Elon Musk Tweet Storm 2020!

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Ryan Shaw

5 oy oldin

Elon Musk has been on a tweetstorm for a few days now, but today he officially went off the rails telling everyone that the Tesla stock price is too high.
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Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Pretty interesting to see everyone’s thought on this. Many passionate people on both sides fiercely for or against Elon. I filmed this about an hour after these tweets, when everyone was worries about the stock, (and there were a lot of people). Now, TSLA is back up, and Elon has gained it all back. Seems most people (including myself) over reacted to those tweets! Will be curious to see his tweets in the future. Also, congrats to Elon for his new daughter!
Create Mymy
Create Mymy 3 oy oldin
Elon is actually doing a favour. He tweets and and all the blue pill sjw's sell their shares. The red guys comes in with a smile and the blue soy boys has no choice but to buy again at overpriced. Anyone who sells Tesla stocks is an idiot. His followers ain't asleep. The blue's can't take him down now. It's too late. He is an emperor in his own rights. The rebellion against the emperor doesn't go too well not when he enjoys an overwhelming support.
Glen Wohlgemuth
Glen Wohlgemuth 5 oy oldin
Captain Caveman Agreed
Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman 5 oy oldin
That's because you apparently didn't pay attention to elon saying he doesn't care about bankers and day traders... elon cares about creation and improvement and could care less about people financially gaining off of his work... and something I love about him, he cares nothing about peoples pathetic outrage over his humor, but he understands the downside of public opinion. The guy is simply too smart too be stuck with the human race in it's current condition.
Glen Wohlgemuth
Glen Wohlgemuth 5 oy oldin
Russell Peacock Tesla stock from a present day perspective is indeed overvalued actually. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s not interested in money or belongings as much as he is interested in his progressions with his companies. Due to the fact that he stated that he his selling “all physical possessions.” What’s the point of making more and more money if you’re never going to spend it? Seems pointless.
Russell Peacock
Russell Peacock 5 oy oldin
He did it intentionally so his rathole could buy up more Tesla stock. In a couple months they will announce a new "revolutionary technology", stock price will spike, and his rathole will dump the stock...
Eric Jiang
Eric Jiang 29 kun oldin
I don’t think it’s called eccentric I think it’s called dope and cool as a CEO I fuck with him
IARRCSim Oy oldin
In short, Elon Musk pulled a Trump on Twitter.
Aldi Palucio
Aldi Palucio 2 oy oldin
Many investors are very stupid why a stock has to go down for a comment? That has nothing to be with the company performance. I think Elenon can say whatever he wants that is freedom of speech. He is a human being and he needs to express himself any way he wants.
spartaman64 3 oy oldin
i heard from someone that hes apparently dodging taxes by selling those houses
Jabriel Warren
Jabriel Warren 4 oy oldin
ppl hate when you do what you want, say what you want.
Breanne O'Reilly
Breanne O'Reilly 4 oy oldin
elon was just being dank. the government = boomers
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 4 oy oldin
You mean he’s not tweeting about genetically engineered cat girls?
Sunny Dozier
Sunny Dozier 4 oy oldin
Rich people don't have to "learn" anything. Throw money at anything and you'll almost always win. ESPECIALLY in the US Court system. It's set up to cater to the rich. If you can afford the right lawyers who are in with the right judges, that's all that matters. You don't even have to show up most of the time, just pay the attorney and they do all the work...well, their interns and paralegals do all the work for them and they get most of the money. MONEY is ALL that matters. The US is nothing more than a hooker of a country. Everything and everyone is for sale for the right price.
Harbinger of Payne
Harbinger of Payne 5 oy oldin
Rich people are mad at him, who fucking cares.
JLEmmanuel Antiporda
JLEmmanuel Antiporda 5 oy oldin
I think elon is ok and has just a robot tok on tweeter for him while hes at mars
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Haha yeah
Dr John Xavier
Dr John Xavier 5 oy oldin
If you think elon is being dumb here. Your the dumb one. And also go learn stock markets for a change
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Kelsey Johnson
Kelsey Johnson 5 oy oldin
You just lost your not invited to Mars 🤠
Photo for a lifetime
Photo for a lifetime 5 oy oldin
Just as a note. Most Geniuses of this world from the very start were strange eccentric people. They are and were quite mad ,some have been called them crazy as in medical crazy. The fact that they didn't act like Elon is because they didn't have Twiter or FB or any other media at the time. So it would be interesting to hear what Einstein or whoever had to say if they would have had media at their finger tips. So Elon is not crazy.....he's a genius which makes him crazy , if that makes sense. LOL
Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper 5 oy oldin
The real question is what the hell has Ellon been smoking during this drug fueled rage.
