HQsound 14 soat oldin
It's not a spoiler, it's an adaptive wing.
Victor Goitia
Victor Goitia 14 soat oldin
Why doesn’t Apple team up with Aptera?
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 15 soat oldin
Tesla will be gone to Texas and stupid California will have their microgrid
Khoa Nguyen - Tom
Khoa Nguyen - Tom 16 soat oldin
Me in another country that doesn't even have a single Tesla: Guess i'm too late then.
Per B
Per B 16 soat oldin
down town
down town 17 soat oldin
Ok sure! I'll just pull the money out of my ass and get on that. 🙄
TheYuriG 18 soat oldin
Jesus christ, the Lightning image flashes ruined me LOL
Gui Massanga
Gui Massanga 19 soat oldin
U are looking great ,shouldnt worry about hairloss
Just Because
Just Because 19 soat oldin
No demand in China.
m Jerome
m Jerome 19 soat oldin
This guy🤤😍
Melanie Sparks
Melanie Sparks 20 soat oldin
How do I find the referral link to get the free charging?
MineManiac 20 soat oldin
Alright, let me just buy a Tesla with my imaginary 40k dollars
Armando C
Armando C 20 soat oldin
I want to but it’s just out of my budget at the moment still saving...
Lindy Edwards
Lindy Edwards 21 soat oldin
Ford: “we totally ripped off Tesla and now we’re stoked” But Ryan, are you really following up with the energy consumption of the currencies when Ford and their two Big Three brothers are the reason for our current 90 billion dollar backend cost of fossil? Btw, believe it or not, every electric car with a decent battery pack can power a house during an outage (postcard from 2009 .....)
Lindy Edwards
Lindy Edwards 21 soat oldin
Omg, it is COVID right now and somehow Elon must transcend governmental/supply chain restrictions and deliver when everything else is on hold? I mean, I think the Tony Stark thing is somewhat fitting, but producing post pandemic in a quoted timeline is bs
BETHEL BHG-TV 22 soat oldin
I ordered my Model X in April. My delivery was June, then August, then November, and now January 2022. No refund I was informed.
ASH MOH 22 soat oldin
In next 2 years we have so many electric car coming in marked that Tesla will be just another electric car …so why we have to buy before is to late?
Adam Forte-Dixon
Adam Forte-Dixon 22 soat oldin
I think musk is raising the price Bc I think the model 2 is coming sooner than we think
Yang Jiao
Yang Jiao 23 soat oldin
But... RAV4 doesn't cost 63k OTD
Lexus Fox
Lexus Fox Kun oldin
I lowkey just want a Tesla so I can take my Itasha wrap to the next level, the design is perfect for it.
Beach & Rivers
Beach & Rivers Kun oldin
Right , blinding other drivers just total assholes
Gaston V
Gaston V Kun oldin
Warning - Teslas burn at minimal impact.
Joe Sinkovits
Joe Sinkovits Kun oldin
Teslas are hideous, with interiors that look like they were ripped right out of an 80-something Yugo.
Abe Sofari
Abe Sofari Kun oldin
TESLA = reminds me of the movie WALL-E 🎥😅. with everything robotic future.
Andréa Kahlo
Andréa Kahlo Kun oldin
Been waiting since March :( they estimated delivery range keeps fluctuating ..
Steve wBolanz
Steve wBolanz Kun oldin
Wow, gas here in Ohio is $2.73, and that is after Biden's gas increase of.75cents
Jimmy D. Porter
Jimmy D. Porter Kun oldin
Kyle Willett
Kyle Willett Kun oldin
I think the government needs to get out ahead of this and force the automakers to agree on a standard charger port and charging station so universal stations can be set up through the U.S.
Master Geo
Master Geo Kun oldin
I'm hoping to time the electric credit with the timing of the Cybertruck, if that's possible. Also I don't see the big deal with 1,000 free super charging miles. They offered that deal if you got it before 2021 I believe. In Greensboro N.C. they charge .096 per kwh and a Tesla's battery is 75 kwh. So 7.20 for a full charge. A Tesla long range does 350 miles on a full charge. I can fill up my battery 2.85 times with 1000 miles saving me a whooping 20.52 dollars. I'm unfamiliar with super chargers and I'm assuming there slightly more expensive then charging at home, but I just don't see the big deal.
illmatic Fury
illmatic Fury Kun oldin
I sadly would need the more affordable model. Before I’m able to purchase a Tesla.
Alex M
Alex M Kun oldin
Lol, these endless "buy it before it's too late" are so tired. This kind of pressure sales stuff is a good indication of the trustworthiness of this brand. "Buy the expensive autopilot feature now, even though it's vaporware, we're gonna raise the price in the future." "Buy the car now, we're going to stop selling them to make robo taxis." "Put the deposit on now, we constantly miss our delivery promises." This is why you don't pre-order video games, dummies.
