Sitting in The Model Y
Good Morning World
Amr Essam
Amr Essam 11 soat oldin
Dear tesla/ Elon Musk, kindly proceed with MODEL S EXTERIOR REFRESH by Emre husmen including the new S PLAID ( TESLA ALL THE time
Ben Mater
Ben Mater 13 soat oldin
I want a Model X for rideshare sooo bad. Was setting up to fundraise for drivers, then that week shutdown hit. But soon, I think. Meanwhile I got a Zero DSR that does 0-60 in 2.6. Highly recommend Zeros!!
Give eggy a nice breakfast subcribe
Give eggy a nice breakfast subcribe 13 soat oldin
S 3 X Y Cybertruck ATV Roadster Semi Elon did good My comment ask for permission or be sued lol
Im spacely
Im spacely 14 soat oldin
So if I bought a Model 3 in May, can I get some upgrades to it?
Joel 14 soat oldin
If belatteries are integrated into the frame what happens when your battery burns out? If the car totaled?
Angelo 16 soat oldin
I got my model Y three weeks ago and after one week I got rear ended. Once I got my insurance work taken care of, they ordered a new hatch and bumper last week. As of right now, they don’t know when the parts will be coming in. I hope it doesn’t take too long. Such bad luck unfortunately.
rdcarbo1 17 soat oldin
Nothing can beat filling up my car with gas in less than 4 minutes. LOL.
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 17 soat oldin
I almost got the 2020 model 3 yesterday but I saw missing paint on the front truck laches it was discussing something I would see everyday and We check all the other models and they we’re also missing color idk why they use white primer on a blue car are they planning on fixing this problem?
Pip 18 soat oldin
One issue I can see when scheduling charging stops is, the availability of stations...waiting for free charging bays...which are unpredictable.
Ozziel 18 soat oldin
Not the same as iPhone 12, Tesla comes with a charger...
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 15 soat oldin
Good point 😂
Elisio Moreno
Elisio Moreno 18 soat oldin
Pip 19 soat oldin
When you let people rent the car off of you, how do you deal with damages caused... The drive train alone is going to be damage with no doubt countless hard acceleration...
Pip 19 soat oldin
Does the Tesla car insurance cost much more than a regular car ?
Adam Keino
Adam Keino 19 soat oldin
summon is not a gimmic
Pip 19 soat oldin
If you pay for "Self Driving" even though it's not available, and sell the car. does this stay with the car, or Is this transferable to your next Tesla ?
Pip 14 soat oldin
@Ryan Shaw Shame about that, by the time it will be legal, owners would have probably changed for newer models. So $7k down the drain...
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 15 soat oldin
Stays with the car unfortunately
gadgetmerc 20 soat oldin
I only care about the first 32,000 of them
Obesity Beast
Obesity Beast 20 soat oldin
S 3 X Y ;)
Tim 21 soat oldin
Hey, @Ryan Shaw Has deposits always been non refundable? If you go to the site it shows Non-Refundable order fee now?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 20 soat oldin
Yeah, they change it periodically. I think the way they do it now is that if the car is in production, it’s non-refundable. If it’s a pre-order (Cybertruck), it’s refundable
Jim French
Jim French 21 soat oldin
On why tri-motor first, Elon said after initial reservations that there were more tri and dual motor than the $39k model.
katze_sonne 22 soat oldin
3:28 yes, it stays more on the left here. But that hasn't got to do anything with the car on the left. Autopilot simply always / most of the time goes a little bit further left in its lane when overtaking semi trucks. PS: I don't want to see the parts of the video where you just film yourself talking. The content of that part is completely unnecessary and you could have voiced-over it on the rest of the video. 7:45 no, it wasn't Autopilot cutting the Prius off, it was you telling it to do so. Use "no confirmation lane changes" with AP and normally it would wait until it's clear, if possible.
Da_Blaze - -
Da_Blaze - - Kun oldin
I like the power trunk, new glass, and moved storage. Definitely prefer the old console (but have mine wrapped) and the old performance rims.
Phil Walker
Phil Walker Kun oldin
I ordered a M3 in September and it lands in U.K. late November. I called Tesla and they confirmed it will be the refresh model. Phew 😅
Damon Behnke
Damon Behnke Kun oldin
I would love the semi with a box on it for work
MrTophes Kun oldin
tesla build quality is....well.... really poor quality control. They should poach some Toyota engineers.
Complot killer
Complot killer Kun oldin
Do they already supply 2021 Tesla 3 updates within this year?
