17 Things I Hate About My Tesla Model Y

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Ryan Shaw

16 kun oldin

Breaking down the top 17 things that bug me about the Model Y and its design. I love the car, but I don't love EVERYTHING about the car, as you'll see.
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Nekole’ s Perspective
Nekole’ s Perspective 10 soat oldin
Tesla should give you an updated car with everything you’ve mentioned corrected because from what I can see it’s a rational list. Elon listens quite well. 😉
MrTophes Kun oldin
tesla build quality is....well.... really poor quality control. They should poach some Toyota engineers.
2222ut Kun oldin
Tire Rash ? You will have Front Fender Rash shortly if you get in the habit of parking the front end of the car over those cement parking blocks. I would highly recommend you not do that. NIce video thou! :>)
Station 2Station
Station 2Station Kun oldin
Charlie_X Kun oldin
We've had 3 audis and 2 mercedes: AC stink happens in all of them. Never had a problem in our old toyotas....
Real CiC
Real CiC 2 kun oldin
The apps work fine. Can't use them on any other car so yeah might take a second let it load lol
Real CiC
Real CiC 2 kun oldin
I also believe voice controls could improve ten fold if they collaborate with Google but I think elon wants to build his own Tesla version
Real CiC
Real CiC 2 kun oldin
You are correct with the Spotify. I believe they can fix all the issues in time tho that is the one great take away. At least it can be fixed easily
OneMusic StoryTesla
OneMusic StoryTesla 2 kun oldin
glove box button should be added in the app. come on tesla. get it together
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 2 kun oldin
all those rattles you wouldn't hear in a petrol car because of the engine noise, with that being said even in a petrol engine after 6 months you notice more noises regardless or make or model, that's you being attuned to the sound of your vehicle its standard. put some music on...
Elmo Seat
Elmo Seat 2 kun oldin
What? No AM radio.... not buying. LOL
trump your daddy
trump your daddy 2 kun oldin
For number 10 you don't have to disengage you can just press the accelerator and the car will move fast in autopilot some times I can floor it to 85 or 90 before it maxes out autopilot. Try it it's fun. Stays in lane wile flooring it
Penko Angelov
Penko Angelov 2 kun oldin
I have changed a few cars over the years from different manufacturers. As they were used 10-15 yo cars... I had to live with tons of problems and annoyances. From my point of view, most of your complaints are "1-st world problems". And yes... getting one of the first ones manufactured from a brand new assembly line... it has its risks.
william mcneil
william mcneil 3 kun oldin
wow and you paid extra for this lemon? what a ripoff, gas cars have so many features,that yours doesnt have. it looks like its made out of card board and plastic.
Edward Stokell
Edward Stokell 3 kun oldin
Don't think it's your Tesla, my phone and laptop does it as well,..the problem is definitely with Spotify..
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 kun oldin
No. Spotify works incredibly well on my phone.
Chancey M
Chancey M 3 kun oldin
Love the spin shot
MesseJesse2 3 kun oldin
These might be the most overrated cars ever? I really want(ed) a model 3 but all these videos are such turn-offs.
Penko Angelov
Penko Angelov 2 kun oldin
Now you have the chance to see what are the problems with other manufacturer's cars. :)
MesseJesse2 3 kun oldin
Every Tesla video I watch is. like "TESLAS ARE THE BEST CARS EVER but here are 50 things I absolutely hate"
codypanek 3 kun oldin
A consistent rattle when driving is the worst, regardless of what car you own. Once you hear one, no matter how small, it'll never go away and you'll always notice it.
G-Force 3 kun oldin
Why do you have a garage door opener in the Y ? Does it not have home link compatibility ?
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 3 kun oldin
Can the car play my favorite 💿 cds?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 kun oldin
2DUMBtv 3 kun oldin
I wish I had a tesla to cry about
SmashEX Entertainment
SmashEX Entertainment 4 kun oldin
or 17 first world problems XD
davidhunternyc 4 kun oldin
That's a lot of little headaches that add up to one big headache. Maybe I'll get a Prius instead.
