Don’t Expect Your Cybertruck in 2021 - Tesla Battery Day

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Ryan Shaw

29 kun oldin

Following up after Tesla Battery Day, and what the event told us about Tesla's future cars, that most aren't paying attention to.
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Topics covered:
Tesla Battery Day
Tesla Battery Day summary
Battery Day Summary
Model S Plaid
$25,000 Tesla
$20,000 Tesla
Cheap Tesla
Tesla Battery Production
Tesla Model S Plaid
Tesla Roadster
Tesla Semi
Tesla Roadrunner
Tesla Palladium
Project Roadrunner
Tesla Road Runner
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model 3
Tesla News
Tesla Battery News
Tesla Battery Day Leak

Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 29 kun oldin
Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories ➡️
Jason 9 kun oldin
One thing your missing is that the manufacturing of the truck takes way less work then the production of other Tesla’s so meeting the supply needs of the public could be possible
TheCoolbreeze45 19 kun oldin
I got noticed that mine will come in late q2 2021. Which is much earlier than I was expecting. I think they understated their progress with the 4680 cell
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 29 kun oldin
I really need better floor mats
Dragan Bakema
Dragan Bakema Kun oldin
I think nov 2023. But probably nov 2024. I really dont care if I am 40 or 44 years old when I get into one. I reserved mine, that's important.
Dragan Bakema
Dragan Bakema Kun oldin
I saved about 1/5, (without selling my current vw Touran) so its perfect. I have time.
Liraine Mendoza
Liraine Mendoza 3 kun oldin
greta van fleet
John DeLaurier
John DeLaurier 4 kun oldin
Thanks for the video. Great content. I am looking forward to the cybertrucks we ordered!
intimidatortj 4 kun oldin
My guess: 2021 maybe they deliver 30,000 CTs. 2022 they might deliver another 200,000 CTs 2023 350,000 CTs.
gadgetmerc 7 kun oldin
I only care about the first 32,000 of them
Jim French
Jim French 7 kun oldin
On why tri-motor first, Elon said after initial reservations that there were more tri and dual motor than the $39k model.
Damon Behnke
Damon Behnke 7 kun oldin
I would love the semi with a box on it for work
Turbo Stew
Turbo Stew 7 kun oldin
nice shirt
Media Boost
Media Boost 8 kun oldin
Your argument around the 5 min mark is, “ehh...” And the reason why is because Tesla has learned from their past, their mistakes, and they have planned accordingly for the future.
Brandon Blair
Brandon Blair 8 kun oldin
I dont see NMC or LFP as viable battery chemistries large scale, given the limited resources and extremely expensive mining and manufacturing processes. Plus, just like the solar industry, companies are pumping these products out without accounting for degradation and recycling processes or servicing. Imagine buying a 50k truck with a 6 year lifespan battery that needs to be completely replaced, which cannot be easily recycled. Energy density of batteries and the required energy demand for a vehicle is simply an insane mismatch. battery tech would go much farther in the public transport sector, reducing losses in friction in rail cars etc
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 9 kun oldin
With this demand for a truck I wouldn’t be surprised if other manufactures such as NIO which are very popular in China also product a sort of utility version of the Tesla truck. After all China has access to all materials and cheap labor more than In the US.
Matthew Aislabie
Matthew Aislabie 9 kun oldin
As long as it comes before the apocalypse 2024.
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch 9 kun oldin
Thank you for your information
Chang Noi
Chang Noi 9 kun oldin
Forget Tesla. How do I get a job with Dunder Mifflin?
Art Deco city Architecture
Art Deco city Architecture 11 kun oldin
6:20 looks like Megatron's autistic cousins..
Localtrapsquad TV
Localtrapsquad TV 12 kun oldin
Fossil fuel industry is going to kill the rainforests before all is said and done.
taker610 12 kun oldin
First customers will take delivery of the Cyber Truck in Q2 of 2022. Remember they have to build prototypes and test them. This is a brand new manufacturing process for Tesla. Look how much testing Rivian is doing now and they're 6-8 months from customer deliveries.
