My Tesla Model Y Pays for Itself!

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Ryan Shaw

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5 specific things I’ve done utilizing my Model Y to pay for itself.
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For lots of people, the Model Y is a very exciting car because it’s the first Crossover SUV electric car to achieve a range of over 300 miles. The Tesla Model Y today starts at $52,990 for the Long Range version getting 316 miles, and early next year, the standard range version should start at $41,000.
It’s the perfect car for anyone who liked the Tesla Model 3 but needs a little more storage space, like me.
So far, in my ownership of the Model Y, I’ve paid for the car by utilizing the car itself in 5 specific ways.
The first thing that I got to help pay for the Model Y, and everyone will be able to get is cash incentives.
For the Model Y, in the state of California you get $2000.
Next, my power company is Southern California Edison and they gave me $1000.
This past month I tried something new, which is the third way the Model Y pays for itself: Turo.
I listed my Model Y on Turo at the end of may since right now, I’m not using it to commute every single day.
As a Turo host, I make 70% of the earnings (the rest goes to Turo and insurance). With one rental at the end of may, and four more throughout June, I ended up making $835 from Turo, which as it turns out, covers my car payment for the month.
One thing I am planning to do to keep my car clean, and make it easier to clean, is to buy some really great all weather mats for the Model Y. Now the Model Y comes with mats, but they aren’t that great, and definitely won’t deal well with any liquids.
The third thing I got with the Model Y is pretty obvious. UZpost earnings.
Around October, I had been watching lots of UZpost channels talking about the Model 3 and really wanted to get one. I test drove the Model 3 and realized that it wouldn’t suit my need to fit drums in it. So, I became obsessed with the Model Y. I was watching every possible video about getting a Free Tesla, Free Model 3, Free Model Y, Free Tesla Model Y, Free Tesla Model 3, and so on.
I saved up all of my UZpost earnings for a few months, and by the time delivery came around, I used all of that as the downpayment for the Model Y.
Once I took delivery, I started making regular videos with the car that have done pretty well, which is a prime example of the car paying for itself.
Now number 4: Affiliate Links.
Most companies utilize affiliate links to encourage people to recommend products. Amazon does this, blue host does this, and you guessed it, so do Tesla accessory companies!
If you check out the description in my videos, I list off all the equipment I use to make my videos, as well as some other products I recommend, and these are all affiliate links. Again, if you click it and proceed to purchase, at no extra cost to you, I get a very tiny percentage of that sale.

This is one of those things where you might say “how is this the Model Y paying for itself? It’s a camera lens on amazon”, but the only reason that link was clicked, is because I made a video about the Model Y, which is a popular subject.
At this point, I don’t make nearly as much as I do with Turo, but every bit helps the Model Y pay for itself!
Alright, last but not least, in a similar fashion, is the Tesla referral program.
If you follow the link and proceed to purchase, you get 1000 free supercharger miles, and so do I. Now this doesn’t result in cash or anything, unless I’m one of the lucky ones who wins the Tesla referral lottery for a free Model Y, but it does add up over time.
At this point, I have enough referrals that any road trip I go on for the foreseeable future, is 100% free.
So because of the popularity of the Model Y itself, and the fact that I talk about it on UZpost and Twitter, it leads people to use this link for free miles, which in turn lets me drive the Model Y for free.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 2 oy oldin
Adding your code to the order I placed tomorrow. Thanks Ryan! Your videos were imperative in my decision to purchase a Model Y.
Jayesh Lanjewar
Jayesh Lanjewar 3 oy oldin
The Supercharging credit is only if you use the referral link to buy a Model S, Model X, or Model 3. It does not apply if you plan on using it to buy the Model Y. Look at the "Limits" section on this page:
Random Blueper
Random Blueper 3 oy oldin
It’s paying for itself by being rented out to people? People won’t treat your car nicely they will abuse the crap out of the car. Slam the doors, be heavy on the brakes and drive a crap load of miles. Your warranty will be gone in no time. I guess it’s a good idea if you don’t care about the car so much. You must have a good income then
John Hubbard
John Hubbard 3 oy oldin
Sam Chen Sam thing with me, however talk to your sales rep. S/he might be able to add it.