Damien 4 kun oldin
why those cars are so expensive? they have way fewer parts than gazoline cars and it takes less time to build them. I don't know. Doesn't make sense to me...
Matthew Covey
Matthew Covey 4 kun oldin
for rainbow road all you half to do is take over aka move the wheel and then just go back into autopilot
Matt Hamlin
Matt Hamlin 5 kun oldin
Get thicker tires to act as a bumper for the curb rash
MAXN 5 kun oldin
Sounds like you shouldn't get a Tesla?
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor 5 kun oldin
I’ve never hit the drive stock 4 times on accident.
J G 5 kun oldin
Needs a AUX input and / or support for streaming audio from another device besides your cell phone.
U WUT M8? 5 kun oldin
I want to just block the audio for rainbow road
M Sn
M Sn 5 kun oldin
The sentry mode app just drives me bananas... thanks for clearing up that it isn't my thumb drive... jeez video rendering and streaming is piss poor on the Tesla, which basically means there's either a weak GPU or no real GPU on it (but the games make me think not), or video offloading from the CPU is not supported... all of which have been solved for 10+ years now...
ArmandRose TV
ArmandRose TV 5 kun oldin
OK that settles it. I'm canceling my Model Y order and gonna buy a Prius instead. LOL. Actually I'm already driving a junk prius and just waiting to get rid of it when I have my model Y.
Sean 6 kun oldin
That’s a lot of issues for a 50k car 😳
Anthony Holland
Anthony Holland 6 kun oldin
Is it possible that Tesla is not addressing rattling and build quality because the new casting process will put an end to almost all sources of rattle and misalignment in one move?
Alex Skold
Alex Skold 6 kun oldin
Tesla’s are super dangerous- I try to avoid getting near them on the Road. Electric cars have been around since the 1800s, folks
SetTheCurve 6 kun oldin
I am with your misery on almost all the issues, but most irritating lately is the smell and the non working Bluetooth phone key. I’m really not looking forward to all the issues that my cybertruck will have.
Clint Blankenship
Clint Blankenship 6 kun oldin
Ozone generator will get rid of your mildew smell
Kevin Godwin
Kevin Godwin 6 kun oldin
you've clearly never opened the glove box on a Nissan Z lol
Bart L.
Bart L. 6 kun oldin
The inability to stay in the middle of the lane has to be the most dangerous of them all, I passed cars merely couple of inches away because many bad drivers don't stay within their lane either. Tesla makes no adjustments for that on autopilot.
electrified0 6 kun oldin
Yep... definitely hoping the update coming in the next month or two addresses that.
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart 6 kun oldin
No oh sh!t handle. 🤣
Samuel Rivera
Samuel Rivera 6 kun oldin
I also curb-rashed one of my wheels and this did the trick: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073QYFK4L
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 5 kun oldin
Does that match the induction wheels?
Devon Watkis
Devon Watkis 6 kun oldin
Hi Ryan: AM radio does not work well when operated close to an electric circuit. I have another EV and it is also disabled there. Great video.
Woody Welch
Woody Welch 6 kun oldin
I took delivery of mine mid September 2020 and I have zero rattles so hopefully they fixed that. However my back seats will not fall forward when you hit the buttons in the back rendering them useless really. But no rattles :) I had the HVAC smell in my Model 3 but after 6000 miles none in Model Y as of yet. I was hoping that was because of heat pump?
