Is Tesla Fixing Quality Control Issues?

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Ryan Shaw

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Today we’re talking about how Tesla is fixing quality control issues, and that they might be doing it in a way you’re not expecting at all.
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Tesla Quality Control
Tesla Quality Control Issues
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Tesla Model 3 Issues
Tesla Model Y Issues
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Tesla Cybertruck Production
Tesla Cybertruck Issues
Tesla 2021
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Gigafactory Texas
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Tesla Fremont Factory
Tesla Shanghai
Giga Berlin
Giga Texas
Giga Shanghai

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories ➡️
Zach P
Zach P 3 kun oldin
They need to get some food German engineers to look after the panel gaps, paint and refinement overall.
Haramasch Abrasir
Haramasch Abrasir 2 kun oldin
German engineers are already wandering off to China. The German and US car industry will be in decline soon, Germany because it sticks to combustion engines and US because of pandemic recession.
Andrew Leong
Andrew Leong 3 kun oldin
Yes, Tesla will leave California. Goodbye California! Hello Texas!
Tunc 4 kun oldin
Tesla and all Tesla fans sucks....
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 4 kun oldin
As well as your grammar
TJ32 6 kun oldin
Initial quality is going to be terrible. We all know that. You have to just be OK with it if you're going to buy one right off the bat.
Polytronph 7 kun oldin
There is a great chance that Tesla will shut down the factory in Fremont due to California corrupt government.
Gary V
Gary V 8 kun oldin
They haven't fixed the fact that it looks like it was designed by a 6 year old & built in someone's backyard using just a hacksaw & a welding set, it still looks fucking hidious.
Ian Bloggs
Ian Bloggs 11 kun oldin
If QC was a real issue and not internet click bait, why does everyone who buys a Tesla, look at buying another Tesla... 3 x M3's in the family we love them to bits, and got a pre-order on the Cybertruck.
dennis s
dennis s 11 kun oldin
I live in California my whole life (52 years). This state will be equivalent to a third world country in less than 20 years. Thank you california democratic party for screwing this state up.
Vilhjalmr Edmundson
Vilhjalmr Edmundson 12 kun oldin
Comparing any foreign auto brand - even those assembled in China - to a vehicle designed and made in China is going to win. I'm not being mean, DJI and Godox are great examples of Chinese innovation and ability to assemble delicate devices well. However their automobiles are terrible and even Chinese people would agree. This is reflected in the fact that (like phones) anyone who can afford a foreign brand will get that over something designed and made in China.
T Rucker
T Rucker 12 kun oldin
Hey at least your roof didn't fly off of your car lol
Akinlolu Oderinde
Akinlolu Oderinde 13 kun oldin
I see the title and I'm like, should that even be a question?
Faris Almahamid
Faris Almahamid 13 kun oldin
Me getting excited for the model y redesign but it still looks the same as the model 3
Ayman Ra Lionheart
Ayman Ra Lionheart 14 kun oldin
I would rather have panel gaps issues than mechanical recall issues!
FastRedPonyCar 16 kun oldin
I just picked up my model 3 on Monday and the panel gaps are all aligned properly and no paint defects or blemishes, etc. Very happy.
Amara Kromah
Amara Kromah 17 kun oldin
I dont think they will leave CA, too large of a talent pool to leave behind to potential competitor in the first place. Tesla needs a lot of top developers for their softwares and we have to admit that CA is known for that. I also dont think they will leave Freemond, they dumped way to mush money in to it. You should take perception in to account. For years now Elon has been begging for engineers to come work for them, what picture do you paint if you shut down and leave all those workers. That would be a PR nightmare and Tesla WILL loose (a lot of ) its good will they have for the public. "Why will I go there if there are no certainty, will they be there in 5 - 10 year?,.." The most likely outcome they way I see it is simple. Keep things as they are, develop other factories, once you perfected those, apply those lesson to Freemond. Freemond isn't fully build yet so they can just add a new fully improved section and move production to that section while they fixed the "broken" section. Elon doesn't strike me as the person that would let good talent go to waste and Tesla doesn't advertise so they need all to good will that they can get. Moving headquarters/R&D centers will be the biggest PR move he will make I think. that's my two cents at least, I might be completely proven wrong.
