Don't Buy a Tesla Model 3 in 2020!

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Ryan Shaw

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Today we’re talking about the Tesla Model 3 and why you should not buy one in 2020.
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We all know the Model 3 has been out for around 3 years at this point, and a few things have changed in it periodically. Tesla doesn’t do the standard annual updates of a car, instead, when they decide to change it, they just change it on the assembly line.
Which brings us to the first reason you shouldn’t buy a Model Y in 2020, the heat pump. Electric cars notoriously lose substantial amounts of range when driving in cold weather, with different estimates showing the Model 3 losing as much as 40% of its range in colder climates.
Well, in the Model Y, Tesla added a new revolutionary part, the heat pump.
With the Model Y and Model 3 sharing around 70% of the parts, most people are expecting the Heat Pump to be added to the Model 3 at some point in the near future.
Tesla’s battery day is a shareholder meeting for investors that has been hyped up by Elon Musk for months, has been delayed, and is finally scheduled for September 22nd.
There are a number of innovations we expect to hear about from Tesla on battery day. The first would be the official announcement of Tesla’s million mile battery. We are also expected to hear about Tesla’s secret Roadrunner project.
Another element of battery production we expect to hear about is Tesla lessening or eliminating the need for cobalt in their batteries.
And then we expect to hear about Tesla’s work with Maxwell Technologies, and how their dry electrode technology could allow Tesla to get more range out of smaller batteries.
With battery day about a month away, it’s definitely best to wait and see what they announce before buying a new Model 3, which could soon get a massive battery improvement.
Speaking of a much better Model 3, there are a few massive improvements that Tesla made when taking the Model 3 infrastructure and building it into the Model Y
The first is the Rear Casting which is now 2 pieces as opposed to 70 on the Model 3.
The next improvement Tesla made on the Model Y is this front “tusk” that Sandy Munro talked about when tearing down the Model 3. In a front collision this could drastically improve the structure of the Model Y, and make it even safer than the Model 3..
So this improvement could be exclusive to the Model Y, or it could be something they add to the Model 3 out of the blue, just like those USB-C ports.
So the current Tesla Model 3 lineup is Standard Range + starting at $37,990, and LR AWD starting at $46,990.
The standard range + gets an EPA estimated range of 250 miles, and The Long Range AWD gets an EPA range of 322 miles.
Now if range is your focus, and priority, here’s why I don’t think you should buy a Model 3, even the Long range one.
Elon took to twitter to give us an update about the Rear Wheel Drive Model Y hinting that it would have a range well over 300 miles, and a price point of $45,000. Now we haven’t gotten the official range yet, but based on old estimates, and the difference in range between RWD and AWD on the Model 3, most people expect this Model Y Rear Wheel Drive to get a range of 335 miles. And it should be coming within the next few months, especially since many people already have their pre-orders in for this car, since the announcement back in March of 2019.
The only differences of course being that you’d only have RWD, and you’d have a slower 0-60.
We’ll hear way more after Battery Day on September 22nd, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted so make sure you’re subscribed to this channel for those updates.
Another important improvement on the Model Y over the Model 3 is towing capacity. The Model Y tows 3500 pounds compared to the Model 3 at 2000 pounds. So if towing is important to you, you might want to research what all you’ll be towing, and decide if the extra 1500 pounds you can tow on the Model Y are important to have.

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories ➡️
Roberto Anesi
Roberto Anesi Oy oldin
ᗩIᗪᔕ really??? I live in a very cold area and I am thinking if this is good or not for me to buy a Tesla because of the cold weather. I live on the Dolomites
Hassan Janjua
Hassan Janjua Oy oldin
Hi Ryan what is your recommendation on tires? And black or white interior?
ᗩIᗪᔕ Oy oldin
Dude I own a model 3 I only lose 40 km in in -35 degrees
Marco Rizza
Marco Rizza Kun oldin
Do you think leasing a model 3 for 3 years would be a better option then?