Sam Chen
Sam Chen 3 oy oldin
I was told by Tesla that there was no way to give me any miles credit for the referral program because I purchased mine, literally, less than 24 hours before the program went live. I know you mentioned that others had reported they were able to get them applied. Can anyone message me information about it? They said if I had proof someone else got one they'd make it happen.
Pip 19 soat oldin
When you let people rent the car off of you, how do you deal with damages caused... The drive train alone is going to be damage with no doubt countless hard acceleration...
JimL Kun oldin
Liked. Looking at the Model Y as our next vehicle.
Khaffit 4 kun oldin
more like "how Ryan pays for himself" ^^
Anna Wei
Anna Wei 6 kun oldin
I ordered my Model Y, will receive end of this month. Not sure if I would like to rent out car. Did you run into situations that you wished you did not rent car? Also, mats are over $500! I am a fan of all weather mats but that is too much!
NICOLE MAGANAS 8 kun oldin
Thank you Ryan for all of your videos, they have been extremely helpful as I await delivery in a couple weeks. The varied topics that you explore regarding the Model Y are diverse yet relevant. I appreciate your candor! Turo, I'm not sure about that, I ordered the Ultra White Interior :)
Miłosz Michałowski-Żuk
Miłosz Michałowski-Żuk 8 kun oldin
The way Tesla could partially pay for itself is in savings on fuel and maintenance. But if you: - get a 60 000 dollar car minus 3000 in incentives times 3% loan - You get 5 service appointments right away to fix glaring quality issues (not all of them of course, but I guess you can’t be that picky in that price range ;) - You start a YT channel - You rent your 60k car to other people (assuming 2,5 rentals per month for $199 x 70% = $250-300 a month minus cost of charging, cleaning and deprecation). That really doesn’t look like a great deal - your Tesla doesn’t pay for itself. You’re paying for it with additional work and effort. Just saying. There’s no magical way to have a “free” meal.
Balthezor 8 kun oldin
For me, if I had to rent out my car to others to be able to pay for the payments, probably shouldn't have bought that car in the first place. But you know, for some reason everyone is uploading anything Tesla at this time for those views.
Rodolphe Drolet
Rodolphe Drolet 12 kun oldin
Best save it for state road taxes
Travinator 12 kun oldin
Hey Ryan, thank you for your content! Now that it's been a couple months, how well does renting the car out on Turo cover your payments each month (if you don't mind me asking)?
Jeffjunk 18 kun oldin
Just bought my tesla y for Turo and myself
Alvin Cabrera
Alvin Cabrera 28 kun oldin
Not sure how Turo works with a Tesla, but who pays for charging when customers use it and you run out of charging miles?
George Morelos
George Morelos Oy oldin
Very smart. I don’t know if I would be comfortable with others driving met car on Turo, but at least they can’t trash the engine like in a ICE car.
Shaun Dempsey
Shaun Dempsey Oy oldin
Hi Ryan, like your shows, keep them up. Have some new content ideas for you too - more so questions I'd like answered as I try to consider the Y vs something gasoline driven. What are the costs that you expect to pay for the Tesla Y? Are you stuck buying them only from Tesla? Like Tires? What do Tesla Tires cost? are they warranty 50k etc? Curious what are the costs. Like even - filling up the car battery (how much does that typically cost?) Are you getting a tesla powerwall? does it make sense.. or is a pre-requisite?
Amelia Antonelli
Amelia Antonelli Oy oldin
Ryan love you videos. I plan on using different ways to earn money with my Tesla Y, and this video was very informative. Thanks
naysay02 Oy oldin
Thanks for the tips. What about the taxes on your rental earnings?
