Tesla Already Beat Google
New Tesla Model S Spotted
Sitting in The Model Y
YJM Strat
YJM Strat 40 daqiqa oldin
What do you think about the possible production of the Lucid Air this year will that be the first competitions for Tesla?
justyce williams
justyce williams 50 daqiqa oldin
what fantom means inside of a tesla while self-driving mode it means it is predicting and kind of recks that it thinks is going to happen it was a later update to self-driving
TeeDee87 Soat oldin
about the interior of that convertible. Can't say if this photo is showing right but for me the leather work quality just doesn't cut it. Look for example left side of the steering wheel....
Aurora Jones
Aurora Jones Soat oldin
Musk has said directly he has no plans for a HUD.
DamianPlayingGames 2 soat oldin
W R K 2 soat oldin
"Refreshed model S" at 9:55 looks like something Toyota would design. Barf!
Hans Horst
Hans Horst 3 soat oldin
who is here because whatever?
Bob Jordan
Bob Jordan 3 soat oldin
If your "previews" of the model S are real and not just someones wet dream, I may actually buy one. Overdue for a facelift imo, and not just different fog lamps, new wheels etc.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 5 soat oldin
I think I wanna leave a voicemail ????
MattOGormanSmith 5 soat oldin
UI redesign effort is a poor excuse for switching to a horizontal screen. Most tablet/phone apps can dynamically rearrange themselves for current screen orientation, and the effort needed by the coder is very low. Personally, I'd like the screen mount on all models to offer a swivel, so everyone can have the orientation they prefer.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 5 soat oldin
i love his laugh
huss1205 7 soat oldin
The work on preparing this video is appreciated, a quality work...
Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow 7 soat oldin
New model S,X and roadster
Jake Lauer
Jake Lauer 8 soat oldin
Would love a video about the passenger experience, like what you can control on the touch screen as the front seat passenger. Can you use the voice controls? How does that all work?
T G S 9 soat oldin
Looks kinda small to me. Not much room for suitcases for a large family.
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 10 soat oldin
10:55 You missed the Model S Shooting Break aka Station Wagon
Jérôme Denis
Jérôme Denis 10 soat oldin
Another ugly Tesla.
planbenterprise 11 soat oldin
I paid 15K for my used Tacoma 3 years ago. It’s worth 13K today, 40,000 miles later. Minimal maintenance, cheap insurance, zero financing, 15 MPG, and zero f’s given about paint or dings or scratches. I’ll buy a used model Y in a decade for cash and likely have similar costs. I can wait.
Rick Bernhardt
Rick Bernhardt 11 soat oldin
About half way through your informative but monotonous videos you start to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher....wah wah wah wah wah...
austin1839 13 soat oldin
A perfect example of when you can't impress them with information then dazzle them with bullshit.
Felrobert 13 soat oldin
NHTSA wanted Tesla to upgrade MCU1 to MCU2 for safety reasons. My 2013 Model S almost killed a kid while backing up from my drive way I was looking down at my screen and suddenly froze, mother of the kid screamed her lungs out so I hit the brakes I didn’t even know the kid ran behind my car split second while I was looking down at a dead screen. A regular car backup camera is not tied to the car main computer now Tesla wants me to pay $1500 bucks to replace the computer because it has Netflix and games build in and not even worrying about the safety aspect. Cmon Tesla your CEO is a billionaire, can this MCU 1 be updated to MCU 2 for free? Or even at reasonable cost?Sake of safety?!? NHTSA not doing enough to keep us safe until another life is taken.
Ivan Kuljis Music
Ivan Kuljis Music 14 soat oldin
G'Day Ryan, _As always, AMA2!NG_ _Do you believe they'll ever catch Tesla?_ _Greets from Oz_ _We're celebrating AUSTRALIA DAY now!_
passionczar 14 soat oldin
Hi Ryan! Just wanted to let you know that I took delivery on my Model Y on December 20th. and completed my aftermarket upgrades January 12th. I'm completely happy! Thanks for the inspiration and awesome Model Y info. ~Antonio
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos 14 soat oldin
Wait, so the plaid model s will have the same design as the current model s, but the regular model s will have a fresh new design?! Ok, if they di what I just said, they NEED to do something with the exterior design to make it stand out, a lot. For the p100d, they didn't do anything to make it look really exciting besides add some red brake calipers and a small carbon fiber spoiler. For this kind of money for a car that will be using a somewhat outdated platform, it had better look exclusive and exciting that's shows how fast and insane it is.
MARXTACET 14 soat oldin
Thumbnail looks a lot like a Mazda 3
Mark Morrissey
Mark Morrissey 15 soat oldin
Another great video Ryan. Thats why i buy a Model Y in year 3. New battery, suspension and finished product quality.
