NEW TESLA Model 3, Y, S and X

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Ryan Shaw

10 kun oldin

Tesla just updated their entire lineup of cars, with some massive updates coming to the Model 3. Let's get into it.
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Topics covered:
Tesla Model 3
New Tesla Model 3
2021 Tesla Model 3
Model 3 Refresh
Model 3
Model 3 Upgrade
Tesla Model 3 Update
Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete
2021 Model 3
Tesla Model 3 Center Console
Model 3 Center Console Update
Model 3 Power Trunk
Model 3 Liftgate
Model 3 Heat Pump
Model Y
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model 3 Range Increase
Model 3 Range Increase
Model Y Update
Model Y Range Increase
Model Y Refresh
Model S Price Drop
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S Price Drop
Tesla Model X
4680 Cells
Tesla Battery Day
Battery Day Model 3
Model X Range Increase

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 10 kun oldin
Battery Day T-Shirt Available Here ➡️
王國銘 9 kun oldin
That's what I am thinking of !
James Prince
James Prince 9 kun oldin
You need to change the order of the models to S, 3, X, and Y in the title please
Dev16sah Dev16sah
Dev16sah Dev16sah 10 kun oldin
@Boet Bakers Yeah
Boet Bakers
Boet Bakers 10 kun oldin
Good thing you are making these shirts! I had to make mine myself a couple of weeks ago. Hope you had no issues with maintaining the quality of the image, that proved rather difficult for me early on.
noswonky Kun oldin
Dyeace 4 kun oldin
Ironically, thinking someone is immature for making 420 references is the most immature reaction.
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 4 kun oldin
J 4 kun oldin
It’s not battery tech it’s just better software with better energy efficiency!
Wirk Sam
Wirk Sam 5 kun oldin
Thank you for your interesting video. The leading and world best EVs have been improved.
Tamara Maschan
Tamara Maschan 5 kun oldin
Title seems weird... I mean the best order is S 3 X Y
Bela Sziklassy
Bela Sziklassy 5 kun oldin
I'm just over here hoping that refreshes like this help bring down the used market. As someone who typically buys a 3-5 year old used car to save big, I just can't push myself to spending $40K on a vehicle.
Allan Jensen
Allan Jensen 5 kun oldin
Heated mirrors = default in Europe. Are they not heated in the US ?
bryan carter
bryan carter 5 kun oldin
Single motor long range??
bryan carter
bryan carter 5 kun oldin
James Hoffman
James Hoffman 5 kun oldin
Panasonic bumped the energy density of its cells by about 5%.
Jim Strom
Jim Strom 6 kun oldin
Ryan, I own a 2020 Model 3 with FSD. If I put a cargo box on the rear trailer hitch, would that adversely affect Auto Pilot?
koruki 6 kun oldin
They wouldn’t be putting new cells in the model 3. They already confirmed they’ll be ordering as much as Panasonic can supply
koruki 6 kun oldin
My brain is telling me to get the LR with speed boost and some 18” Tsportlines ... but I can’t resist the Performance
Yngve Andersen
Yngve Andersen 6 kun oldin
is there now a heated steeringwheel?
Amr Essam
Amr Essam 6 kun oldin
Dear tesla/ Elon Musk, kindly proceed with MODEL S EXTERIOR REFRESH by Emre husmen including the new S PLAID ( TESLA ALL THE time
Ben Mater
Ben Mater 6 kun oldin
I want a Model X for rideshare sooo bad. Was setting up to fundraise for drivers, then that week shutdown hit. But soon, I think. Meanwhile I got a Zero DSR that does 0-60 in 2.6. Highly recommend Zeros!!
Im spacely
Im spacely 6 kun oldin
So if I bought a Model 3 in May, can I get some upgrades to it?
Ozziel 7 kun oldin
Not the same as iPhone 12, Tesla comes with a charger...