Bread 5 oy oldin
I saw loads of memes of this so thats why im here
Matthew Rolling
Matthew Rolling 5 oy oldin
Call elon tusk
Julia Lerner
Julia Lerner 5 oy oldin
He seems to be an unstable genius. I hope he stays the course.
Dr. Sychadelic
Dr. Sychadelic 5 oy oldin
Explained everything on Joe Rogan's podcast.
Dr. Sychadelic
Dr. Sychadelic 5 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw One of my favorite podcasts. I feel that Twitter and the "news" are terrible ways to convey information. You either get to speak for 2 minutes or are limited to 250 characters and you can't really get a full idea out in that limited space.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Yep! I watched it. Good stuff, and great to hear him in long form
エッチ 5 oy oldin
I didn't even know about all those tweets.For me Elon Musk will always be a genious,he create a secure payment system called PayPal which used by millions of people,he sent rockets in a space,he created a Tesla,he created a tunnel in LA and much more.I love Elon Musk,yes he maybe act sometimes strange(by a society rules) but he never scam anyone or lie.He's a humble rich man(unlike many other rich fuckers who flex with their expensive stuff).
ASM Kalrizion
ASM Kalrizion 5 oy oldin
tfw tesla suddenly gets very volatile, someone makes a public tweet, and everyone is reeing at Elon for making an obvious statement.
Big Daddy1057
Big Daddy1057 5 oy oldin
When the smartest person on earth is the dumbest as well...
chicken tendies
chicken tendies 5 oy oldin
Who cares if he smoked weed? And also saying the California thingy got corona is a fucking joke its a meme nobody cares except snowflakes.
Oleg 5 oy oldin
I love Elon.
Anish Dongarkar
Anish Dongarkar 5 oy oldin
he is probably going through something and needs some help.
Daniel Gibbie
Daniel Gibbie 5 oy oldin
please dontate to me so I can make a new mask that's not otherwise been made to protect from breathing in and getting SARS-CoV-2 www.gofundme.com/f/masks-thermoplastic-rubber-covid-protection?+share-flow-1
zero gravity
zero gravity 5 oy oldin
Elon will change the world just watch and see.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
I have no doubt in that
B Dumais
B Dumais 5 oy oldin
Stocks not the 0% interest when it goes down it used to be
Sarath Kumar
Sarath Kumar 5 oy oldin
He is Elon musk bro 😂
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Haha yeah I know, and the impact of these tweets ended up being next to nothing
Arlen Specter
Arlen Specter 5 oy oldin
And now Tesla is leaving California. That's over 30k jobs gone. I'm on the left, but we really need to pick and choose our battles. Virtue signalling plays well on Twitter and social media, but it doesn't pay the bills. This is not good for Cali
I FS 5 oy oldin
I used to praise Elon, but after I grew up I realised he is just a massive impulsive cry baby
John Sandman
John Sandman 5 oy oldin
Congratulations to the State of California! You have allowed a county level employee to shut down A billion dollar company. I hope the county needs the space of the largest exporter of new vehicles. As Musk will shut it down and move in the blink of an eye. We now see that a county health official with a nursing degree butts heads with a guy who builds more rockets than NASA, electric vehicles of the future and high speed rail... Lets ask Alameda County what they plan on doing with all those homes that will be going up for sale in the next few weeks. The State is running a 54 billion dollar deficit right now, And you pissed off the richest tech geek in our solar system. Well done! Soon the people you elect won't have to worry about the streets full of human waste as even your homeless will leave you.
XLM_Gold Steve
XLM_Gold Steve 5 oy oldin
Not sure about that, In September 2019 It was $220 Went all the way to $920 Then the tweet it went down to $700 Now it’s back up to $819 In my opinion he is about to change the world.
I FS 5 oy oldin
probably not, Tesla is clearly and economic bubble
Ilkanar 5 oy oldin
This vid got irrevelant in literaly 12h since publication Its just twitter, it has 0 real meaning in retrospect of what he does with his companies If stock drops, its for a while, and this entire vid seems to be only made to clickbait some ad revenue with any real or revelant information. I'm disapointed
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Well I agree that the video no longer serves much of a purpose, but I posted it only a couple hours after his tweets. At that time many shareholders were seriously upset by it, and were wondering if there would be another SEC investigation. The stock is back up, and I know for the future that his tweets aren’t worth making videos on. Sorry that I disappointed you, especially since I didn’t intend this to be a clickbait/ad revenue video.
jeremy8080 5 oy oldin
I don’t think he cares
John Reese
John Reese 5 oy oldin
deadzen 5 oy oldin
And now it's higher than before the tweet. He lost nothing.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Yep. Seems everyone (including myself) over-reacted on the day
Showcase Me
Showcase Me 5 oy oldin
LOOL. The next days GM was down 6.4% No tweets needed.
