LA Drivers Hate Tesla Autopilot on the Model Y

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Ryan Shaw

3 oy oldin

Putting Tesla’s Autopilot to the ultimate test in my Model Y: Bad Los Angeles Drivers! LA drivers are notoriously bad. They drive fast, get distracted easily, and are always trying to get everywhere faster than everyone else. Tesla’s Autopilot is cautious, and sometimes feels like a student driver, so how does it stack up?
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I recently got the Full Self Driving or FSD update for my Tesla Model Y and Tesla Autopilot. Today, I’m putting it to the test. I drove across Los Angeles going from East LA to West LA with the purpose of putting Navigate on Autopilot to the test.
Tesla advertises Navigate on Autopilot as having the ability to drive you from freeway onramp to offramp all on its own. It has its quirks, but overall this feature does a great job with Auto Lane Changing doing especially well.
In this video I walk you through some of the good edge cases and the bad edge cases that I experience in my drives with Tesla Autopilot in LA.
You’ll see times when the Model Y does Phantom Braking. Times when the Model Y takes merges incredibly slow and angers drivers behind and around me. Also, there are a couple really close calls where Autopilot nearly gets in an accident, and I take over entirely. I’m glad it wasn’t an accident in one of those “Autopilot Accident” videos, and overall I’m glad that in general, Autopilot seems to do incredibly well.
Tesla’s Full Self Driving package includes:
Auto Lane Change
Navigate on Autopilot
Recognize and Respond to Traffic Lights and Stop Signs
And soon: Autosteer on City Streets.
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Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 oy oldin
If you're curious, here's the camera I used for the 360 shots! GoPro Max 360:
Roshan Latke
Roshan Latke 5 kun oldin
It really gives a FPP (First person perspective) view 👍🏻
MrJturner74 9 kun oldin
Next time you experience phantom braking look around for police. :)
Yash Saran
Yash Saran 22 kun oldin
Lol affiliate link nice one
The Mobile Legend
The Mobile Legend Oy oldin
David Coltman he did pick it up when he was talking
gary wade
gary wade Oy oldin
Hi Ryan, how many other cameras are you using to capture all these great shots, & what make are they? Also do you use any specific editing software for loading these road trip videos
ramchargerse 2 soat oldin
stay out of the left lane... that was part of the problem.
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 4 soat oldin
the far right Lane is inherently dangerous because Merging traffic is far more Likely to crash into the main streaming traffic
Trevor van der Merwe
Trevor van der Merwe 8 soat oldin
Self driving car? I been driving one myself for decades!
TheGameFlinger 10 soat oldin
Am I weird for personifying autopilot??? Like for some reason I envision actual panic when the car beeps frantically
katze_sonne 23 soat oldin
3:28 yes, it stays more on the left here. But that hasn't got to do anything with the car on the left. Autopilot simply always / most of the time goes a little bit further left in its lane when overtaking semi trucks. PS: I don't want to see the parts of the video where you just film yourself talking. The content of that part is completely unnecessary and you could have voiced-over it on the rest of the video. 7:45 no, it wasn't Autopilot cutting the Prius off, it was you telling it to do so. Use "no confirmation lane changes" with AP and normally it would wait until it's clear, if possible.
Gingy The Cat
Gingy The Cat Kun oldin
Good video! The slowness/student driving the car chooses to do is honestly the reason why human judgment will always be needed.
Daaa Duh
Daaa Duh Kun oldin
I mean you aren’t supposed to rely on autopilot anyway
FluffyShark Datazz
FluffyShark Datazz Kun oldin
You have NO IDEA how hard it was training autonomy NOT to slam on the brakes for people who weave and cut you off
Trendy videos Daily
Trendy videos Daily 2 kun oldin
It's doing all the right things, you just happen to do things your own way
tip pinas
tip pinas 2 kun oldin
autopilot is more safety than aggressive and reckless driver, tesla mentioned autopilots more safe than actual driver, so with in 5 years from now i guess some country has autonomous driverless cities, all is automation
Rick Jay
Rick Jay 2 kun oldin
Y’all are lazy. Just drive ur own car. Don’t trust a computer because human drivers are unpredictable.