EDP446 Kun oldin
HA. you think they will wipe out tesla entirely? good one
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Kun oldin
No $25,000 tesla next year, sources say
A Patel
A Patel Kun oldin
Ford looks so old after looking at Cyber Truck . Cyber Truck is going to be a big Hit
Friedman Photos
Friedman Photos Kun oldin
Ryan, you do a great job. Totally appreciate your style and excellent/simple presentation style.
Lindy Edwards
Lindy Edwards 20 soat oldin
Paid little puppet
Valdis Wallace
Valdis Wallace Kun oldin
What happen to jaguar
P G Kun oldin
No thanks, much better EV car options coming out rather than a Tesla. They are going to be considered old technology by 2022 guaranteed. Musk likes to build rockets and stuff. 🙄
Luisa Merriman
Luisa Merriman Kun oldin
The pleasant mailman immunocytochemically fax because refund intringuingly stroke off a omniscient market. cute, sticky mosquito
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Kun oldin
The states tax the gasoline for revenue, they will start taxing the electric higher once everyone gets used to and like the EV, Its how they make their money
Ryan Mclean
Ryan Mclean Kun oldin
Did you realize he changed shirts 3:35
Omar Mansour
Omar Mansour Kun oldin
I have a new model y built in dec 2020, hearing squeaks and rattles from the back that comes and goes any ideas Ryan ?
Christoph Dimiceli
Christoph Dimiceli Kun oldin
Matte black all day.
CoinCycle Kun oldin
Reason to wait. New batteries
Bomi Kun oldin
Ryan, your video titles are becoming misleading. You spoke about the S for a fraction of the total video time.
Rando Calrissian
Rando Calrissian Kun oldin
Prius was a game changer and ushered helped spark the transition towards electric. I leased three Toyota hybrids before getting a model Y
Dr Tim O'Shea
Dr Tim O'Shea Kun oldin
more junk science. tesla may may be sold out for the quarter but it's only his guess that the reason is chip shortage. there are a few hundred other factors which may be causing the bottleneck. Result: there's no evidence that Tesla can't get enough chips. this guy could get a job with CNN.
Steven White
Steven White Kun oldin
Ordered ours friday!
Les Jean
Les Jean Kun oldin
If the Tesla people are reading this, here is what it’d take to get me interested in an electrical vehicle. Go look and test drive the new BMW X7, make an EV that looks and feels exactly like the X7. Same superior quality in and out. Same size and similar tech options. Same attention to detail. Must have real leather: some cows must die to give me the sitting comfort I’m looking for. Range: at least 650 mile. Time to fully charge: 5 minutes. Price: no more than $90K. Now that you know what would bring me to the EV corner, go build it.
John Varghese
John Varghese Kun oldin
How is it you seem to know more than anyone else and more than Tesla publishes?
Eter Wael
Eter Wael Kun oldin
Blablablabla, Tesla is expensive.
enoch1680 Kun oldin
It appears that Ford is setting themselves up for trouble with supply chain. They need a management shake up. It appears that they are not taking control of their battery supply chain. They will pay a steep price for this as lithium supplies get squeezed in coming years.
enoch1680 Kun oldin
I agree with you, Ford is smart to acknowledge the Model 3, unlike GM's arrogance and hope of pretending they started the EV revolution. Ford is inviting Tesla into the club, good on them.
Karen Romero
Karen Romero Kun oldin
Fisker is making a good looking SUV that also has an solar roof. I love Tesla's vision but they better start making some good looking vehicles instead of standard looking. Fisker is also advertising a $37,400 price.
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds Kun oldin
What's the plan for States that freeze for almost half the year ?
Anatoly Khalizev
Anatoly Khalizev Kun oldin
So, I wish Tesla insurance will be available soon in Minnesota.
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds Kun oldin
When are the $20K EV's rolling out ?
Themegabuilder_5 Kun oldin
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds Kun oldin
Why don't any of these EV's have solar panels on them ?
Niall Kun oldin
Glad to hear some folks are hearing of delivery dates in June. Ordered Model S 1/28/2021, and our estimated was pushed from March to July, now August just the other day... Hopefully that gets moved up! Thanks for the updates.
stickersadd20hp 22 soat oldin
You won't be disappointed. Tesla is the only automaker that production vehicles are better then the prototype.
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds Kun oldin
How was your Tesla mileage when the temp was 0° F, or lower, for a couple weeks in a row ?