Dawn 7 kun oldin
The Netflix issue is the same in the X so def not a Y specific issue. In fact, aside from the rear seat issue, and wind noise, and interior finish and phone charging, pretty much everything mentioned is a problem on the entire Tesla range. Having said all that, I was planning to replace my X with the Y in a couple of years... but after watching your review, unless the squeaks and rattles are sorted, I will not be getting one... They would drive my OCD off the spectrum! lol!
cinikal 124
cinikal 124 7 kun oldin
Tesla need to start fixing bugs
Jimmy Sandison
Jimmy Sandison 7 kun oldin
Kerbs wheels. Blames car. Model Y has a very common wheel spec. 20x9.5"+40. By changing to say a +50 offset you will literally reduce the vehicle wheel track by 20mm overall, or about 3/4" for those that don't do well with multiples of 10. If you're literally trying to get to within 10mm of the kerb each time you park a car with low profile tyres and 20" rims, you're gonna have a bad time!
brian lenoir
brian lenoir 7 kun oldin
What's something you never hear, ever. "I wish I had AM radio"
Aras Pundys
Aras Pundys 7 kun oldin
Wow my "04 Mercury Grand Marquis doesn't rattle at all lol.
Paul LeMay
Paul LeMay 7 kun oldin
the curb rash problem really sucks, I'm right there with you
DigikidForever 7 kun oldin
Hey at least your top windows has not flow off....yet.
DigikidForever 7 kun oldin
9:00 get that scuff fixed! lol
F15Ranger 7 kun oldin
i have no issues with visibility....Glove box, use voice command!
Brendon Ayanbadejo
Brendon Ayanbadejo 7 kun oldin
But does your drum set fit?
Engel Universe
Engel Universe 7 kun oldin
lol. Still love the car, but those little things man...! I had to fix a rattle issue on another vehicle once. If the leather slightly rubbing together and that is why it squeaks then: look and find the areas of contact and glue some soft material (like velvet) to those areas and this will stop the sounds. These are usually in areas that are not readily visible so it won't look ugly.
Peter P
Peter P 7 kun oldin
Whaaaaaaat... no handles above the door ?? That's it, I'm not buying Tesla. Lol
Reddylion 7 kun oldin
Arjun Patel
Arjun Patel 7 kun oldin
you use the fm affiliate for am radio
Alex Mann
Alex Mann 7 kun oldin
Half of these you knew about before buying the car... then complain about it when you have it. SeEmS lEgIT
shmuel1979 8 kun oldin
I mean ill take it
Todd P
Todd P 8 kun oldin
Since Tesla is a software company, maybe these things can be fixed with an OTA update
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 7 kun oldin
A few of them definitely can be
Rick9482 8 kun oldin
Well leave it to Ryan to kill my buzz about buying a Tesla, an M3 in my case. Your experience with your new Y was why I started looking elsewhere, currently a used Mercedes E Class coming off lease has my interest. The refresh on the M3 has my attention and I started looking for any info but still too soon. Center console fix is a big one cause that was certainly an eyesore and constant reminder of Tesla's poor design choices. Of course, as I finished my search for info, I viewed this video and got bummed out all over again. I'll wait and see on the refresh but kinda doubtful a Tesla is in my future. I took a MB GLA 250 out for a test drive and was pretty impressed but the Mercedes issue is their option list.....huge and pricey. A used E looks more attractive than buying new and checking off a bunch of options. Still searching, no rush, and Tesla's new tech and selling methods keep them in the mix. I think your reporting on all your issues with the Y is a great service to the buying public. I'm a stockholder in Tesla and the only way this situation will improve is to report on all issues and keep the discussion going. PLEASE KEEP IT UP!
Kerry Murphey
Kerry Murphey 8 kun oldin
Voice Command: Play On Spotify
Harlem Gil
Harlem Gil 8 kun oldin
Some features are gonna get fixed
Samoht Sirood
Samoht Sirood 8 kun oldin
just have your speed set right and you will not need to deal with any problems with autopilot and also Tesla will be ensuring its own vehicles in the future and you will not need to pay for insurance because of full self-driving.
Samoht Sirood
Samoht Sirood 8 kun oldin
Drive a wedge in between the seats to keep them from rattling...