BRENTGAMEZ 2 kun oldin
whos responsible if a auto pilot car crashes or has an accident
BRENTGAMEZ 2 kun oldin
@Ryan Shaw the driver with the autopilot or the driver hit?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 kun oldin
The driver is
Roger Andreassen
Roger Andreassen 2 kun oldin
They've asked about LA on Tesla Autonomy day, I just love how the tech guy gave a thorough answer although I didn't understand an iota of it. (about 1:21 minutes in).
Robert walley
Robert walley 2 kun oldin
I am old school, do not trust computers that much. I would rather do the driving for the long run, I may trust it for a short run. I have also found that there is a fuel savings for doing 5 miles under the speed limit, it could have even helped you also.
Richard DeSimone
Richard DeSimone 3 kun oldin
I love how the car is making choices for you. But yet we still find things to complain about. The rule is if you are 1 car length you are safe to pass or get in the lane. My question is why do we need autopilot???? Like wtf? If you don’t want to drive don’t buy a car
TC 3 kun oldin
Worth 8k..not..
Rýán Túçk
Rýán Túçk 3 kun oldin
Passing on the right numerous times isn’t studentDriveresque, it’s full-on fucktardo.
Vaporizers101 4 kun oldin
This review of autopilot is the best ive seen
mark tu
mark tu 4 kun oldin
I’m so happy to see this video!! Because at least now I know my BMW autopilot is some what doing the same problem as Tesla.
mark tu
mark tu 4 kun oldin
9:58 the reason autopilot slow down is because even you set the speed but it(Tesla) reads map(GPS) showing speed limit and curve you are about to pass. So the car will slow down by all means.
Pablo Hendriks
Pablo Hendriks 4 kun oldin
left lane loser
Tedacules 5 kun oldin
too bad you can't point out mistakes to the autopilot in the moment.....
Chris McGinnis
Chris McGinnis 5 kun oldin
Tesla has been known to confuse overhead signs as vehicles. You were going under an overhead sign right at the brake event.
Mike Short
Mike Short 5 kun oldin
Got my model Y two weeks ago (see Emmett Short’s video on the buying experience. Thanks for this autopilot video. It was very helpful to experience these situations vicariously instead of experientially.
Andrew Hannay
Andrew Hannay 6 kun oldin
That’s a lovely Mercedes that cruises past at 5:20, what model is it? I want one.
Maximilian 6 kun oldin
Amazing how many people in the video cant keep track. Also, I would be terrified by someone passing me on the right side, whilst being on the highway.
acme181169 6 kun oldin
I don't think Tesla will exist in 20 years, possibly 10. I reckon the big boys just see Tesla as free R&D.
acme181169 3 kun oldin
@JNaWK that's exactly his problem, he doesn't care
JNaWK 4 kun oldin
@acme181169 for sure, but he's managed to survive this long. I don't think he cares either, if the "big boys" learn from him, mission accomplished.
acme181169 4 kun oldin
@JNaWK like that makes any difference, look how volatile stock has been everytime that pleb opens his mouth!!!!
JNaWK 4 kun oldin
What's the market cap of Tesla again?
Carlo Posa
Carlo Posa 6 kun oldin
I bet those who hate automatic driving are uncivilized who found their driver's license inside a bag of chips as the prize you find every time.
Michael G
Michael G 7 kun oldin
Hi, NYC driver here. Those incidents where you say the Tesla did not do a good job of switching lanes or when the Mercedes is "driving terribly" is not true. The Mercedes was driving fast, yes, but was not at all disregarding the rules of the road nor was it close too to other vehicles. It wasn't cutting anyone off. Plus, the Tesla did a fine job at driving and changing lanes, aside from the phantom braking. I wonder how the Tesla would perform over here. We have plenty of agressive drivers.
34 Realist.
34 Realist. 7 kun oldin
when will TESLA finally improve the strongly fluctuating, often miserable American "quality" of the vehicles? Painting Seals Fits Wheel covers Body parts
Kevin Cook
Kevin Cook 7 kun oldin
Autopilot looks inefficient and annoying to almost dangerous - I would not trust it much and definitely not use it in town. Might be nice in light traffic but a pain in the butt for me and other drivers in heavy traffic.
