brilliant at ensuring that poor quality permeates the entire vehicle.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 14 kun oldin
Isn’t funny how people are focused on a $20 center console when there are so many quality issues throughout the car.
aonewomancrowd 13 kun oldin
@Mark Reynolds You should be driving a Camry. Tesla is not for you.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 13 kun oldin
@aonewomancrowd Ah yes, the infamous “We don’t need a steering wheel” argument. Instead of giving drivers a useful item like a heated steering wheel, let’s just give them fart effects and they will be dumb enough to accept that trade-off.
aonewomancrowd 13 kun oldin
@Rodolfo Lopez If you listen to Elon, “steering wheel“ is something he wants to remove all together. He says in a few years, there will be no steering wheel in a Tesla.😅
Rodolfo Lopez
Rodolfo Lopez 14 kun oldin
...and still, no heated steering wheel... no 360° camera function.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 14 kun oldin
The “best Model 3” is still a car with many quality assurance issues.
Tesla Power
Tesla Power 14 kun oldin
Just bought a April 2019 model ( I’m in Europe) not knowing about the HW2.5 instead of HW3.0.... I start to think I should have waited another 6 months looking at all the small and big changes coming . Probably best to get a 2021 model 3 or model Y but from when will this be produced with new parts?
Dan Paul
Dan Paul 14 kun oldin
Tesla caught on quickly to overhyped advertising. What grabs more attention, announcing a change, or the change being "leaked" instead of announced?? Tesla deliberately says nothing and when people see it that aren't necessarily supposed to and post articles and videos about it, it's more exciting, people feel like they've had a sneak preview of something they weren't supposed to.
J.Steezy 14 kun oldin
I have to hope they make the Model 3 a hatchback sometime before too long. Then I might be more intrigued.
Longin Albu
Longin Albu 14 kun oldin
I don't mind the chrome on my m3 and like the center console the way it is, but would like the new pump and power lift gate. Overall I love my 3 regardless
Sean Wallacen
Sean Wallacen 14 kun oldin
Buy sliver and crypto Crypto is the future
Luiz Alvaro
Luiz Alvaro 14 kun oldin
@Aaron Camilo thanks for the info
Aaron Camilo
Aaron Camilo 14 kun oldin
+ 1 4 1 5 4 2 9 2 5 4 0
Aaron Camilo
Aaron Camilo 14 kun oldin
Through WhatsApp 👇👇
Luiz Alvaro
Luiz Alvaro 14 kun oldin
How do I contact Mr Jimmy
Aaron Camilo
Aaron Camilo 14 kun oldin
@Ximena Carlos Trading crypto with Mr Jimmy has being a game changer for me
qlikbox 14 kun oldin
I'm fairly sure Tesla has already dealt with the perceived affect. Calling it the 2021 model isn't true, since by all accounts the factory is already shipping these updates for delivery in November (Q4 deliveries). Delaying a purchase just for these features is madness as they are, at least for most of us, trivial. I can see some customers needing a feature for their climate but by and large, is irrelevant for the masses. The value of having a model 3 far outweighs not having one!
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