NeeonDeeon 17 kun oldin
Tesla would be smart to leave California, just like Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and every other auto manufacturer that was there before. It's an awful business environment to run large scale manufacturing.
EverythingReview 16 kun oldin
That would be dumb. Do you know how many people in California own Tesla’s or any other electric car? Every other car is basically a Tesla especially in LA
Ian 17 kun oldin
Amber turn signals are by fact and study safer than red ones, I'm really glad they did this, plus you can't even sell these in europe, they already know it's safer.
Thomas Devine
Thomas Devine 18 kun oldin
Look at the piece of crap they are compared to in China.
Anthony Paull
Anthony Paull 19 kun oldin
I think the quality of a vehicles fit and finish is completely separate to reliability, and while QC issues on Tesla often affect the fit and finish, the overall reliability of the hardware in the car is far greater than the average ICE vehicle.
Tengu 19 kun oldin
This was a super informative video, like really top notch. I just subscribed too!
Grand Master Mawile
Grand Master Mawile 19 kun oldin
I dont think quality control will change. Tesla isn't toyota. And cars with new technologies and electronics always need fine tuning
Simmer Pete
Simmer Pete 19 kun oldin
Quality control issues are effecting sales. And not in a good way.
Thomas Gilman
Thomas Gilman 19 kun oldin
sweet shirt
Carlo Garcia
Carlo Garcia 20 kun oldin
LATE 2021 for the Cybertruck?
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams 20 kun oldin
Excellent work with this video, and pragmatic analysis. New sub...
Hampus Baaz
Hampus Baaz 21 kun oldin
My issue is used car and percieved quality. Is tesla fixing quality issues? Probably, Is it on the level of other automakers? no. But if you look at a model 3 in a few years and know tesla had very shoddy quality on model 3 when did it improve? Is this 2022 car good? maybe last years 2024 car? 2019,2020 I have no idea. Do you at that point want to pay for a used car that could be one of the really bad ones? I wouldn't. A car like the model 3 will always be followed with the reputation it got since the start of sales even if it was made during many years with many improvements. How do you know that the car you're looking at had the improved AC unit that don't crack the lines at winter? Do this one have protection plastic on the inside frame so they do not rot? How could you tell? That is my issue right now
Gallifrey Falls No More
Gallifrey Falls No More 21 kun oldin
companies are leaving California in droves so i don't see why Tesla would be the exception
Book_ Davies
Book_ Davies 21 kun oldin
I really want that truck. Gotta wait awhile yet.
matt damon
matt damon 21 kun oldin
Tesla won't be closing Fremont anytime soon because they already sell every car they make and the new factories online won't change that as The company scales up increases their model line.
FlyingPigNJ 21 kun oldin
So it took Tesla about 6 month to fix majority of QC issues with model 3.....(pretty fast if you ask me), how long do you think it's gonna take for model y? It's been more than 6 months, and it's still a disaster?!?! Anyway, I have no need to be the first to own one in the neighborhood, I'm holding off until the chance for a lemon is at least lower than the chance of getting covid19.
Greg Dennis
Greg Dennis 22 kun oldin
I'm waiting a few years to get the cybertruck.
Mysticwarrior 22 kun oldin
TeraTexas is gonna massive and amazing
WICKEDLEE LOOPY 22 kun oldin
There is no reason why tesla can't move car production elsewhere & repurpose the gigafactory for spaceX. After all . It will be the closest gigafactory to the launching pad at Florida. It wouldn't be to hard to move a few robots around...
Jim F
Jim F 23 kun oldin
This is my 3rd day with my model Y. No problems so far, I might be one of the lucky ones, here’s hoping it stays this way 🤞
Alberto Robles
Alberto Robles 24 kun oldin
The jd power awards are fake asf they voted for doge and ram almost number one and toyota at the end of the chart 💀
Juriasu 25 kun oldin
feat. mr beast
Garrett M
Garrett M 25 kun oldin
The JD Power award is a bought award. Any company can pay for the award. I assume Tesla just never bought the award and JD Power put them at the bottom of the list.