Kevin Cook
Kevin Cook 5 kun oldin
I know what you mean; I drove a Prius for a while and I drove completely different than I did a regular car. What I noticed in your driving is that you had to be vigilant and you did a lot? of tweaks and "encouragements" so I felt that you might as well have been driving the car yourself and the other drivers would have appreciated that too.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 kun oldin
Hmm. I’m sorry I gave that impression, but overall it’s very nice and relaxing
Nemes Orsi
Nemes Orsi 7 kun oldin
Seeing this, yes the auto pilot is not perfect but I would still trust it more than some people who cannot even drive. I think it is better to slow down than to speed up but it was sometimes a little too slow;
Real Mike Clements
Real Mike Clements 7 kun oldin
2:32 wrong. Safer to stay in your lane as you can’t see someone in your blind spot. Thank god you have autopilot.
H. R. Lawrence
H. R. Lawrence 7 kun oldin
When you signaled to get into the Car-Pool-Lane, the system caught the Signage Pole and paused. Then it resumed entering the Car-Pool-Lane.
knak 7 kun oldin
Phantom steering or phantom road marks?
Rahil Ameer
Rahil Ameer 7 kun oldin
Thts good. Its breaking so the side cars dnt change lanes. Bcz it cnt predict 100%
Jaded H
Jaded H 7 kun oldin
Trust Elon
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander 8 kun oldin
Spoiled toddler L.A. drivers hate anybody that drives anywhere near the speed limit, and won't give people a chance to move to the right after passing...Fuck them, they deserve gridlock.
Haze1434 8 kun oldin
5:29 - I'd assume the phantom steer was due to that sign overhead. Maybe it briefly confused the camera, thinking it was a tall vehicle behind you.
Lance Thumel
Lance Thumel 9 kun oldin
Moral of the story tesla don't care about your feelings Its job is to keep us safe your video truly shows how you and others are unsafe
anonooo 10 kun oldin
Very good video!
AGENT SMITH 10 kun oldin
I can see how annoying that is. More reason why it is not ready and causing more accidents. Stick using ur hands to drive and stop being lazy.
Tony Shi
Tony Shi 10 kun oldin
Americans drive too damn fast and too damn aggressively.
Drone256 10 kun oldin
If auto pilot keeps annoying other drivers then why use it?
Robo Wolf
Robo Wolf 10 kun oldin
For the second phantom breaking example its because the truck was hugging the line between his and your car, the car picked it up and decided to slow down as a precaution if the guy was being stupid and change lanes.
Caleb Rottmann
Caleb Rottmann 10 kun oldin
Tesla needs to put an update where 2 Tesla cars can communicate with each other so self driving can be better, if one is in auto pilot and the other isn’t the one that is not can receive a notification that says hey this one is in autopilot so be careful, and the one on autopilot can see what the other person/ car on autopilot is going to do so there are way less crashes.
DELTACX10 10 kun oldin
2:16 that wasnt close at all.
Brad r
Brad r 11 kun oldin
"But just a prime example of a Mercedes-Benz driving terrible in LA" he almost hit a car right before he said that trying to test the autopilot zigzaging on the freeway, stuttering mid lane change, getting in front of vehicles traveling at faster speeds when they get pissed off he says student driver territory LOL. cool vid tho im trying to research if autopilot is worth it and this helps
Brad r
Brad r 10 kun oldin
@person why do you think im bieng biased? Im neutral just watching videos to help me pick a car. Im trading in my clarity touring this weekend also has a less functional autopilot but tesla is light years ahead. How can i watch studies? You mean read technical data? Or watch someone studying lol? And why are you even telling me how to conduct my studies?
person 11 kun oldin
I'd your studying automation in driving come at it from an unbiased perspective and look at studies and not youtube videos
Preston Tucker
Preston Tucker 11 kun oldin
He wasn't cutting you off. He was signaling. You're suppose to slow down.