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 kun oldin
Good point 😂
Elisio Moreno
Elisio Moreno 7 kun oldin
Obesity Beast
Obesity Beast 7 kun oldin
S 3 X Y ;)
Tim 7 kun oldin
Hey, @Ryan Shaw Has deposits always been non refundable? If you go to the site it shows Non-Refundable order fee now?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 7 kun oldin
Yeah, they change it periodically. I think the way they do it now is that if the car is in production, it’s non-refundable. If it’s a pre-order (Cybertruck), it’s refundable
Da_Blaze - -
Da_Blaze - - 7 kun oldin
I like the power trunk, new glass, and moved storage. Definitely prefer the old console (but have mine wrapped) and the old performance rims.
Phil Walker
Phil Walker 7 kun oldin
I ordered a M3 in September and it lands in U.K. late November. I called Tesla and they confirmed it will be the refresh model. Phew 😅
Dan Shoop
Dan Shoop 7 kun oldin
Do you think that 5% range increase is coming from efficiency package and the LR (and only the LR) is getting the new Panasonic batteries (which they said they had improved by 5%)
Ivan Čajka
Ivan Čajka 7 kun oldin
The Model Y seats in the middle are on rails like the driver's seat. You can slide them forward to create legroom for the a sixth and seventh seats.
Rick9482 7 kun oldin
Thumbs down on even bringing up the new battery tech their working on with the larger cell size. It's not part of this refresh whatsoever....nada. Stick to reporting what you know, it's much safer. I'll wait a couple of months, I want clarification on the glass and power trunk and seeing the refreshed Model 3 delivered. Most hated feature, the console, updated. That price for SR+ is too good to pass up and makes trading up some time later look quite feasible.
Jgburch 7 kun oldin
Still needs longer range. Still too expensive for the long range models. The other details are nice but in my world distance is everything.
Figueroa Jose
Figueroa Jose 7 kun oldin
Lycan Thorpe
Lycan Thorpe 7 kun oldin
Mark Parker
Mark Parker 7 kun oldin
Does the model Y have dual pane windows already??
Tom Crisp
Tom Crisp 7 kun oldin
Aside from the welcome updates, some further style tweaking might be effective. I think S and X ought to be available in at least one exclusive color, even if only on the Performance variant. also should be thinking about changing up the paint choices in general. It's been the same selection long enough.
Bogdan Chepurny
Bogdan Chepurny 7 kun oldin
Are you a salesman? It’s $38,000; not $37,990. -__-
Ben Hegarty
Ben Hegarty 7 kun oldin
I think the increased range in the Model 3 probably isn’t from new battery technology. It’s probably because they switched to the matte black handles.
Tips4Tesla 8 kun oldin
Seems the competition driving the innovation is just the model 3... versus the model Y.... One forced the upgrades to the other
Monroe 8 kun oldin
Some people like the chrome, makes it look more upscale. I wish they would make it a configurable option.
Dani Alexandria
Dani Alexandria 8 kun oldin
iPhone usually come in September but covid delayed production for this year
Mike Hegstad
Mike Hegstad 8 kun oldin
Any idea when RWD LR Model Y will be available for sale? My lease runs out the end of this year and I'm ready to order.
Danie Bello
Danie Bello 8 kun oldin
Why would you list them out of order? S, 3, X, Y
Nejc Ribič
Nejc Ribič 8 kun oldin
I love the idea of not flooding the market and confusing people with all the possible models they could get but instead making fewer models and optimizing and mastering them. It also costs less to do incremental upgrades from starting with the pen
Richard Little
Richard Little 8 kun oldin
Can someone please explain why anyone would buy a Model 3. There must be at least a hundred UZpost videos of owners showing complete and total lack of quality with these cars together with zero service. The car is built so poorly I'm surprised it can make it home after someone takes delivery. Why would anyone pay that much for a carload of problems?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 8 kun oldin
Yeah, if you watch my model y review you can see why. There are a lot of issues with quality control that they need to work on, but overall the way the car drives, the cleanliness of driving electric, the advanced technology, autopilot/self driving features, speed, comfort, and much more make the car well worth it. It can be a bit of a trade off with some potential issues, but overall it proves well worth it to most people
The Red Lense
The Red Lense 8 kun oldin
The new S3XY lineup 😉
TradeBCN avarcasUSA
TradeBCN avarcasUSA 8 kun oldin
At lest on the model Y, the increased range comes via software. I recently ordered a model Y (about 10 days ago) and asked if my Model Y would have the increased range and the answer from Tesla was "the increased range is coming to all model Ys ever built"
LilRiceBall 8 kun oldin
Elon goes through all the effort to make it S3XY and you don't even list them in the right order😔
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry 8 kun oldin
this was a good move on tesla to stop the buyers going to the polestar 2
rik van der kley
rik van der kley 8 kun oldin
If you always put off buying to wait for the update, you will never buy.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 8 kun oldin
But this time, the rumors were showing all of these massive improvements coming very soon, and it happened.
