Apple Card Review After 3 Months of Use - Worth It?

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Ryan Shaw

9 oy oldin

My full review of the Apple Card after using it as my exclusive credit card for 3 months! So far, my experience has been great, and this card truly helps you to avoid interest charges.
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Back in March, Apple announced the Apple Card. I got it, and I actually love it. It has classic Apple packaging and comes with the fancy titanium card that won't bend. Here is my full Apple Card Review after three months of use. Is the Apple Card Worth it? Let's see!
It's a free card, with no annual fees, and some simple, but useful benefits.
The card design is simple with no numbers. Just my name, and the chip on one side, Goldman Sachs and MasterCard logos on the other side, with a magnetic strip that hardly looks like one.
Apple is clear that there are no hidden fees with the Apple Card.
With the Apple card, using the physical card, or card number, you get 1% back. So if you go to a gas station, you get 1% back as daily cash. Apple uses daily cash, so you get your 1% back immediately the next day, in cash.
When you use Apple Pay, you get 2% back. Apple pay is easy, and very secure. When I preordered my Tesla Model Y, I put down $2500 which is the reservation fee and used Apple Pay on the Apple Card. This gave me $50 back the next day. Pretty nice.
Then, with Apple products bought on the Apple card, you get 3% back. They also do this 3% back for Uber, Uber Eats, T-Mobile, Nike, Duane Reade, and Walgreens. I can't imagine most people buy enough apple products to buy this card for this reason, but it's nice. Also, at Christmas, apple was running a deal with 6% cashback on apple purchases on the Apple card. In this case, if you're already buying a laptop, you may as well get your 6% back with the apple card.
Apple Music, iCloud, Products, etc. are all included in the 3% back.
Those are the benefits of this card, but the app itself is what I like.
The Apple Card interest rates of Apple Card APR is 12.49%-23.49%. Not great, but comparable to most credit cards out there. If you're looking for the best rates possible, this isn't the card for you.
The lender is Goldman Sachs, and the Card Provider is Mastercard.
Since there is no signature on the Apple Card, you actually don't have to sign for it.
Now I demonstrate a walkthrough of the Wallet app itself and demonstrate what Apple Cash adding up from daily cash looks like.
It lays out your transactions really clearly, and it's very accurate. It will say the store's actual name.
The balance is very clear, with statements easily accessible.
The Apple Card in the wallet shows weekly activity and organizes each into categories: Entertainment, Food & Drinks, Transportation, etc, and it colors the card depending on what you spend on.
When you click the pay button, it is VERY clear how much you have to pay in order to avoid interest charges. It will show you when interest will be gained, and even estimate the interest charges on the date that they will occur. The slider is very easy to use, and the best I've seen from any credit card.
You get notifications from the apple card that you need to pay, and the exact amount you have to in order to avoid interest.
To pay, it's super easy, and links to your bank processes with Apple Pay and charges your bank.
To get the card number for a website, you click "card information", it uses Face ID and will show you the card details that you can copy into a website.
It's incredibly useful and clear.
That's the Apple Card. You don't have to get the physical card. You can actually just use the Apple Card inside the wallet app, but you might as well buy the physical card.
Keep in mind, that if you feel trapped in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Card is another way to make sure you stay there.
I think the Apple Card is the best card that helps you avoid interest charges.
What do you think of the Apple Card? Is it stupid? Flashy? Useful? Let me know in the comments!
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Twitch Clipz
Twitch Clipz 3 oy oldin
Does your credit have to be good to get
ALBRIX 4 oy oldin
Only availeble in US?
LordGuns 5 oy oldin
i got an offer for 4k at 15% interest i declined and applied again let’s see what happens. i really like the approach they have they show you what you will get before doing a hard pull.
Carlos DA
Carlos DA 6 oy oldin
i got the card and I have to say it is useless as far as rewards goes. when compared to other cards that is. it's only actually valuable when purchasing apple products straight from apple. apart from that, youre better off getting a chase freedom or sapphire card where youll get much better rewards and money back.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station 8 oy oldin
I don't love the Apple Card. Ive had it for several months and Im a heavy user - I pay it off every two weeks (not a brag - I use it for business expenses). EFT bank transfers to pay the card off take sometimes 5 business days. This is ridiculous because I can pay off my other Credit Card fully in REAL TIME via instant EFT bank transfer. What this tells us is that Goldman Sachs is making money on the float. The money is no longer in my savings account nor applied to my AppleCard. It's "In Limbo", ie. making interest for GoldmanSachs. When this is multiplied x a million cardholders, it's pure gravy for GoldmanSachs. It's cute and metal, etc... but who cares, my other card actually looks cooler because it's trans-black, and merchants don't care anyway - they've seen them all. There are other clear and metal cards on the market.. And here is my biggy: the transaction list in your electronic wallet needs work. It doesn't tally ledger or sum up your charges - it's just a simple list of use. SO if you used your Apple Card for 75 transactions in a month, and also made a payment, you cannot "check their work" unless you get a calculator out and add up the transactions, credits, refund, etc...and compare it to payments. My other cards show the charge, and the running tally of your available credit next to each charge. The AppleCard isn't ready for prime time. My other credit cards don't have annual fees either. And they also get 1-2% cash back. In addition my other cards are daily cash as well. This isn't revolutionary. The only thing I will use it for going forward is buying products at the Apple Store for 3% or 6% (holidays). (Tesla owner btw)
