Lucid Motors and the Tesla Killer?

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Ryan Shaw

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The first true Tesla Killer is Here, beating Tesla in every single category. Let's talk about the good and the bad of the Lucid Air.
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Lucid Motors
Lucid Air
Lucid Air vs Model S
Tesla vs Lucid
Lucid vs Tesla
Tesla Killer
Tesla Battery Day

GroupGamers- قروب جيمز
GroupGamers- قروب جيمز 13 kun oldin
just add 30K$ and buy a roadster faster with more range.
Anthony Poole
Anthony Poole 16 kun oldin
Tesla is going after the right direction, which is cars for the everyday citizen. Lucid is only catering to the wealthy, and that doesn't change the world. We need a total electric conversion to effect massive world change.
Anthony Poole
Anthony Poole 16 kun oldin
But to your point... That's ok. They can both be good in those respective markets. The celebration should be that there is competition brewing in the electric arena! What a time to be alive 😎
Love Conquers All
Love Conquers All 18 kun oldin
Thats the sexiest sedan I’ve ever seen what do you mean? I don’t like cars I only drive SUV’s but I’ll make an exception for this beast and at 500+ mile battery 🔋 forget it whos tesla? 🤣🤣🤣
Wes 27 kun oldin
Everyone talking about how these "Electric" cars getting us away from "Fossil Fuels" but "Fossil Fuels" are used to make the "Electricity" to power all of the "Clean" Electric cars.
HENRY BUSJAHN 29 kun oldin
teslas big falling is no dealer to fix problems
HENRY BUSJAHN 29 kun oldin
trucks and suv dominate and should be the target of any new product put out in near future
bing flosby
bing flosby Oy oldin
Tesla already announced a better car then this lol
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela Oy oldin
Teals Accuses Nikola Of Copying Truck Design: Report..!!! & i believe it!!!
Tesla Semi Truck
Tesla Semi Truck Oy oldin
Tesla Model S Plaid. Can you talk about that in a new video pls?
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Oy oldin
Sorry but all these numbers at the end are all just numbers till they hit the market. And y’all make it seem like Tesla can’t do what these other companies are doing...
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Oy oldin
Every new electric car brand is claiming better numbers than Tesla...
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Oy oldin
Tesla has a better car brand name than any other American luxury car company even with its terrible quality lol.
Ryan you are going to hurt peoples stock talking like this. please don't make videos like this
Ryan where did you get that apple in the back?
manifest 73
manifest 73 Oy oldin
I'm excited for whatever is new and different.
Tommy Oy oldin
When you put 70k miles on Lucid car then talk.
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Oy oldin
I recommend Warren Redlich’ review of the reveal.
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Oy oldin
Problems: -Lacks a large center screen. -Range is not truly independently verified. -Lucid is opaque about their battery tech. EG: we have no idea of the cycle life or even chemistry. -Has superfluous features like lidar; and no clear path to FSD. -Lucid Hand-waves about engineering, but spends most time talking about nonsense like the upholstery. -Unlikely to produce more than 5k units per year; will not cover expenses.
Robert McDonnold
Robert McDonnold Oy oldin
$160,000 Tesla killer??? How many have they actually built?
Massimo Oy oldin
Lucid has a store in the Century City mall. It isn't open yet but should open later this fall. Look forward to at least checking it out.
Ian Bower
Ian Bower Oy oldin
Have you changed your main camera? ‘Studio’ (AKA kitchen) shots look really good. :)
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks! And yes I did!
Miles in AZ
Miles in AZ Oy oldin
Unless Lucid has an autonomy program as good as TSLA’s, I don’t see this car as ‘good’ competition.
Steven E Hairston
Steven E Hairston Oy oldin
Lucid may not be the first to have LiDAR, vehicle to vehicle charging or facial recognition as Rivian stated these capabilities nearly a year ago. Once is a luxury car and the other a Truck/SUV but from a technology standpoint, Rivian mentioned it first, we just need to see who is the next to market with an actual product. The Lucid Air is a nice one though!
The Bronx Pops !