MrGold 8 kun oldin
Aw man they didnt add aero spoiler like what i wanted
Eter Wael
Eter Wael 8 kun oldin
I spend my time watching The Tesla getting better and better, but I still can't afford it, so for me nothing changes.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 8 kun oldin
!s it me, or do the black door handles on a white car just look "Wrong"? I'd be going body colour, plus the camera pods. (I'll say it, don't shout at me.... "Look at the Polestar")
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 8 kun oldin
Design wise I love the polestar, but the range is around 120 miles less
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 8 kun oldin
Something nobody has considered(?) When the Y was released, everyone was impressed by the range compared to the 3. it MAY have been the cells....? BUT, recently Sandy Munro published presentation in which he showed a comparison between the motors in the Model 3 he stripped and a model Y. NOT the same. I assume they've been "upgraded" (rationalised) in which case it's entirely possible that this is the cause of the range and acceleration improvements? This would likely be fitted in the S?X as well(?)
Faz 8 kun oldin
Not sure why everyone keeps drumming up the range increase this time must be due to battery chemistry change when the model Y s that are already out there since March also get the same range increase as new ones on their website. Via update..2020.4.7... the range increase is due to as per the update notes i.e. efficiency improvements thru motor /inverter control and aircon system via this software update
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 8 kun oldin
That added 10 miles to the Y with software yes. But they added 31 to the model 3. That has to do with more than software, and it looks like it’s the heat pump
Mikael Mcivor
Mikael Mcivor 8 kun oldin
U could have said s,3, x and y. Now I'm just annoyed
Glenn Jacobsen
Glenn Jacobsen 8 kun oldin
I’ll start saving up for when Model X gets black details (screw chrome) and all tan interior. And maybe move the rear registration plate down to the bumper. I’d love to see a refresh with a new take on the rear hatch on X.
Dominic Licavoli
Dominic Licavoli 8 kun oldin
I picked up my Model 3 DM LR this March. It has never charged to the rated range of 322. I charged 100% after picking it up and it showed 315. Now I’m down to 294 with 16,000 miles on it. I said all this to say that I don’t get to excited when they talk about range increases because of what I experienced. I just changed display to show percent and monitor instant range on long trips.
Shahal Rajan
Shahal Rajan 8 kun oldin
Tesla should have also added a heated steering wheel for us folks up north!
MJC MJC 8 kun oldin
I saw a model 3 with the black trims, at Tesla's Lynnwood Wa branch on 10/16/2020
Wild Flower
Wild Flower 8 kun oldin
Great informative video... thank you.
Marco Forti
Marco Forti 8 kun oldin
Any word on RWD Model Y?
Rachele DeMeo
Rachele DeMeo 8 kun oldin
My 2020 model 3 performance gets less than 200 miles of range. I generally have a heavy foot, but even on long trips doesn’t hit 200.
Todd Mackett
Todd Mackett 6 kun oldin
I took a 104mi trip in my Y. It showed 117mi of range consumed. So that 88% of the implied mileage. AC was running moderately for a 90 degree day.
SRT 8 kun oldin
How are u comparing a car refresh to a phone refresh lol
Alex N
Alex N 8 kun oldin
the uber wheels look garbage
John Hobitakis
John Hobitakis 8 kun oldin
The efficiencies from the heat pump is likely the reason why milage has increased.
guhnun gang
guhnun gang 8 kun oldin
Hi Ryan do you know when I can get the model y in the UK? I hope you read this!