OnePunchTrombone 12 kun oldin
Why do I feel like you’re not looking directly at me? Are you reading moving text? 👁👄👁
Federal D.E.A
Federal D.E.A 13 kun oldin
How am i gonna safe 70.000$ when i have bills to pay and when i have to eat and yes even sometimes drink.
Ozo101 13 kun oldin
just like the semi , they need time to invent the tech to achieve the specs they promised, but dont worry they will get there
Carl 13 kun oldin
I can wait, I just pre-ordered mine (in China) for the single motor. Something breaks on my Ford every month now, an upgrade won't be due until the end of 2022-23
The Coldest Water bottle
The Coldest Water bottle 13 kun oldin
traitors requiem
Ryan Lamkin
Ryan Lamkin 13 kun oldin
probably 2024
Shawn M. Kouri
Shawn M. Kouri 14 kun oldin
Listen, if Tesla can produce 10,000 cyber trucks per week at the new Texas factory, that would be 40,000 trucks per month. When you multiply that 40,000 by 12, that would be 480,000 trucks per year. And then in the following year, tesla can produce almost 1/ third of that which would be almost 120,000 trucks. That would leave 600,000 vehicles. So let’s just assume if tesla begins production next year on this truck, tesla would have all of the vehicles given to reservation holders by 2023
Shawn M. Kouri
Shawn M. Kouri 14 kun oldin
480,000 trucks per year correction
Shawn M. Kouri
Shawn M. Kouri 14 kun oldin
Because keep in mind this is a Terra factory. So if Tesla can produce 10,000 trucks per week 40,000 per month for hundred 80,000 a year and then the remaining 120,000 for the first few months of The following year, tesla will all have 600,000 pre-order vehicles given to customers. And let’s suppose with how long it takes to produce the new batteries, and let’s assume that if tesla produces 5000 trucks per week which would be 20,000 trucks per month, that would be 240,000 trucks per year. Tesla would have all of the vehicles given two reservation holders by late 2023 or early 2024. And one thing to keep in mind is that a little bit after tesla starts production or at least right at the moment tesla begins production, the online configurator and design studio opens up, there’s gonna be more people who would want the truck. So the biggest challenge is producing for those who pre-ordered the truck, and produce for those who have custom designed their truck. And have it delivered to all those people. So that is a challenge. When I think about the Cybertruck, I think about my dad. Because he drives a pick up truck.
Matthew Julian
Matthew Julian 14 kun oldin
Elon has already said they have more orders than they can fulfill in the next 4 YEARS. So my guess Is all preorders filled in less than 3 years once SN1 rolls off the line.
NaNo Tube
NaNo Tube 14 kun oldin
“Elon” : Hold my beer 🍺
eto chu
eto chu 14 kun oldin
2-3 year fill all pre-ordered ct
The Adventure 1nsider
The Adventure 1nsider 14 kun oldin
4:50 you do have to consider that this design is meant for much easier/faster manufacturing
Nev Shorter
Nev Shorter 16 kun oldin
As here..more time to save money...
tech 52
tech 52 18 kun oldin
Got my 86k from buying stock in June 2019. I’m ready fir my CT3FSD r112784xxx.
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Cameron 19 kun oldin
How does Tesla stop corrosion on the aluminum extrusions from Caroline or salt?
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Cameron 19 kun oldin
How does Tesla protect the new aluminum extrusions from chlorine or salt.
Danger Ranger
Danger Ranger 20 kun oldin
Planning for late 2022 for my dual motor
abdul Q
abdul Q 20 kun oldin
Cyber struck will be introduced around March 2022 and production level of 600k would take about 18 months.
Mike F
Mike F 21 kun oldin
They are already producing the batteries, just not at the rate they want to. They will also be able to get into the new building way before it will be done. I'm thinking next fall the first CT will roll off the line.
Naughty Goat Farm
Naughty Goat Farm 23 kun oldin
My guess is 600,000 cybertrucks will take 1 year to produce once they are rolling out of the factory. 150,000 per quarter.