Ezzi Reifer
Ezzi Reifer Kun oldin
You were right. I actually canceled my order and now will get refresh!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Kun oldin
Glad it worked out!
Jukka Brunfeldt
Jukka Brunfeldt 3 kun oldin
I ordered model 3 just few days ago (on 14.10.2020). Friday (15.10.2020) sales rep. called back and say it will include heat pump system and tunck cover automated opener system.
Mark M
Mark M 2 kun oldin
Good news. I ordered a M3 yesterday and the website shows the new model with different wheels and black anodized trim etc. Just was worried if they’d source a 2020 for me since they’re still building for China right now?
Stevo Chg
Stevo Chg 5 kun oldin
Hello ! I am an assembly worker at Model 3 assembly line at Fremont plant. We are assembling this new improved model 3 now or since 2 weeks ago. All the improvements you mentioned this video, including all new internal wire harness arrangement. Yes, we are doing it now !!!!
brockbaby 7 kun oldin
The point of a electric car is it doesn't have all the extra components of a ICE vehicle. But adding the heat pump is moving back towards a overworked construct (like creeping taxes).
Ken B
Ken B 8 kun oldin
Just bought a model 3. Honestly, I have no complaints. This car is a dream come true.
Sensei Shredder
Sensei Shredder 9 kun oldin
Still remember when this youtube channel had 3,000 or 4,000 subscribers, and now its at 43,700 subs
IncognitoTorpedo 9 kun oldin
Cobalt doesn't create terrible labor conditions. Poverty creates them. Most cobalt mines outside of the DRC are modern and have good labor conditions.
ian mendoza
ian mendoza 9 kun oldin
these are the dumbest points ive ever heard. its like saying dont buy a house cause prices drop or not buying a pc cause new technological upgrades keep changing kekw
Ed Lee
Ed Lee 10 kun oldin
This is a guy who probably tries to time the stock market. SMH.
George Keymoney
George Keymoney 16 kun oldin
I'm gonna wait until they come up with solid state battery. As for now I'm happy to burn diesel .😂😂
S. B.
S. B. 21 kun oldin
This aged well - cause nothing announced on battery Day is affecting Model 3 2021, let alone Model 3 2020
Jie Ming Xie
Jie Ming Xie 24 kun oldin
After what we learned on Battery Day, what do you think? Worth it or not to get the Model 3 in 2020?
Simmer Pete
Simmer Pete 27 kun oldin
Enjoy your videos but this one is a fail cause there is no timeline on the improvements to the model 3. So you aren’t really giving us a reason not to buy in 2020. There are lots of features coming for the model 3 but no confirmation on when. The 3 is also getting a power trunk and other features.
Snow Rabbit
Snow Rabbit 27 kun oldin
Quality of the cars is horrific
Andrea Foxcroft
Andrea Foxcroft 27 kun oldin
Just bought a model 3. Luckily I live in Florida ☀️🌴
Christopher Atkinson
Christopher Atkinson 28 kun oldin
Got my model 3 performance 2020 no regrets at all. Could not wait any longer. If Tesla can make there cars cheaper then happy days.
Tomatos Official
Tomatos Official 29 kun oldin
Tbh all the Teslas will out perform any other car. However as a Model Y user, yes user not owner since it's my parents, I really love it. But being jn my friends Model X, that is 10000x better. Model Y/X are best.
Στέφανος Κόκκαλης
Στέφανος Κόκκαλης 29 kun oldin
Always will be something better Man
rachman3339 Oy oldin
Don't buy any Tesla until 2030. New features and upgrades coming un 2030. Mark my words.
Thanks, man. Helpful video. Waiting for next week to make a decision.
Misael Ortega
Misael Ortega Oy oldin
How does one justify buying a Tesla when they drive a 20+- miles a day a few times a week. I love Tesla and I plan on buying a car once im older, but I can't seem to justify a 37.9K car yet. Should I just keep investing on TSLA stock?
H K Oy oldin
Rear wheel drive is NOT better in cold weather. Just a note.