Samoht Sirood
Samoht Sirood 8 kun oldin
My question is who the hell is the one dude who cares about AM radio‽ where you at my man!!!
Bmilesonline 8 kun oldin
The turning radius could certainly be improved on. After all this is a $50,000 automobile.
nearpoint 8 kun oldin
Also double check the seals on your Tesla. Lots of Model Y have seals that are not properly installed
nearpoint 8 kun oldin
I got the noise reduction kit from RPM Tesla, and it is awesome! Reduces the wind noise so much and also the doors close so much nicer!
nearpoint 8 kun oldin
Ill be honest I had no idea what those handles at the top of the car were ever for. I assumed it was a hanger for clothes. I had no idea it was to hold when going fast haha
Harvest 8 kun oldin
Great powertrain, but it's a mediocre car overall. No rain sensor, no blind spot monitor, no buttons, terrible visibility, no carplay/android auto, awful wind noise, terrible quality paint/panels/assembly, insanely difficult cabin filter replacement/smelly AC after less than a year, no HUD/center screen, terrible phantom drain, 'cabin overheat protection' required to protect the non-automotive grade display, etc., etc., etc. Before you freak out, I'm an owner.
Wright Reactions
Wright Reactions 8 kun oldin
Number 10 is the biggest one for me. Especially on country roads with averagely sharp turns, there is no reason the car needs to hug the outer portion of the lane. Unless it is an extremely sharp turn, it should do the exact opposite and err towards the side without vehicles, or at least the middle of the lane.
AD 8 kun oldin
I hate the same things on my tesla. oh wait, i dont have a tesla.
tcherdawn Zajk
tcherdawn Zajk 8 kun oldin
No AM radio?
Carlos Van der Woodsen
Carlos Van der Woodsen 9 kun oldin
Never ever even thought about grabbing the handles above the car windows. They make no sense to me! It's better to grab the door handle itself instead.
Michael Leffler
Michael Leffler 9 kun oldin
Hit piece 101...
deg3363 9 kun oldin
Wow...🤔 I really have doubts about this car now. Never owned a Telsa and the Model Y seemed like a great place to start but I am seeing you and others who seem to indicate that this car is annoying. I am moving from Infiniti which had no problems like this. Thanks for your honesty. My big attraction was no gas and light maintenance due to no traditional engine. Yet I am a person that rattles, funny smells and wind noise will drive me NUTZ😅 I need to weigh the pros and cons. I will probably still do it. I already ordered the Model Y. You have given me what to look out. I found an aftermarket interior place that can address all those points... I am still excited. It's like meeting a Girl who is looks HOT but at least now I am aware of her issues before we get together 😆
MK 9 kun oldin
You are complaining that your phone isn't charging because you are using a case? Seriously?
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 9 kun oldin
Tesla has a lot of problems with odors. Most of these issues are caused by problematic air conditioning and various leaks throughout the vehicle around seals or from the undercarriage.
Rago Alasa
Rago Alasa 9 kun oldin
OMG. Yes thank you I'm glad I'm not the only one. The glovebox, infotainment, bluetooth key, and the charging dock are the most frustratingggggggg for me
jelybrd 9 kun oldin
Got mine three weeks ago. Haven't had any of these issues - I always use the physical trunk button to open the trunk. By far the best car I've ever owned or been in
rd b
rd b 9 kun oldin
Hope none of the Tesla fanboys see this video. They seem to be very touchy & sensitive about anything negative about Tesla.
zia rehman
zia rehman 9 kun oldin
Lucky me , I don’t have money to be stupid and buy this car. 😂😂😂😂
Cameron 9 kun oldin
10:58 - Use an ozone generator in it for about 2 hours and the smell will be gone
EAmon 9 kun oldin
Helpful. Thanks.
John Reff
John Reff 9 kun oldin
First world issues.
