Model Y Q&A - Ask Your Questions!

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Ryan Shaw

6 oy oldin

Luis E
Luis E Oy oldin
Great 🚗 I had a question do the upgraded tires reduce your 316 range?
S A 2 oy oldin
For 60 K I will buy LS560
Nyon Gyon
Nyon Gyon 4 oy oldin
Why all tesla owners are Bald guys?
Andrew L
Andrew L 4 oy oldin
Ryan, thanks for the video. Was Tesla able to fix your backseat problem? I just got my Tesla Y yesterday. one backseat is not flushed with the others like yours. (not as bad as yours). Other issues i found was charging port cover not flushed. Door trim, panel, and window trim not line up. Interior glass roof wrap around has gap. they are not sturdily fix to roof. overall still better than some of the videos i saw on youtube.
MustardTiger88 4 oy oldin
Why pay $1.5k for upgraded wheels from the manufacturer? Now you will just have the same wheels as every other sucker who purchased the upgrade when you could have chosen your own alloys for half the price.
MustardTiger88 4 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw I hear you. Sorry for calling you a sucker.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 4 oy oldin
Well I liked these wheels, but that it a cool idea for the future!
my surly trucker
my surly trucker 5 oy oldin
Keep that key card on you
Franklin De La Cruz
Franklin De La Cruz 5 oy oldin
Would it be wise to purchase a Tesla model y if you don’t have a garage?.
Roger Todd
Roger Todd 6 oy oldin
Does the Model Y have a dead pedal left of the brake for resting driver’s left foot?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Yep! And the included floor mat covers it
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 6 oy oldin
beautiful car
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Johannes Arro
Johannes Arro 6 oy oldin
Can you review the Immersive Sound System on the Model Y? It'd be great if you could compare it to some other hi-end car sound system like the Bang & Olufsen 3D Surround sound on the Audi Q7 or something similar.
Johannes Arro
Johannes Arro 6 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw Thanks! Keep up the good work!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
I'll do my best! It's incredible, but hard to really show over a video
Aravindan Srinivasan
Aravindan Srinivasan 6 oy oldin
I see a lot of similarities between the toyota prius 2010 and model y. How does the storage space between them stack up? Does model y have a significant advantage in storage space over 2010 prius other than the obvious differences (electric, software, supercharger network etc)?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Model Y is much larger than a prius. Also it's fully electric, tesla, drives better, smoother, better acceleration, etc.
billynguyen09 6 oy oldin
Congrats again on your MY! Do you think the floor mats for the M3 will fit on the MY? I’m trading my M3 & wondering if I can save them for my expected MY.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Thanks! They probably won't fit honestly. The space is just big enough for it not to work perfectly
Ayush Malpeddi
Ayush Malpeddi 6 oy oldin
Have a quick question, wasn't able to watch the entire live stream. So how come you choose to get the Dual Motor instead of the performance. The difference in cost could not have been more than 5k because you were already spending 4k in paint and wheels for the Dual Motor? SUre you would have to get white paint to keep costs down, but its a benefit in hot weather and saves a bit of energy.
utcman 6 oy oldin
Thanks Ryan, long video but very informative. We have a red Model 3 but we are getting a white Model Y to replace it whenever it gets here! Keep those videos coming and congrats on your new model Y!
tubetype 6 oy oldin
What is the distance in inches between the backseat armrests? Or phrased another way, the maximum unobstructed distance available across the backseat? I need to occasionally carry 3 small dog crates lined up in the back seat. Thanks.
TT Bean
TT Bean 6 oy oldin
You should name the car - Buddy. As a Jazz drummer, you will know where that comes from. Just a thought. TT
TT Bean
TT Bean 6 oy oldin
You could also name it - Ginger. If you wanted to use a female name. But we know Ginger was really was. I think they may have been a Baker. TT
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
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Michael Zen
Michael Zen 6 oy oldin
For dual climate, in addition to voice command, just touch the temperature and it will change from 1 to 2 or vice versa.
pilot1226 6 oy oldin
It’s great that you have close free charging available to you nearby until you get your wall connector installed. That’s great. I think I saw a couple of aftermarket products that lock the J1772 to Tesl adapter onto the actual charger so people can’t unplug it (only your adapter would lock into the charge port)
steve faucher
steve faucher 6 oy oldin
Hey Ryan. I got a Model Y today 1 of 20 sold here in Orlando Fl. White w black interior 20” wheels long range, full self drive I ordered In Dec. After watching your video, I called to see when the delivery date was. And they said we have one here for you exactly what you ordered. I psyched Totally love it, Steve. Y not 😁
Nv P
Nv P 6 oy oldin
Looks realy amazing
josep pacheco
josep pacheco 6 oy oldin
Hi from Spain, i have a doubt. I see trat the trank is not covered. I think That is a little bit dangerous if there is an accident or you brake suddenly . Is it normal.? does it exist any type of solution? And if you travel all the content is in sight. Thanks!
OneManShow 6 oy oldin
There’s a compartment under the trunk floor if you have valuables... otherwise, you gonna have to get some aftermarket solution.