DMG Images
DMG Images Oy oldin
We're in the process of getting a Model 3 now. Met with Tesla sales people yesterday and Model 3's are now being shipped with the heat pump - 9/17/2020
07chidu Oy oldin
LoL it looks like hardware PC components thematics : "You rather wait the next cpu generation coming next year, then wait to new graphic card this summer, nvidia/intel/amd announcement blablabla". Yeah, it's always a solution to wait, this is always for the better, but if you're going into that waiting behaviour, you will never buy anything at all. Not saying this is bad not to buy something you don't need, but you will for sure find another reason again and again to repel your purchase, especially with new technologies which are always improving.
womcsm Oy oldin
Just silly. Don't buy a Model 3 now because tech they've been working on since 2016 (at least) that hasn't been announced yet might get discussed at Battery Day in a few weeks? That's just silly.
Der Pumper
Der Pumper Oy oldin
The need to have a 4WD comes not primarily by reason of power, but because of having more traction on certain ground.
Nope don't like that Heat Pump. A moving part I don't want. Prefer the stationary heater. I'm getting a Model 3 this Year.
untouchable360x Oy oldin
Can't wait until 2021's video, "Don't Buy a Testa Model 3 in 2021."
Garry Croft
Garry Croft Oy oldin
Looks like you nailed it..
bbbf09 Oy oldin
Model Y isnt available in UK fo ryears. Plus its uglier than model 3 (which itself wins no beauty contests)
live itup
live itup Oy oldin
hello. what i ended up doing is putting in a reservation for a model 3 last week, once the delivery times were updated to "8-12 weeks". My hope is that the model 3 i get will have updates that will be discussed about during battery day.
Rostislav Zotin
Rostislav Zotin Oy oldin
Couldn’t wait (already waiting for a year) for my Y in EU, so I ordered a 3 and will switch later. YOLO!
Alex Oy oldin
too late I already bought one
Redge Leclaire
Redge Leclaire Oy oldin
Do you really think that if the battery costs less and it can do 1M milles .. that it will lower the price of the car for now there's no reason to do that because with the hype they sell them like charm. .. also pretty sure the heatpump will be an option. the only way to lower the price of the car is to have a competitor or if our governments cut the tax credit ... but so far Tesla is king. For those who want to save on their model 3 features.. add 150HP to dual motor model 3 for less.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
I actually still disagree. Tesla has only lowered the price of their cars since launching them. All of them just got a $1000-3000 price drop. Model Y dropped just a couple months after launch, and that’s without competition
T A Oy oldin
Most stupid video ever. You talk like those people on Macrumors...”dont buy the current iphone! Wait for the next one” All companies will update their products slowly. Even if they get 1m range batteries. It takes them ages to make it usable and regulated. Plus heatpomp is NOT new. Volkswagen have been using this for over 5 years in their EV’s. And many other companies aswel.
Jenny Long
Jenny Long Oy oldin
look it doesn't matter when you buy it it's going to be the best car for a long time, tesla is light years ahead of the competition
Craig Downie
Craig Downie Oy oldin
Heat pump is legit. Besides that, everything is always updating in the tech industry. Just get the car, they will always announce a new update after you buy it
ragnar sture
ragnar sture Oy oldin
what about tesla model y facelift in gigafactory berlin ?
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Oy oldin
No one knows when Tesla will upgrade batteries and one could speculate, could be 3+ for a vast improvements. Life is short if you want a model 3, get a model 3.
Hays09 Oy oldin
black exterior trim coming, heat pump coming, possibly LR SR will be the new standard instead of the SR + for the Model 3 and another price cut.
xVOLTx Oy oldin
I'll buy a Tesla when they can be had around $28k~
Figueroa Jose
Figueroa Jose Oy oldin
wow I could listen to this guy for days. overall great video really interesting points you made. Although you're right most people couldn't care less as these are mostly cosmetic improvements for average Joes. Currently in Chicago so yes the cold weather is a factor, and as a big Tesla fan and tech geek these improvements are very exciting. NEED the latest and greatest!