Russell Peacock
Russell Peacock 5 oy oldin
The whole economy is down
Timski Play
Timski Play 5 oy oldin
Dude is on some meth and weed
Smart Consumer
Smart Consumer 5 oy oldin
I stopped this video at 3 minutes.... Learned his lesson?? Elon has achieved being one of the most influential revolutionary icons the world has ever seen, whilst also maintaining an amazing, non conforming personality. Anyone as big as elon not curbing their fundamental human traits for sake of the establishment is already a hero. He is a true genius, and rarely/if ever speaks without thought and examination. Elon "goes of the rails" when he conforms to the ideas of these political degenerates, and the spineless for sake of their "feelings". Right now hes one of the truest human beings in existence, and also one of the brightest. Thank god for elon.
Leonard Liverpool
Leonard Liverpool 5 oy oldin
Leonard Liverpool
Leonard Liverpool 5 oy oldin
Hell no I'd do the same if I was him 🤔
Zero Control
Zero Control 5 oy oldin
I like his tweets, makes him human.
Zero Control
Zero Control 5 oy oldin
@sbmphr because no one likes anyone smarter than them being a bad boy in it all.
sbmphr 5 oy oldin
@Zero Control Why do so many world government leaders scientist and doctors disagree with you?
Zero Control
Zero Control 5 oy oldin
We all need to get out into the world fighting this, not in our homes dying because of it;.
Zero Control
Zero Control 5 oy oldin
@sbmphr Where a mask to show your worries in it all, protect and serve while helping everyone survive is it not the intention! You dont scurry and hide with all the goodies
sbmphr 5 oy oldin
More like inhuman "Everyone return to work and get covid-19 I've got cars that won't build themselves"
hypatia of Alexandria
hypatia of Alexandria 5 oy oldin
It is blow way out of proportion.
Butters 5 oy oldin
Everyone has their days and you sir should have taken another day to release video and jump to conclusions. For true MUSKeteers there is no bad press, only a court jester would sell because of things he says that are in his opinion. We all have opinions and Elon's opinion is TESLA stock is worth too much money. Wow the nerve of him to say that.
Shane Largo
Shane Largo 5 oy oldin
Come on man. He's not human and therefore smarter than any of us. He know's what he's doing. Just wanted to give a few of us a discount 🙂
Pat Ehrenfeld
Pat Ehrenfeld 5 oy oldin
All a game! To buy low, sell high. Rigging the market. Those ELs
The BlackMace
The BlackMace 5 oy oldin
Or maybe he was doing weed again.
Haha Gnome Platypus
Haha Gnome Platypus 5 oy oldin
Elon musk is op.
Whuts Uhp
Whuts Uhp 5 oy oldin
He’s going to be the richest man on earth soon. Just watch.
I exist
I exist 5 oy oldin
Is this true, and where did you get this information
The Untold truths
The Untold truths 5 oy oldin
It's sure that he will become the most richest person in the world soon ..Musk is very genius and he always thinks about the future world and invests in the futuristic projects...He knows that the upcoming better financial resource in the world is from space....I think he invests lot of money in space x to build new technologies that can enlighten humans to invade the space.. He is the one who thinks like me also
Anton Levkovsky
Anton Levkovsky 5 oy oldin
1) Sell some of your own stocks 2) Write on twitter they are overpriced 3) Buy these stocks at a lower price back 4) ... ??? 5) PROFIT!!!
Russell Peacock
Russell Peacock 5 oy oldin
Moiles 5 oy oldin
Hey, spicy wing dood!
ionzZ 5 oy oldin
He could have been hacked
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels 5 oy oldin
Trinston was here
mitchell bliss
mitchell bliss 5 oy oldin
I thought he was like banned from Twitter? Naw? Elon musk is a dark dark dude that's what ppl dont understand. Hes really an artist trapped in a genius inventor, business mans life lol
1905934 5 oy oldin
Tesla at $780.00 currently. very nice.