The Bronx Pops ! Oy oldin
They need a long range battery with no charging network of there own
RC18 Oy oldin
Apple n Android is such an apt comparison imo. As I see it, all other's are Android. Yeah the phones may have more model's and apps to play with. But that's it. Just like Apple has your phone, tablet, laptop, ear buds all wrapped up. Tesla has the car, solar panels or v3 roof tiles, home&road supercharging, home battery storage, ota updates for the entire architecture and the cutting edge software to run it all. Don't forget the boss also runs the only private rocket company to launch U.S. Astronauts. Digs tunnels faster than anyone else. Has a space based high latency internet about to go online. I mean yeah second place the best any other companies can hope for. Unless tesla gets broken up in a decade or so because of it's becoming the largest company in the 🌎🤔
smirnov711 Oy oldin
You should watch this video before having any opinion about Lucid Motors :
Kennedy Ngure
Kennedy Ngure Oy oldin
From the front it looks good but from the side......
Mike Hewitt
Mike Hewitt Oy oldin
Editing the video title was a good choice. Not hating on you you make some good videos. To quote my friend Ron Burgundy "Stay classy!"
dsparke93 Oy oldin
First of all we'll see how much of this actually reaches production. We've seen plenty of startups that never started up. Secondly this is just going to prompt Tesla to try harder and outdo Lucid. Competition is good though, it benefits everyone. Lastly we better wait for Tesla's battery day to see if Tesla has a major breakthrough. Who knows they might have developed solid state batteries that would make Lucid totally obsolete.
MrGonzonator Oy oldin
The engineering in this vehicle is truly next level. You can say what you like about the interior, exterior, UI, price point, whatever, but you can't help but be impressed by the incredible miniaturised drive train. I can't help but think Elon is drooling over those right now. I bet he'd love a few of those 600hp motors for his Starship actuators.
David Swift
David Swift Oy oldin
I wasted seven minutes of my life watching this hyped nonsense.
C L Oy oldin
why can't they say Nikola killer instead Tesla? Now that Nikola is so big with GM
Michael Shih
Michael Shih Oy oldin
Hi, guys I have made a better EV than Elon, with a longer range and better performance. The only problem is that I have to sell the car at 3 times the price of Model 3, and I need billions of dollars and several years to build a factory so I can produce the car in volume. I am a Tesla killer. My name is Lucid.
Michael Shih
Michael Shih Oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw You should know who will be the winner even if you think with your belly button. Love your videos though.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Follow up in 2 years. We can see who is right! I'm genuinely curious
Tanax13 Oy oldin
Every time someone says "Tesla Killer", it's like they are totally ignorant. Just stop. EV cars make up for like 4% of the total car sales globally. Every time a new EV is released, do you think they will compete for those 4%? No, it'll knock out ICE cars. There are PLENTY of room for many many more EV cars and EV companies before Tesla risks getting "killed". So please stop using the term Tesla killer. It's an ICE killer.
OMSI-Fan Mark
OMSI-Fan Mark Oy oldin
If Lucid Motors wanted to have more charging opportunities, they could contact Tesla about the Superchargers. I have heared more than once, that Tesla is not opposed to co-operate with other car makers regarding Supercharger access.
C Kemper
C Kemper Oy oldin
Lucid Air is a great car for $169k. Model S costs 100k, Model 3 costs 40-50k. You can buy 2 or 3 Tesla’s for 1 Lucid (using the specs covered in this video). Not really apples to apples. Real comparison is Lucid Air to Roadster (same price range) which will be an absolute Lucid killer.
Tesla Savvy
Tesla Savvy Oy oldin
Mmmmm Interesting still going to think about it this lucid isn’t interesting YET... I’m just glad we have more people interested in EVs I’m rooting for them honestly I am but as of this moment Tesla still remains on Top
Randy Schutt
Randy Schutt Oy oldin
Hello Ryan! I have always been big fan of your channel and I loved watching you talk about teslas and your love and passion and excitement for them but once you encountered some problems it seems like you’ve turned the corner and have become a little jaded and your show is becoming more about revenge or getting back at the problems you have had with the new car company. Now you are comparing Tesla with a car that hasn’t arrived yet which with probably going have its own problems as well. I’m saying this more as a reflection and not as a judgment or critique. Everyone’s on their own path to take and I hope yours stays positive.
RC18 Oy oldin
He followed Ben sullins example. 🤔
Vic O
Vic O Oy oldin
You and I, see eye to eye, as for as Tesla's Mission Statement and Luxury cars.
Vic O
Vic O Oy oldin
I like your objectivity with Lucid. It is definitely not a Tesla competitor, but very nice car. I own Model S and Model 3, but like Lucid.