Preston Tucker
Preston Tucker 11 kun oldin
Steven Parker
Steven Parker 11 kun oldin
"LA Drivers Hate Tesla Autopilot on the Model Y"... LA drivers hate EVERYONE LOL
Steven Parker
Steven Parker 11 kun oldin
Yeah, I'm seeing a cautious defensive driving autopilot, while LA drivers have an aggressive mindset. "Don't pull in front of a car and slow down because you'll 'piss them off', even though you should since it's a big curve and EVERYONE SHOULD be slowing down"
Abdulrehman 12 kun oldin
3:05 Thats what she said
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 12 kun oldin
MaBcMCLAN 12 kun oldin
Honestly this is not impressive at all, the car is driving like shit. slowing down for no reason, takes most turns out to the far edge of the lane, doesn't look smooth, crowds a few ppl in next lane. I saw one good merge with acceleration that any human should be able easily to do. No wonder telsas are annoying as hell to drive around on the freeway. Not to mention they are always driving 70 in the carpool lane, even outside of carpool hours here in the bay.
Xx_ANGRYCAT_xX 11 kun oldin
MaBcMCLAN Correct ;)
Pulse 12 kun oldin
These are always so cool to see even tho I know I don't want a car that drives itself I just want a good electric car lol
WizBatPlays 12 kun oldin
3:20 look at the display, the car cant tell where the truck is for a second
Xx_ANGRYCAT_xX 11 kun oldin
Yup imagine doing an accident because your Tesla hasn’t seen the other car
ChipzAhoy 13 kun oldin
Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y gg Elon
Joseph Stevenson
Joseph Stevenson 13 kun oldin
I’m my own autonomous driver lol
LouisChiaki 13 kun oldin
Wow, human can learn how an autopilot system will do. That is still a huge difference between human and machine learning.
VeryNice 13 kun oldin
I think whether Tesla admits it or not the first round of robotaxis will either be geofenced or they are at least 5 years out. Still awesome tech though.
Goin AWOL 13 kun oldin
Phantom breaking is an accident prevention system... look at all the vids on autopilot predictions of crashes
Demongornot 13 kun oldin
That's why one shouldn't use neural networks for self driving vehicles. Sure neural networks can do some amazing things by being trained for complex scenario and nailing them better than a hard coded software could do, but they also have some inherently bad behavior that aren't bugs, but just the nature of neural networks, sometime they just encounter situation where they are incredibly unpredictable... When it is for figuring out what scene or object it is looking at to make the best picture editing mode, those aren't much important, but when it is about controlling a multiple tons vehicle that contain living creatures (humains here) and is surrounded by any others, well, neural networks are certainly NOT the way to do it, at least not the 100% neural network approach. There is only so much that a neural network can do, it doesn't work purely like a brain, and the differences it have make it unable to reach higher cognitive functions, yet everyone try to use neural networks as/like a brain...
Codeplayer 13 kun oldin
In EU you are supposed to stop at the edge of the cross-section, not Stop sign or line, in case of the STOP-sign
João Rodolfo Simplício Geraldini
João Rodolfo Simplício Geraldini 13 kun oldin
5:40 it may have somewhat recognised the huge sign as something and hesitated
Alligatorgamer9 13 kun oldin
10:24 that cars wheels matched your camera shutter
PoopenHeimer 13 kun oldin
he looks like logan paul without hair
Paul Würdig
Paul Würdig 14 kun oldin
Good video! I appreciate Teslas efforts but for me this is still dangerous beta testing by customers. Until the car can not drive 100% safe without phantom breaking and all that student driver stuff it should not be on the road. "Most of the time" is not enough when it comes to deadly risks. I once had a rental Model S and nearly had an accident because the car suddenly hit the brakes before a bridge while I was doing like 150 km/h. There was no car around me so the car behind me nearly crashed into me because of me suddenly braking. As you said, all other companies including Google, ArgoAI and MobilEye go for a combination of cameras and lidar and they do not let their stuff drive on public roads until it is working safe. In my opinion NTSB should stop this beta testing by Tesla.
RayNLA 14 kun oldin
Autopilot moves over a bit for semi trucks
Abaddan 14 kun oldin
Yeah no lmao, swerving at a high rate of speed is not better than applying brakes to slow down 5 mph. Swerving is almost never the best course of action. Very rarely is it.
Semmehh 14 kun oldin
10:09 Car floatin
cristian821987 14 kun oldin
People drive so bad there in the US on the freeway.
Ghost 14 kun oldin
A computer to do something for you that's a privilege not a right, absolutely cannot stand it.