Marcus Johansson
Marcus Johansson Oy oldin
i guess most people that rent on turo would launch the car all day long, just the tire cost would be higher than what you earn on turo.
Black Birdie Golf
Black Birdie Golf Oy oldin
I love turo. I test drove the Y at a tesla dealership in Richmond VA for about 30mins.
Jay Edwards
Jay Edwards Oy oldin
Ryan, what if you rented it and there was a chance that the patron had a accident with your car. I wouldn't rent it out because of this stipulation.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Turo has insurance for this
Jon Carson
Jon Carson Oy oldin
Well done, Ryan. I am planning on a MY purchase once my little scholar has finished her education (She is a senior this year), although I may wait until the Austin GFactory is in production...
Jeroenneman Oy oldin
In short: Subsidies Loaning out your car UZpost views Affiliate marketing
Craig D'Andrea
Craig D'Andrea Oy oldin
So you basically pay a premium to be the only person driving your car. Nothing wrong with that, just a preference.
mg19cal Oy oldin
I'm getting a Model 3 next month and am going to document the experience on here. I just hope I can get to even 100 subscribers, let alone 1000
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti 2 oy oldin
Sounds complicated to me. I'll keep driving my shit boxes and taking vacations!!!!
John Hawkins
John Hawkins 2 oy oldin
Kansas has no incentives whatsoever to purchase an EV. Instead they are adding "special registration" fees to all non 100% ICE vehicles to encourage everyone to keep buying ICE.
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez 2 oy oldin
How about insurance??
Koraji yo
Koraji yo 2 oy oldin
I was shocked at how much money you save with a Tesla. I'm considering buying a Tesla model 3(mostly fearing a lack of home charging and my home location making that hard and kinda painting a target). After doing the math, buying a new Tesla model 3 with 15k down, ~25k financed (@2.49% which is what Tesla defaults to when online shopping I have great credit and a 40% down payment so I assume I'd qualify if it's defaulting to that with a
John Vanderbeck
John Vanderbeck 2 oy oldin
So in the middle of a pandemic you are letting random strangers, potentially sick strangers, rent your car. Wow.
Burldisco 2 oy oldin
In Canada all ev’s are priced out the reach of most buyers. The average person can’t avoid them.
DokoBG1 2 oy oldin
Dont like the idea of renting your own vehicle. Its like buying a used Tesla.
Hritik Trivedi
Hritik Trivedi 2 oy oldin
Lowkey ur videos are very calm and fun to watch
Untamed Jack
Untamed Jack 2 oy oldin
I’m so tired of hearing that teslas pay for their self this is not true you guys need to quit saying this it’s really annoying when you’re charging it from home it goes onto your electric bill when you go out for supercharging you have to pay for it it is not free
Movie Games
Movie Games 3 oy oldin
Turo sounds too good to be true. I Doordash and Instacart for my main job. Turo would be like a day off.
Carmen Slayners
Carmen Slayners 2 oy oldin
I legit used Turo when I was in TX. The experience is awesome as a customer. Used a super nice Ford Focus for like 50ish bucks a day + Insurance. Between Turo and Uber/Lyft Premium, Teslas can rake in
carl1948 3 oy oldin
Income from turo is taxable, yes?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Learn Edits
Learn Edits 3 oy oldin
For people who are new to Tesla, keep in mind, these are not luxury cars they are high tech cars great for minimalists. I LOVE them because that's my style but get in one first if you're expecting luxury
Daniel 3 oy oldin
Great info! I really appreciate how straightforward, honest, and efficient your communication style is! Well done.
FCV19 3 oy oldin
Don't you have to pay taxes on Turo revenue?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Yeah it’s a 1099
Adam 3 oy oldin
So I've seen a couple of your videos about your tesla car and I just now realized that you had only ~30k subs. Like I thought you had at least a couple hundred thousand considering the production quality of your videos. Keep up the great work dude!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Thanks so much!
Richard R.