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 26 kun oldin
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 26 kun oldin
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 26 kun oldin
Joe Gatta
Joe Gatta 26 kun oldin
I hope so, leave cali to the birds and let it sink
Mini2nut 28 kun oldin
I think that once Giga TX is complete they will move all vehicle production out of CA except for the Model S, X and Roadster. The TX plant will produce the Cybertruck, Semi, Y and 3.
nowjustanother 29 kun oldin
I don't think Tesla will entirely leave Fremont, but it's possible that the relegate that plant to something like experimental vehicle builds, etc. I used to work extensively with a Canadian recreational vehicle manufacturer. After they built a large plant in Mexico, the quality and efficiency of that facility so far exceeded their legacy plant in Canada that it caused them to significantly shift production mix. Their HQ, marketing, design, and engineering are still location mostly in Canada, but fixing quality and efficiency issues required a move, and it worked.
James Baker
James Baker 29 kun oldin
My Model Y was almost perfect, thank god! I picked it up in late August so I'm not sure if that means things are better or if I was lucky.
packadrum 29 kun oldin
great video very concise you've got this down I watch several other Tesla channels and just subscribe to yours. If California keeps going on it's terror of spending money like a drunken sailor and then coming back to the residents for an additional tax hike more people will flee California. I think Tesla needs to get attacked together and move to Austin for corporate for automotive. I've had my model 3 since 2018 loved it but now they're having service related issue backups due to the rollout of the model y it took me weeks to get a repair that should have taken a day or two. Still the best car I've ever owned and love it and the company.
Andrew Stupak
Andrew Stupak 29 kun oldin
Giga SH was built in less than a year and has great build quality because the Chinese built them. Building and manufacturing happen to be their forté.
XuKeD Oy oldin
Very excited for Giga Berlin as a prospective EU buyer
notathome13 Oy oldin
China quality graph, no data on how many sold? What’s the book, stats, stats and lies!
Barskor1 Oy oldin
Given the litigiousness regulatory burden and high taxation of California, it makes sense for every company to leave that State of Disaster.
Travis Williamson
Travis Williamson Oy oldin
With the taxes and constant forest fires, I don't know why any corporation or person would want to live in CA. There are other "silicon valleys" now.
BlackhawkPilot Oy oldin
Fremont will remain to meet production demand. Puling 500K vehicles out of the mix is a non-starter.
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts Oy oldin
Glad I never bought a new car - such obsession with gaps and paint and other things I never thought of. IF you don't think Tesla Model 3 is a good no great car .. DO NOT buy !! Go test drive fo your self OR rent one. Don't listen to this picky moron.
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel Oy oldin
Your next video try if Tesla can view animals on Autopilot. 🦌 then all others.
robin taylor
robin taylor Oy oldin
Aren't most of the issues from Freemont ?
Hadtobe Oy oldin
Tesla goes from last in America to first in China for quality control... are you really believing the reports out of China.
Kirk Morris
Kirk Morris Oy oldin
I’m 63 years old and own a 2019 Tesla M3. It’s by far the most amazing car I’ve ever owned. Like anything made by man it’s not ‘perfect’ and had minor issues, but what car is without some issues, it’s just a thing? Ford’s brand new 7.3 Tremor engine has serious coil issues, and customers are having to wait over a month for parts, and they can not drive them! You probably haven’t heard about this because it’s a boring OEM and no one cares. The media hammers Tesla on every small issue. Would I have ordered a Cybertruck if I thought Tesla made substandard vehicles?...I think not 😉
Yahiko Tendo
Yahiko Tendo 19 kun oldin
👏👏👏👏👏 hope you like the Cybertruck! I would get one if I had the money!
Kyarisiima Ishmael
Kyarisiima Ishmael 20 kun oldin
Tabs T
Tabs T Oy oldin
Germany will be best quality
Alex Ali
Alex Ali Oy oldin
Just got my model Y and has same problems you had. Not sure if it is worth to take it back for repair since I live few hours away from a service shop. Otherwise, beautiful car .
SgtStinger Oy oldin
There is another huge reason for Tesla not being able to implement the new paint process in Fremont: Regulations. California is very strict with what kinds of paints you can use in the state, and that is a big hindrance for Tesla. This is also why Tesla has issues with soft paint that scratches easily, compared to other manufactuers.
my k
my k Oy oldin
First time having Tesla, model Y in early August 2020. Got to go back few times, each time couple days for services. They never come as “mobile service “ stated. Could not even order a loaner in advance. Tesla policy! Not cool to deal with no car for few days even though Uber offered. Never experienced a brand new car with such issues and such bad customer service. Missed owning a Mercedes.