Dries Lauwers
Dries Lauwers Kun oldin
TIP: ... when you pick a spot to film some B-role first clean up all the trash in the berm. :o
Gingy The Cat
Gingy The Cat Kun oldin
Good video! The slowness/student driving the car chooses to do is honestly the reason why human judgment will always be needed.
Dan Shoop
Dan Shoop Kun oldin
Do you think that 5% range increase is coming from efficiency package and the LR (and only the LR) is getting the new Panasonic batteries (which they said they had improved by 5%)
Ivan Čajka
Ivan Čajka Kun oldin
The Model Y seats in the middle are on rails like the driver's seat. You can slide them forward to create legroom for the a sixth and seventh seats.
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch Kun oldin
Thank you
Rick9482 Kun oldin
Thumbs down on even bringing up the new battery tech their working on with the larger cell size. It's not part of this refresh whatsoever....nada. Stick to reporting what you know, it's much safer. I'll wait a couple of months, I want clarification on the glass and power trunk and seeing the refreshed Model 3 delivered. Most hated feature, the console, updated. That price for SR+ is too good to pass up and makes trading up some time later look quite feasible.
Jgburch Kun oldin
Still needs longer range. Still too expensive for the long range models. The other details are nice but in my world distance is everything.
Ace Kun oldin
"But would do it all over again" Yup.. sums up Tesla fans. Just gluttons for punishment
2222ut Kun oldin
Tire Rash ? You will have Front Fender Rash shortly if you get in the habit of parking the front end of the car over those cement parking blocks. I would highly recommend you not do that. NIce video thou! :>)
Figueroa Jose
Figueroa Jose Kun oldin
Lycan Thorpe
Lycan Thorpe Kun oldin
Daaa Duh
Daaa Duh Kun oldin
I mean you aren’t supposed to rely on autopilot anyway
Turbo Stew
Turbo Stew Kun oldin
nice shirt
Mark Parker
Mark Parker Kun oldin
Does the model Y have dual pane windows already??
Tom Crisp
Tom Crisp Kun oldin
Aside from the welcome updates, some further style tweaking might be effective. I think S and X ought to be available in at least one exclusive color, even if only on the Performance variant. also should be thinking about changing up the paint choices in general. It's been the same selection long enough.
Bogdan Chepurny
Bogdan Chepurny Kun oldin
Are you a salesman? It’s $38,000; not $37,990. -__-
Ben Hegarty
Ben Hegarty Kun oldin
I think the increased range in the Model 3 probably isn’t from new battery technology. It’s probably because they switched to the matte black handles.
FluffyShark Datazz
FluffyShark Datazz Kun oldin
You have NO IDEA how hard it was training autonomy NOT to slam on the brakes for people who weave and cut you off
JimL Kun oldin
Liked. Looking at the Model Y as our next vehicle.
Station 2Station
Station 2Station Kun oldin
frederick lee
frederick lee Kun oldin
HATE the faux-wood strip no the dashboard.
Marco Rizza
Marco Rizza Kun oldin
Do you think leasing a model 3 for 3 years would be a better option then?
Tips4Tesla Kun oldin
Seems the competition driving the innovation is just the model 3... versus the model Y.... One forced the upgrades to the other
Monroe Kun oldin
Some people like the chrome, makes it look more upscale. I wish they would make it a configurable option.
Dani Alexandria
Dani Alexandria Kun oldin
iPhone usually come in September but covid delayed production for this year
Mike Hegstad
Mike Hegstad Kun oldin
Any idea when RWD LR Model Y will be available for sale? My lease runs out the end of this year and I'm ready to order.
Danie Bello
Danie Bello Kun oldin
Why would you list them out of order? S, 3, X, Y
Nejc Ribič
Nejc Ribič Kun oldin
I love the idea of not flooding the market and confusing people with all the possible models they could get but instead making fewer models and optimizing and mastering them. It also costs less to do incremental upgrades from starting with the pen
Richard Little
Richard Little Kun oldin
Can someone please explain why anyone would buy a Model 3. There must be at least a hundred UZpost videos of owners showing complete and total lack of quality with these cars together with zero service. The car is built so poorly I'm surprised it can make it home after someone takes delivery. Why would anyone pay that much for a carload of problems?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Kun oldin
Yeah, if you watch my model y review you can see why. There are a lot of issues with quality control that they need to work on, but overall the way the car drives, the cleanliness of driving electric, the advanced technology, autopilot/self driving features, speed, comfort, and much more make the car well worth it. It can be a bit of a trade off with some potential issues, but overall it proves well worth it to most people
The Red Lense
The Red Lense Kun oldin
The new S3XY lineup 😉
TradeBCN avarcasUSA
TradeBCN avarcasUSA Kun oldin
At lest on the model Y, the increased range comes via software. I recently ordered a model Y (about 10 days ago) and asked if my Model Y would have the increased range and the answer from Tesla was "the increased range is coming to all model Ys ever built"
LilRiceBall Kun oldin
Elon goes through all the effort to make it S3XY and you don't even list them in the right order😔
Charlie_X Kun oldin
We've had 3 audis and 2 mercedes: AC stink happens in all of them. Never had a problem in our old toyotas....