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 8 oy oldin
Station 2Station that’s really smart, and something I never considered
Station 2Station
Station 2Station 8 oy oldin
@Ryan Shaw BTW, Don't buy the Full Autonomy for your Tesla, until after you take delivery of your Tesla. Because you can put the $7000 charge on your credit card after delivery. This accomplishes 2 things: you can use your ApplePay and get 2% back, AND it reduces the MSRP of your car by $7000 so your plates are cheaper. (depending on what state you live in.). You're gonna want full autonomy in about 3 months. I rode in a test car with Full Autonomy and it's insane. Worth every penny. And I use self-park all the time which has been removed from the standard pkg and lumped into "full autonomy", but im grandfathered in with my Tesla so I still have it without full autonomy. Best implementation of Self-park ive used on any car.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station 8 oy oldin
​@Ryan Shaw Agree - Here is what my other CC does - If someone has 55 charges possibly totaling $641.93 in a month, how do they trust it's $641.93 without getting out a calculator and adding up 55 different small charges. My other card sys this: "-$37 charge, new balance $4738" then " -$5.43 charge, new balance $4732.57" etc, etc. Kinda like a rolling counter which shows balance reductions per charge, preventing the need to calculate them all to check Goldmans work. I could live with 5-day payments if this were implemented in the AppleCard wallet.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 8 oy oldin
So for business, it's not the card, but I think for the average person, it's still a good option.
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan 9 oy oldin
Why not just get the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card? It has better benefits if you shop on amazon frequently IMO. 5% cash back when you buy things off Amazon, 2% cash back at gas stations, restaurants and drug stores and 1% cash back on everything else. I honestly was excited about the announcement of the Apple Card until I realized that the Amazon card I already have has better benefits. Also, if you buy Apple products on Amazon you will get 5% cash back with the Amazon card but only 2% if you use the Apple Card to buy from Apple.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 8 oy oldin
I like the Apple Card app myself, but that does sound like a decent card to look into! Also, buying from apple is 3% back. Not as good as 5% on amazon, but better than 2 haha
Neno 9 oy oldin
Love it; awesome card. I been a windows and android user for 20 years and transition to Apple ecosystem should have made the transition sooner could not be any happier.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
Glad to hear you’re happy with it!
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 9 oy oldin
Okay I’m 20 I got approved for 500$ on the card and this will be my 2nd credit card I got my first one 4ish months ago and my current credit score is 700 so I’m wanting to use this for Netflix and Apple Music just for my credit but I am excited because this card seems more premium lol I also just got my second ever iPhone it’s the 11 and the day I got it I applied for the card 😂 I’m just using it for my credit so we’ll see I also use Uber often so we’ll see!! Thank you for the review I’m gonna sub!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
You're welcome! Glad to hear this was helpful. It should be super helpful to help with credit building!
Speed Shift57
Speed Shift57 9 oy oldin
It doesn’t look like the actual credit card number and that 3 digit code isn’t on the card. How do you get that info for when you use the card on line with a merchant?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
Within the wallet app you find your card number
Patricia Corah Harter
Patricia Corah Harter 9 oy oldin
Done - mine is on its way, thanks.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
Cf Tesla
Cf Tesla 9 oy oldin
Here is my problem with this card. I got it for one of my business accounts and realized a problem very quickly. It doesn't sync with finance applications. I use Quicken to track and itemize all my expenses and it doesn't, nor do they plan to, allow you to pull data over. It does a decent job in the wallet app letting you know where you are spending money but this doesn't help come tax time. For non biz related expenses I'm sure it's great.
Drastik Williams
Drastik Williams 9 oy oldin
Cf Tesla it does now!!
Cf Tesla
Cf Tesla 9 oy oldin
Ryan Shaw ya my normal routine as well as most business owners I assume is to have all your transactions transferred over to a location you can itemize then print out a schedule C, etc.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
Ahh I see. So even though their own app is very useful, it doesn’t sync with quicken like I’m assuming most other cars do?
James Thompson
James Thompson 9 oy oldin
I've had my card since August and really like it. I use Apple Pay for almost everything from groceries to hardware so 2% is my normal cash back. It seems that these days anyone that has a screen on their POS terminal takes Apple Pay. Except Walmart, of course. I might also mention that on the Info page there are buttons to text Apple Card Support or to autodial and call them. They answer either right away and are very helpful.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
That’s good to hear! Glad you’re enjoying it as well
JIST HOVNO 9 oy oldin
Dave Ramsey would not approve of this credit card.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
Would he approve of any credit card 😂
Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen 9 oy oldin
I wish canada have this card
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 oy oldin
Ahh I didn’t realize that. That’s too bad
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