The Jackal Smith
The Jackal Smith Oy oldin
The 3 rated the 1st in China vs Chinese cars is not too impressive. How many Chinese cars are in the USA? 0. Hmmmmm wonder why. They are awful.
Drunk S4ilor
Drunk S4ilor Oy oldin
Why are customers doing quality control for Tesla? It's a luxury car, not a self check out at a grocery store. I refuse to buy one after seeing all the problems people have when receiving the vehicle.
FCV19 Oy oldin
Chinese make higher quality stuff than Americans. Period. They need to ship over all the Tesla Chinese workers to America and fire all the current builders at domestic Tesla factories.
Mark Egg
Mark Egg Oy oldin
Try to figure out how much the investment is at Fremont. No doubt it is huge, huge, huge. The Texas factory may give them time to update the Fremont production line, and they move their headquarters to Texas. But realize Musk bought that factory in Fremont (it's not free), made HUGE investments in it, and will ideally be facing demand for cars outstripping supply = no way it will close (unless Tesla fails). Again, try to estimate the investment there, also in people, and you cannot compare it to an "old car", in no way, shape or form, it's a huge piece of land, with a huge building, and no doubt billions invested in machinery, not to mention a skilled labor force (how many thousands, right). Honestly your comparison sounds silly and naive. Also they have key new battery and other tech going on there. So Texas *at best* will give them a "breather" to momentarily change the production line (momentarily shut it down, for as you mentioned, it will be significantly out of date with what Berlin will has). And that's a big opportunity Elon will look forward to, not having only one up-to-date US production line (ie Texas), but ideally at least two.
Bill Baker
Bill Baker Oy oldin
So the takeaway is we have an American company that produces better products for its overseas customers than it does for its own people who essentially gave it an interest free loan by paying big fees to reserve a car that they waited years to get in the early days of the model S and X. This bites the big one.
Zaine Ridling
Zaine Ridling Oy oldin
You say the word actually a LOT. Watch and when you notice, you notice.
Danny Oy oldin
You say the word "notice" a LOT.
Kaz Masters
Kaz Masters Oy oldin
Yeah I’m pretty sure Fremont will become R&D focused and move all production.
Super Duper
Super Duper Oy oldin
Industrial Safety and employee “Training” is the most expensive and overlooked part of an industrial business. Less managers and more workers. If you use the top heavy method you will always be upside down. “Employee Retention” is the investment needed.
Nabludatel79 Oy oldin
Hi Rayan. I'm getting my Model Y LR tomorrow. Any tips that you can suggest to check at the pickup? I understand that the outside body gaps I can't avoid, but what about interior.
I’m from the future
I’m from the future Oy oldin
Over/under 5’7” for this guys height... I’m taking bets:
Mauri B
Mauri B Oy oldin
Raheem Jones
Raheem Jones Oy oldin
They cost to much
Jonathan Adami
Jonathan Adami Oy oldin
Seems like health was getting in the way of a billionaire's money maker so he's getting rid of jobs LOL I mean I love the guy but yeah, he's a child! A brilliant child!
dsparke93 Oy oldin
Not that i can afford a Tesla but i would wait for the Texas factory to go up to buy one. The reason Tesla quality is so bad is because the one factory they've had has been overloaded trying to produce 4 different cars. Most mainstream car makers have 1 factory for 1 or 2 models. On top of that they have factories that specialize in making certain parts like engines and such. Once the Texas factory starts building cars you will see a huge improvement in quality.
Mini2nut 28 kun oldin
They currently have 4 different size vehicles running through one paint shop. They are currently retrofitting a second paint In the plant.
David Morse
David Morse Oy oldin
Highly unlikely that new battery tech will go into model 3/Y. Tesla need to keep Panasonic/LG/CATL contracts, producing as many batteries as possible. I took delivery of my model 3 last week in UK, and it was extremely high quality all-round. I went through it with a fine tooth-comb, and only found 5 TINY (inconsequential) flaws.
Paul Leopardi
Paul Leopardi Oy oldin
I stopped watching at the point where you implied that JD Power's survey was a credible measure of quality control.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Justin Ludwick
Justin Ludwick Oy oldin
Everyone always talks about terrible quality when it comes to Tesla but I have had virtually no issues with my 2019 Model 3
Hadtobe Oy oldin
Did you put your glasses on and look at it during the day......