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Oy oldin
Xpeng is here, cheaper and better, and Nissan has carbon resin body = 50¨the weight, so 2021 will be crazy, I agree on 2020 to wait a bit, even Skoda has a nice EV coming out
Robert Van Zant
Robert Van Zant Oy oldin
Tinted rear windows for the model 3 performance please
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
Wrong. Buy a Tesla. Buy several of them if you have the need.
The Adventure Auto
The Adventure Auto Oy oldin
I'm definitely going to buy a Model Y in the spring. I've wanted a Model 3 but practicality of a sedan just isn't there for me so I haven't pulled the trigger. Plus all of the extra features you mentioned the Model Y has over the 3. Its now a no brainier for me. Thanks for the video.
Bi Films
Bi Films Oy oldin
Just booked my model 3 long range. Not planning to change my mind at all
Bi Films
Bi Films Oy oldin
Ryan Shaw dont get me wrong though, the video is informative and as a viewer i appreciate that a lot. Therefore im subscribing
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Haha I honestly don’t blame you. As I mentioned, I went for the Y anyway and I love it
Michael Sevy
Michael Sevy Oy oldin
Does anyone know if the heat pump adds any value if your climate is always very warm(Florida). I've seen a couple places say it makes everything more efficient but nothing concrete.
Lance J. Danks
Lance J. Danks Oy oldin
This is pure nonsense. Tesla's are forever updating and changing from batteries to design along with software updates. There are so many variables in purchasing a particular model year that not buying because a heat pump design might change is Ludacrus (no pun intended). When you buy a Tesla expect change, not just yearly but from week to week. So you could wait indefinitely and end up with nothing. I assure you in 2021 improvements will be made for the 2022 model. Just saying...
Andre Young
Andre Young Oy oldin
Why would the world's biggest car manufacture(Tesla) based on market cap, want to sell car's cheaper that have long wait lists? That's bad for business, they will increase prices like Apple as long as people will keep paying more to show annual revenue gain.
Ark Corps
Ark Corps Oy oldin
Any chance of a compact model 2 being announced on battery day?? Not saying production ready but at least some info if any
Latrelle Brown
Latrelle Brown Oy oldin
It's so funny reading comments, and knowing friends who own tesla's and how bad the quality is. Also just do a quick search on carvana or autotrader and see how many extremely low mileage teslas that are for sale. I expect better for the price of the car. If I could get a tesla 3 performance for 45-52k after taxes with its bad quality, then that's a good deal. People should expect better of tesla and not allow them to do this. The price doesn't justify the buy, the tech is second to no one, it's up there with any car maker but the quality is no joke, it needs to improve. UZpost or google search it before you buy, I didn't take delivery on my performance 3 and I will not buy one this year, maybe not even next.
Latrelle Brown
Latrelle Brown Oy oldin
High cost of insurance, extremely slow service, they currently prefer that you visit them. It's a lot of things that should improve, but it's funny listening to tesla owners, who are definitely not car enthusiast, they are tech enthusiast, it's basically the iphone of cars, it's not the best, not even close to the best, the tech is great but it's quality isn't there, yet.
J Hanford
J Hanford Oy oldin
You say the million mile battery will last around 16 years of ownership. Who tf drives 62k miles a year!?
Charles Kelley
Charles Kelley Oy oldin
im totally not going to buy this car since it HAs UsB tYpe b insTeAd of UsB tyPe C
Tong YG
Tong YG Oy oldin
Great thing about Tesla cars is that they don’t have traditional model years. Cars getting better when tech is ready. Pace of innovation is ludicrous ⚡️
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel Oy oldin
Just Buy what you want. Technology is going to improve every months and if you wait you can wait forever.