Saisitaram R
Saisitaram R 9 kun oldin
The rainbow road will go away if do the same steps again - soft tap down 4 times
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 9 kun oldin
I’ll have to try that out! Thank you! Wasn’t able to find solutions on forums
nilsen39 9 kun oldin
I thought about getting one, but now I'm very uncertain
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch 9 kun oldin
Appreciate the information, thank yoy
Maverick5588 9 kun oldin
This makes me want to wait a couple years before buying one. Thank you for the video
Gary Hauptli
Gary Hauptli 9 kun oldin
You'll get the 4680 cells and all their benefits if you wait that long.
Reader Of Speaks
Reader Of Speaks 9 kun oldin
Hi Ryan, great vids, quick question, have you encountered when driving your MY, that there’s like this sound/pressure almost, it’s as if one window is left open in a moving car and this very slight (not rattling) sound happens.
Derek Blue
Derek Blue 9 kun oldin
On the note of wind noise there’s a pretty good chance that the reason it SEEMS louder than most cars is because you don’t have a an engine in front of you making more noise....
eddieair23 10 kun oldin
Great Video!! I think I’ll start shopping for a used Model S now!! Lol
Steven Velletri
Steven Velletri 10 kun oldin
Not sure how you can like this car given that it’s so poorly executed. I want an electric car but I don’t want to sacrifice quality just so I can have the latest tech.
Harvest 8 kun oldin
There are plenty of great EVs out there, you don't need to sacrifice quality.
Przemek Kołowski
Przemek Kołowski 10 kun oldin
Hey Ryan, that's a great roundup! I drive a Model 3 LR here in Europe and my biggest complaints are: 1. Annoying voice control, which does not work at high speeds (noise), or with poor LTE signal. 2. Noise at high speeds, I need to raise music volume a lot and can't have a normal conversation. 3. Cookie dough smell when I get into the car. It goes away after a few minutes, but it's a weird smell.
Przemek Kołowski
Przemek Kołowski 10 kun oldin
4. Oh, and when I reverse, the rear camera sometimes needs 5-10 seconds to kick in. There is overall lag in the UI like you're using an old tablet...
Ray Bailey
Ray Bailey 10 kun oldin
Nothing wrong with the glove box. your thinking is too old school. I love the fact that the glove box is hidden and most people don't know about. with tons of other storage the glove box is really only used for important documents. I agree with the curb rash problem. No problems with the seat rattle for me. My BMW X6 had no handles above the door either. No problem with wind noise I have with my Performance Model Y. I used the AC/Heat and no smell at all. I never had an issue also with sentry mode playback and I use a Samsung 500gb SSD. I don't have no one rattle at all. I think your issues are all because you were an early adopter
HarshColby 10 kun oldin
I have a model 3, so some of your complaints don't apply to me. I found I disagree with all but one of your (model 3 relevant) complaints. On the 3, my only two complaints are visibility (which you share), and lack of an auto trunk lift. But what really drives home (get it?) the point is that we never, ever drive our Lexus ES 350 any more. When we are forced to (recent recall on the SOS feature), we we're constantly feeling like we're driving a Model T or something. Although the Lexus is a 2017, and only a year younger than our Model 3, the Lexus just seems so old-fashioned. You have to touch the break sometime every time you stop: ick. You can't talk to the car at all (mostly because the Lexus speech recognition sucks) so yo have to manually tune the radio: ick. The Lexus doesn't stay in its lane: you have to actively keep it on the road: ick. (Yes, I thought this was normal for a car before I was pampered by the Tesla.) So, the point is: even with some minor want-to-haves in the Tesla, I can't even imagine ever going back to an old-fashioned car. The future is Tesla and electric cars, in general. We're watching, in real time, the end of the ICE age.
Hal Stead
Hal Stead 10 kun oldin
My wife is OCD about rattles. I don’t know if she could handle the model Y. She probably say “give me back my ice car!“
thicktankrider 10 kun oldin
American built quality is just not the best
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