Rodolphe Drolet
Rodolphe Drolet 15 kun oldin
Fantom braken is to me is risk of a pit manever as cops call it and it is no way you can recover at that spot of a car bumper and front wheel check it out
Sushant Mittal
Sushant Mittal 15 kun oldin
5:20 i would do the same, i mean its a AMG
Aaron Rose
Aaron Rose 15 kun oldin
Hands down the best Tesla video I have seen! Knowing and seeing exactly how it handles busy traffic and merges was a huge help. Thanks!
Justin Wiseman
Justin Wiseman 15 kun oldin
There will always be haters.
M Biohoo
M Biohoo 15 kun oldin
Or, put another way, "Bad L.A. drivers hate controlled, consistent driving from others."
Pablo Aguila
Pablo Aguila 16 kun oldin
Your Tesla in autopilot is a better driver than 70% of us, humans. It does not fall asleep on the trip, avoid crashing. I wish I had it in my car.
Stallion Disliker
Stallion Disliker 16 kun oldin
Humans are Dangerus to themselves and other's and act with strong emotions that leads most into making very bad decisions ("Car Accidents) We Need to Remove Humans Off the road for a SAFER transportation experiance in the Future.
BigMTBrain 16 kun oldin
@14L14 - "How is auto-pilot going to learn all that stuff?" You just gave it a lesson. A few tens to hundreds more Tesla drivers going through that very same intersection and others similar to it, Tesla auto-pilot will have it solved.
Skorps1811 16 kun oldin
The Penske truck situation was handled totally cool, I'd do the same
Informed Choice
Informed Choice 16 kun oldin
The car to the right would have been weaving slightly.
stem ster
stem ster 17 kun oldin
Err swerving into the Lane next to you is a bad idea ,just slow down like the car suggests !
Rami Daoud
Rami Daoud 17 kun oldin
It would be smart to rely on calculating the center of the road when the lanes are not clear.
Rami Daoud
Rami Daoud 17 kun oldin
It will struggle in rural roads distinguishing grass from asfalt or sand
John Seca
John Seca 17 kun oldin
Well ,8:13 the The BMW had the left signal on and Tesla did what any good driver would do .
Sean Hillman
Sean Hillman 17 kun oldin
I think the Tesla try’s to stay out of other cars blind spots and that’s y it breaks for no reason.
timely skydive
timely skydive 17 kun oldin
everyone here who drives alot this is normal well if you have a telsa but for me I think him analyzing this is so cool is more ebcasue it's a technology thats never been invented nor tested before untill now I love this can't wait for everycar to have a full auto poilet but it can still be scary
John Keegan
John Keegan 17 kun oldin
What you call phantom breaking is something only gifted people can see. Dude everyone doesn’t follow road laws. Your car is trying to keep you from dying. Doesn’t matter what’s right and wrong. It’s trying to keep you alive.
Le-Grande 18 kun oldin
I don't think you're supposed to be swerving into the lane next to you, I know that's the main thing everyone including me can do at times, but isn't that bad driving? To brake, you brake, to swerve you have to check your mirrors. Even if you brake hard the driver behind should have distance and will notice.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 18 kun oldin
They should just use LiDAR-will solve so many issues.
Nichols gunness
Nichols gunness 18 kun oldin
he wasted gas money cruising for no reason
Do DoubleG
Do DoubleG 17 kun oldin
who? the guy in a tesla? lmao
raxeon 18 kun oldin
You should only autopilot in next to no traffic areas.
RandomLGuy 18 kun oldin
i think that the reason that tesla models are confused and slows down is because of the signs.The same happens when it tries to change lane and there is a big sign at it's left
Matheus Pfitscher
Matheus Pfitscher 19 kun oldin
Phantom steering happen because of the bill board I assume, it still have a hard time not recognizing it as an object right away.
Fuse_Stxr 19 kun oldin
The stop sign recognition is really shocking, In Australia it is alot better at detecting the lines to stop at, it can even detect them around 200m away, when you can't see them.
Emmanuel Kebede h
Emmanuel Kebede h 19 kun oldin
if everyone on the road had self driving cars it wouldn't do that.
Nikita Belomestnykh
Nikita Belomestnykh 19 kun oldin
None of these are phantom, it's the shadow on the road from the signs and bridges.
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