LunarSky07 Oy oldin
Yeah unfortunately they're not really in production at this time and the cost is going to be prohibitive as well. Until they come out with a more affordable car and can mass produce them they're not serious competition for Tesla. They do have some nice features though so I'm curious to see what the future holds.
Tommy A
Tommy A Oy oldin
i think it looks great would love it instead of my model 3 it’s just too expensive
David Davis
David Davis Oy oldin
Let's see them scale up and master manufacturing. Come ok you saw 2 cars and that's it.
Daniel Solberg
Daniel Solberg Oy oldin
Regarding the exterior, I think the front looks pretty nice but lordy, the backend/trunk/tail light and general rear shape look terrible and awkward in my opinion. The front gives me luxury vibes but definitely not the back.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Yeah I agree with that for sure
James Rajacich
James Rajacich Oy oldin
Lucid looks nice and promising. The industry needs a second player.....however I will hold all opinions until battery day and the introduction of the Plaid series
Plaid Oy oldin
Im really impressed by the lucid air, but the back of it bothers me
Plaid Oy oldin
Ryan Shaw Hope model s plaid will have the same luxury interior
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Yeah I agree. Back looks pretty weird, along with the trunk
pilot1226 Oy oldin
I like the idea of being able to charge another buddy who is low, and powering your house. That’s pretty cool. But, stupid expensive.
Todd Fraser
Todd Fraser Oy oldin
So this will be Lincon vs Buick or Cadillac. Lucid may hit the Model S. But not be a Tesla killer yet. Being that these cars are both too expensive for even well off middle class in the rest of America it really is just a small market fighting for dominance. Tesla 3, Y and Cybertruck are priced for the mid-upper middle class. Where there just is a bigger market. Now Lucid has an awesome car. But will they be able to make lower end models in the future?
Curtis English
Curtis English Oy oldin
Ironically, the Model S P100DL gets off the line and to 60mph faster with 200~ less horsepower, I'm guessing the Air is a very heavy car! :)
Bryan bkk
Bryan bkk Oy oldin
Disrupted : Audi S8. Mercedes-Benz S-Class. BMW M5. Lexus LS. Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Maserati Quattroporte. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.
Dan Chatka
Dan Chatka Oy oldin
Liked your other videos pointing out Model Y problems. That helps Tesla know what to fix. It helps Model Y buyers know problems to lookout for. Good stuff. However, I don't like the tone of this video. It's unnecessarily antagonistic and dismissive of anyone who disagrees with you, and thinks that comparing marketing promises to mass produced cars is ridiculous. Don't lump anyone who disagrees with you into the rude, bullying Tesla fanboy category.
Dan Chatka
Dan Chatka Oy oldin
Hmmm. You talk about Lucid's marketing statements as if they describe actual production vehicles on the road. That's a mistake. It hurts your credibility. Can you tell the difference between marketing promises and reality? *IF* Lucid can make the car they promise, then yes it will be wonderful for the world. But will they? No one, including you Ryan, knows if Lucid can mass product their cars without going bankrupt. Until they mass produce the Lucid Air it cannot be compared to any Tesla vehicle, except maybe to a Model S Plaid custom prototype.
Ray Lord
Ray Lord Oy oldin
There are no Tesla killers. Only ICE killers.
Rodney McKnight
Rodney McKnight Oy oldin
Byron Bergman
Byron Bergman Oy oldin
I really like your videos, Ryan. That said, this video is kind of a bait and switch. The Tesla killer is three times the price of a 3 or a Y. You left that "little" detail out. Most any "competitor" can build something that competes with an existing product if they can get 3 times the price of the existing product. Musk can build a vehicle that "kills the killer" easily if he can sell it for $500K. Come on man!
sequi- tur
sequi- tur Oy oldin
Rawlinson did not design / engineer the Model S. The prototype already existed when he was hired, according to Musk.
Matthew Oy oldin
Agreed. Competition drives innovation. Good points all around.
Jake D
Jake D Oy oldin
Just to let you know I watch all of your videos from beginning to ending. I even put off watching PTI to watch. Continued success.
Frost Enceladus
Frost Enceladus Oy oldin
I'm disliking because you keep calling them tesla killer, when lucid keep saying its not to take market share from telsa but to convince more people to switch to EV
Bryan bkk
Bryan bkk Oy oldin
It's called clickbait, speaks to the quality of the presenter.
Michael Schuyler
Michael Schuyler Oy oldin
The Tesla Killer at what, $160K? What are you smoking? Get me a Lucid at 50K that I can buy and we'll talk. That will be five years and by that time Tesla will be to Mars and back.