Richard R. 3 oy oldin
Tesla just dropped their model y price by 3k
giggleherz 3 oy oldin
I will wait for five years for the stainless steel version that looks like a recycle bin with a soap box for the driver seat. The uglier the better, then people will leave it the hell alone. Anything will be fine as long as I don't have to use that smelly poisonous gasoline.
Sendyo Holmes
Sendyo Holmes 3 oy oldin
Great video. Simple, honest. Both Tesla and product information are helpful. Keep it up.
siro kejejian
siro kejejian 3 oy oldin
They lowered the model Y price by $3000 what you think about that ?
xNamsu 3 oy oldin
I don't know your financial situation but I feel like if anyone is having to think THIS MUCH about how to make their car payment and having to find creative ways to make the payment work, then they probably leased or financed a car that they can't afford. Just my opinion.
Micah Getty
Micah Getty 3 oy oldin
You really let other people take your car? That would be hard for me! Thank you for an informative video!
TheBaconTube 3 oy oldin
Hey Ryan, you mentioned their aren’t any Federal credits but there is a Federal credit available that covers any costs relating to installing home charging. It’s a 30% credit up to $1000, and even higher for businesses.
TheBaconTube 3 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
That’s great to note! I should definitely look into that. Thanks for the tip. What’s the program called?
Billy Beemus
Billy Beemus 3 oy oldin
You sir, are a very brave man. I would never hand my $60,000 car over to some stranger for just $199. Especially one that could not be replaced anytime soon, in the event that the renter totals it, doesn't return it, whatever.
SevenDeMagnus 3 oy oldin
Cool, it paid for itself in just months. It's too expensive. I think I'll consider a Fisker Ocean, range is not a problem in a small metro, like in our place. God bless, Revelation 21:4
Darwin Chaug
Darwin Chaug 3 oy oldin
Just gotta send out a warning to all new Turo hosts / New car owners planning to use Turo. This is a good video detailing the dangers of using Turo to afford a car. (not saying this is your case Ryan, but I think viewers need to know they cannot depend on a dime of Turo income to help them afford the car. I made a video about it here:
Tatoum974 3 oy oldin
For EU, I hope the model Y from the Germany Gigafactory will fix all these issues. 😓
ACEROCKOLLA A 3 oy oldin
Your informative videos helped me get over the fence on the purchase. I used your code. Leaving this at 230AM -- that's how excited I am about the Model Y. Great videos!!
Tesla Spot
Tesla Spot 3 oy oldin
We are at$756 for our model 3
Rufus Reír
Rufus Reír 3 oy oldin
clever guy !
Adam 3 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, may I have a rather practical question regarding the Model Y? Is the contents of the cargo in the rear trunk is visible from outside of the car given that the Model Y doesn't have a cargo cover out of the box? For safety considerations...
Stacy Hackney
Stacy Hackney 3 oy oldin
Very interesting, thank you.
DonLandis 3 oy oldin
Congratulations on figuring out how to own a Tesla for free. You didn't mention the absolute easiest way to get a Tesla for free. It's much less work but requires attention to Tesla, the company itself. I started over 2 years ago with a desire to own a Tesla. I bought 10 shares of the stock when it dropped below $200. I traded the stock on simple small gains and added to my shares. Last June 2019, I had enough shares to begin to sell covered calls contracts and did them weekly until end of October when my shares got called away for a sizable profit. When the stock fell I bought back in and vowed to reserve 100 shares for the long game and trade the balance. By Feb. I was able to generate enough to buy for cash a Model S LR+ FSD. Unfortunately, the market crashed right about the time I was ready to pay for the car in March, so I scrambled and bought more shares than I sold when it was half the price. I was forced to finance the Model S at 3.5% to take delivery. So, today, I now have well more than enough cash from Tesla stock again to pay off the loan early next week as the checks clear. The trick is timing and believing in a company like Tesla, not just to make a great car, but also to grow and dominate the industry. If you believe in the car, then you have to believe in the company and the stock. The company doesn't appear to have much competition. But Tesla's success is centered around one man and if anything happens to him then I fear game is over. Meanwhile- enjoy your Model Y. I may consider one next year to replace our Leaf. BUT, Tesla stock will have to pay for it.