Dungeons Heroes
Dungeons Heroes Kun oldin
you have the ability to change the distance from the front car from the settings
Ezzi Reifer
Ezzi Reifer Kun oldin
You were right. I actually canceled my order and now will get refresh!!
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Kun oldin
Glad it worked out!
Media Boost
Media Boost 2 kun oldin
Your argument around the 5 min mark is, “ehh...” And the reason why is because Tesla has learned from their past, their mistakes, and they have planned accordingly for the future.
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry 2 kun oldin
this was a good move on tesla to stop the buyers going to the polestar 2
Real CiC
Real CiC 2 kun oldin
The apps work fine. Can't use them on any other car so yeah might take a second let it load lol
Real CiC
Real CiC 2 kun oldin
I also believe voice controls could improve ten fold if they collaborate with Google but I think elon wants to build his own Tesla version
Real CiC
Real CiC 2 kun oldin
You are correct with the Spotify. I believe they can fix all the issues in time tho that is the one great take away. At least it can be fixed easily
rik van der kley
rik van der kley 2 kun oldin
If you always put off buying to wait for the update, you will never buy.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Kun oldin
But this time, the rumors were showing all of these massive improvements coming very soon, and it happened.
MrGold 2 kun oldin
Aw man they didnt add aero spoiler like what i wanted
Eter Wael
Eter Wael 2 kun oldin
I spend my time watching The Tesla getting better and better, but I still can't afford it, so for me nothing changes.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 kun oldin
!s it me, or do the black door handles on a white car just look "Wrong"? I'd be going body colour, plus the camera pods. (I'll say it, don't shout at me.... "Look at the Polestar")
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Kun oldin
Design wise I love the polestar, but the range is around 120 miles less
Trendy videos Daily
Trendy videos Daily 2 kun oldin
It's doing all the right things, you just happen to do things your own way
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 2 kun oldin
Something nobody has considered(?) When the Y was released, everyone was impressed by the range compared to the 3. it MAY have been the cells....? BUT, recently Sandy Munro published presentation in which he showed a comparison between the motors in the Model 3 he stripped and a model Y. NOT the same. I assume they've been "upgraded" (rationalised) in which case it's entirely possible that this is the cause of the range and acceleration improvements? This would likely be fitted in the S?X as well(?)
Faz 2 kun oldin
Not sure why everyone keeps drumming up the range increase this time must be due to battery chemistry change when the model Y s that are already out there since March also get the same range increase as new ones on their website. Via update..2020.4.7... the range increase is due to as per the update notes i.e. efficiency improvements thru motor /inverter control and aircon system via this software update
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Kun oldin
That added 10 miles to the Y with software yes. But they added 31 to the model 3. That has to do with more than software, and it looks like it’s the heat pump
tip pinas
tip pinas 2 kun oldin
autopilot is more safety than aggressive and reckless driver, tesla mentioned autopilots more safe than actual driver, so with in 5 years from now i guess some country has autonomous driverless cities, all is automation
Mikael Mcivor
Mikael Mcivor 2 kun oldin
U could have said s,3, x and y. Now I'm just annoyed
Jonathan Varghese
Jonathan Varghese 2 kun oldin
this video was longer than the segment.
Glenn Jacobsen
Glenn Jacobsen 2 kun oldin
I’ll start saving up for when Model X gets black details (screw chrome) and all tan interior. And maybe move the rear registration plate down to the bumper. I’d love to see a refresh with a new take on the rear hatch on X.
OneMusic StoryTesla
OneMusic StoryTesla 2 kun oldin
glove box button should be added in the app. come on tesla. get it together
Dominic Licavoli
Dominic Licavoli 2 kun oldin
I picked up my Model 3 DM LR this March. It has never charged to the rated range of 322. I charged 100% after picking it up and it showed 315. Now I’m down to 294 with 16,000 miles on it. I said all this to say that I don’t get to excited when they talk about range increases because of what I experienced. I just changed display to show percent and monitor instant range on long trips.
Shahal Rajan
Shahal Rajan 2 kun oldin
Tesla should have also added a heated steering wheel for us folks up north!
MJC MJC 2 kun oldin
I saw a model 3 with the black trims, at Tesla's Lynnwood Wa branch on 10/16/2020