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Congrats on the100k! In regards to the crash, I suspect that the driver was thrown from their seat.
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Cadillac lyric looks awesome. Was considering a model Y but now I’m gonna hold off to compare when these other EVs are released! Thanks for this detailed and high quality content
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Chris Huber 15 soat oldin
12:22 Nah, that's just Texas being Texas.
IFlyinBaconI 15 soat oldin
Why does Elon always state something is 10x when the stats don't show that on most of his things. Just makes him look like he can't math 😂 . By that I mean he's comparing high way miles were its easier for auto pilot to miles on alsorts of roads were auto pilot couldn't drive atm anyway . Good video though
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I think you got Toyota's steering wheel concept wrong. Look at all current Peugeot cars to see why. The concept is to have the wheel small and as low down as possible to allow to move the dashboard completely above it, which in turn replaces the otherwise expensive projection HUD. It's a penny pinching approach. On Peugeots, very few people find a good body position to be able to see the entire dashboard, so it's generally not a great idea.
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Awesome video. Very informative 👏
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Iain Kellet 16 soat oldin
Tesla's safety statistics are not very meaningful. As Ryan points out they are comparing autopilot accident miles (almost all freeway) to total accident miles. In the UK in 2019 only 4% of casualties and 6% of deaths occurred in freeway driving. Need to compare autopilot accidents to total freeway accidents. BTW I'm a M3 owner with FSD capability which I always use on freeways.
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"Fairly normal looking Toyota Cross Over". Don't doubt Toyota/Lexus, if anybody is competition for your favorite Tesla brand it's them. Congrats on 100k.
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What about Hyundai and Kia EV ? you should mention about them...
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It was really obvious from the beginning there was something fishy about that Tesla crash.
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*watches car unveil* Dang, that guy looks just like Tony Hawk. Wonder what he's up to these days.
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I like your videos. You said you would add a link below at around 3.5 minutes of this video. The link is not there or you have excessive amount of advertisement for some to find it. It is takes away from the serious part of your effort.
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But does Xpeng think flying cars will replace cars or do they think it will be supplemental? One thing is for sure, if flying cars cost as much as regular cars, tons of people me included will want to buy one.
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another news media bullshit over and over again it comes down to numbers the more views the better even if bullshit thanks for sharing
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The BMW iX is going for 75.000€ with 600km (370mi) range
Michael Holliday
Michael Holliday 17 soat oldin
As you know, Autopilot limits you to 5mph above the speed limit unless you are on a major highway. I read that the road was not even marked with a center or shoulder line marks which would prevent Autopilot from engaging...
Robert Linek
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Those propellers look very dangerous
Barak D
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1M deliveries? probably not.. my guess is somewhere around 850K, which is still more than 65% growth YoY
DardanAirlines 17 soat oldin
Maybe they hit a tree and then hopped out of the driver seat to place the blame on the car, and then the battery blew up.
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Is omaze really a scam?
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Tony Hawk currently drives a Tesla Model S LOLLL
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what about Xpeng or NIO?
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So basically what I learned from the video is What you want to buy: S or X What you can buy: 3 or Y
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Bryan Merton 18 soat oldin
Great video! I am excited about all of these new cars coming out, especially the Rivian! Though I am also exciting to see what Tesla will come up with!
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I only blame the person using self driving wrong because they don't do their Homework on Tesla Cars... People always blame what they don't understand for them not to feel stupid...
Garfield Grant
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With the yolk wheel Tesla trend setter. Let’s wait till Tesla does it then we will copy, said 98% of the auto industry LOL
Garfield Grant
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Xpeng just wants publicity
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Yet, I will buy a Toyota since it allows me to buy a 10 years extended warranty while Tesla has no such option.
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Oooh awwww flying vehicles LOL hey how about solving full self driving cars first LOL
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I'm going to get a Sono Sion as soon as it comes on the market, bye bye charging, hello sun! Combined with my solar roof I can even power my entire house with it, do peak shifting, have power back-up... suntastic!
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Looks like an 8 year old's drawing of a flying space car.
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as a guy working in IT, i find it hilarious how people trust tesla systems with their safety....NEVER do that...regardless of how advanced the software is.
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Good try but Toyota doesn’t have the swagger to pull it off. Looks disjointed.
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I love the consistency of your videos. Always focusing on the data and very little speculation included. Congrats on 100k subs!
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I’m a toyota and Tesla fan and still do not like the yoke steering wheel.
Brady B
Brady B 18 soat oldin
The reason Tesla gets in the news is because of Elon’s far fetched claims of how it is “fully self driving”
Raph Ael
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There is a difference between FSD beta and driver assistance features like lanekeeping etc though. The two get conflated.
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Quick: Buy as much TSLA stock as you can. They are really cheap now. When the Q1 numbers ar released or after AI day the stock will drop further down. And then when everybody sees the folly of their ways and they try to buy more stock there is nothing left and the prices will rise and rise and rise...
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NHTSA has no idea if something is illegal or not? The law does not specify. By definition, if the law does not define, it is legal.
pragyaan Oswal
pragyaan Oswal 19 soat oldin
The owner kept a brick on the accerletor and went behind and sat on the rear seat due to tilting of steering the car crashed and caused fire due to high friction between tire and road which went into the battery pack and burned there body. *this is my verdict
Raph Ael
Raph Ael 17 soat oldin
You continue to feed the initial problem: Speculation.
Red Pony
Red Pony 19 soat oldin
Having a flying car is completely possible and I do believe they will have it working soon. But the safety concerns and the government regulations and they probably need ATC all the time, I don't see it being "usable" anytime soon
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Bela Sziklassy 19 soat oldin
Elon's tweet is a bit misleading itself. While road lines are required to initiate autopilot, autopilot doesn't turn off if pavement turns to gravel. I have seen numerous examples of autopilot continuing to work (very well, I might add). Obviously not claiming Tesla is at fault here. But you can't slam WSG in your tweet and at the same time make a misleading comment about autopilot. There's literally zero reason to point out that autopilot needs lines to initiate when it can be initiated with lines and continue going without. That just muddies the public's knowledge/understanding of the technology as much as an irresponsible headline does.
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roguedogx 19 soat oldin
First off, pretty sure this concept was in the works long before the Tesla yoke was revealed. So it's not so much Tesla influence as common problem solving. Second, no bad Toyota. You are the king of easy usability, do not put this yoke in your cars.
Ramone Flores
Ramone Flores 19 soat oldin
Uhhh did you not know that Toyota helped Tesla make the old roadster so maybe Toyota is allowed to have a yoke steering wheel that’s looks like tesla’s
Red Pony
Red Pony 19 soat oldin
There have been drivers reporting brake failures while Tesla claimed their data logs showed nothing wrong... I just don't know who to believe now
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The accident happened outside of the doctor's multi million mansion in a private road. It is unlikely the car could accelerated to such high speed in short distance without a driver. The 'third' passenger theory is not totally impossible. Police can interview family members and neighbors. Also, the police should take another look of the possibility of the body in the backseat was the driver got ejected backward because of no seatbelt.
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