Marcos Avila
Marcos Avila 3 oy oldin
Buys $60k car. Makes video to convince himself that it "pays for itself" as it depreciates to the ground lol.
Marie Nguyen
Marie Nguyen 3 oy oldin
Thx for video. I don’t think I could put my car on too finicky about my model 3 and Y. If you don’t mind strangers driving your car, then it could be a good idea. I just could not take it if someone crashed my car though.
Jayesh Lanjewar
Jayesh Lanjewar 3 oy oldin
The Supercharging credit is only if you use the referral link to buy a Model S, Model X, or Model 3. It does not apply if you plan on using it to buy the Model Y. Look at the "Limits" section on this page:
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Not true. They added the Model Y a couple weeks ago
Jim Otlowski
Jim Otlowski 3 oy oldin
Hi Ryan, wondering how you like the large glass roof on your Model Y? I'm sure it's great at night, but how is it in the blazing sun?
Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega
Ntrakstudio Nick Nobrega 3 oy oldin
Interest rate is 2.49% now
John Dossey
John Dossey 3 oy oldin
Ryan, YES YES, I would rent my Tesla via Turo IF I had one. I could never afford the Model Y like you have, but if i did, I would take advantage of all those things.
Danner Banks
Danner Banks 3 oy oldin
Renting your Tesla on Turo will void your warranty (assuming they find out). Just FYI
CptRameus 3 oy oldin
I don't see anything in the warranty docs about this. Maybe it has been updated as more and more of these cars will become Toro'd or robotaxi'd soon. I think you're good to go.
Danner Banks
Danner Banks 3 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to verify where I found this and I am unable to ... if I find it I will reply here, sorry for my confusion
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Where does it say this? I looked through the full warranty and can’t find anything about this
CptRameus 3 oy oldin
Yeah the extra money you earn may have to be partially saved to cover any repairs as the warranty is void. Still will probably come out ahead
Chris Hart
Chris Hart 3 oy oldin
If you could just buy cars and rent them out wouldn't a company already thought of doing this ?
TOMIBM 3 oy oldin
How about getting the Tesla solar roof that you can't afford and rent your house out to pay for it? Maybe you could rent both your car that you can't afford and your house out at the same time!😆
TOMIBM 3 oy oldin
No one drives my car but me! What about insurance?
Dylan Tazzioli
Dylan Tazzioli 3 oy oldin
Don't make another channel, just do everything on here! Look at Graham Stephan, he does tesla videos AND other content and does well for himself (:
deant007 3 oy oldin
A comment ;-)
John Slemmer
John Slemmer 3 oy oldin
3:03 "it's really safe just like uber" 🤣
Life Optimized
Life Optimized 3 oy oldin
Did all of that ACTUALLY pay for your Tesla, or is that just clickbait? The tense here is important.
Arjun Patel
Arjun Patel 3 oy oldin
I thought I could help anyone looking to test drive the Y, the model Y is at a Buena Park Showroom and available for test driving.
Eric Kessler
Eric Kessler 3 oy oldin
Gr8 video Ryan. So next you need to share you experience in renting your Tesla... Customer Care, Abuse... warranty implications??? Those are my worries before I could decide if I would do it. I too want the Model Y, long range.
Bart L.
Bart L. 3 oy oldin
You are the most analytical drummer or musician I have ever came across.
Bibin Thomas
Bibin Thomas 3 oy oldin
You should change tesla finance its cost 3.5% interest rate. You will get 2.24 (2.5 normal and additional discount for electric car). I got my model y as 3.5 through wells Fargo then I transferred to DCU.
BramowitchIII 3 oy oldin
This video is paying for his model Y, wow how meta.
