Sitting in The Model Y
Dave March
Dave March 4 soat oldin
So I assume, when they tool up the model Y line in Austin, it'll also have the *master caster*.
Michael Crumpton
Michael Crumpton 6 soat oldin
If you compare the cost of FSD to hiring a chauffeur who will work for you 24hrs a day for a decade, it looks pretty cheap, especially when it can go out while you are working or sleeping and make $40/hr for you. At that rate it would pay for itself in less than a month. I am sure Tesla will offer FSD as a monthly subscription for people to try out, or for long trips.
JoeK 7 soat oldin
Do you think right now is a good time to order a MY? Or should I wait until next year?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 soat oldin
If I were able to wait, I’d wait for the center console from the model 3 to make it over to the Y, which seems imminent. Other than that, the other rumored features don’t have a rumored date, so I would just get it
Eagles_Eye 8 soat oldin
Cant even afford a model 3 (around 60k US dollars comparable ) if I ever get it, I’ll endure the suspension even if it’s less quality than my 7000euro second hand ice car My dream car, probably remains a dream though.
tanhouzer 9 soat oldin
If you can spot an issue on the outside of any product, it is possibe that there could be dozens hidden inside.
JON RUSSELL 10 soat oldin
I would have to say Tesla will keep growing abs their stock price will as well; however, they may grow slower since more electric vehicles and companies come online - Rivian and Lordstrom to name just two and then the behemoth, GM and Ford.
Tim Kofoed
Tim Kofoed 11 soat oldin
I say 2000 usd at the end of 2022
Sayone Thihalolipavan
Sayone Thihalolipavan 12 soat oldin
For transparency, curious if you are yourself an investor?
Sayone Thihalolipavan
Sayone Thihalolipavan 12 soat oldin
Also these are great videos!
Matty 12 soat oldin
Nah thanks I don't like Financial Advisors
Ryan Melchione
Ryan Melchione 12 soat oldin
While driving on Tesla autopilot yesterday in my model Y my car decided to turn the wheel causing me to spin 360 degrees on the highway which almost cost my life. Do NOT trust autopilot. Not even close to ready.
Ryan Melchione
Ryan Melchione 12 soat oldin
My model Y auto pilot cause me to spin out of the highway and I nearly died.
Sheehan Roy
Sheehan Roy 14 soat oldin
In the future..... A Tesla will be charged at a supercharger under 10mins.......
Brian Arango
Brian Arango 14 soat oldin
You are by far the best on UZpost for Tesla info. Thank you
Graham Sutton
Graham Sutton 16 soat oldin
"It appears Tesla no plans to leave California".........starts building Giga Texas.........thats one hell of a big stick California! Good luck with that, I wouldn't shut down Freemont next pandemic spike........oh hang on they didnt.........Id say thats an Elon win.
James Hoffman
James Hoffman 19 soat oldin
11:16 Impressive heat exchange. Impressive casting machine. Great footage!
Johan 19 soat oldin
Build a small platform, roll out your sleeping pad and you can sleep in the back. To me, that says the most about how large the cargo space is.
Victor van Dyke
Victor van Dyke 23 soat oldin
This was your best vlog yet! I agree with all your points. I recently got my 2021 Model Y and can say I am happy sofar. I also have a really early order in for a Rivian, Nov 28th 2018, within the first 10. I also have an order in for a Cyber truck and a Semi truck. I have done well enough this year since Feb to buy all these vehicles with what I've made with my Tesla stock. Yeah I got lucky and had the means to do something about it. Oh! I also have an order in for the new Plaid Model S. Jeez!
William Hubert
William Hubert Kun oldin
Tesla knows what to do with their own cars! Eh, not no much.
Bill Cichoke
Bill Cichoke Kun oldin
The same line since 2012...and on into 2022 and beyond. We ain't buying it.