SGANET 23 kun oldin
Bruh, your shirts.. when they are that small on the UZpost app, they look like something else. Just a heads up 😂
Bwade Tv
Bwade Tv 16 kun oldin
Boy that’s a booty hole 😂😂😂😂
Richmond Curry
Richmond Curry 23 kun oldin
My dual motor is #464,580. Some people ordered all 3 models because they didn't know which one they would be in the market for. Thats a lot of cancels. Some will change their mind and cancel all together. I'd say there are about 500,000 real orders. 40% tri motor, 45% dual, and 15% single motor. Thats why the single motor model will be built last. About 69% of the orders are for California. I believe the Cybertrucks will begin delivering in the spring of 2022.
DQ10 23 kun oldin
I’m waiting for Tesla’s personal VTOL..
Jordon S
Jordon S 25 kun oldin
Why not expect the cyber truck in 2021. (It will out in late 2021). They said it’s they can mass produce it. They will have enough of their new batteries being made for both semi and cybertruck for low Even if it’s only a few hundred. 600,000cybertrucks over 2-3gears. Elon said to a question, that they will probably have a production rate of 250,000 per year.
*Matthew Noneya*
*Matthew Noneya* 25 kun oldin
Yeah I didn't think I was going to get my cyber truck next year Because one, I didn't pre-order And two, I can't afford it
ResistanceofNWO 24 kun oldin
And three you sound very dumb
Geoffrey Hodies
Geoffrey Hodies 25 kun oldin
I’m number 225,000 for a tri-motor #Cybertruck. I’m expecting it first or second quarter of 2022. The ramp up will happen quicker than everyone thinks. Tesla is building the machine that builds machine much faster and better than ever before. It’s hard to wrap your mind around exponential growing.
SlowFlyers 25 kun oldin
i'm half way saving for the CT, in 2yrs i can pay it off in full.
DD2DL 25 kun oldin
I disagree I predict 1st Cyberteuck deliveries start Oct '21
Skiiwa 26 kun oldin
Just put in my preorder yesterday. I don't expect to take delivery until sometime in 2023(Late)(I ordered the Trimotor). I too saw the many points in his presentation where the timeline just did not work. (Without a miracle)
K. M.
K. M. 26 kun oldin
"Cybertruck looks nothing like a Tesla." I would argue that it looks the MOST like a Tesla.
kn944 26 kun oldin
Cybertruck pre-orders are about 740K and increasing by about 20K per month. The majority of the pre-orders are dual/tri motor. I think cancellations will be a lot lower than some think. Like you, myself and others I know are very eager. Definitely the worst news from battery day; my sudden realization the wait for my Cybertruck will be longer than I thought.
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright 26 kun oldin
I wouldn't be surprised to see a few cybertrucks in 2021. I think they are more likely to be constrained by the production of their new battery's than anything else. If they are using their own battery tech, then, they can't really source them from another supplier, they have to make those themselves. This is a problem at scale, because they have to build the entire supply chain, which includes a mine that is currently a patch of ground.
Patrick 26 kun oldin
Plaid Model S is 520 mile range, isn’t it in production? Maybe not.
Patrick 26 kun oldin
Lion battery capacity increases 7% a year. Musk says they will increase it 54% in 3 years and that’s a “disappointment”
Cameron 26 kun oldin
Single and dual motor Cybertrucks will be using the 4680 in long-range packs already in production. He is confident that the dry cathode technique will be perfected within several months. Only the tri-motor will use the High-nickel, Semi type cells. That is how he will be shipping Cybertruck in 2021 and why he moved tri-motor to 2022. Probably won't see single motor till Q2 2022, but dual motor will probably be Q4 2021. Tri-motor should be Q4 2022.
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus 27 kun oldin
2022 second quarter all preordered cybertrucks are delivered.
Tan 27 kun oldin
Elon is playing the game
Sir Scorpion
Sir Scorpion 27 kun oldin
2years from now
Niklaus Zbinden
Niklaus Zbinden 27 kun oldin
About 'not enough nikel', that is a issue for 4-5 years from now and with enough money you can just buy nickel. The relative value of nickel for Tesla is higher then some construction in China. At worse its less competitive compared to gas, but that battle is won anyway. I think if they have 10Gwh by end of next year, they have plenty to start scaling Cybertruck/Semi.