Hyperdrive E
Hyperdrive E Oy oldin
The Tesla Killer, pitiful title. Can someone just do a Lucid vid?
David W Hamilton
David W Hamilton Oy oldin
Lucid air is not a Tesla competitor it’s a Porsche competitor it’s way too expensive for the average person to buy And how is anybody going to keep up with Tesla when they’re moving at twice the speed of anybody else. Their manufacturing is improving every single week it’s amazing. You say lucid beats Tesla they should for 169,000 could you imagine if Tesla made $169,000 car what it would look like exactly no comparison these videos are getting old Tesla killer Tesla Killer tesla killer. I don’t see anybody comparing a Honda accord to a Mercedes S class why is that because it’s not a fair comparison . If Lucid wants to impress me make a car for $80,000 that can compete with the Model S and mass produce it then we’ll talk.
Jean-Sébastien Guibert
Jean-Sébastien Guibert Oy oldin
Great review. I was really interested in electrics cars and you talk very well about them. But... don’t forget that electricity is 95% made from the fossil energies. And electric cars development is the result of the decreasing of oil and gas ressources that began in 2009. Not because the automobile industry suddenly cares about climate change. However, electric cars could at least clear the cities’ air.
Jean-Sébastien Guibert
Jean-Sébastien Guibert Oy oldin
Thank you. May be more 80% than 95%. But everything else remains true.
RC18 Oy oldin
That's a completely false statement!
Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson Oy oldin
Just thinking about Tesla and getting to the mass consumer market and that sub 30k price, besides more affordable batteries, how do you think they can cut costs without sacrificing software?
Samuel Solieman
Samuel Solieman Oy oldin
Another great vid, Ryan. However, I really don't think Lucid are competing with Tesla here. They're targeting a different customer base, the luxury segment, and Teslas, while premium given their prices, are certainly not luxury. Rawlinson said so himself. Let's see what Battery Day brings though. Exciting all around nonetheless.
Steve Findlater
Steve Findlater Oy oldin
It just beats Tesla but only in the top of the range version at $170k... That’s a Model S and X money, that’s both you could buy for the same money. The lower models are lower range, yes it’s a lovely looking car but for me their target market is the Bentley or Rolls owner, Tesla target the Merc, Audi, BMW market. I’d wait to see what a refresh S and X bring on battery day as you say, but I suspect Tesla have some tricks up their sleeve. I’d be highly surprised if Elon wasn’t sat watching the event last night. I also think he’ll of seen it was pre recorded and staged. The promo video was very well done but the rest was a bit cringe.
binarybrian Oy oldin
Great review! I wasn't terribly familiar with Lucid. I like how you compared the two companies, showing their strengths and weaknesses. There's definitely room in this market for both companies to succeed and Tesla NEEDS a really strong electric competitor not just lethargic ICE competitors. As a fan of Tesla, I'm looking forward to and want Lucid, Rivian and others to succeed. Their success ensures Tesla's success and we as consumers win. That said... based on the color options for the Lucid Air Dream Edition, I'll go ahead and cede the win to 80 year old grandpas... bleh...
Scott Pettie
Scott Pettie Oy oldin
Super sexy Lucid Air. What was that price?
Adam Mackenzie
Adam Mackenzie Oy oldin
LUCID has repeatedly asked reporters to NOT use the term TESLA killer, because if the PLAID beats them, Lucid will look irrelevant.
Mark Egg
Mark Egg Oy oldin
Designing & implementing production is 100 times harder than designing a/the car. I'm glad Tesla's huge valuation is helping competitors get moving, and would bet on a Toyota, Nissan, Ford, etc, long before another EV startup given the production is so hard and $ intensive. And these other makers have much to lose, if Tesla becomes a giant producer.
mahesh Oy oldin
I don't get people call Tesla killer.... whenever a new electric car unveil .... nobody talks about the impact that causes for ice cars....or these guys guessing ice car is dead.... or ...wot......
Have never seen one on the street and experience is missing. So dream on for a while.
House Essentials
House Essentials Oy oldin
You need to wait and see Lucid EV reliability. Because how do you know if Tesla keeps some of the range inside the battery to keep it last longer while Lucid may use it all. Also the power and acceleration may be capped too inside Tesla cars for reliability and longevity. With the upcoming 1M miles battery, Tesla may let people use all the range and so at the minimum, we will add 20% more range if not 40%.