Jack Fogg
Jack Fogg Kun oldin
The fact that the China Gigafactory is shipping cars to Europe is a huge red flag. The Chinese market should be sucking up everything that factory can produce, but by shipping to Europe, Tesla is indicating there is a demand problem in China. Not to mention this is on top of all of the price cuts in the Chinese market.
firebir11 Kun oldin
It was a scam, to gin up reservation money...similar to a ponzie scheme. If production ramps up for EVs, all you’ve done for the environment is exchange one set of contaminants for another. All the while relying on a faulty power grid with rolling blackouts.
Angelo DePaolo
Angelo DePaolo Kun oldin
Definitely appreciate the video because as you said it’s nice to empathize with other Model Y owners. I have all of the same qualms, except I’m also bothered as an early adopter by not having the new auto dimming side mirrors… Or the more logical looking door opening buttons that the newer Model Ys have Edit: and finally having the USB drive in the glove box is also something I missed out on
DCUPtoejuice Kun oldin
market correction coming, TSLA will slip too, but so what 400 Tesla is half a trillion dollar valuation.
Egon Zsaludko
Egon Zsaludko Kun oldin
Tomorrow Today
Tomorrow Today Kun oldin
No recalls on our 2 yo Model X yet. 33K miles so far with no issues. We love it! Goes in Friday for 2 yr check, exchange of HEPA filter, and update to the FSD computer.
Aiden Deutsch-Groh
Aiden Deutsch-Groh Kun oldin
You can get out of rainbow road by just going out of autopilot
Will Chan
Will Chan Kun oldin
Great content. Only thing that was incorrect is when you said that they aren’t profitable without the credits. Keep up the good work
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw Kun oldin
Thanks! I should have specified that they wouldn’t have been profitable for ALL 5 past quarters. Isn’t that the case?
Marvin Van Horn
Marvin Van Horn Kun oldin
Good synopsis of all the economic developments with Tesla in the last year. Well done Ryan, How are you liking ur new suspension?
Don Tannenbaum
Don Tannenbaum Kun oldin
Any news on the model S? Do you think they are working on some design changes exterior or interior? The Plaid seems like it is only about performance. I have a 2 year old Model S which I enjoy but when my lease is up next September I am thinking about getting the model Y unless the model S makes some improvements on their long range version that are worth the premium price.
Aiden Deutsch-Groh
Aiden Deutsch-Groh Kun oldin
I just got a 2021 model 3! its coming in 3 days!!!
Aiden Deutsch-Groh
Aiden Deutsch-Groh 7 soat oldin
@Rayyan Feroz dog fart cat puke hehe
Rayyan Feroz
Rayyan Feroz 7 soat oldin
@Aiden Deutsch-Groh hehe
Aiden Deutsch-Groh
Aiden Deutsch-Groh 8 soat oldin
@Rayyan Feroz thx
Rayyan Feroz
Rayyan Feroz 8 soat oldin
@Aiden Deutsch-Groh cool
Aiden Deutsch-Groh
Aiden Deutsch-Groh 8 soat oldin
@Rayyan Feroz thx I actually think it charges faster than that at superchargers
TessituraX Kun oldin
I'm good with my 600 range sonata hybrid
Hiking Lang
Hiking Lang Kun oldin
Who thinks Elon looks like a younger thinner Arnold Schwarzenegger.
ev wannabe
ev wannabe Kun oldin
no one but you
Dom Gia
Dom Gia Kun oldin
Sudden acceleration sounded like a hoax. They have the input logs from the users and it looked like driver error. It's likely due to the acceleration of the vehicle, user error is less forgiving. Also they have a redundancy in their acceleration system to prevent malfunctions.