Al Bonilla
Al Bonilla 6 oy oldin
Hello Ryan, thanks for all the videos you do! I did not realize that you are a jazz drummer! Are you in Michael Bublé‘s touring band? My wife and I have tickets to the Fresno show which we just found out got postponed. Anyhow I’m a huge jazz fan, I’ve played saxophone since I was in seventh grade but never pursued it professionally. Keep up the great work, I really appreciate all the detail you put in all your videos!
Go Su
Go Su 6 oy oldin
How about sound quality Ryan? Better than Model 3?
Mark Hovland
Mark Hovland 6 oy oldin
Ryan, saw this in the manual about the climate control......When Model Y detects that there are no passengers sitting in the passenger seat, the passenger vent and controls automatically turn off. Adjust the climate settings to enable passenger air flow. Maybe try dual controls with passenger.
eric lopez
eric lopez 6 oy oldin
How much is your monthly payment?
Speed Shift57
Speed Shift57 6 oy oldin
Please video the home charger installation.
Nicolai Neesgaard
Nicolai Neesgaard 6 oy oldin
Can you please measure the distance between the right and left side car seat mounting points?
Irv Lennert
Irv Lennert 6 oy oldin
I'm very happy for you! Congrats!
Joe Brent
Joe Brent 6 oy oldin
Bid Red is a chewing gum. I suggested Clifford..and I have another one for you: Mr. Incredible !
Jason Nicolas
Jason Nicolas 6 oy oldin
Is the interior gray “headliner” cloth or plastic? Thank you for all of the info
zoltan veres
zoltan veres 6 oy oldin
Oscar Aizcorbe
Oscar Aizcorbe 6 oy oldin
Great job Ryan . It was as if we were there going over the car with you. I know these are more challenging. Once again Congrats. Looks like mine may show up Thursday.
Delvin Serrata
Delvin Serrata 6 oy oldin
Did you get the FSD with this Purchase?
cal88usa 6 oy oldin
Congratulations it’s a very nice ride. Am planning on buying a Tesla model Y next year. RED would by the color of choice for me. The red and black rims pop.
Ralph Quinones
Ralph Quinones 6 oy oldin
Beautiful. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do my 2015 S85D!
Rooster Journeys
Rooster Journeys 6 oy oldin
Stop calling it chrome delete, it was never chrome, gosh
Gordon Wu
Gordon Wu 6 oy oldin
I know no cargo cover/shelf, but can you see into the trunk easily at night?
rick2tube 6 oy oldin
How about testing camping mode? Battery drain with extended heat on?
rich1383yt 6 oy oldin
2:30 insurance increase of $200/month from 200,000-mile Honda Fit to new M-Y Performance? That sounds incredibly good to me.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 oy oldin
Only increased by $20
cory pitt
cory pitt 6 oy oldin
Audio keeps cutting out
Pat McMahon
Pat McMahon 6 oy oldin
Hey Ryan, I just got the blue version of your model Y. My VIN digit 8 has an F which mean dual motor performance. B means dual motor standard. What's going on here? What does your say?
Erik Breiland
Erik Breiland 6 oy oldin
When you get the tape measure, I’d like to know how far apart the front and rear roof rack tabs are.
H T 6 oy oldin
Is the ride pretty firm with those 20" wheels?
Tech Velocity
Tech Velocity 6 oy oldin
Was the ground clearance on your Model Y AWD much different then the Model Y Performance?
How is the ac, are you happy with the speed in which it cools and the coolness of the air, my newer dodge seems to take a bit to cool and isn’t as cold as I’ve felt in other car brands
Jose S.
Jose S. 6 oy oldin
Call it Ginger
prelude428 6 oy oldin
Do you think they can put a 3rd row in it that will be comfortable for people with legs?
OneManShow 6 oy oldin
Jac Buc
Jac Buc 6 oy oldin
How much is the charger install going to run you? Parts and labor.
Jenny Behnu
Jenny Behnu 6 oy oldin
Aww I missed it. I did want to ask if the usb charging cables that they sell for the model 3 come with the y. I only ask because if they were the same as the 3 then you think they would of updated the shop. I know it comes with the wireless charging pad just curious.
larryenok 6 oy oldin
They don’t include USB cables. The QI charger is included, at least for now.
manifest 73
manifest 73 6 oy oldin
Measuring the when car? These fan boys are too much.
Adithya Chennamadhavuni
Adithya Chennamadhavuni 6 oy oldin
What's your charging plan? Did you get electrician to fix 250 v plug?
randy K
randy K 6 oy oldin
"I love red".......that coming from a ginger! I get it.
randy K
randy K 6 oy oldin
Overall, are you happy with the quality of the interior material?
Susan B
Susan B 6 oy oldin
I got 2.06% financing at Bank of America ( they have 2.69% for most, I got .5% off of that being a Platinum member with accounts at B of A)
Ned Lin
Ned Lin 6 oy oldin
@Susan B do they do trade in based on Kelly blue book values?
Susan B
Susan B 6 oy oldin
Ned Lin 48 months. I’m trading in my 2017 Rav4 Hybrid (Tesla is giving me 20K in trade in) so I just need the 40K.
Ned Lin
Ned Lin 6 oy oldin
How many months?
Susan B
Susan B 6 oy oldin
Yes! Waiting for my VIN 🤞🏻!
Jac Buc
Jac Buc 6 oy oldin
Susan B wow thats great! Are you getting the Y?
randy K
randy K 6 oy oldin
Those are not run flats
Justin Fowler
Justin Fowler 6 oy oldin
They are if you run them in Indiana. First pothole = running flat and probably a cracked rim too unfortunately.
Kyle Ngo
Kyle Ngo 6 oy oldin
I missed ur live. I’ve been waiting for mine and it takes forever! 😢 R u in Southern California?
Johnny 6 oy oldin
She’s a beauty, Congrats dude!!!
Bruce or Nancy Ketchum
Bruce or Nancy Ketchum 6 oy oldin
What exactly are “induction” wheels?
OneManShow 6 oy oldin
That’s not an engineering term, it’s just a “style” nickname.
Nicool333 6 oy oldin
They induct money from your wallet.
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