Wizzardo Oy oldin
isnt the cybertruck above 517miles if soooooooo, isnt that a thing against lucid not being a "killer" hmmmm :) (please use humor) thanks btw i know its a "truck" not a sedan
Mark Levenson
Mark Levenson Oy oldin
Dude you left out the most important point, how much does this luxury car cost? Can’t believe you didn’t even mention that.
Rime Oy oldin
Price will kill Lucid.
The EDNC Oy oldin
_”Tesla killer”_ ... Hahahahhahaaaaaaaaa These guys have been around for a long time with NOTHING to show for it other than a DATED DESIGN... and at that HIGH PRICE, THEY HAVE NO CHANCE of infiltrating Tesla’s market! Plus you’ll have to spend nearly $200,000.00 to get that top battery range! (If its even true) Hardly a Tesla killer, more like an overpriced POS with a plush interior.... NOW Get lost with all the HYPE!
RC18 Oy oldin
Yes formerly atieva founded in 2007. 🤔 it's heading for 2021 now. And not a single st legal production vehicle in sight? That said I love that they are bringing vehicle2grid out. We need that to really make sense of evs and renewable energy. Run through machine learning/ai.
M Beliv
M Beliv Oy oldin
i think model s and x a really good looking.... more beautiful than lucid....even after few years on the market
Roger Andre Lassen
Roger Andre Lassen Oy oldin
Tooooo expensive. Not even available. Next !
decourter Oy oldin
Hate the phrase “Tesla Killer”, did one manufacturer of ICE cars kill all the rest? No
Vincent Van
Vincent Van Oy oldin
Wake me up when the Tesla Model Y or X has 500+ miles of range 😴
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Look at for battery day September 22nd, wouldn't be surprised
Murray Smith
Murray Smith Oy oldin
Hey man, love the content and the channel. Have to respectfully disagree with you for the first time - I don't think it's totally fair to say Lucid has "beat Tesla". Two points - it is not in production and the cost/luxury level is not in line with anything Tesla offers. If Tesla wanted to create a super-luxury car, they could. While I agree in principle that the Lucid has a great concept here, it isn't fair to say it beats Tesla (many times!) when it isn't in production or directly compare with any Tesla offering. Now, if Tesla decides to release a "luxury" model S that is $170k+, and Lucid is in production, then we can start talking about who is beating who. All that said, enjoyed hearing your thoughts!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Hey Murray! Thanks for the kind reply, as opposed to almost everyone else who says "wrong" or "clickbait". To your first point, yes of course they need to be in production, and yeah the Lucid Air exists in a space more expensive than the Model S. What I'm more referring to is that even though Tesla could, they haven't made an electric car with those specs. So even though Lucid isn't in production, they've made many prototypes that prove that range and speed, and Tesla hasn't shown us this at least. (But they very well might at battery day). Thanks for watching, and commenting!
olaf k
olaf k Oy oldin
Not in production? Are you kidding? Good joke! :-)
Mark Angelo Manmano
Mark Angelo Manmano Oy oldin
both haters and fanboys actually drop out the word "transition" when arguing
Tomas Vidžiūnas
Tomas Vidžiūnas Oy oldin
Why, but do you need "Tesla killer" in the title? They are not directly compering, they dont say they are Tesla killers. Do you think mentioning "Tesla killer" gives you more clicks. Dont lower yourself to mass media portals with titles like that.
Josh Schwartz
Josh Schwartz Oy oldin
Lucid has Mobileye for autonomous. Mobileye crushes Tesla and remember Tesla was recently a client of mobileye.
Josh Schwartz
Josh Schwartz Oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw yes (thank you for your videos) and what's great about AP1 is it didn't over promise. I don't think GM owners would be so nice if their GM cars drove like this Tesla has a very long leash. If this was a GM car lawsuits would probably begin immediately that something this dangerous is being used on the roads. People often say if Mobileye can drive like this why hasn't it shipped? Well maybe Mobileye doesn't want a disengagement every 100 miles maybe it wants a disengagement never so maybe that is why it has not yet shipped. Tesla's fans are very willing to tolerate this performance.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Oooh that's interesting. Most owners I talk to still prefer AP1
Whole Nuts And Donuts
Whole Nuts And Donuts Oy oldin
Well lucid did say they’re not a Tesla killer. They’d rather swim together in a big ocean. :)
Brandon Storkamp
Brandon Storkamp Oy oldin
Just wait lucid will start production and then Tesla will push an update to their cars giving Model S 520 miles range.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
118 mile software upgrade? Would love to see it
Alreem Ahmed
Alreem Ahmed Oy oldin
so many companies claimed they would come out with "Tesla killers" including Porsche but no one ever came close.