Proteslapower Kun oldin
PROTESLAPOWER and a lot of others like the content of your videos. Before the Cybertruck was unveiled I as well had some ideas about a Cyberline. I suggested also that the recently acquired Hibar battery plant in Toronto would be good for high density batteries and Tesla solar. Months ago I tweeted Elon Musk about some of these ideas but he gets so many tweets mine were probably overlooked. Don't get me wrong I think the Cybertruck rocks with its stainless steel exoskeleton and many other features. I believe that the market is also waiting for a Heavy Duty Tesla truck one that could be used for buses, ambulances, delivery trucks, dump trucks, RVs, etc. We could call this one a Cybersemi. From an economic standpoint and the fact that they can be built quickly and affordably alongside the Cybertruck. There should as well be a Lite Duty truck two or four passenger with fold up rear seat and on off road capability, they could really fill the gaps in the market place. This Cyberside-by-side could fit in the $25,000 range and be a little powerhouse even in small places. Of course extra utility type accessories could be available for it so that it could power like a snow blower, lawn mower, forklift, jet boat, etc. Oh yeah let's not forget a solar shelter option. I do have a background in commercial energy and automotive marketing but I could still use help getting these ideas out there. So if you like these ideas or have some of your own to add please let me know. I appreciate all of you and your comments. It's time to fix our future! [email protected]
Jon Riley
Jon Riley Kun oldin
I think the key is batteries. Look for Germany to quietly take the Lead on batteries in 2021 and then Tera Texas take the lead afterward during their battery factory build out. Look for Elon's promotion for lots of competition between China, Berlin, and Nevada on Battery Development. Look for Boring Co to grow and be promoted heavily as it will greatly promote EVs in the process with a plant to build Boring Machines announced sometime next year. 2021 will see lots of prototypes as the lower cost vehicles are designed with local solutions that must make much harder subjective design trade offs. Look for other profits centers to emerge to fruition ASAP. Another bust out year for Tesla!!
Expat Gardener
Expat Gardener Kun oldin
Doesn't the model 3 2021 have the heat pump?
Karl Roth
Karl Roth Kun oldin
A Canadian stock market listing we would love to see... soon. And a giga factory in London, Ontario, Canada to supply all of upper USA states... and of course, the rest of Canada..
RCMJC Kun oldin
keep growing year over year with alot of bumps
Norm K.
Norm K. Kun oldin
Nice T shirt Ryan! I live in Aberdeen, Washington, "The Gateway to the Olympics "👍😀🔥 just found your channel and subscribed.
Hassan Janjua
Hassan Janjua 2 kun oldin
Ryan, can you please shed some light on OEM tires and rim for model Y
bstdb ksydb
bstdb ksydb 2 kun oldin
How are you able to get your hands on the Jeda hub? I have been waiting for months and they just send updates about delays 🤷🏽‍♂️
Stewart Starling
Stewart Starling 2 kun oldin
Ryannnnnnnn! You're awesome!
Aaron Templeton
Aaron Templeton 2 kun oldin
Great video. FYI, when Elon said energy would be the most profitable division, I don’t think he was really talking about residential/commercial solar. The biggest part of the energy market is the grid play. Not vehicle to grid. The grid at the production and management side.
TheLotw 2 kun oldin
They care more for the vehicle business than solar/home use. I was told by my solar installer that I got the last Tesla Powerwall 2 they are going to be installing for maybe a year as they cannot get the batteries anymore, cause such a backlog at Tesla.
Blueyzachary 2 kun oldin
I reported all of the bad drivers 😂
Just Another Model Y Guy
Just Another Model Y Guy 2 kun oldin
Mine broke down on the road 6 days after owning it. Have you heard of other Y owner's getting "Acceleration and top speed reduced" issue?
Patrick Wu
Patrick Wu 2 kun oldin
I’ve enjoyed your videos, but on behalf of your neighbors, zero to “not 60” launches in a residential area is not a good idea. As a car guy and your fan, I totally understand if you can’t help yourself sometimes...but at least don’t promote/publicize it on UZpost.
Patrick Wu
Patrick Wu 2 kun oldin
@Ryan Shaw I appreciate your response man. I've learned a lot about Tesla through your videos, and they have helped me sort through the facts vs fiction. Now I plan on buying one for our family (as soon as we have a need for a second car, probably post-covid)
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 2 kun oldin
Hey Patrick! Totally agree. It was a very open neighborhood, so it felt fine at the time, but after posting this I definitely saw that it wasn’t the smartest. Won’t happen again. Thanks for the support, and for the constructive feedback!
bstdb ksydb
bstdb ksydb 2 kun oldin
The unofficial Tesla Reservation Tracker site is getting close to 800k estimated Cybertruck reservations.