Dutchman Seb Motoring Media
Dutchman Seb Motoring Media 27 kun oldin
Due to the simplicity of production for the design of the Cybertruck, it won't be anywhere as difficult to ramp as Model 3 or Y, in fact it will probably ramp faster than Model Y. I rate they'll produce the 600,000 Cybertrucks all by end 2022. Elon mentioned in Twitter that they are currently testing the new batteries being produced by their pilot line. Ie. In the new Plaid Model S
remy7000 27 kun oldin
You need to do your research m8. Don’t spread lies for financial gains.
Tengu 25 kun oldin
I don't really get what you mean, I mean the video is obviously speculation and it seems to me like he's making educated guesses.
Arcus Puffious
Arcus Puffious 27 kun oldin
This guy is hot!'s the red hair and eyes!
It's Binh Repaired
It's Binh Repaired 27 kun oldin
RWD had barely any interest...that's why they decided to produce it later, possibly never.
It's Binh Repaired
It's Binh Repaired 27 kun oldin
Cybertruck is much easier to build than the Model Y. The hard part is the batteries. They'll be early with the trucks for sure. I'm thinking closer to mid 2021.
Erik R.
Erik R. 27 kun oldin
They really messed up giving away roadsters as referrals
Tesla WRLD
Tesla WRLD 17 kun oldin
For real bro now giga Texas will need to be 100% complete and running at full capacity for them to make enough bread to fulfill those roadsters lmao
Det Yelram
Det Yelram 27 kun oldin
good, I might be able to save up for a down payment by then. lol
Cooper Crane
Cooper Crane 27 kun oldin
I feel so sorry for the people who preordered the cyber truck 😂😂
Cooper Crane
Cooper Crane 24 kun oldin
ResistanceofNWO I’m 12 years old I can’t buy a cyber truck idiot!
ResistanceofNWO 24 kun oldin
And I feel sorry for someone broke like you, preorder is pretty much free, nothing to lose.
R Leon
R Leon 27 kun oldin
Cyber Truck is just plain ugly. Its a relative of the AMC gremlin and the Pontiac Aztec & Pontiac Vibe. UGLY UGLY UGLY!
Business Automated
Business Automated 27 kun oldin
It was a weird event. Many people didn't get the importance of batteries in the evolution of Tesla cars. Well, time will show who was right.
RayCPhoto 27 kun oldin
600K CTs will take 1.5 - 2 yrs
[?] 27 kun oldin
Stfu @ryan Shaw. Let’s make a bet it does.?
John de Haan
John de Haan 27 kun oldin
Nickel contract confirmed with an australian mining company. five year supply contract from memory.
Efron Perez
Efron Perez 27 kun oldin
I’m saving up for mine. So if it comes out mid 2022 I’ll be able to purchase it 👌🏼
Online Customer
Online Customer 27 kun oldin
I can wait til 2022...
David Yang
David Yang 27 kun oldin
I agree. Mass production of Cybers will be later than 2022 due to new battery tech and availability of massive amount of nickles. It is also true for difficulties that has been facing regarding production of the new batteries themselves such as wet methods and taps.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 27 kun oldin
Lang Kanai
Lang Kanai 28 kun oldin
Eh, I think CT will be rolling out next year. It's a very fast vehicle to build compared to any of the other models. As long as the batteries are there, it'll be 2021
Unicornul Sarvy
Unicornul Sarvy 28 kun oldin
Tim Biagen
Tim Biagen 28 kun oldin
I own a model Y. and will definitely buy the truck maybe 9-12 months after it is released. I'm not on the preorder list, so there are potential buyers for that truck that are not on the 600K list.
bjørn vabo
bjørn vabo 28 kun oldin
Why not? The new cells are already rolling of their first new line.. and they will ramp this new cells much faster.. but they cant tell us.. yet👍🇳🇴
Khaffit 28 kun oldin
half Life 3 came out before the Cybertruck so ...
mky hou
mky hou 28 kun oldin
I wonder if Toyota is going to leapfrog Tesla with solid state batteries.