Benjamin Cuellar
Benjamin Cuellar Kun oldin
I'm waiting on lucid air to come out is worth the waite....
Aves Raggiana
Aves Raggiana Kun oldin
NEVER, EVER trust the Mainland Chinese.
Non Ofurbusiness
Non Ofurbusiness Kun oldin
As someone who doesn’t really know much about cars, this video was very easy to understand so thank you. I love how simple and informative you made it
Deans n LiPo
Deans n LiPo Kun oldin
No wonder why all the used model 3s in my area are gone in just a few weeks.
Andrew Doolittle
Andrew Doolittle Kun oldin
There's no "chip shortage" *per se* but a shortage of *QUALITY* microprocessor/controllers. Since Ford will be going all in on pure FADEC for the new F150 that should eliminate the chip shortage period on legacy Das Auto in the USA as non-aircraft grade components are hardly a premium market with limited supply offerings. Anyhow my understanding from a press release by Ford is that they source their silicon from Japan which if true means the report of "no at issue" would be valid. If moving towards programmable logic processors that might explain specifically what is at issue here.
mauro volpe
mauro volpe Kun oldin
better Mars than a world of Corrupts, the true paradise is not appreciated, so let's start with the dust of Mars, human is really a stupid subject, and robots will be the masters the fox 
Wally Blackler
Wally Blackler Kun oldin
Having Joe Biden going out to the fuel for regular vehicles it’s not the way to get it done and telling everybody that you’re saving the planet by running a electric vehicles and going to get it done is either you just have to tell everybody these vehicles are better and they work better. Stop trying to push the new green deal
Aves Raggiana
Aves Raggiana Kun oldin
Without being at all malicious, Elon Musk is the kind of guy who would sincerely wonder why his wife/girlfriend would get upset with him if he cheated. His lack of emotional intelligence would make him think, "Why should they be unhappy if I cheat on them? They only want me to be happy." It's that kind of flawed, self-absorbed reasoning that has him steadfastly refusing to set up a PR department. Elon may be a genius, but he's also empathetically foolish.
Tuhin Mia
Tuhin Mia Kun oldin
The natural digital ideally place because bag accordantly offend on a talented drill. milky, clumsy kettle
Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey Kun oldin
Quick question: do you get the tax credit in a lump sum or is that paid out over a few years? Thnx for the content!
Chicken Crackling
Chicken Crackling Kun oldin
Great informative videos, unfortunately in the UK very little is relevant. There’s still no such thing as a Model Y here, and ask any dealer when we will get a refresh Model S and they will laugh you out of the room. My M3 is 2.5 years old and as much as I want to remain brand loyal, my choices are little to none. I refuse to go VAG, so the Polestar is my only realistic option.
mauro volpe
mauro volpe Kun oldin
and a kind of speculation don't get dazzled by the results only tesla, Musk is an admirable and human man not interested in money only success in world innovation q don't be dazzled meditate ment sana in corpore sano the fox
Aldo Zeni
Aldo Zeni Kun oldin
Hi,you tell tesla yo bor 3to5 Ester Wells around the factory soin which'
Aldo Zeni
Aldo Zeni Kun oldin
The factory sub soin is rich on water,so tesla can bore 3 yo 5 Wells and with waterpomp yo extract water dir the factory,must ask for the permition yo realise ir.thanks
Moto arzan
Moto arzan Kun oldin
THAT SEMI Can be modified into various length& height vans to compete with the Mercedes and Sprinters vans. Then the chassis can be extended to make any kind or size box-trucks. Those semi front end and chassis can be sold to RV manufacturers to put their RV touches into it.
U.S.Slave Kun oldin
Wanna be trapped in a burning car fire fighter can't put out for 45 minutes well tesla is your dream car
Eugene MechanisM
Eugene MechanisM Kun oldin
I would prefer the new minibus on chassis from Cyber Truck, not Model X one...
Striker Eureka00
Striker Eureka00 Kun oldin
Honestly i’m pretty excited for a future where we move from fossil fuels to electric. Granted it might not be the smoothest transition but i’m going to enjoy being part of the change. Being there to see the things i drive and operate move to electric.
Sandu Tonu
Sandu Tonu Kun oldin
Model A, cuz its S 3 X Y C A R
Alex_ander 010
Alex_ander 010 Kun oldin
We already have „sexy cars“ Model S/3/X/Y Cybertruck/ATV/Roadster/Semi
lotsanerv inLA
lotsanerv inLA Kun oldin
If Tesla had to source chips for 4+ million vehicles, they'd be in the same boat as Ford.
Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell Kun oldin
Anyone know about any incentives in Georgia outside of the little bitty 250$