Neil M
Neil M 2 kun oldin
Very useful list tbh.
Is Go
Is Go 2 kun oldin
Scott Mohrman
Scott Mohrman 2 kun oldin
Money is money. Look at the bigger picture.
gooldii1 2 kun oldin
Wooow! Sooo good! Thumps up from Germany!
gooldii1 2 kun oldin
Thanks sooo much! All your Teslavideos are sooo good! I would love to buy this Suspension here in Germany, or, if possible, the Air Suspension, if availiable from tesla Berlin!
Seth von Dardel
Seth von Dardel 2 kun oldin
Tesla was profitable in q3 even without regulatory credits.
Doitgood52 2 kun oldin
Do your due diligence research before you mouth off about Elon causing the stock to crash. He said that to give the retail investors a heads up that the technical indicators and Tesla’s sec filing for a capital raise were imminent and the stock price was going to correct.. the following session in fact! He couldn’t give any details because it’s not allowed .
ken 1
ken 1 2 kun oldin
I think the roadster will have insane demand.
ken 1
ken 1 Kun oldin
@JV8 Studios Never drove one but the M3 looks nice
JV8 Studios
JV8 Studios 2 kun oldin
i agree, what is your favourite tesla car?
ken 1
ken 1 2 kun oldin
Stocks going up
Eagles_Eye 2 kun oldin
“ because technically they wouldn’t have made a profit if they didn’t get those credits” Hmm I need to buy a machine that can produce a product, I can afford to buy 2 machines but need to wait to buy the third machine till next year due to not having enough money, Oh? You’re going to give me XX amount of money in a few months? Great. Then I can order that third machine this year aswell. --- Tesla would still have made profit if they didn’t get those credits. They would simply have spent less money, Why do people think Tesla spent the money and then suddenly were surprised by receiving free money? They knew they were getting that money and decided to spent it this year instead of waiting for the next year.
Márk Juhász
Márk Juhász 2 kun oldin
I am pretty curious what stock price will be the new norm after 21 of december. Maybe 500? I doesn't have a clue. Doesn anybody has an aducated guess?
Gareth Robinson
Gareth Robinson 2 kun oldin
550 would be the conservative estimate but honestly no one really knows. Invest for the long haul, five years minimum or you may as well pop down to the casino and put it all on red.
bpon89 2 kun oldin
Just having Autopilot only and no FSD, the Phantom Braking I get is pretty scary, you explained it so well.
Hello USA
Hello USA 2 kun oldin
Elon is just a richer version of Trevor Milton. Elon where are the robot taxis in 2020. Or how is your hyperloop coming along as you said 2021 right?
Jeffrey Wu
Jeffrey Wu 2 kun oldin
A great summary of 2020, nothing really meaningful for 2021 and beyond.
jwkivy Kun oldin
WTF?!? So, the opening of Giga Berlin, Tera Austin, production of Y in China, production of CT and semi, production of 4680 cells etc. isn't meaningful? I couldn't disagree more.
Dnice3477 2 kun oldin
I’m glad I invested earlier this year when I did. I’ve already tripled my money.
Dnice3477 8 soat oldin
@Steven Hill yea I WISH I had done it then!
Steven Hill
Steven Hill 9 soat oldin
Started buying Tesla stock about 2.5 years ago that is now worth $1,037,000
Dnice3477 2 kun oldin
@Gareth Robinson wow!
Gareth Robinson
Gareth Robinson 2 kun oldin
I invested in the middle of last year and I've already 14X my money to $500,000! 🤑
Justin Santiago
Justin Santiago 2 kun oldin
Got to share FSDbeta with @Two Bit da Vinci and his experience and our conversation can be seen on his latest video:
siliconsoulman 2 kun oldin
Build quality is poor still
69 2 kun oldin
Mainly in Fremont which is the only factory in the US that makes the cars quality control will be better in Berlin and Texas.