Kapil Patel
Kapil Patel 28 kun oldin
If is 300-350k for Model 3 in CA then, just think about cyber truck current order 650k in by 2021? Impossible since TX will make cyber truck + SEMI. Impossible.
Sathure 28 kun oldin
Fine with it taking longer. Longer to put away money. Won't need any debt if it's not till 22.
Joe Egan
Joe Egan 28 kun oldin
Tesla sealed the deal with the Australian mining company for LI. This shouldn't be a major issue anymore.
rho y.
rho y. 28 kun oldin
Wallstreet idiots likes those big numbers, like >500 miles range increase, million mile battery, or billion dollar evaluations. Short term sheep investors. They don't understand 50% range increase and hate anything that decreases the price of a product.
Mark B
Mark B 28 kun oldin
Might be a dumb question but have to ask. If one of these amazing batteries comes out next year, is it free for current Tesla owners to update their car or not? Love the videos keep it up! Hopefully, will be watching one of your videos soon with my own Model Y!
Prashant Cc
Prashant Cc 28 kun oldin
Only thing I know abt Tesla is that they are more nimble and agile than ever before.
Elexman KC
Elexman KC 28 kun oldin
It’s been almost a year since showing CyberTruck and Tesla isn’t sitting still. I’d expect Tera-Austin to have a phased opening, getting CyberTruck into manufacturing as soon as possible. Tesla is undoubtedly finalizing the manufacturing machines and processes as we speak. I am optimistic that CyberTruck will release on time, and that the ramping we will see will be the most aggressive ramping to date. I also expect CyberTruck to release with 4680 batteries. CyberTruck is Tesla’s next revolutionary vehicle and will show off as much new tech and new batteries as possible. Great video, Ryan!
P100D 28 kun oldin
Are you certified to talk for Elon ? If not, why should we believe yoi
Nick Allen
Nick Allen 28 kun oldin
Early on Tesla said was postponing single motor because it was the least ordered model about 15% if i remember correctly. But yes probably also because other models make more profit, same pattern as other models. Thanks.
falkenlaser 28 kun oldin
Elon said the Roadster “is dessert.”
Brucec 95
Brucec 95 28 kun oldin
Based on history and previous Elon comments, I think any chemical related battery improvements will take a long time to fully perfect and test in high volume. On the other hand, I think the mechanical related changes like Tab-les batteries (which allows a big cell to be practical) and cell to structure changes should be relatively straight forward and just those will put Tesla a generation ahead of current vehicles.
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 28 kun oldin
Considering Tesla has no advertising budget giving away a few cars is nott a bad idea, what are your thoughts?
Tanay Mishra
Tanay Mishra 28 kun oldin
We are here to see what your prediction is on when the cybertruck is going to go into full volume production. Such a cop out by asking us to predict "in the comments". Dislike !!!
Dejula L
Dejula L 28 kun oldin
1 point in Tesla's favor unmentioned is that many production steps involved with Cybertruck are skipped which will make production easier. Things like paint factory and press machines which are very lengthy steps. Instead they simply score and bend the metal then leave it untreated.
NoNamesLeftFuk 28 kun oldin
At the end it feels like your argument is that Tesla won't be able to make 600k cybertrucks in late 2021. I hope not, but duh? A production of 50k-75k a year is viable in 2022.
pebre79 28 kun oldin
I think they learned their lesson and it will be built in late 2021.
Glen W
Glen W 28 kun oldin
Maaaaannn...I really wanted to dump all over your video for that title. But you make such a good case. 😞 I think it's possible SOME people will get their cyber trucks by the end of 2021, but not a very large percentage of the total pre-orders. There is some risk that not one cyber truck will be delivered by the end of 2021. But, as a Tesla stockholder and inhabitant of planet Earth I retain my right to irrationally high hopes! ☺️🤞
Ryan Suftko
Ryan Suftko 28 kun oldin
"Due to a massive amount of orders for the single motor" more than 80% of the preorders are tri or duel motor..
JustLivnForMañana 28 kun oldin
Gonna have to disagree we'll see shipments happen in 2021
Carmine DAuria-Gupta
Carmine DAuria-Gupta 28 kun oldin
Tesla will have large margins because they can sell FSD software
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