Eric Trinh
Eric Trinh Oy oldin
Me: *Checks bank account*......wasn’t planning on it
Gilbert Delpasen
Gilbert Delpasen Oy oldin
hopefully model 3 prices will reduce to 25-30k. shouldn’t really be lower than that
windergc Oy oldin
Hmmm, who else never gets tired of the initial excitement?
Brooke Leder
Brooke Leder Oy oldin
As an aside, to protect the people here on these boards, if you get youtube ad for financial trading program from Markay or robbooker, its a scam, and they say they have a money back guarantee, but its just an empty phone number that keeps you on hold forever and there is no email support either. Sorry just looking out for everyone here.......
Ryan Schneider VLOGS
Ryan Schneider VLOGS Oy oldin
This video should be called, "Why you should buy a MODEL Y instead of the MODEL 3!" lol. The reasons for NOT buying the 3 are pretty ambiguous and not worth the $10k upgrade to the Y
Rebel Oy oldin
Don't listen to anybody on the internet what you should do just think for yourself what you want to buy !
Jeremiah Caver
Jeremiah Caver Oy oldin
I’m glad I clicked this
End.Corruption Oy oldin
I heard that heat pumps can be pretty ineffective when the temperature is at freezing or lower. Can anyone confirm?
End.Corruption Oy oldin
@GtfoTyvm Dude use google to do a bit of research. Heat pumps compresses freon gas (or something similar) to cool the air. Or reverses this process to create hot air.
GtfoTyvm Oy oldin
Use logic and thermodynamics... don't use water use a different fluid that won't freeze and might have to make sure the fluid won't corrode the hoses, fittings, pump itself.
smart one
smart one Oy oldin
I get what you’re saying but it’s really like saying “don’t buy the iPhone 12 this year because the iPhone 13 will come out next year”. Technology waits for no one, there’s always something better around the corner.
Jhunjhun Castro
Jhunjhun Castro Oy oldin
Who cares we stil love Tesla models 3...don't buy others EV ..can't compete with Tesla only in propaganda or in fake news they are ahead on Tesla.
Brent Weaver
Brent Weaver Oy oldin
Question: is the rear wheel drive any better for towing than the all wheel drive?
azspotfree Oy oldin
I'm waiting until after battery day at least. After that, I'm going to finally step up and buy a Model 3
cmo1298 Oy oldin
Same here 😂
William Chan
William Chan Oy oldin
I'm waiting until battery day to pull the lever
outbackeddie Oy oldin
I've got a 10-year-old Toyota Corolla that I paid $3,500 for. It gets 38 mpg and costs me almost nothing to run. I have an unlimited range with a 5 minute stop for gas every 450 miles or so. Why for the love of GOD would I spend $45,000 plus on a model 3? I just don't get this infatuation with Teslas.
indoctus41 Oy oldin
I understand that you can wait for the next better thing, but if you keep doing that you will never buy and have the enjoyment of the car you want. So no, I was not going to hang around and wait for a heat pump or a better battery or anything else the public thinks is better. If the timing is right, buy the f*****g car you want and forget about waiting. The only exception is holding off on any new model but that's about every car out there, EV & ICE.
Haligonian Oy oldin
Thought the title was clickbait. Was pleasantly surprised to see real info I never knew about. Cheers!
Clyde Triplett
Clyde Triplett Oy oldin
I’m buying a Tesla as soon as I can. I have questions like, does a rep come to your house to check buyer out.
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds Oy oldin
I got a 2020 Model 3 in December 2019. Love it and have no regrets. Battery day is cool and all, but there is no reasonable way they are going to be putting in the new batteries into the Model 3/Y within the next 3 years. It will be going into Cybertruck/Semi first, then the S3XY Models. As Elon said, range is already where it needs to be and most owners never use the full range of their cars on a regular basis. I never use more than 16% charge for a 50 mile round trip commute.