Michael Latta
Michael Latta 2 kun oldin
If Tesla hits their targets I expect another 10x by 2030
Bryce Miskin
Bryce Miskin 3 kun oldin
Wasn't clear before I clicked the video we were talking stonks.
chuckhoag 3 kun oldin
I think we are seeing three dynamically emerging technologies converge at the same time, EV / AV / Energy (battery) and few analysts can accurately model what Tesla is going to achieve. They are not just a car company. I think their stock price will continue to outperform and reach new heights in the near future as their vertical integration and improved manufacturing efficiencies show results.
John Kinsfather
John Kinsfather 3 kun oldin
Cyber Truck looks like a whole different vehicle in a color. Looks better
Clear as mud
Clear as mud 2 kun oldin
John Kinsfather - Maybe, but it also looks scratchable and temporary. The silvery stainless steel is forever.
Trevor Bruner
Trevor Bruner 3 kun oldin
Love Tesla hope they never go out of business and would live to own all the Tesla models one day I'm 13 right now lol
Clear as mud
Clear as mud 2 kun oldin
Trevor Bruner - Wonderful enthusiasm and great comment. FYI you can fix mistakes (live/love) with the 3 vertical dots to the right of your comment.
Trevor Bruner
Trevor Bruner 3 kun oldin
MAGA 3 kun oldin
musk lies more than biden lol
Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS
Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS 3 kun oldin
Using other peoples content is easy... You speculate and show no original content! So, NO, for this crap you get thumbs down.
Sridhar Makkapati
Sridhar Makkapati 3 kun oldin
Excellent video and great content
J Snukka
J Snukka 3 kun oldin
What I see happening in 2021 is that Tesla profit margins is going to grow more every quarter as they start producing and sell all the new cars. More and more people are going to realize the potential in Tesla’s future business earnings through battery production, energy sector, software as service etc etc. as the stock is spotlighted through S&P 500 index. More investors will want to buy the stock, while most of us are holding it, driving the stock price even higher. I have a feeling stock price will near $700-750 a share by end of 2021.
Tedacules 3 kun oldin
My roof is part of the 759MW in quarter 3 2020!!!! Thinking about buying a Tesla? Use my code:
Mr. M
Mr. M 3 kun oldin
Ryan, good video. i see you are an keen on the environment. you might like this message wrapped in a song:
Tim Yarrow
Tim Yarrow 3 kun oldin
There's good content on this channel, but it doesn't go deep enough; Example: ZEV credits have been very beneficial to Tesla, but in no way has Tesla relied upon them for the last 5 quarters of profitability. Had the ZEVCs not been available, Tesla would have reconfigured their balance sheets appropriately and still shown a profit. As it is, the ZEVC payments has essentially allowed Tesla to design and build an entire money printing press, AKA a Tesla terrafactory. You ask me, it's a pretty neat trick building the factories that will put your ICE competitors (term used advisedly) out of business, and getting them to pay for it.
Ben Friedman
Ben Friedman 2 kun oldin
Spot on.
Melinda Fitzgerald
Melinda Fitzgerald 3 kun oldin
This guy is really making the great content
JV8 Studios
JV8 Studios 2 kun oldin
I agree! Do you have a favourite tesla car?
lcalderon 3 kun oldin
The consensus out there is that "Too high" is not the same as too expensive. Tweeted at 8:11 on 5/1. We had a 5 for 1 split announced on 8/11 🤔
bstdb ksydb
bstdb ksydb 2 kun oldin
The consensus out there is that "Too high" is not the same as too expensive. Tweeted at 8:11 on 5/1. We had a 5 for 1 split announced on 8/11 🤔
69 2 kun oldin
Makes you wonder what weird tweets Elon makes now that we should be reading into more.
Andy Granger
Andy Granger 3 kun oldin
Ryan.. i always enjoy your presentation style.. i dont know if you do professional broadcasting, but you should be up there.