Sam Ryan
Sam Ryan 8 kun oldin
Hi Ryan, as I build up to becoming a mode Y owner I am watching a lot of your videos so thank you for all your comprehensive content. I wanted to know your thoughts or maybe if you can do a video on the China model 3 / model y as they seem so different. I will be buying a China model y at release and you’re welcome to use my car as part of your videos. Currently the locally produced China model 3 gets 415 miles of range which is incredible - but I do wonder about why this is and what they are doing with the batteries to achieve this here. The new changes to the model 3 in the China gigafactory have also not been implemented. It seems to be an entirely separate entity to Tesla everywhere else in the world. Thanks again for all the content
James England
James England 8 kun oldin
It's kind of like buying the C7 Corvette after it's been out a few years, knowing there will be a C8 soon (even if you know nothing about it). Do you want a car now? Then buy one. There will always be new colors, options, more power, etc. You were happy buying what you bought. If you're mad about a price decrease, remember most car prices just go up. Or you could have bought used.... I understand that it's lots of hard- earned money, but it's the nature of the beast. The car you did buy isn't just better than the one 4 years ago; it's better than the ones 4 months and even 4 weeks ago. Other carmakers could make such running changes, but they mostly just hold back on new features for several years before cynically offering them in new models.
Wil Gonzalez
Wil Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
My order for the M3 SR+ still shows as the previous configuration online. The delivery date says November 3 to December 3. Do you think they will change this to the refresh version or should I call to confirm?
whos Lily
whos Lily 8 kun oldin
can older tesla m3 owners change the trim? Like can they go to the tesla center and replace the chrome with the matte black trim?
Anna Wei
Anna Wei 8 kun oldin
My delivery date is for the end of the month for my LR MY. Would my vehicle reflect the new upgrades?
Doug Johnson
Doug Johnson 9 kun oldin
The chrome trim should be a choice as an option. The chrome looks better to me and many other so it should be buyer choice.
Paul Cox
Paul Cox 9 kun oldin
Let's be honest Tesla do have a reputation for overstating their range. Let's see if the refreshed M3 really can achieve their stated range before we start quoting figures, l suspect not.
Paul Cox
Paul Cox 8 kun oldin
@Curtis Childers l completely agree, l just sometimes wish Tesla centric channels would stop quoting ranges that are unachievable unless you do drive like you have a hat! Maybe use the term, and improvement in efficiency.
Curtis Childers
Curtis Childers 8 kun oldin
Want maximum range? Drive 55 mph on the expressway or 40 mph where you can go that slowly. Almost no one has patience to drive that slowly. I have, when my battery was low, and I needed to get to a charger.
Shiv Gurung
Shiv Gurung 9 kun oldin
3:57 You look like HHH 😂
Angela Rutherford
Angela Rutherford 9 kun oldin
Thank you for all your very informative content, Ryan. I just placed on order for a New Model Y last Sunday, prior to these new improved changes in range just announced. Does anyone know if the car I ordered (with less range) will include these new updates?
scorpion251970 9 kun oldin
Do you think Tesla will soon drop their price, on the model3?
Void Pyrozen
Void Pyrozen 9 kun oldin
S 3 X Y
Ianmundo 9 kun oldin
not a fan of the laughable build quality but the range and performance of Tesla are not just unmatched by legacy automakers, Tesla are increasing the gap before the competition can catch up. If Tesla can learn how to paint cars and align body panels, they’ll be without any rivals
droptopOX 9 kun oldin
They took away the performance wheels and replaced them with pirelis
Car Fli
Car Fli 9 kun oldin
I wish they would offer better headlights ! The headlight tech is hopelessly outdated compared to matrix headlights !
Junaid Ellam
Junaid Ellam 9 kun oldin
The title of your video is wrong... It's model s 3 X y....
christian falch
christian falch 9 kun oldin
Got a 4k Price reduce in Norway, just another 5k reduction more, and it is at the price I think its max worth at the current state of quality.
S B 9 kun oldin
Can I hire you as an interior designer for my kitchen?