Ronald Fish
Ronald Fish Oy oldin
I don’t need a heat pump I live in Florida so I can buy a model three anytime
Daniel Quan
Daniel Quan Oy oldin
I recently purchased a Model Y. I’m going to be Driving while the Lakers play Portland tonight. I want to listen to the game, But I can’t find any AM radio stations on the Tesla. What am I doing wrong?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
There’s no AM radio 😬
paul mcmillan
paul mcmillan Oy oldin
In the UK we are at the end of a very long supply chain all the way from across the pond. By the time the vehicles get over here they cost as much to buy in pounds sterling as they do in dollars, so, as a value proposition I’m waiting to buy the right car and not what I can buy now. A Model Y would appear to me to provide the best long term value for a family buyer. The Model Y LR RWD with the heat pump, heat pump shroud, mega casting, hatchback, octovalve, safety improvements, full panoramic roof, 1 Million mile battery and all the improvements mentioned by Sandy Monroe would be my vehicle of choice. I suspect we in Europe will need to wait for the birth of Berlin Giga factory realise our electric dreams. I wonder how far away our Cybertruck are? Lol
Lukas Oy oldin
Doesn’t apply to Germany with 9000€ premium by the government and 3% less sales tax, it would be stupid not to buy it now to take these bargains
abdul ahad saggu
abdul ahad saggu Oy oldin
This guy is 100 percent wrong everyone should buy a model 3 just tell me 3 real problems that actually effect you
Hyperdrive E
Hyperdrive E Oy oldin
Ok, thought you were doing some click bate? You’re right abound the heat pump. Still, does that matter if you live in a warm part of the country? Will it really effect resale? I don’t agree about chasing battery tech. There will be something around the corner for years to come.
C Angel
C Angel Oy oldin
No matter when you buy a #Tesla #model3 it's going to be #AMAZING. Battery tech isn't going to make a difference as these battery packs are built to last well over 400,000-600,000 miles
John R. Oliver
John R. Oliver Oy oldin
Excellent intelligent video, thanks
walruss Oy oldin
A headpump is nothing revolutionary
Brandon Lee Music
Brandon Lee Music Oy oldin
You definitely haven’t driven in months of snow and blizzards! 2 wheel vs all wheel drive is about handling and traction, not power. AWD is a huge difference, especially while trying to climb snow covered hills. We’ll give you a pass though haha. Love your videos, keep it up!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Oy oldin
Haha well thank you, I appreciate it!
To be honest, its better to buy a used model which usually keeps the price in the same range after a year or longer. My tesla LR that I got for 50k, now gets a trade in value of 30k after 10 months of ownership...
jdchmiel Oy oldin
A million miles is a LOT longer than 16 years for most people.
MrACDude Oy oldin
Why is the heat pump in the Model Y always something that people think is so revolutionary? I have a 2013 Nissan Leaf that has a heat pump for heating and the Kia Soul EV has a heat pump for heat.
David Christopher
David Christopher Oy oldin
Tesla has already changed the frunk in the Model 3 to accommodate the heat pump. As far as buying a Y over the 3, I was disappointed in the Y once I started seeing it in person. I like the 3 much better. To each their own.
Will Perich
Will Perich Oy oldin
You probably have a tesla, but you're really coming off as someone who doesn't have a tesla but loves talking about them as an elitist
J Mack
J Mack Oy oldin
Ryan- does Tesla have updates for the cars on their website?
Wilson Ramirez
Wilson Ramirez Oy oldin
yeah too late...
Sam Wagner
Sam Wagner Oy oldin
Sorry, too late, bought one and love it.
Darren Prior
Darren Prior Oy oldin
If all you do is wait for a car company to perfect a car you'll never buy one
A23 B
A23 B Oy oldin
Waiting for next big thing with Tesla you would never own one then lol. Always evolving.
Rhys Oy oldin
Way too expensive :(
Nishant Mehrotra
Nishant Mehrotra Oy oldin
AWD . You haven’t lived in Calgary Canada
danielpabbott Oy oldin
just buy a used model 3 with FSD
Top Trader
Top Trader Oy oldin
OMG 😳 I cant find one for sale !!! I have been looking to buy a MODEL 3 for over 1month ..
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