Garrett Dell
Garrett Dell 3 oy oldin
Would anyone else not be surprised to find out that this guy is actually just a really well made CGI animation?? 😆
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
01bigtrev 3 oy oldin
Are you wearing eyeliner? ;-)
Sailing Chez Nous
Sailing Chez Nous 3 oy oldin
You are very selfless to let others rent your brand new Tesla. I don’t think I could do it. Great info thanks!
Prem B
Prem B 3 oy oldin
Hi! I love your videos so much!! They are so detailed and they really inspired me to make a video on the Model Y as well.
Joey Guerrero
Joey Guerrero 3 oy oldin
Any news for REAR WHEEL DRIVE?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Unfortunately there’s no word from tesla at this point. My personal guess is that right before they ship the standard range, they’ll fulfill those orders (since all they have to do is make the standard range motor, with the bigger battery)
Suspinded 3 oy oldin
I can confirm there are Model Y test drives. I was on the edge of scheduling for one in Austin, then the outbreak blew up again.
Allan Rivera
Allan Rivera 3 oy oldin
Thanks for the informative video Ryan👍 I also live in Cali, what paperworks involve in getting credit from your power company and the state rebate? Tnks.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Not much! Just submitting certain proof of purchase documents
Mark Moon
Mark Moon 3 oy oldin
There is no free stuff here. By renting out your brand new Model Y in Turo, you are actually pulling your money from the car's equity.
Ramjet14 3 oy oldin
I know I will be able to afford a Tesla in a bit, but I am curious how much your insurance differs versus the honda fit you drove before.
Ramjet14 3 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw That is good to hear!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
Not much actually. Only about $20 more
Matt Nis
Matt Nis 3 oy oldin
Fake news.
Paul Gokin
Paul Gokin 3 oy oldin
Nice, Ryan! Summary @ 11:12
Marky The Sharky
Marky The Sharky 3 oy oldin
Shouldn’t it be Paying Itself rather than Paid in the title?
usasupra23 3 oy oldin
Why Wells Fargo? Tesla gives 2.49% for finance
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
That was through Tesla. Also that wasn't the rate at the time.
usasupra23 3 oy oldin
NJ gives $5k rebate for any EV with MSRP OT $55k and less
End.Corruption 3 oy oldin
Sorry, I wasn't paying full attention for the whole video. But did Ryan say he's earned $60K since he bought his Model Y ?
marc in merrimack
marc in merrimack 3 oy oldin
No, and he’s now relented and changed his original title. Hope he’s learning that misleading clickbait isn’t the way to go.
Investing & the like
Investing & the like 3 oy oldin
one downside i see, is people are test driving your car and going into it's fastest mode and launch the car which is wearing out the car.
Aleks Balažic
Aleks Balažic 3 oy oldin
You idiots are literally paying for this guys car
incogneto 3 oy oldin
Interesting video,, disappointing you avoided how much UZpost paid you.
Zack Zada
Zack Zada 3 oy oldin
Brilliant video Ryan
Mark Morrissey
Mark Morrissey 3 oy oldin
Cant wait to read when someone on a Turo rent has a mild accident ( scratched up paint on fender ) and it takes 2 months to get it fixed. The company has really good product but is set up poorly for after sales service. No way im letting someone use my vehicle for a Telsa experience !
M.R. Davis
M.R. Davis 3 oy oldin
Love the review, love the approach. If you do good, clever affordable merch, I’ll buy some
Ben Benayon Kirsh
Ben Benayon Kirsh 3 oy oldin
keep putting out amazing content!
Kent Klineman
Kent Klineman 3 oy oldin
Do you play drums? Are you in LA? My band needs a drummer!
mky hou
mky hou 3 oy oldin
No auto pays for itself, if you want to commute cheap and environmentally (as opposed to I’m a cool virtue signaller), get a bicycle.
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen 3 oy oldin
Ryan, what you didn't list is the California will be doing a $100 GAS TAX on July 1
Steve Aasen
Steve Aasen 3 oy oldin
I like the Turo idea!! I also want a Model Y as well. Great job on your videos!!
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