Rusty Roquet
Rusty Roquet 2 soat oldin
Thanks for all the info, have a great weekend
smrh h2man
smrh h2man 2 soat oldin
Shortage of Parts
Blake Ellsworth
Blake Ellsworth 2 soat oldin
Taycan’s tested range from Edmunds is incredible
Kzn Nzn
Kzn Nzn 2 soat oldin
Toyotas are top notch in reliability so yeah teslas has a long way to go. Also in my opinion tesla model 2 is the one to pick since its not going to cost alot in case you decide to get rid of it anything more isnt really worth it
Michael Nouri
Michael Nouri 3 soat oldin
they are probably going to focus on model y and not model 3 now
Charles Rovira
Charles Rovira 3 soat oldin
*Elon* _starts_ with a ten-year timeline. The SEC isn't used to, or capable of, thinking that far ahead. Q: What will be the only currency used on *Mars?* A: Cryptocurrencies. Q: What institutions will be left out of any trip to *Mars?* A: The entire banking sector. If you don't need anything but solar energy to mine cryptocurrency, it's the cleanest form of currency there can be. If you don't need to waste piles of usable metals as stores of value it's the most efficient form of currency there can be. If you don't need to carry sacks and stacks of actual metal and paper it's the most convenient form of currency there can be. If you don't need to carry around huge transaction records because you're using *BlockChain* technology, it's the most auditable form of currency there can be. If you don't need to convert money, it's the most honest form of currency there can be.
Dismal187 3 soat oldin
To be honest I think the model 2 would be cheaper because the cheaper batters would make it more possible
Athear Nasery
Athear Nasery 3 soat oldin
Love your channel, keep it up!
True Studies
True Studies 3 soat oldin
You are awesome bro
Martin Woods
Martin Woods 3 soat oldin
We can't order the Model Y in the UK yet.
Sakthish Rajendran
Sakthish Rajendran 3 soat oldin
Your post is awesome , explains in detail about the shutdown and I agree this shutdown is not huge .not sure why Bloomberg and WJS say this is a big deal. Shutting down 2 weeks can only delay car delivery additional 2 weeks. There are people waited more than year to get a mode 3 and SR Y. If they are ready to wait a year they will wait few weeks. Seeing Tesla stocks plunge and one the reason is said to be due to the shutdown is just confusing for me
Pedro L
Pedro L 3 soat oldin
If you go to order a Tesla model S it doesn’t even give you an estimated time anymore either they removed it completely!!! Elon talk to us!!!
Dave Haller
Dave Haller 2 soat oldin
For the LR Model S "Estimated Delivery: 4-11 weeks" just now
Frank RenewablesCheap
Frank RenewablesCheap 3 soat oldin
When you said they were shutting down, I was hoping they were incorporating the mega castings.
Comeon Useyourbrainagain
Comeon Useyourbrainagain 3 soat oldin
Which they are.
Cameron ONan
Cameron ONan 3 soat oldin
sentence repeat at ~6:20 btw
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 3 soat oldin
Ooh..thanks for catching that
Casper Hansen
Casper Hansen 3 soat oldin
I have my doubts about Lucid, but I really hope they make it to production.
Mario Zevallos
Mario Zevallos 2 soat oldin
@Dave Haller didn’t they say they were delaying until spring?
Dave Haller
Dave Haller 3 soat oldin
I was just at the factory, its almost ready to produce.
The Dane
The Dane 3 soat oldin
I've driven the the lucid ...great product
Andrews Quarcoo
Andrews Quarcoo 3 soat oldin
can someone help me see a Tesla physically. I am a diehard fun but haven't gotten any opportunity to see one.😪😪
Andrews Quarcoo
Andrews Quarcoo 2 soat oldin
@EIon Musk 😍😍 I guess I need to find a way to visit USA, ASAP!
EIon Musk
EIon Musk 2 soat oldin
@Andrews everyone has Tesla here!! You can drive mine if you come ✅
Andrews Quarcoo
Andrews Quarcoo 2 soat oldin
@Mariah G tell me more about this bro. How can we keep in touch?
Mariah G
Mariah G 2 soat oldin
@Andrews just come to California on a visitors visa or become American !!! Here in America there are many people from Ghana 👍
Andrews Quarcoo
Andrews Quarcoo 2 soat oldin
@Auditory Sightyeah I can tell bro. Kindly invite me to your country to see one in person when you have ride though.