Robert Lust
Robert Lust 5 oy oldin
Still my boy elon
DDeul 5 oy oldin
He’s just weird asf
eu_ genius
eu_ genius 5 oy oldin
Did anyone think Maybe, just maybeee ? The man was high? 🤔🤔🤔
WTFMannyxFTW 5 oy oldin
The dickriders will find a way to defend him. He's a smart guy. Very ambitious. And is an Amazing Entrepreneur. But his antics could eventually be his downfall. His ego is his achilles heel. All of his "fans" should acknowledge this, and tell him to chill out. YOU'D BE SAVING HIM. The SEC *wants him* to do dumb sh-t so that they can take tesla *AWAY* from him. I like the guy, I really do. I think he is just under major stress. I wish him well, always.
Ferrocity Technologies
Ferrocity Technologies 5 oy oldin
Off the rails? This man is a genius! Every time Tesla stock drops, I buy. This man has single handedly made me a fortune.
TheLambo2 5 oy oldin
It's alright, it's already back to where it was a couple of days later. Strange but true
Mike Trebert
Mike Trebert 5 oy oldin
The Church of Silicon Valley. First commandment: My freedom is precious, f*** your freedom.
Lloyd Wright
Lloyd Wright 5 oy oldin
Elon is the Goat, he knows exactly what’s doing. So lucking to live in is time. Keep screwing with them Elon, if your not pissing them off then your one of them.
jajupa78 5 oy oldin
Elon musk is an engineering genius. Tesla and space X would not exist without him. Don't kid yourself folks. None of you are starting up anything like a tesla. I fukin guarantee it!
jajupa78 5 oy oldin
O damn he got into the pot brownies again. Someone get his phone..
jajupa78 5 oy oldin
Hey you buy the ticket, you take the ride.
Gilbert 5 oy oldin
Lyle Stavast
Lyle Stavast 5 oy oldin
nope. look at his grants - he's left himself in a position to be able to say he did nothing positive to amp the stock related to them.
archie 5 oy oldin
LOL. Musk has said this many times over years. This is why people trust him, he is known to speak the truth, even when it's not convenient.
Thi Thanh Dai TRAN
Thi Thanh Dai TRAN 5 oy oldin
He obeys to the rules of the game or it is finished for him ! Those who want to share foods and leaderships must accept to suffer for others as all their predecessors have done. Otherwise, we shut down all the banks, mostly american banks, anh let Africans manage themselves!
Pog 5 oy oldin
Most people don’t understand that Elon Musk is meming, I don’t think he is being serious because he has always wanted to make earth better but likes to troll people online and he is just saying random stuff because he can
k tayba
k tayba 5 oy oldin
@Fepor Hoff not really
Fepor Hoff
Fepor Hoff 5 oy oldin
When you say shot all the time, you dont need to face as much consewuence over your words, so good for him, whatever he does is for personal gains only, even the good ideas that may benefot everyone, still a selfish goal, so lets hope for the best, because he has waaay more power than any of us to chanhe the world...
k tayba
k tayba 5 oy oldin
@Steve cool
Steve 5 oy oldin
@k tayba you're*
k tayba
k tayba 5 oy oldin
Ur wrong buddy.
Jelkiin 5 oy oldin
He was just high
Ethan Matthew Hunt
Ethan Matthew Hunt 5 oy oldin
It only shows how stupid tesla investors are, they do not know why they are investing to Tesla.. if you believe that TESLA is a strong company, it would not matter whatever Elon Musk says. If I am a swing trader, then I would be happy if Tesla Stocks drops from time to time. Buy Low, Sell High. Keep it Up Elon. Hehehe
eARADFAWEgsratezg 5 oy oldin
It could be he was hacked
DanH 5 oy oldin
Anyone who buys or sells stocks from a tweet is a financial idiot and shouldn't be allowed to invest.
Create Mymy
Create Mymy 3 oy oldin
Their investor licence and credentials must be revoked. Anyone who doesn't invest on musk companies have no idea of the coming future.
The BlackMace
The BlackMace 5 oy oldin
The stock market works exactly like that.
Cheyenne 5 oy oldin
DanH idno/ one time rihanna said snapchat wasn’t it... and everyone just agreed and their stocks dropped
Nalis Solus
Nalis Solus 5 oy oldin
He's not selling his stocks so he didn't lose anything. Stock prices only matters when you sell or buy.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Nalis Solus no, I’m agreeing. He lost 3 billion In net worth, not actual cash
Nalis Solus
Nalis Solus 5 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw r u being sarcastic?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Of course
Joseph Cuh
Joseph Cuh 5 oy oldin
This UZpost guy is big mad Lolol
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Ehh, more like most shareholders were mad. I feel he could be smarter, but overall still a fan of his work.