David Diaz
David Diaz Oy oldin
Congratulations Lucid keep it up and get this care to production. I own 2 teslas and love them but I hope we can have great Evs so we can get away from our dirty ice cars.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
I definitely agree! Thanks for watching
Eter Wael
Eter Wael Oy oldin
The CEO hates to think it's a Tesla killer, let's be deliberate about that :)
Sergey Oy oldin
Its for reach people ONLY not even midclas. It will never go mass with that price tag. I think lucid will drop price a lot once they produce something otherwise it will take forever to make this business profitable. I like a car not a price
Ed Dunn
Ed Dunn Oy oldin
Ryan, there will be many EVs hit the market in the future and some may very well be better than a Tesla. What you are comparing is EVs. Tesla is a technology company and I don't see any competition on that level yet, hopefully some day. Elon said from the beginning that he hopes to incubate sustainable clean energy. Tesla is in the process of doing just that with everything from battery "peaked power plants" to solar roof power generation and storage for homes. Tesla is a technology company that also builds transportation vehicles. Call me a Elon boy if you like but if Tesla did not exist we would not be having this conversation. I like your UZpost segments keep up the good work.
Ed Dunn
Ed Dunn Oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw Competition is always good and will keep Tesla on its toes. Once again thanks for channel.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Thanks for watching! And I totally agree. Lucid is going after Tesla because Tesla is successful. I'm really excited to see it
Jörg Oy oldin
Get all your arguments, but the video title is still clickbait. Gave you a thumb up anyway. Tesla and Lucid will co-exist in a huge growing market. Well, of course Lucid has to bring it's cars to production and finally generate a profit. I wish them the best. Designwise I don't like the Air, especially the back, which looks old and clunky.. and there is no hatch, which is a nogo for me. But there will be customers for this car, I am sure.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Yeah I really hope they co-exist well and bounce off of each other because they both seem serious about it (Tesla obviously already has proven this). I agree about the trunk on the air, pretty odd looking back.
Jarret Fink
Jarret Fink Oy oldin
Tesla has to get their customer service under control. I ordered my model y in July. 3 weeks ago they contacted me and said delivery in 1-2 weeks. So I sold my truck. And now they cant tell me when the car is coming. Tesla Finance says they will contact in less than 2 days and they are 7 days out and still nothing.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
I agree. Their customer service is not a fun experience at all
Ahmed Yehia
Ahmed Yehia Oy oldin
Fanboys of Tesla make me hate the 2 things I love, Elon and Tesla! I own a Model 3 but Lucid is insanely good! Oh and yeah it will be produced and smack the hell out of Tesla until they improve their quality! We need other brands to push Tesla to the better!
Dan Chatka
Dan Chatka Oy oldin
Wow. Sounds like you're a modern day Nostradamus who can accurately predict the future. Please create a UZpost channel to share your predictions about the future.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Totally agree! We can love Tesla, and Elon, and also recognize their flaws.
Chichipanda Oy oldin
Lol give him break ppl lol he just trying make something different now
John W. Davis
John W. Davis Oy oldin
If Tesla were to give up the luxury division to Lucid, they might as well buy Lucid. Make Lucid Tesla's Lexus to Toyota's Toyota. -John W.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Yeah that would definitely work, although I think I'd prefer them to grow separately first, at least for a while.
Maurice A L Robson
Maurice A L Robson Oy oldin
This big battery and black ice in Canada - Tesla killer; Did they get it right?
David Thompson
David Thompson Oy oldin
Nice for 170 large budgets. How long before they get below 50?
David Thompson
David Thompson Oy oldin
Ryan Shaw there is just so much competition now and coming. Likely to be totally different than Tesla. Look at the expensive Taycan. How many have they sold? The Air looks more like a Caddie in refinements. Seems like demographic may be older and wanting to go electric. Of course it does have insane power. We’ll see. Fun stuff.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
I'd guess at least a similar timeline to Tesla, and this could be considered their roadster? So maybe 12 years? I guess we'll see. They can definitely learn from Teslas mistakes along the way, so maybe a shorter timeline if they are successful.
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