Cherry Saran
Cherry Saran 3 soat oldin
david cohen
david cohen 3 soat oldin
they will give them dbe maxwell tech?
Alpha T
Alpha T 3 soat oldin
The slow down when attempting to merge into carpool Lane I noticed it was the overhead sign that caused the indecisive merge by autopilot
Michael Thinks More
Michael Thinks More 3 soat oldin
I really don't care, 6th
Shah 3 soat oldin
I ordered the new model S it's delayed now R.I.P
karachi games
karachi games 3 soat oldin
Need to see the new model s
gaussdog 4 soat oldin
More like… How do they re-open so fast
Aidan M
Aidan M 4 soat oldin
Adriana Adnan
Adriana Adnan 4 soat oldin
This is very very cute car
Patricia Zoerner
Patricia Zoerner 4 soat oldin
I don't trust edmunds.
Allen Smith
Allen Smith 4 soat oldin
The self declared EPA ranges are used rather than real range. How many Tesla owners are pulling the EPA range stated for their car?
John Brunner
John Brunner 4 soat oldin
Model Y will get an air suspension.
Andrews Quarcoo
Andrews Quarcoo 4 soat oldin
can someone help me see a Tesla physically. I am a diehard fun but haven't gotten any opportunity to see one.😪😪
Kaz Masters
Kaz Masters 5 soat oldin
Yoke is an option. At least one customer receiving the new S has confirmed it in the order details.
Wout D
Wout D 6 soat oldin
Will be waiting to order until the Model Y off road package is available.
MonsterSound 7 soat oldin
The Edmunds tests were unscientific, lacking controls. I don't know how they got published ...?
Gil Tk
Gil Tk 7 soat oldin
Tesla is a joke. Miss leading the public. Kiss my ass with your lies. Drive 200 miles and park to charge batteries. Really! What a joke. Oh yes they charge $40. To charge battery. Stupid Stupid Tesla. If you have nothing better to do with your life maybe Tesla if you have nothing to do with your life or family.
kevdog20 7 soat oldin
I wonder if there will be a Tesla model Y platinum model?
Tomas Netro
Tomas Netro 8 soat oldin
Lol i forgot the Cybertruck was still happening
Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison 8 soat oldin
What a great informational video. Thank you so much for the quality content. Also, the lighting in the shot of you is out of this world good. You're a really skilled reporter and your videography skills really make the show even more entertaining to watch. I can't wait to buy a Tesla and I didn't know before your video that the model y would be getting a heated steering wheel. I'll be sure to hold off until I can be certain that that is included as it's a feature I have always really really wanted.
bazoo513 9 soat oldin
14:05 - "Insane innovation" ?!? My Renault Twingo from late 90's had wiper like that (first introduced, I think, by Mercedes for their 190 "mini-Merc" series a decade or two before that).
bazoo513 9 soat oldin
11:00 - Or those bulges contain - gasp - solid state lidars :o)
bazoo513 9 soat oldin
~ 10:00 - In other words, unusable and dangerous HMI. It figures... All to save few dollars in parts (on $100k+ "vehicle") and to feed the illusion that actual full autonomy is around the corner. And fanboys swallow this hook, line and sinker... Sad. Were it not for utterly uncritical fanboys, Tesla would be forced to make actually good cars. They are very close, they have the actual difficult problems licked (like efficiency, although not as good as they claim) - now they have to work on HMI, fit and finish, suspension details (e.g. roll stabilization in models with air suspension) etc - all doable, if forced by the market.
Dean Constantine
Dean Constantine 9 soat oldin
Tesla solar is the cheapest and cheaply made .
Ronald Obeshaw
Ronald Obeshaw 9 soat oldin
Wow. You think it's great for a company to have more information on you. How did that work out for Facebook and tweeter. I dont care if its Tesla or not. Your stupid to trust any company with your information.. just my thoughts thou..
Vladimír Šára
Vladimír Šára 10 soat oldin
Bill is like a little kid caught stealing candy - from the body language its obvious he was short and he is just coward to admit it straight. Its simple yes/no question and he speaks for a minute without giving answer....
D Mac
D Mac 10 soat oldin
That order break down at 8:36 is suspect... - they're not offering 22" wheels -full self drive is $10,000 But, I can tell you that the yoke wheel is standard
Gerhard Kutt
Gerhard Kutt 10 soat oldin
The reason single motor will not be available is because it will be less efficient than the 2 motor one. The cars are heavy and it takes more effort to accelerate them, so 2 motors to accelerate and once they get going, then they run on one motor, the smaller front one, which gives them the longer range.