Jefferson Eagley
Jefferson Eagley 15 soat oldin
When you look at ordering a model S, the plaid version is visually independent and has a significantly higher range listed that is coming soon. My bets are that's the new structural battery pack version. Very exciting!
zxnuc 15 soat oldin
Is san disk extreme 1TB Portable Solid state drive ok for the sentry mode
The French Nerd
The French Nerd 15 soat oldin
Either that... OR - they are planning a landscape screen for the model S/X (yes please Elon), and then this icon would be there to support S and X.
David Finn
David Finn 15 soat oldin
Me casually waiting for next month to get tesla model 3 for $35,000,00 and they're all in my investment on crypto..
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor 15 soat oldin
@David Finn thanks for the info
Devin Turner
Devin Turner 15 soat oldin
@Dante Katya 🤭 Crypto is the future: XDC by XinFin
David Finn
David Finn 15 soat oldin
@Andrew Taylor his availability is on Watsapp 👆👆👆
David Finn
David Finn 15 soat oldin
+1 7 1 8 6 7 5 5 3 8 5
Dante Katya
Dante Katya 15 soat oldin
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Steve Windsurf
Steve Windsurf 16 soat oldin
For the new battery segment . . . I guess without the battery tabs, liquid cooling at the ends is now possible, to cool the entire pack. A lower internal impedance battery (higher current) could lead to a more energetic RUD. This new battery pack must include improved fire containment or "towards road" cell venting. . . . Hmm - Hard to eject a battery that's holding the car together, but well - warp core . . . .
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan 16 soat oldin
Just 17
Roman Santana
Roman Santana 16 soat oldin
Well. The convertible one is the coolest I have seen. That is a great concept because it gives customers more options to buy. Not just the alian look-like one. To tell you the true, that is the nicest I've ever seen.
annag cocl
annag cocl 17 soat oldin
Like ??????
Dwight Vietzke
Dwight Vietzke 17 soat oldin
The average age for cars in the US is 10 years, and I would suspect that many ICE fires occur on 10 plus year old cars. So the fact that ICE cars have way more fires may also be related to age, long term use and maintenance. Since you can't practically do DIY maintenance on your Tesla, the Tesla would have that advantage, but age may still become a factor as Teslas age.
Yattaman 17 soat oldin
All storage devices will eventually fail.
Yattaman 16 soat oldin
@annag cocl This should be right up your ally 😜: uzpost.info/vision/video/jdajl9OTjZ9qrKM.html
annag cocl
annag cocl 17 soat oldin
would be a fun video!!
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts 17 soat oldin
Just replace the memory card - cheap and easy. People want the upgrade - go for it - a fine deal.
Shawn Ritchie
Shawn Ritchie 17 soat oldin
3:20 😑 not sure who’s Tesla was being filmed but, ugh 🤦 clean your wheels!
XYED Zeus 18 soat oldin
with a new model s , lucid on the way ....i m worried as a NIO investor.....happy as a tesla investor
Nedim Lapo
Nedim Lapo 18 soat oldin
It can't be a big refresh because they recently announced Model S Plaid so buyers would be dissapointed if exterior refresh happens since they didn't order that version.
Callum Anderson
Callum Anderson 18 soat oldin
JD Power isn't wrong about the quality.
Callum Anderson
Callum Anderson 18 soat oldin
JD Power isn't wrong about the quality.
scuzzer99 19 soat oldin
Can’t wait to see your review at stock height
Alex K.
Alex K. 19 soat oldin
Adjustable suspension doesn't equal air suspension. Every Ferrari has an adjustable suspension for example and none of them ride on air. Why don't we all wait and see?
Max Flight
Max Flight 19 soat oldin
Metal springs are capable of providing a smooth ride ! It’s bollox to say air gives a smoother ride.
tgay 69
tgay 69 19 soat oldin
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human on a rock drifting trough time
human on a rock drifting trough time 20 soat oldin
tesla sheeps
Fbj brazil
Fbj brazil 20 soat oldin
Tesla really should place a HUD on their cars
sheldonv8 20 soat oldin
About as many facts as a Trumps election cheating claims
Kerry White
Kerry White 21 soat oldin
Replete with ifs and coulds.
Cory Pride
Cory Pride 21 soat oldin
Very well done, BUT... A little bit wordy and a little bit repetitious. Once you tell us something new, it doesn't ever need to be repeated in the same video. I know the intention is continuity but for people who are interested in listening to a 16 minute video about Tesla, 'repetition for emphasis' isn't a good thing. Constructive criticism, I hope, and I look forward to the next one.
wellseewho 23 soat oldin
Something is wrong to myself if I have to go through complex calculations like this in order to convince myself to sign a loan to finance a $68,000 car in order to save money on gas. It really is starting to sound like spending a dollar to save a penny.