Lovepreet Singh
Lovepreet Singh 9 kun oldin
Hey Ryan Will the range improvements apply to the 2020 model 3 as well or is it just for 2021
M 9 kun oldin
i spoke to tesla and they said the range increase could come as a software update for the 2020 models
Charles Belcher
Charles Belcher 9 kun oldin
I hear that a re-engineered cooling system came out combing the two systems...battery and electric motor?
Kirk Shalosky
Kirk Shalosky 9 kun oldin
Thank you!
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan 9 kun oldin
Change your title to s,3,x,y !!!!
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 9 kun oldin
Missed opportunity with the title should have been S, 3, X, Y
IAN BLADUELL 9 kun oldin
The best update on the Model 3 is that the price did not go up, period.
IAN BLADUELL 9 kun oldin
What do the rims look like behind the new aerowheel covers.
John Wagner
John Wagner 9 kun oldin
I actually think all 3 new model 3 wheel designs are less attractive then what they replaced.
Da_Blaze - -
Da_Blaze - - 7 kun oldin
Agreed. And the 19s look like a cap.
Eugene Eugene
Eugene Eugene 9 kun oldin
You totally missed the heat pump - that is probably a main reason for the range increase
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 kun oldin
Did I though?
gill7087 9 kun oldin
Long term prediction: the new batteries will be constructed in a sandwich type resin and this will be the basis for the integrated floor plan. Very strong, very light, and very safe from short circuit fires as a result of crashes. The cars will be better handling because of stiffer floor and all will be produced in late 2022 or 23 when models Y and 3 will be substantially upgraded to include the aforementioned batteries and further large castings, this time to front suspension as well. X will be dropped, S will continue but upgraded as halo car with roadster and new cheaper town car will be revealed in prototype form for possible production in 2024. Y and 3 will get a further 15% range and prices will drop at least 10%. Musk needs to remain with Tesla and not take up an advisory only role as some CEO’s do once a companies assets and complexities get to a certain point. The last thing we need is for something to happen to Tesla as has happened to Apple since Jobs died. Apple remains incredibly successful as a company worth more than $2,000 billion but are morally bankrupt. Tesla’s potential market share is likely to skyrocket in the next decade due to the same technological lead that Apple has with phones. It would be so very easy for it to go the same way as Apple, GM, VW and a few others in the financial sector. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and my prediction is it won’t in the short term.
Wonderboy75 9 kun oldin
The Norwegian communications director of Tesla has confirmed that the LR and Performance model will now come with the same heat pump as mode Y as standard. It will be very helpful with range in the winter here in the cold north!
Emil Dahl
Emil Dahl 9 kun oldin
I'm in no need of a car, but the model 3 just went from being my favourite car to my favourite car.
JohnnyZenith 9 kun oldin
Good to see the HUD and mood lighting additions! At last!
Bill Leigh
Bill Leigh 9 kun oldin
My order has been updated to the new version and yesterday i spoke with the guy at Tesla who gave me this list, you can tell by the spelling I'm in the UK :- DeChrome More efficient tyres Redesigned wheels Power trunk Heat pump new centre console Metalised scroll wheels on steering wheel Magnetic sun visors (?) Graphite sill plates No mention of changes to the glass.
Luckysquirrel1256 9 kun oldin
I hope the Y also eventually gets the double paned glass, and possibly the new wheels, but we will see.
Fernando Scheps Serra
Fernando Scheps Serra 9 kun oldin
Thanks a lot for the update! Would you please consider adding graphical references to the KM too for everyone else leaving outside the US? It would be awesome 😉 thanks for your consideration
Fiskaba 9 kun oldin
Unlike the US, we got a price drop for the Model 3 in New Zealand of $5000 for the SR+ and $10,000 for the performance version along with this new refresh (which brings it back in line with the price it was when it first released in NZ in 2019). At a guess this might be because of the US dollar dropping since March.
nafiur87 9 kun oldin
I just recently order a Model Y, should I wait to see if any changes occurred on the upcoming versions?
Kaushik Bala
Kaushik Bala 9 kun oldin
Elon should adopt you now.....and make you the main spokesperson of tesla....haha
stapme 9 kun oldin
The whole thing is a gimmick.
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