Jane Mark
Jane Mark 11 soat oldin
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
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Natalie Chan 10 soat oldin
Trading crypto now will be very wise but trading without a professional is not
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Thanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away
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Castillo Williams
Castillo Williams 10 soat oldin
@Fred John Text him on what'sAp
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Trading crypto with Mr John Noah has being a game changer for me
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Comment for the greater good 👌
James Lam
James Lam 12 soat oldin
If every car company do that,the road will be slow...i think.
James Lam
James Lam 12 soat oldin
If the car behind you get too close,will it speed up.
Paul I Kendrick
Paul I Kendrick 12 soat oldin
Hyundai Ionic 5 is going to give Tesla a run for its money!
Paul I Kendrick
Paul I Kendrick 13 soat oldin
Will Tesla Solar offer a PVT panel to support their HVAC offer?
Edmar Llusala
Edmar Llusala 13 soat oldin
I hope that it gets a heads up display
jawbreaker 13 soat oldin
Bill is saying "he wished he had been more on the long side" which exactly means that he HAD some short at least. I bet he is embarrassed now but hey, he gave us a lot of money!
Florent G
Florent G 13 soat oldin
Driver’s profile in the cloud.. does this mean we’re finally getting FSD at driver’s account level and not tied to a car?
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez 13 soat oldin
$500 for Honda Fit??? Whaaat I’m sure you could’ve sold that all day for 2k
Cody Wiggins
Cody Wiggins 13 soat oldin
I’d love to buy that sweatshirt in red.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 13 soat oldin
You can! If you follow the link for the product called “outline”, you can choose a red sweatshirt
ChosenOG 13 soat oldin
What it ultimately comes down to, if a person can afford it and wants to enjoy and splurge a bit in life? Why not, get your priorities set of course first, but after that if you got wiggle room and want to enjoy life? Do it, purchase what you want and do what you want. You don’t take your savings when you die
agentjrb 13 soat oldin
My Model Y would be perfect with a softer suspension setup. My hope is Tesla offers a suspension after purchase upgrade. I don’t care to track it or go off roading I just want a more forgiving ride where every bump isn’t so jarring.
Love Conquers All
Love Conquers All 13 soat oldin
I live in Miami can you recomend a place ThAts safe ti get this third party kit for my model y? I literally despise how low this car is coming from a GLE 43 that sists up High and magestic this Tesla feels like a car and I almost paid the extra 60k for the X just to get rhe SUV FEEL
Nathan Hoover
Nathan Hoover 14 soat oldin
Very nice episode - thanks
Hadtobe 14 soat oldin
Later this year.... late next year. Hopefully this year... in 2 years.
David C
David C 14 soat oldin
I picked up a SR Model Y today. The Tesla rep said they will NOT be making more and I couldn’t customize one. They only had maybe 8 left in stock to chose from and that’s it. He said no more will be produced unless Elon changes his mind.
Teslanaire III
Teslanaire III 14 soat oldin
Of course Gates was short. Two interviews make that painfully obvious. It is also obvious that he was stupidly, inexplicably ill-prepared to answer a question he had to have known would be question #1 from any interviewer. With Gates shorting TSLA and needlessly caught like a deer in the headlights on that "short-sighted" position, that makes all of us who are long TSLA far smarter in a practical way than the child prodigy code writer. Editorial: There is nothing wrong with holding short positions. Elon and I disagree on this issue. I took short positions on airlines and cruise lines last year at the beginning of the pandemic. Several years ago I shorted Ford because of what I saw as bad management decisions. I did not seek to harm the companies. I was openly and publicly placing my bet on the market table. I did not post false or derogatory commentary about any company or industry. I simply sold their shares instead of buying puts. I personally don't like using puts because of the timing element. I am willing to risk my life savings on ANY trade I make going against me, whether a long or short position. Unlike these so-called money managers and hedge fund managers, I am not betting other people's money. Demonizing the practice of holding short positions is misguided. Feel free to demonize those who post FUD or use lies to harm companies or industries. Demonize those who risk money entrusted to them by others. But this debate goes far beyond whether someone personally holds short positions. This is mostly about politics, big oil vs. disruption, status quo vs. the future. It is not about the morality of an individual investor betting against one sector or another as conditions and markets change.