Ronald Fradet
Ronald Fradet Oy oldin
Ryan i think it could be i think the quality control is the lack a hard quality assurance program if there is one it is not enforced very well
Kuya Arbee
Kuya Arbee Oy oldin
BRUH! come on in China.... Look at the Iphones... look at Apple! Majority of their greatest products were built and assembled in China.... yea China has a bad stigma and their governement... is ya know.... but their assembly line is really good from what I'm seeing.
Dave C
Dave C Oy oldin
I’ve been buying cars for over 40 years and I have yet to receive a new vehicle without any problems. That includes American, Asian, and European.
SlowFlyers Oy oldin
once terafactory in texas get going, elon will shut down gigafactory in comie-fornia.
Charles Choomngern
Charles Choomngern Oy oldin
Love the video, but think Tesla’s Fremont factory ain’t moving until they have production slack available... maybe 5-10 years... as of today, just looking at the cars made at Fremont, they’ll crack 500k. Austin probably will go online in 18 months and maybe another year to ramp up to 500k cars. That means in US, we’re making a million cars. As demand for current products and future products grow, I don’t see Tesla shutting down until a 3rd factory is built, maybe in Missouri. Or maybe a 4th and then finally when they’re making 2m cars here in the US and possible an economic down turn, they’ll ramp down and turn off Fremont... but till then Fremont is full speed ahead. Tesla will figure a way to enhance quality control on the fly...
Larry Browning
Larry Browning Oy oldin
Tesla will leave CA like a scalded dog!
HQsound Oy oldin
Leaving Fremont will be win win for all, except maybe workers.
John Dell
John Dell 3 kun oldin
They'll have an opportunity to hire new, better workers.
Steven Gulie
Steven Gulie Oy oldin
Even the JD Powers’ “quality” (actually includes many non-quality issues) is low, customer JDP satisfaction remains high.
Steven Gulie
Steven Gulie Oy oldin
No body panels = no panel gaps. No paint = no paint issues. Cybertruck rules!
LeCreator 17 kun oldin
@~(Rogue Jedi)~ Cybertruck is rustfproof mann
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 18 kun oldin
@~(Rogue Jedi)~ ummm, do some more research on the cybertruck 🤣🤣🤣
Steven Gulie
Steven Gulie 18 kun oldin
~(Rogue Jedi)~ you don’t need to paint cold rolled stainless steel. The cybertruck is stainless. It’s frame is an exoskeleton.
~(Rogue Jedi)~
~(Rogue Jedi)~ 18 kun oldin
Paint helps protect the underneath metal frame. If there aren’t cars with paint, they’ll rust and corrode much easier
MontiR Aruba
MontiR Aruba 19 kun oldin
@Danish Khan I totally agree with you. The debut CT was just the prototype. It was not the production model. Production models are usually totally different then prototypes when it comes to technology and cosmetics.
freddie carr
freddie carr Oy oldin innovative supports. No way Ford could have designed the condensor support.
dhincks1 Oy oldin
Tough call about California on the one hand it's because of California we have the level of pollution control's in the US we at least have.Texas has been lax and until recently wouldn't let Tesla sell cars in the state. California is a progressive state & sometimes doesn't get it right, but it's generally way better than the alternative. As California goes as will the world will be going eventually. Being a leader isn't always easy and safe and certainly opens the state to criticism. And the bay area has been leading the technology front. Tesla is a technology company.
Oliver Newell
Oliver Newell 2 kun oldin
@Timothy Smith economic growth isn’t the sole metric for a good place or bad place, and many of those companies are actually leaving Cali.
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith 2 kun oldin
@Oliver Newell One of the largest economies in the world outpacing the economies of the midwest combined. You can hate on it all you want, but it's the driving force of technology and entertainment in the US
Oliver Newell
Oliver Newell 24 kun oldin
Oh my god, wake up. CA is a liberal infested shitehole that has seen hundreds of thousands of people leave the state, with pathetic laws on the gig economy, obscene tax laws and a spiralling poverty and homeless count. Just because something is progressive, doesn't make it good.