Fusion Kai
Fusion Kai 5 oy oldin
By dropping the stocks of tesla he could buy the majority of them so he could own more prt in tesla
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Well he didn’t buy more
dclpgh 5 oy oldin
Aint the first time he said that the price was too high.Nobody freaked out then.
teatowel11 5 oy oldin
It's so ridiculous that you paint Elon as a stoner when he just bum puffed a joint for the first time on Joe Rogan. It is legal in California. This was your worst video, no information, just tabloid speculation and vs opinion. You are entitled to your opinion as is Elon but if you put out this junk I'll stop watching.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
I said “one minute he does this”. It was a think he did, and yes it is legal. There was no speculation here, just reading Elon’s tweets. Most shareholders were mad about his stock tweet, so it’s something to mention. People have their flaws. I still love his work
Pioter Craft
Pioter Craft 5 oy oldin
I feel Elon is like Axelrod from billions
max haunold
max haunold 5 oy oldin
I don’t think he is scared of losing money. he is more concerned about not reaching mars in his live time and spacex depends on tesla
real life and games
real life and games 5 oy oldin
Yeah because spacex doesn’t do contracts and also doesn’t send astronauts to the ISS
Adam Mackenzie
Adam Mackenzie 5 oy oldin
He specifically said give people choice!
Adam Mackenzie
Adam Mackenzie 5 oy oldin
Do you really think anything he does isn’t calculated? Do you really think Tesla lost anything?
Adam Mackenzie
Adam Mackenzie 5 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw True and historically tweets don’t matter. Most people (even intelligent ones) have the memory and attention spans of gold fish. If the fundamentals of the company haven’t changed, look at the dips as a gift and keep buying shares.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
I don’t think his tweets are always entirely calculated. For a second it looked like it would impact Tesla, but at the time of your comment it hasn’t
Bob Holland
Bob Holland 5 oy oldin
You guys forget he's not from here he comes from what used to be called the Soviet Union. He does not like what he sees going on in this country. He who gives up freedom for security deserves and receives neither!!
Lane Araujo
Lane Araujo 5 oy oldin
Bob Holland yes that is why he left
Bob Holland
Bob Holland 5 oy oldin
@Lane Araujo my bad I mixed them up with somebody else. But if you think South Africa's any better than this Soviet Union was your dreaming. I mean South African leaders don't even play with the communism word they just call themselves straight-up dictators. And it usually ends up some cross between communism and anarchy, is that is in an oxymoron I don't know what is.
Lane Araujo
Lane Araujo 5 oy oldin
actually he is not from the soviet union he is from South Africa and moved to Canada and then the U.S.
Bob Holland
Bob Holland 5 oy oldin
When a CEO says his stock price is to high that means he's thinking about a stock split. Making it easier for new people to get in. Those people that sold because he said that don't understand how the market works.
Gordon Warlow
Gordon Warlow 5 oy oldin
For anyone that would like a more grounded reaction to Elon Musk's "tweets" (as if they really matter) then checkout the UZpost channel, "Chicken Genius Singapore".
Robert Douville
Robert Douville 5 oy oldin
Genius and madness are not very far from each other the proof yet, same thing for Nicola Tesla, go see the story of Nicola Tesla !!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
That’s true!
Robert Douville
Robert Douville 5 oy oldin
Love him more, enough of the inflation in this madness!
Simon Wi
Simon Wi 5 oy oldin
my guess elon is bipolar and having a manic episode...
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Could be. It’s definitely on brand, but more extreme
Marshall Boyd
Marshall Boyd 5 oy oldin
The world tells us that our soul is worthless!, Cheap.....sin is fun and exciting! Don't believe the devil's lie! For some reason, Satan is really willing to bid high for the soul of Elon R. Musk. Why! Matthew Chapter 19 (The rich young ruler parable) I hope he walks away from the world! It's a TEST people! 🦉🙏🇺🇸🕎
Golden speed
Golden speed 5 oy oldin
You look like VSAUCE
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Haha except I shaved it off
Felipe Arosemena
Felipe Arosemena 5 oy oldin
What the f is your point
Raydio Show
Raydio Show 5 oy oldin
Kha Le
Kha Le 5 oy oldin
It's bipolar!
Nice to the Face
Nice to the Face 5 oy oldin
Nice to the Face
Nice to the Face 5 oy oldin
The last line of the The Star Spangled Banner is a question. It needs a question mark.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Yeah. Something I just learned haha
Swell 5 oy oldin
Actually since he hasn’t sold any shares, he hasn’t lost a penny. Nor have I since I am a long term investor and not a speculator. The price drop will be a distant memory come battery/drivetrain investor day. Just hold...
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 oy oldin
Yeah, unless their is an investigation, but it’ll go back up
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