XRobinsonsX 14 soat oldin
You could not charge your car with that. I thought so until I was corrected by a tech. It would take about 15-20 power walls to charge your car half way
Dave Riley
Dave Riley 14 soat oldin
Ryan, you have really grown into your role here. Good screen presence. Really good, confident delivery.
DeeLa G
DeeLa G 14 soat oldin
waiting for doge to shoot to the moon so i can afford a tesla from my 500 dollar investment
Aaron Macy
Aaron Macy 15 soat oldin
I remember during the Munro live teardown of the Model Y that it was mentioned that a certain modification to the (I think) its subframe pointed to a future air suspension option. Tesla would be smart to offer it as part of a “battlewagon” package on Y’s since the Cybertruck will be making big 4X4 headlines by then, or at least call a winter mode with raised ride height via air suspension and tweaked snow traction program its “storm trooper” mode. With the Cybertruck on scene, I think Tesla will need to go the route of Toyota with their TRD-Pro split personality that allows Prius and Avalon hybrid green new deal owners to coexist alongside their body on frame yeehaw off-road body on frame fuel swilling truck owners under one cohesive brand image. Cybertruck owners are going to be a lot different than model 3/Y owners.
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch 15 soat oldin
Thank you for sharing
Teslanaire III
Teslanaire III 15 soat oldin
I have a Tesla communications update on the $69,420 (plus options) Model S that I ordered Oct 15. I will post the update here in a day or two.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 15 soat oldin
Very interested to hear that! If I don’t see it here, you can also update me via Twitter or Instagram @ryanshawtech or email [email protected] if interested
LightningStriker Official
LightningStriker Official 15 soat oldin
Idk why but I can't customizer the Y but I can for the rest, instead of saying 'custom order' it's 'stay updated'
suunto61 15 soat oldin
Unfortunately the assumption public utilities will fail us is based upon horrible public policies
Luke Canty
Luke Canty 16 soat oldin
Geez, all those Powerwall owners keeping even their external lights blazing is really rubbing it in, don't ya think?
Mr. Yeet
Mr. Yeet 12 soat oldin
Well, that is their normal. They are going to keep that because they can.
daciefus jones
daciefus jones 16 soat oldin
any vehicle that completes the Baja 1000 has significantly modified and enhanced.
wlifting 16 soat oldin
Bill Gates has shorted tesla only recently.
Sarthak Rajour
Sarthak Rajour 16 soat oldin
why you do your eyebrows?
Scott From Maryland
Scott From Maryland 16 soat oldin
I was joking on-line the other day calling the secret Model Y the "Fremont Special" suspecting a suprise was coming
CHEITH KEITH 16 soat oldin
Tesla model S,E,X,Y
Sam 16 soat oldin
Jatindar Singh Mac
Jatindar Singh Mac 16 soat oldin
I am going tomorrow to Topanga Cnyn. Blvd.Canoga Park to test drive and orders the 2021 Y. Please share with me all the deals , rebates or the newest items not yet in the menu . Thanks and I love your comments and the way you explain them.God bless. Thanks 🙏
Ethan Martinez
Ethan Martinez 17 soat oldin
Just wanted to let you know I ordered my model y today. You can order it but only from existing inventory. Once inventory is gone it seems like the standard range will be also
Ronald Garrison
Ronald Garrison 17 soat oldin
About AM radio: Here's a big honking irony. I've just become aware of what is available in SDRs-software-defined radio. For $100 or less, you can get a dongle you can dangle off of any USB port, which will tune everything from longwave (WAY BELOW AM) to microwaves. AM, FM, NBFM, SSB, CW, TTY. whatever. It's insane. The irony? Tell me something you can get on ANY PART of that spectrum, that you can't get in a better way over the Internet. Unless you have a specialized interest (maybe you're from some little country with a radio station that isn't on the Internet), or you're a ham operator, or you like CB, or some other special case, there just doesn't seem to be much for you there. Even FM is getting to be a vast wasteland. Another thing I think exists, haven't looked for it but surely someone is doing it by now: Somebody sets up a website, with a radio (maybe a SDR) that you can TUNE over the Internet, as if that radio was in the same room with you. That's just flipped out, but I'm sure it's an option. So ironic. Amazing radio tech, which as a kid I sometimes imagined, is finally here-but by now, I could hardly care less.