楚留臭 Oy oldin
That tells you how shitty other cars are made in china
S Kline
S Kline Oy oldin
I’m getting ready to order a MY and I have been doing a lot of reading and watching reviews on the car. Aside from the normal gap and alinement issues I have been seeing more annoying, if not problematic problems related to software glitches, mold smells coming from the havoc system, and other random error messages. Do you have any thoughts comments on these types of issues? Thanks again for your informative postings
Curtis English
Curtis English Oy oldin
This video has a lot of very valid points. In my own opinion, Tesla's biggest issue with fixing quality right now is the downtime required for it, right now mostly all the world has cars coming from the one factory. Once Berlin is open, that'll remove the whole of Europe's demand from Fremont and possibly give them some time to work on improvements as the work load will be less. Otherwise, I see them working on it after Austin's factory has opened as that will again cut the workload of Fremont. :)
Jim Myers
Jim Myers Oy oldin
Misaligned doors and panels and dirt and scuff marks are not the fault of the factory no matter how new and advanced it is. I love my model Y and it looks pretty good except for the orange peel paint and the tail light unit that was made too big so it does not align properly. Build quality is very subjective. How would the early model 3 compare to a Lada in initial quality? They really need a CSO or Customer Service Officer or they will start losing sales to people that want quality and are not concerned with FSD. I think they will make the truck, 3 and Y in Texas, the S, X and Roadster in Fremont and build another factory for the semi in Tulsa.
John Dossey
John Dossey Oy oldin
I think its VERY possible that Tesla could leave California. Just look at the history of the Auto Industry in the US. ONCE the government and the UNIONS got involved, EVERYONE wanted control, and more money. So what happened. The automakers just moved to Mexico. Now they are moving to several countries. So we have been so greedy, we have pushed these industries away. We DONT learn from history.
Marc Bertucco
Marc Bertucco Oy oldin
What I'll never understand is why Tesla, or anyone frankly, can't hang a door properly, or make sure that body panel line up. I understand there's a lot of new tech in an EV and can appreciate there might be growing pains when it comes to that end of production/assembly/design, but properly and completely painting a car and attaching body panels, for example, is something car companies have been doing since the early 1900s. What am I missing here?
Fernando Jaime
Fernando Jaime Oy oldin
You're missing the age gap between Tesla and other automakers. I'm sure other automakers had trouble assembling cars when they were initially just luxury items for the times.The others have the formula they can copy and paste to produce a new product, Tesla is just starting learn that formula the way the others did in the beginning.
Lafayette Porter
Lafayette Porter Oy oldin
California is not corporate friendly. I hope Tesla does move out, maybe that will wake politicians up.
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez Oy oldin
Some of the biggest corporations in the world exist or have their HQ in California for a reason. It is definitely harder for a corporation in California, and that is because we value our natural resources, which attracts top engineering talent. Even if Tesla moves manufacturing out of CA, it won't be engineering. Guaranteed. The thing that would help california greatly is for the republican party to stop being fucking idiots so the dems actually have some competition. The GOP lost all power in CA because they didn't bring anything to the table.
Dirk Oy oldin
Thank you, Ryan. Sandy Munro has said that, in his days at Ford, he was doing quality inspections in factories as well. He was quite brutal in that: fire people if necessary and if that didn't work, run a bulldozer over the plant. Also, he advised Elon to hire ex-employees from Ford and GM. In addition, the culture of the area (country) seems to play a big role too. So this must be a really hard nut to crack, and I think Elon's solution may very well be the one you hypothesized here.
Ken Ing
Ken Ing Oy oldin
Tesla doesn't have to fix a thing all the Tesla groupies will buy anyting musk sells
A B Oy oldin
How can i get a Chinese made model y?
Morten Søe
Morten Søe Oy oldin
This just puts the spot on the issue. US made cars are not good quality, this goes for all US auto manufactures. Stack up any US car up against a European, Japanese or Korean (and now China), and the US car will come up short. Disclaimer: I don’t have an issue with US or anything, and this is just my experience. Would wish that US could regain some of its position in the industry.
scriptedhuman Oy oldin
They are definitely not moving out of Fremont. They have invested billions in upgrading the factory, and they need all of the production capacity that they can get. There is also a significant software r&d component through its proximity to Silicon Valley that they would lose. They could also use their Fremont factory in the future to build low volume vehicles, like the S or the roadster.
Almar Guevarra
Almar Guevarra Oy oldin
I went 3x with my Y, not the best fix, I just gave up.
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