Kirti Rathod
Kirti Rathod 23 soat oldin
Claire Kennedy
Claire Kennedy 23 soat oldin
I would love to see a Tesla convertible! It would actually be practical because of the frunk
LeonaLeona KrulishKrulish
LeonaLeona KrulishKrulish 23 soat oldin
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Stephen Ferris
Stephen Ferris Kun oldin
I like the convertible Tesla model S. Considering that Tesla wants to get us all out of ICE into EVs. Then they need to improve their quality foremost and dramatically cut costs. Make the Tesla Model S similar in price to a Camry 25k and model 3 with Corolla 20k. Model X get rid of the falcon doors and replace them with normal mechanical doors, bigger similar in size with either a Tahoe, Landcruiser, Navigator, or Suburban. and cut its price down to 60k. All vehicles should have a speedometer like the model S/X. That is why I refuse to buy either a model 3/Y and normal mechanically driven doors.
drifty Boiii_458
drifty Boiii_458 Kun oldin
If I had a model 3 I’d put bags on it
Chasing The Dream
Chasing The Dream Kun oldin
Why deos it look like a bmw
Helium Filaments
Helium Filaments Kun oldin
Can’t wait for people to stop using that ugly model s mock up. Lol
Carli Francis
Carli Francis Kun oldin
They better not get rid of the instrument cluster in the S and X. Model 3/Y look cheap AF with the single screen. Looks like 3/Y would cost $25,000
floydbumby Kun oldin
2dr model S is sweet!
Akari Akaza
Akari Akaza Kun oldin
Tbh- I really hate how the sketched model s refresh looks. I think it looks too aggressive and breaks away from the Tesla design language.
Rental Properties
Rental Properties Kun oldin
OMG, Tesla paid z ransom to JD Powers!
Tyrane Lewis
Tyrane Lewis Kun oldin
if Tesla made a 2 Door Model S I'd purchase it. but to have a OEM Model S cut into a 2 door is not a great idea
Philip Claeys
Philip Claeys Kun oldin
Hi Ryan, I am European and i see that the demand for Tesla is going south, why do you think the demand for the Model Y is high!
Sketch Kun oldin
The future is fancy golf carts....
Lhamo Fitzsimons
Lhamo Fitzsimons Kun oldin
This is ridiculous carry on by Tesla, feels cheepsake, cheating, and very off putting for any future be would telsa buyers, I used to be a big fan of tesla but the more I hear and read about their faults and issues I dont think I will end up getting one now which does make me sad
Abdullah Alobedy
Abdullah Alobedy Kun oldin
140$ during that time (too high?!) as of today 846$ well played Elon.
Arisbel Perez
Arisbel Perez Kun oldin
That car looks nothing like the Model S and the other one looks nothing like the Model X.. it looks like a Toyota at most and the S looks more like a Lucid Air car.
Randell Hayes
Randell Hayes Kun oldin
I hope the Mach E crash results are a lot better than there ice version hay.
Oriol Sabater
Oriol Sabater Kun oldin
Refreshed images for Model S... I just hope it ends nowhere near that Korean-gangsta look-a-like. Tesla identity is based on the flushed aerodynamic lines, and getting into the sharpy oriental trend will not be nice... but is obviously a personal view on aesthetics...
Danboi Kun oldin
The renders for new Tesla look sik🤘
Andy Kun oldin
Who else saw the patents for freaking laser windshield wipers ?!
Antoni T
Antoni T Kun oldin
How about a 2door coupe.? Not everyone wants a 4door sedan. A 2door coupe is what Tesla needs.
Uzochi B
Uzochi B Kun oldin
That’s beautiful. I want that one
Adam Monda
Adam Monda Kun oldin
Me just waiting for the Cybertruck…………………… common!!!!!!
Young Park
Young Park Kun oldin
After seeing this video, decided not to buy Tesla.
Kiwi Dave
Kiwi Dave Kun oldin
Still not going to sell, Tesla Model S and X sales have bombed.
XE INTC Kun oldin
never believe the news from China. it may fired by nio, xiaopeng, or other electric car companies.
Collin Tan
Collin Tan Kun oldin
We have the same suspension on a Model 3, we're in SF and the car bottoms out all the time now. Going over the crest of a hill in SF, it scrap the bottom really bad. Get the air suspension for better ride quality.
Thomas Leaf
Thomas Leaf Kun oldin
i have 2 years left on the lease on my BMW M340i...and i actually wish i could fast forward so i can turn it in and get a Model Y.